Battle Frenzy
343 Under the icy valley
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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343 Under the icy valley

Chapter 343: Under the icy valley
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Everyone started advice Emily that it was possible to continue living even after being blown away by the Absolute ice hail storm, despite that only applying to a Heroic Soul soldier. Truth to be told, pain and bitterness had filled the hearts of everyone. However, the only thing they could do was to continue to coax Emily to not search for Wang Zhong. Wanting to find him? That's impossible. It would only result in Emily losing her life in vain. At this moment, the only thing they could do was to pray for Wan Zhong and hope that the heavens show mercy on him,

"If, you're wrong, I'll definitely…" replied Emily through her gritted teeth. In the end, she did not speak of the "outcome". In reality, she understood that even if she was to search, it would be in vain. She absolutely didn't know where to start searching from. All of these thoughts were merely due to her being unable to give up on Wang Zhong. On the contrary, Grai's words had caused new hope to rise within her heart, causing her to pray with absolute sincerity for the survival of Wang Zhong and Scarlet.

Seeing this, Grai started to smile., one that didn't appear superficial at all. "Believe me. Being handsome's definitely not my only trait."

The moment his words rang out, the bitter and painful atmosphere present within everyone instantly started to freeze up.

Gr...Grai had actually said a joke?!

Hymin opened her mouth wide open. At this moment, the dejected atmosphere hanging over everyone instantly changed. Compared to the intense pain from before, this change made it much more relaxed and less bitter.

Clap Clap.

"Okay!" Grai clapped his hands, before walking over and carrying the semi-conscious Colby on his back before saying, "Let me be the temporary leader for now. Everyone, let's make the best use of time and reach Grozny city to wait for Wang Zhong and Scarlet!"

At the entrance of the valley of mists, the terrifying absolute ice hail storm had already come howling over, swirling up the heavens and destroying everything in its path.

Phitico did not enter the range of the storm. Being a member of the Grozny Family's northern region army, he had already sensed the incoming storm since yesterday morning. Upon seeing all of the Tianjing squadron entering the valley of mists, a frown had appeared on his forehead. However, unless they had activated their distress beacons and given up on the competition, or if the entire squadron had entered a life or death situation that they're unable to extricate themselves from, he was unable to inform the Tianjing squadron about the storm.

Being all too clear about the might of the absolute ice hail storm, he knew that even Heroic Soul soldiers were completely unable to defend themselves from this terrifying natural disaster. Therefore, he could only feel slightly peeved at the Tianjing squadron, who was currently experiencing the full brunt of the storm within the valley, and had yet to activate their distress beacon.

All the way till the ferocious storm had swept towards a distant position did Phitico emerge from the place he had hidden in. While doing so, uncertainty and indecision was still present in his mind.

Till now, the Tianjing squadron has yet to activate their distress beacon. According to the rules, being a hidden existence, he could not interfere with matters of the competition. He was even unable to enter a 10-kilometre radius from any squadron. However, what if the Tianjing squadron need emergency aid at this very moment? There was an extremely likely possibility that the storm had wrecked them to the point of being unable to send the distress signal out.

Luck plays an extremely role in the survival of people in such situations. Thus, Phitico could only continue sending out his honest reports about this matter.


Within an endless stretch of darkness, Scarlet's consciousness continued to persist in a dorwsy and blurry state. For what seemed like an extremely long time, she felt herself floating and fluttering around, with the heavens and earth revolving and spinning around her, causing extreme fear to surface within her subconscious mind. Nevertheless, the strong and powerful arms continued to hug her within their embrace. There was also the warmth and sense of security she felt from the broad chest before her. With the presence of that chest and hands, she felt that all of terror and dread within her had disappeared into the far distance.

After god knows how long, the sensation of the world revolving her finally disappeared. This caused her to feel as though she had landed heavily on the ground. However, what's strange was that she had unexpectedly not felt any pain from the supposed impact against the ground.

At this moment, the blurriness and drowsiness had continued to persist in her mind. Regardless of how hard she tried, she was unable to let even the slightest bit of clarity to return to her thoughts and mind. Her eyelids felt incomparably heavy, with every single bone in her body hurting and radiating with pain. There were even times were her brain felt as though it was about to explode. Her body remained an extremely flushed state, with her turning feverish or as cold as ice from time to time. Such a feeling was truly difficult to bear.

Being a new human, she had never fallen sick once ever since young. She had only heard of the pain and sufferings of those "normal humans" from many people. A thought would flash from time to time in her mind. Is this what it feels to get a cold? No no no! This was definitely more serious than a cold.

What made her more afraid was that the hands that had her in their embrace seemed to show signs of loosening.

Coldness, pain and terror assaulted her from all directions. Despite her entire consciousness still being in a befuddled state, she was still able to feel the chest and hands that had hugged her tightly in their embrace, and that she definitely didn't want them to separate from her.

At this moment, a strange energy was entering her body from the outside that appeared just like Soul Power. Like a gentle massage, it had started to heal her injured body. At the same time, a strange type of warmth had also started to circulate around, while a fiery light seemed to sparkle in the darkness. Continuing to persist without being extinguished, it continued to drive the coldness away from her.

Within her blurry senses gradually felt peace, the terror within her heart gradually turn to calmness, before Scarlet finally sunk into a sleep.

Upon finally waking up properly for the first time and discovered the body brimming with an aura of masculinity that was hugging her tightly in his embrace, Scarlet gawked for and instantly, before hearing a faint and weak snoring sound ringing out by her ears.

That's Wang Zhong?

He right hand was currently placed on her forehead, continued to transmit Soul Power into her body.

Using one's Soul Power to treat injuries was a basic form of emergency treatment that every soldier would have learnt. By itself, Soul Power was a form of protective energy. However, only those who reach a considerably high degree of proficiency in their control over Soul Power would be able to achieve the requirement needed to save other people and allow their patient's Soul Power to gradually recover through the process of guidance.

At the same time, she took notice of Wang Zhong's left hand, or to be precise, what was present within his palm. Present right in the center was a palm-sized seedling of fire flickering about.

Was that...a fire-attribute special ability?

From what she could see, Wang Zhong appeared to be in an extremely exhausted state. He had used his Soul Power and special ability concurrently for quite some time in his current state. Knowing about the long duration that she had been out, Scarlet thought; how strong is his control over his Soul Power and special ability to be able to continue using them concurrently to treat me and provide warmth? How much strength does one need to consume in doing so? It's no wonder why Wang Zhong could not help to fall into a partial sleeping state after displaying such terrifying mental control for the past period of time. Nevertheless, despite falling asleep, his Soul Power and special ability appeared to not come to a stop at all.

Scarlet didn't dare to move a bit for the fear of waking Wang Zhong from his sleep.

At this moment, she felt her heart thumping and pounding as it started to race.

Ever since young, she had never been in such a close proximity to a male other than her grandfather and father. Although she felt the same kind of warmth and reliability from Wang Zhong's embrace as compared to her grandfather and father's, there was a significant difference in other aspects.

It was a sneaky feeling of happiness and elation, the delight with butterflies in one's stomach.

Scarlet wasn't able to describe the feeling she was currently experiencing. However, the only thing she knew what that she was a little reluctant to leave this embrace. Perhaps, it was quite a good feeling to remain in this embrace. Within this icy cold absolute ice restricted area, this embrace was equivalent to being in the heavens.

All of a sudden, the faint and weak snoring sounds came to a stop. Noticing this, Scarlet quickly shut her eyes tight.

What she heard next was a gentle cough ringing out from him, before feeling moving his body slightly. He seemed to be afraid of waking her up, as his movements were rather soft and slow, while not even daring to move the hand that served as her pillow one single bit.

All of a sudden, Scarlet started to blush, as she felt extremely unwilling to part for this warmth, despite knowing that Wang Zhong's hand was definitely already turned numb.

Blinking her eyes, she started to act out an appearance as though she had just woken up.

"You're awake?" said Wang Zhong in a tone a though a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders. What followed came words of concern for her. "How are you feeling?"

Hearing that, Scarlet felt warm and fluttery throughout her entire body as she replied. "Much better. Thank You."

She struggled and attempted to prop herself up. Although she wasn't able to sense it, upon moving her body, she instantly felt devoid of strength throughout her entire body. Although she had already circulated her Soul Power, her injuries wouldn't automatically heal up. After all, Wang Zhong didn't have a special ability that had healing attributes.
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