Battle Frenzy
340 Beastial Tide
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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340 Beastial Tide

Chapter 340: Beastial Tide
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Truthfully speaking, such a long and challenging trek was a perfect baptism and collation of strength for a squadron. All of those elite squadrons were able to grasp the intent of this mission, causing them not to need to seek out targets to complete this mission via the alternative method. The CHF was an essential event for everyone in their progression of strength. One could say that it was the final test for everyone within the Casted Soul Stage. If one were to use it properly, it would have a hugely beneficial effect in one's progression towards the casting of one's Heroic Soul. Only weaklings would squander such an excellent opportunity away to take a shortcut.

In fact, the main reason behind such a test was to reflect the combined strength and balance amongst the members of a squadron. Take the Tianjing Squadron as an example. If the mission only required for Wang Zhong and Grai to complete the journey, they would be able to reach the designated location at a time that won't be any much worse than the current first place, the Heaven's Fate Academy. However, time would be rather tight for them if the entire squadron had to complete the journey together. From this comparison, one could also see the difference in the foundations of those truly strong squadrons. They definitely weren't propped up just by 1 or 2 experts in their ranks. Even if they had no one from the Mo's List present in the squadrons, they absolutely weren't lagging far behind.

However, there were even more squadrons that continued to fight for the sake of honor and glory.

A dimly glowing blue colored light barrier continued to advance within this snow and ice locked realm.

The primary role for Hymin within the squadron was to be in charge of logistics support, first aid and recovery. However, first aid treatment was the unique talent of those with wood attribute special abilities. As for water attribute special abilities, their expertise lie in protection and lockdown of territory, traits that were stronger those in the realm of first aid treatment. The 5-metre wide sphere was maintained in a full energy state. Under the support of Hymin's special ability, the -30 degrees Celsius of the surrounding environment was under to freeze the sphere up. This fluid water barrier was exceedingly good at preventing the invasion of the cold temperatures outside. Although it didn't have any warming effect, the temperature within the sphere was at a tolerable level for everyone.

Other than the mutated beasts, the greatest dangers present within the Absolute Ice Restricted Area were the harsh and freezing cold temperatures present as well as the exceedingly short visibility range. With Hymin's special ability, they were able to deal with temperature issue. However, with just a single mistake, the exceedingly short visibility range might result in the entire squadron walking off an terrifying drop from the edge of a cliff. By then, it would be too late to escape from it. What's more, the reduction in navigational capability would make it extremely easy to lose one's direction within this vast snow plains with whiteness stretching to the ends of one's sight.

The fortunate matter was that Wang Zhong and Scarlet had already made detailed preparations after scouring through the maps of this entire region, especially in this Absolute Ice Restricted Area. Therefore, seemingly all of the terrain within here was already imprinted within the minds of the two. Despite increasing the duration of their trek by 1 to 2 days due to making changes to circumvent some especial dangerous areas, they had calculated that they would be able to make it to Grozny City within 30 more days.

Safety comes first.

However, it was already hard to continue maintaining the relaxed and easygoing atmosphere that was present in the squadron just a few days ago. The main reason was still due to fatigue and exhaustion. Within this restricted area, it was extremely tough just to squeeze out 2 to 3 hours every day to rest in a safe position. What's more, due to it being too cold in here to the point where bone chilling winds howled about in here, resting wouldn't lead to the reduction in fatigue and exhaustion. This was especially true for Hymin, as just the trekking alone was already strenuous for her. What's more, she still had to maintain her energy barrier created from her special ability to protect the entire squadron. Over the past few days, Wang Zhong and Grai had been taking turns to carry her on their back to minimise her physical consumption of strength to the highest possible amount. Just maintaining the energy barrier was already the most considerable benefit towards the speed of travel for the entire squadrons.

At the moment, everyone had started to talk as little as possible, to avoid even wasting just an ounce of strength in such conversations.

This part could be considered a somewhat dangerous segment of their trekking journey, as they were halfway up the side of a mountain range, walking a walkway constructed during god knows how many centuries ago. Their current visibility was no more than a few metres. Within this visibility restricted region, this somewhat okay level of visibility had added considerable danger due to the environment they were in. Nonetheless, they had to take this shortcut for the sake of saving some time on their journey to Grozny City.

Everyone treaded every step carefully as they moved along. Not a single thing could be spotted within the grey and dusky sky, with only thing bright here being the fire held by the first person in line to lead the way.

This current segment of the journey was already considered to be a somewhat relaxed part. Halfway up on the side of the mountain range, the mountain path carved out during god knows how many centuries was rather flat and level. There were already quite a few cold resistant plants growing on the left side of the mountain cliff. In this Absolute Ice Restricted Area, such wild vegetation was a somewhat rare sight to see. It was only due to the presence of tall mountains in the surroundings which shielded against quite a portion of the cold drafts and icy winds allowed for this region to not be as freezing cold as other areas. Nonetheless, the temperature here maintained at a dozen degrees below zero. Therefore, despite the absence of Hymin's energy barrier, everyone was able to endure the cold temperatures present here.

However, the visibility within this mountain valley was also further reduced as a result. Due to it being only a dozen degrees below zero, the temperature difference between here and the extreme cold in the surrounding mountains might have caused the creation of updrafts of warm air. This resulting in this entire area to be submerged in surging mists, limiting the visibility towards the surroundings to a range of about 10 metres.

The extremely low visibility, the treacherous mountain path coupled with the immeasurable drop present on the right side of the path caused it to have the famous nickname of the land of death within the Absolute Ice Restricted Area.

The valley of mists!

The majority of the experts that frequent the Absolute Ice Restricted Area would never head over to this part. Not only were there no much of any mutated life forms present here, but there were also nothing present in here that would have any worth in training. It would indeed be a worthless death if one were to make a misstep and fall to their deaths within this clouded mountain path.

The Tianjing Squadron had only taken this path to shave off time from their journey. Everyone treaded every step carefully as they moved along. Not a single thing could be spotted within the grey and dusky sky, with only thing bright here coming from the fire present in the front to lead the way.

That was the secret code of Emily, who was a kilometre ahead of the main group. The light was created via her fire attribute special ability, and was most probably the only thing that could be clearly seen within this terrifying ice-locked world.

Identifying the correct route and scouting ahead was part of the job scope for assassins. Having a sense of direction was a necessity for assassins, and could even be used as an accurate judge on one's talent to be an assassin or not. Colby and Emily were considered proficient in this aspect, yet Emily was the one that came out top in this duty for their journey. It might be due to her fire attribute special ability, or god knows what special training had she experienced during the time she had spent back at her family, but this little lass was now not one bit afraid of the extremely -30 degrees Celsius temperatures present in this restricted area. Compared to her, if Colby dared to scout the route and step out of Hymin's energy barrier, he might turn into a frozen log in a minute's time.

All of a sudden, the fire in front of them flashed urgently for 3 times in a row. Such an urgent flashing signal was completely out of the signals they had created for the use of communication.

Did she discover something strange?

Everyone halted their steps as they looked straight towards the fire created by Emily's special ability. Upon doing so, they noticed that it was heading at a rapid speed back towards the main group. What's with that urgency? Her response stunned everyone slightly. However, before Emily managed to meet back up with the main group, faint trembles had already started to ripple out through the ground.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Sounds akin to the galloping of tens of thousands of horses exploded out, instantly causing everyone's faces to change.

There's no need to say what was the reason behind such tremors. They've definitely bumped into a beastial horde!

But that shouldn't be possible! The appearance of beatial hordes was rather small. Although there were quite a few mutated beasts present within this area, there weren't an exceptionally large scale convergences of mutated beasts. In such a harsh environment, the result of large-scale convergence of beast packs would either be mutual destruction or starvation. What's more, within this narrow mountain path, how could there be a beastial tide appearing here!
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