Battle Frenzy
338 chapter 338 : Why it always doesn“t go as planned?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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338 chapter 338 : Why it always doesn“t go as planned?

Chapter 338: chapter 338 : Why it always doesn't go as planned?
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Being used to his commands, the entire squadron shot towards the back as one, as the rumbling noises ringing out from above their heads grew increasingly louder and louder.


Accompanied by the snow that lined the mountaintop, quite a few giant pieces of rock rolled down from the mountain cliff like a landslide, instantly blanketing the area that everyone had just stood an instant ago. Being the only one who reacted just so slightly slower, Barran was almost submerged by the terrifying avalanche, leaving only the upper half of his body sticking out from the snow.

The avalanche before them quickly came to an end, yet it had already buried the entire mountain valley by then. Seeing this, everyone felt a wave of fright surging towards them. If not for Wang Zhong's quick response and command, just a second later would have resulted in the entire Tianjing Squadron being buried alive by the snow before them.

"So close." cold sweat started to seep out from Barran's body. Although it was slightly difficult for him to move with half of his body buried in the snow, he could clearly see the giant rock that had come along with the avalanche that was now resting within a feet's length from his nose. From the size and weight of this giant rock, he would be instantly pulverized into a putty if it had smashed into him earlier.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Before Barran could take a breath of relief, the intense feeling of danger appeared once again in the form of a few gigantic rays of white light. Appearing exceedingly glaring within the dim and dusky sky, they shot straight towards the head of Barran.


Roars erupted out from the guns and cannons of Scarlet and Milami as their bullets headed straight for those incoming rays of white light, causing them to deviate slightly from their intended targets. Reacting quickly, Wang Zhong reached out and grabbed Barran by his collar, pulling him out from the snow in one go.

Swish Swish Swish. As those white knife like lights bringing about the flavour of death scrapped past his head, Barran could not help but shudder at the close shave he had with death.

The surroundings instantly turned quiet, before a voice with notes of astonishment and amusement rang out from the quiet, dark sky, "Not bad, not bad. You've improved by a bit with this short span of a few days."


That voice was all too familiar to the Tianjing Squadron.

"I'm very happy to meet all of you. I've really, really missed you guys!"

Notes of excitement were present in Reeves' voice. He had waited for the whole days for them! Even Bopa was about to explode in impatience. If not for the divine attraction the threesome waiting for him, he would have already have packed up and left with the short temper he possessed. Fortunately, as what Reeves have expected, those little fellows from Tianjing had really chosen this path. A Crank squadron had walked into their trap.

"This fellow's arrogance is still that great." said Hymin before spitting in disgust. The thought of her actually having a leg with this rampant fellow truly caused her stomach to churn in disgust.

"You actually dare to use such a trap to deal with us. The Stowe Luge Academy really have a thick face." Lily did not conceal the disdain she had for Reeves in her words. Being a true and true soldier, she was completely unable to understand the mentality of the Stowe Luge squadron.

At this moment, Bopa and his other squadron members were clutching their abdomens as they laughed heartily. The reason why they were able to be so rampant with their actions was not only due to their strength but through the usage of their intellect.


All of the pretentious acts were left to Reeves to play. At this moment, he had already jumped down onto the snow below. Seeing the glistening white snow beneath his feet, Reeves felt immeasurable happiness surging within his heart.

"I've told all of you before that you'll definitely pay the price. I'll let that old fool Greene regret his decision he had made. This year, all of you will remain at this place. Scarlet, I'll give you a chance now. Follow me, and live!" said Reeves with a smile.

Even Scarlet had not expected that Reeves would actually turn out like this. "I've underestimated your bottom line, Reeves. "

"I see that you're still reluctant to admit your mistake, huh. At this godforsaken place where your voices will never be heard, no one will be able to save you guys. Could it be that you all are still hoping that I will show mercy in fear of disciplinary action?" roared Reeves with a hearty chuckle. This is truly too much fun! He had waited for this day for a very, very long time.

"Don't waste any more breath on them, Reeves. There are so many pretty girls in this squadron. I'm turned on now, so I'll have to properly have some fun for a while!" Bopa had truly not expected that a mere C rank squadron would have so many juicy eye candies in their ranks. Although he would definitely have some scruples if this was any other place, who would know anything if it was to happen here?

Without any evidence, everything cannot be proven. In any case, they the Stowe Luge Academy didn't have any good name or reputation in the first place.

Reeves shot a vicious glare at Scarlet, before turning his sights to Wang Zhong. He should have been in that place! He wanted that person to experience the vicious taste of humiliation, before sending him off the face of this world!

Bopa waved his hand, causing silence to fill the air. After being stunned for a short while, an expression of displeasure appeared on his face before giving a wave of his hand again. "Posca, what are you three wastes doing! Why haven't you shoot them to death yet!"

At this moment, a few figures started tumbling down towards the mountain valley below, before smashing into the ground. They were precisely the three long ranged soldiers of the Stowe Luge Academy. After receiving the sneak attack, Grai and Emily had already slipped away amidst the confusion. This was the main attainments from being a veteran of combat.

With a smile, Wang Zhong spoke out. "Are you talking about them? From the looks of it, a so-called A rank squadron is only at this level."

For the past few days, the people from the Stowe Luge squadron had everything going their way. What's more, it was always them who had ambushed others. Therefore, not in their wildest dreams would they expect for a mere C rank squadron to be able to react in such a manner. With their skills and abilities, the strength of Grai and Emily were no trivial matter. After slipping away at rapid speed, they had already reached the location where their ambushers were.

Seeing this, Bopa furrowed his eyebrows while saying, "Didn't you say they're just a bunch of wastes, Reeves?"

Never in his wildest dreams would Reeves had expected for such a change in the situation. "They're merely lucky. Captain, these few fellows aren't our match. Leave them to me!"

Hearing that, Bopa nodded his head. Accompanying Reeves, five other soldiers from the Stowe Luge squadron barreled towards Wang Zhong and the rest of the Tianjing squadron. However, the problem was that this was an extremely brainless and idiotic choice to make. Due to the avalanche, the snow had become exceedingly loose, making it extremely unsuitable for soldiers to execute such dashing movements. This was especially true due to the two long ranged soldiers before them in the form of Scarlet and Milami. At this moment, they were basically sitting ducks for the two of them.

Reeves was prepared to go all the way to deal with them. If that becomes a reality, it would be worse than death for all the girls present here. This had clearly infuriated Scarlet and Milami. They were really, really mad...this resulted in an extremely, extremely bad outcome for the Stowe Luge squadron.

It was already extremely hard to dodge and evade the coordinated fire from Scarlet and Milami, what more in such a terrain. The 6 people from Stowe Luge were complete sitting ducks in front of the two girls as their Soul Power bullets and cannon fire starting raining out.

With Emily sandwiching them from behind, Grai rushed straight towards Bopa. Seeing this, Bopa gave a frown. This lowly freshman actually dared to take action against him! Did he really think that the captain of an A rank squadron was cannon fodder?


The ground exploded apart as surging Soul Power erupted out from him. Snow was sent billowing into the sky, with all of them within the vicinity of Bopa instantly vanishing into thin air. Not appearing one bit obese. His gigantic figure had already appeared before Grai in the blink of an eye, with a fist sent hurtling towards Grai.


Grai's body was instantly sent flying, slamming and disappearing into a snow pile. Making a spit, Bopa turned around to see that his squadron members had already entered a fight of attrition. That damnable scout from Tianjing seemed to be using the moves from the Assassin Family. That little lass's fucking vicious!

Showing mercy to one's enemies was equivalent to being cruel to oneself. This was a concept most people would understand. What Emily had learnt was to be cruel to oneself so she could be even crueller towards her enemies. If one doesn't even leave any leeway for oneself, how could there be any for others?

Shrieks continued to ring out around Reeves as Emily's knives showed not the slightest trace of mercy. This snow locked ground was basically the heaven's playground for assassins, yet he was unexpectedly being blocked by a mere Barran!

Yes! Barran, that waste! He didn't even possess the qualifications to wipe his shoes in the past! Yet now, that fellow was actually blocking him from moving anywhere!

Faced against the various assortments of attacks coming from Reeves, Barran maintained a steady defense, while suddenly feeling that the opponent before him doesn't seem as strong as he had thought.

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    《Battle Frenzy》