Battle Frenzy
339 The most miserable matter in the world
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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339 The most miserable matter in the world

Chapter 339: The most miserable matter in the world
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As Wang Zhong's voice rang into his ears, Barran appeared to have switched on his engine. With a fierce roar, Barran stopped all evasive manoeuvres. Taking a ferocious step towards Reeves, he barreled into the latter in a manner akin to a raging beast.

Reeves was sent flying as Barran came barreling into him like a tank. He… had underestimated Barran too much. Due to his inherent prejudice and contempt for the latter, he had basically allocated any strength into his defences. For just this simple move, Barran had already done in tens of thousands of repetitions during his training! Therefore, within a split second, his instantaneous eruption of power sent him slamming right into Reeves's chest.
Seeing this, the expression on Bopa's face changed to one of fury. However, at this instant, a jet black shade came sneaking over…that brat's not dead yet!


A collision between fists occurred, and Grai's body fluttered away, while Bopa sunk furiously into the ground. Standing on the top of the snow, Grai smiled as he said, "That's all there is to an A rank, huh."

"You're looking to die!"


As an explosion sound rang out, Bopa's figure suddenly disappeared from within the ground. Being a peak Casted Soul Stage soldier, his Soul Power was absolutely able to reach the peak of 200 Grassos. In an instant, his gigantic figure appeared right before Grai as his massive fist came rumbling out furiously.

Titan Eight Arm Fists!

At this instant, Bopa appeared to possess eight arms, sending high-speed punches rumbling towards Grai. Every single fist sent whooshing sounds ringing out as they tore through the air, blasting all of the surrounding snow away, creating an astonishing sight to behold. Nonetheless, Grai appeared to have freed himself from the shackles of gravity, fluttering about above the snow as he avoided the violent explosions coming from Bopa.

All of a sudden, Grai took action at the brief moment his opponent took to take a breath after launching his 9th round of violent attacks. Regardless of how insane one's attacks were, one would need to pause to catch one's breath. Although experts would do their best to conceal that exact moment, everything was as clear as day before Grai's eyes. His fair-skinned hand chopped straight at Bopa's throat, causing the latter's violent attacks to come to a complete halt, his eyes almost popping out and rolling back.

Reeves was utterly unable to believe everything he was seeing. Was this that Tianjing Squadron?

Was the Tianjing Squadron that he knew???

It was just half a year ago that he had left them! How did they have such earth-shattering changes to their strength???

The Colby of now was still the same as before. The Lily of now was still the same as before. However, even they had made significant progress in their strength. As for the other people from the squadron, he was utterly unable to comprehend what he saw before his eyes. That bastard by the name of Wang Zhong had actually continued to stand at the same spot from the beginning to now, with his mouth being the only part of his body that was moving.

In the next second, Reeves had already decided to slip away from this fight. However, before he could travel much of any distance away, he discovered that Emily was already standing right before him, with Grai present by her side.


Scarlet's bullet struck squarely, followed by Milami's heavy cannon bullet. That was the happiest cannon bullet that Milami had ever fired in her life.

Helping herself to a share, Emily sent a heavy blow to his ribs. Reeves to fall to the ground immediately as cracking sounds rang out. Quick a few ribs of his had snapped.

At the end of the battle, every single member from the Stowe Luge Squadron was lying on the ground, being either in an unconsciousness or injured state. At this moment, Emily tossed the 3 tokens she had found onto the ground. With slight regret showing on her face, she said. "They're all broken. This fellow is truly crafty."

Hearing that, Reeves gave a grin as he replied, "As if it's that easy to obtain anything good from me. The journey ahead isn't nice to traverse. All of you will not be able to make it in time and will get eliminated! Are you feeling annoyed, regretful and guilty?! All of you will never be able to get promoted to the level of strength you possess! HAHA! I still win in the end! You lose!"

"How can this fellow be so twisted!" Hymin complained out with a frustrated expression on her face. It was only due to seeing the smile on Reeves's face disappear and replaced by one of him vomiting blood out that made her lazy to take action against him. That person had already gone mad, as any reasonable person wouldn't act like a madman and bite other people. This was just like a dog that had bitten people. Any reasonable person would definitely not bite the dog in return. Giving it a beating would already abe a good enough reaction to that.

Scarlet and the rest too felt the same. There was no bottom line in Reeves's actions, something which Tianjing had. Nevertheless, Wang Zhong and the rest did not refute the words that Reeves had said. They still had a distance to traverse. Regardless of how right or wrong that was, time was precious to them.

"Don't go, you wastes! Don't go! Are you afraid? If you have the guts, fight me, Scarlet! Don't go, you bitches!"

Reeves's voice propagated further and further away within the mountain valley, his tone clearly turning increasingly miserable and sorrowful. This was the fate of a homeless dog. The Tianjing Squadron had left, with Wang Zhong and the rest not giving a care about him. As the northern winds howled along, the emotions within the injured Reeves finally sank down. As he started to shiver and tremble, mucus continued flowed down his nose. Nonetheless, curses continued to spew out from his mouth.

However, just as his emotions sank to a low point, a few people started to gradually become visible from within the mountain valley.

Reeves was extremely familiar with the incoming figures. He was extremely, extremely familiar with them. They were precisely the group of people that his Stowe Luge Squadron had stripped naked, forced to lay flat on the ground, while the only female member of that group even been raped by them. Now, they have come back.

Bei Beiqi and his squadron had continued to follow the tracks of the Stowe Luge Squadron ever since that incident, biding their time for the opportune moment to appear. After suffering that defeat, the only thing pushing them on was the fires of hatred and revenge burning within them. With such personalities present within the Stowe Luge Squadron, they believed that the latter would absolutely not leave this place just like that. As long as they remained here, and opportunity would definitely present itself. If this opportunity didn't present itself, the heavens really are blind, and they deserved to die in the hands of fate.

However, the heavens had eyes and had heard their prayers and summons. Regardless of any reason, this Tianjing Squadron had in fact helped to fulfil their wish. Although they weren't willing to dirty their hands to take action against the Stowe Luge Squadron, every single one in Bei Beiqi's squadron was willing to do so.

A smile appeared on Bei Beiqi, one that seemed exceedingly warm and gentle. "Nice to see you all again, Reeves, Bopa and the people from Stowe Luge. Now, we have lots and lots of time to spend time together properly!"

At this moment, dread and terror finally surfaced within the madman like eyes of Reeves as he cried out in fear. "No! Don't touch me! No….I, AHH...

The foolhardy will fear the vicious, while the vicious will fear the madmen, especially those that have no bottom line at all...

The Stowe Luge Squadron was eliminated. It's said that all of them had kept their lives in the elimination round of the CHF. However, all of them had dropped out of the academy. As for whether Bei Beiqi and his squadron had to pay a heavy price for their actions by the committee, let's leave for a later story to tell.

The matter about the Stowe Luge Squadron was but a small disturbance to the Tianjing Squadron. After passing through the mountain valley and arriving in the snow forests of Dashiell, all of the various routes to Grozny City had already converged together. Although they had the option to choose whatever path they take at the starting point, there wasn't any choice left at this place. This was the Absolute Ice Restricted Area! Other than the armoured railways that went around the circumference, this was the only other route towards Grozny City.

Long before reaching this restricted area, the Tianjing Squadron had already made adequate mental preparations for the incoming journey ahead, as that section would most likely be the most challenging section for them to traverse. However, once they travel past it, they would be able to reach their designated location within the given time frame for qualification.

This was a genuine restricted area. Other than the enormous amount of wild mutated beasts present within, there was the extreme winter weather conditions present within. The temperature of the area would continue to hover around -30 degrees Celsius, causing the presence of a terrifying icy mist that restricted one's vision all year about to less than 50 metres. Such a frightening naturally occurring formation had recently become the most important place for the Vasilyevich Family stationed in Grozny City to test and temper their members.

A hundred year of frost, a hundred year restricted region!

Over the past two days, news of squadrons passing through this elimination round via tokens had continued to be announced. Living up to expectations, the Heaven's Fate and Torres Academies had not chosen to take action against other squadrons for tokens and had followed the rules and trekked all the way to Grozny City. Naturally, there won't be any blind squadrons that would take the initiation to provoke them, as squadrons on the level of the two still possessed their honour and dignity.
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    《Battle Frenzy》