Battle Frenzy
344 Trus
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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344 Trus

Chapter 344: Trust
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"You're being polite to me once again." Wang Zhong could finally relax. "I'm alright. All of these are just superficial injuries. Looks like we've very good luck."

Wang Zhong spoke in a relaxed tone. However, the image of Wang Zhong in Scarlet's eyes was him covered in injuries, with his clothing in tatters. Clearly, he had blocked a lot of hailstones for her ever since the initial one that had struck her on the head. "You're too risky and reckless!"

Thinking about the situation then, Scarlet felt some fear and dread surface within her. Nonetheless, Wang Zhong had actually followed along and shielded her without the slightest bit of hesitation. If he had not cared about her, Wang Zhong would definitely be able to remain on the mountain cliff.

Hearing this, a faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face as he replied, "I've not thought about much during that time. You should take a rest. I'll go and survey the surrounding area. It's been 2 days since then, so we've to leave this place as soon as possible."

Hearing that, Scarlet nodded her head. For some unknown reason, seemingly everything wasn't that important as long as Wang Zhong was by her side. After surveying their surroundings, they discovered that they were currently within a naturally formed ice cave. It's estimated that they were thrown off the precipice by the mountain cliff by fierce winds of the Absolute ice hail storm. She really could not wrap her head around how Wang Zhong was able to survive such a fail. With her estimations, even Heroic Soul soldiers would not be able to escape such a height without any serious injuries. Although she knew that he was very strong, she did not expect that he would be of such a degree. What's more, there was that fire attribute special ability of his. If not for these two factors, they 2 of them would most probably have frozen to death in this place by now…

Scarlet rubbed her face hastily. What the hell am I thinking at such a time! Slowly starting to circulate her Soul Power, Scarlet proceeded to raise the toughness of her body. Just like what Wang Zhong had said, she truly was quite lucky. Among her injuries, the most severe of them was the one present on her head, which had knocked her unconscious in an instant. On the contrast, the other injuries she sustained were quite superficial.

Scarlet wanted to struggle and prop herself up, but felt powerless from head to toe. By the time Wang Zhong had returned, a fat and tender mutated pangolin was present in his hands. "Don't move about. It's best for you to rest for a while more. Don't be impatient."

"I'm alright. We've to head out as soon as possible, as this CHF is essential for us." replied Scarlet through her gritted teeth. Nevertheless, willpower wasn't an omnipotent force. Shaking his head, Wang Zhong assisted Scarlet in taking a seat.

"Don't worry. Grai will know what to do." said Wang Zhong with a smile.

"He, he will know what to do?" Scarlet was slightly stunned by Wang Zhong's reply, before a growl rang out from her stomach.

"Ha ha. Let's eat while we speak. Let me show you my skills. That fellow Grai had actually dared to look down on my cooking skills." said Wang Zhong, handling the pagolin in quick fashion. Using his runic sword as a skewer, a clump of flames ignited above his right hand as he started to barbeque the meat.

"Grai usually doesn't reveal his skills. However, he's absolutely reliable during critical moments like this. A good case would be the matter that happened during the training in the Chaotic Burial Area, remember? He possessed sufficient strength to deal with matters of this degree. Therefore, the only task we have to do is to walk out of here. Leave the rest to him."

Scarlet was skeptical towards Wang Zhong's judgement. She knew that Grai was extremely strong. However, was he really that strong? That was something she had no knowledge of.

"Quite fragrant…"

"Ha ha. I'm also hungry after not eating for such a long time. Relax, leaving matters like hunting to me. After you've recovered, we can climb out from here." said Wang Zhong. Hearing that, Scarlet nodded her head. Nevertheless, she did not know what he meant by climbing out of here.

"When did you awaken your special ability?" asked Scarlet in curiosity.

"Hmm, it happened some time ago. However, the only thing I can accomplish with it is to use it to barbeque stuff."replied Wang Zhong in a self deprecating manner. His unorthodox training method had raised the strength of his spiritual soul to an extreme degree. However, it had result in the might of his fire attribute special ability becoming overly powerful, resulting in an extreme difficulty in control over it. While other special ability were able to use their special abilities at free will, and would even pursue the greatest limits of their abilities, Wang Zhong had to go all out in the pursuit of control. On the off chance that he loses control over his fire attribute special ability, he was unable to confirm whether or not his body would be even able to endure the might it would result in.

"Don't be impatient! You've awakened it not long ago. Now, our hope's even greater!" Scarlet felt happy for Wang Zhong. After a short while, the meat has been properly grilled. Although the taste wasn't much to talk about, the two of them were absolutely famished. In quick fashion, they cleaned up all of the meat. Upon finishing her meal, Scarlet felt her eyelids turn heavy, before quickly falling in a sleep.

While she slumbered, Wang Zhong controlled the bonfire that he set up. Although the fire wood present within this region was in a state that was basically unlightable, they were completely unable to resist the might of Wang Zhong's fire attribute special ability. With the warm environment and Wang Zhong by her side, Scarlet quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Similar to the Grozny City Competition Zone, the squadrons allocated to the Heaven's Fate City Competition Zone were dispatched from the armored trains after reaching Grozny City, where the first round of the wilderness elimination round come to an official start.

In contrast to the icy cold environment present around Grozny City, the summer environment around the Heaven's Fate City was hot and humid, with forests, grasslands that were intersected and pocketed large and small streams and lakes. Compared to the icy cold wilderness of Grozny City, the wilderness present here was much more dangerous that came in much more variety. There were various kinds of mutated beasts present within the dense forests, water and seas of grass of length even taller than that of humans. The quantity of mutated beasts present here reached numbers 100s of times more than that of Grozny City.

Although it was more difficult to survival in this wilderness, those squadrons that were familiar to this region did not make deliberate attempts to separate from one another. On the contrary, they had come together, as only through a collaborative effort would they be able to find a way out of this wilderness.

Nonetheless, even with their collaborative effort, there were already quite a few people injured on the first day of the elimination round. The squadron that had travelled the furthest distance was less than even 20 kilometres from the tents in which they had gotten the mission from. It took them a period of 7 to 8 days before they were finally able to adapt to their surrounding environment.

Right in the break of dawn, one could not see past one's fingers with the thick mist present in the surroundings. Within the moist air, one could smell the lingering whiff of blood.

3 B ranked squadrons from the northern region of the federation were currently doing their all to adapt this stifling environment around them that was warm and humid at the same time. Such an environment gave constant pressure to their mental and physical strength, especially on the mental aspect. Their sweat dripping skin being bitten from time to time by countless leeches that were out to suck their blood. Such a scene was something they were absolutely not prepared to face. While crossing the small river a while ago, countless mutuated leeches had suddenly gushed out from the depths of the water as they had started to tread through the river.

To them, being citizens of the northern region, they would rather face rank 4 mutated ice wolf packs in combat than to face these wriggling blood sucking monsters.

All of a sudden, a warming whistle brimming with urgency rang out!

Intense vibrations pulsed out from the ground following the whistle, while sharp whooshing sounds appeared in the air.


Immediately,4 heavy soldiers from the 3 squadrons took a few steps forward. After judging the direction where those sounds were resounding out from, they raised and interlocked their heavy shields together, forming a semi hexagon defense wall.

Right at the instant where they had established their defenses, a black shadow came barreling furiously towards them.


The peaceful atmosphere was smashed apart by an intense bang. The high speed and powerful momentum behind the impact caused the calm fog present in the surroundings to heave and surge crazily, appearing just like the waves caused when storm hits a calm sea.

"Be careful! It has burrowed into the ground!"

"Pay attention to your feet!"

The 4 heavy soldiers roared out, shouting out the information they had obtained from the earlier impact.

"Captain! That's a dragon fish beast, an injured dragon fish beast!"

The captains of the 3 squadrons exchanged glances of surprise and happiness. Contrary to the alternative "simple" method of the Grozny City Competition Zone of hunting for the tokens of other squadrons, the alternative approach to pass through the first elimination round in the Heaven's Fate City Competition Zone was to hand over the spine of a dragon fist beast. What's more, there was a rule that no more than 3 squadrons could group up together and collaborate to complete this alternative mission. Naturally, some proud and haughty squadrons disdained to resort to working together to pass through this round.
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    《Battle Frenzy》