Battle Frenzy
346 Quite Fiesty
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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346 Quite Fiesty

Chapter 346: Quite Fiesty
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Led by Dicaprio, the Giant God Peak squadron had only spent 23 days to complete the entire journey to Grozny City. The speed of their entire squadron had simply left people's tongues hanging out from their mouths. This had also placed them in the middle position between the first and second group of squadrons. During the past few days, they had garnered quite big fame among the squadrons present in Grozny City. Regardless of whether luck had played a role or not, they were clearly not some regular C ranked squadron.

The matter about the Adolf squadron had was something that was slightly unexpected by Grai. Having completed the mission in 27 days, they were considered to be within the ordinary level of the 2nd group of squadrons. Compared to the time they had crossed hands with Tianjing, the strength of their entire squadron as a whole had seen a meteoric progression. From the looks of it, their loss to the Tianjing squadron was quite the motivation factor for them, with their special training showing its results. They had also made considerable complete preparations for this CHF. While other people were "conducting exchanges", they had made things up while not relaxing one bit themselves, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for them.

The final one was Tianjing squadron. As of now, they should be the last squadron that was able to complete this elimination round. What's more, they were actually able to stay alive after bumping into the Absolute ice hail storm while in the valley of mists. This was something truly heaven-defying for a C ranked squadron. Despite that, it was a pity that the absence of their captain and vice-captain was indicative of their drop in combat strength.

As Grai was reading through the information, the door of his room was pushed open with a bang, only for Ma Dong to come running through as though his pants were on fire. "Fuck, where are the others, Grai? Why are you the only one here? That's not right! Don't care about this! Where's Wang Zhong and Scarlet? Why do I see them listed as missing by the officials? Fuck, how's that possible! Are they in life-threatening danger? Say it faster, hurry up! I'm about to blow!"

He has said "fuck" twice in a row. After being joined at the hip with Milami, it has been a very long time since our president Ma Dong had been so explosive and crude.

About a month ago, he had taken the armored train all the way to Grozny City. During then, he still had daydreams about Tianjing squadron shocking everyone present here by arriving at the same time as those seedling squadrons like the Heaven's Fate Academy and Torres Academy. Who would have guessed that the Heaven's Fate Academy had completed, Torresto Academy had completed, the A and B ranked squadrons had completed, and even C ranked squadrons like Adolf had completed, and at the last day of the elimination round, he was still unable to see a shadow of the Tianjing squadron.

Anxiousness burned with Ma Dong's heart as he continued to loiter around within the registration hall. After mustering great effort to head out to take a dump, he had received the news about Tianjing's arrival upon returning to the hall.

Upon hearing that, emotions immediately overwhelmed him as he thought, finally! He had long given up of them being one of the first squadrons to reach Grozny City. To him, them completing the mission was all he hoped for. However, never in his mind did he expect for the news to cause him to turn completely stupefied.

Wang Zhong and Scarlet are missing?


That's Wang Zhong we're talking about! The most mysterious of the ten great experts, All Mouthy King! How the hell did you go missing in the first elimination round, bro? With Wang Zhong's level of strength? Are you kidding me!

What's more, what the hell is with this situation? Are they in life-threatening danger? Just the thought of losing his brother in such an unknown fashion for the sake of this competition causing thoughts of wanting to bomb the entire CHF competition to erupt in Ma Dong's heart.

"The others are resting." Grai replied in the usual unhurried manner that he always had, causing Ma Dong to feel so impatient to the point of wanting to find an orange to stuff into the former's mouth. "The matter is like that…"

Grai proceeded to explain the matter of their squadron bumping into the absolute ice hail storm within the valley of mists.

Everyone within the squadron knew about the tightly knitted relationship between Ma Dong and Wang Zhong. There were times where even Grai would feel envious about their relationship, as it was a kind of tacit understanding between the 2 where either one would be able to understand the other with just a single look at their eyes. Such friendship could also be called as sharing the same pants. Although Grai had a rather good relationship with everyone in the squadron and had obtained their friendship, he felt that these were still lacking something when compared to that between Ma Dong and Wang Zhong.

"Relax. With captain Wang Zhong's level of strength…"Grai had planned to console Ma Dong with the same way he did with Emily. However, who would have known that Ma Dong had already calmed down before he could finish his statement.

"No matter how strong one is, one would still be able to fall to a blade. Regardless of how strong he is, how can one be sure of one's life after being swept away like that."Ma Dong felt queasy. How was, in fact, more confident towards Wang Zhong's strength than Grai was, However, it was the absolute ice hail storm they were talking about. It's said that even Heroic Soul Soldiers would have a tough time if they were to bump into it. As for Wang Zhong and Scarlet, the 2 of them had been swept away by it.

"I've also experienced that absolute ice hail storm. Although I don't know what classification that storm would fall under, even its strongest state would definitely not be able to be of any threat to senior." said Grai in an earnest manner. "The only thing I'm worried about is the time limit of the competition. I believe that he will feel extreme regret and guilt if he's not able to reach here before time's up."

Hearing that, the feelings present within Ma Dong's heart turned slightly for the better. At the very least, he won't consider doing anything for the time being. Grai seemed to have the same thoughts as him. How was he so confident of Wang Zhong being able to reach here on time?

As of now, only he knew about the other identify of Wang Zhong. This brat Grai's really interesting. At the very least, Ma Dong was still unable to see through Grai with his eyes. With the level of strength this fellow possessed, he definitely didn't need to be confined to a small place like Tianjing.

It's clear that the Tianjing squadron weren't the only ones that were concerned about Wang Zhong.

At this moment, the information about Wang Zhong being missing had also appeared in Divian's hands. Other than the detailed information about the squadrons that have successfully passed through in the 4 competition zones, the information about an extremely unassuming C ranked squadron had caught her eye.

Tianjing Academy. Promoted. What's more interesting was that they had completed the mission with 7 people, which meant that all of their substitutes had also arrived at Grozny City. On the contrary, their captain Wang Zhong and vice-captain Scarlet had gone missing at the same time. From the information, it's said to be due to them bumping into a storm, leading to their 2 strongest members to go missing...

This squadron's genuinely unique.

Divian was stunned for a moment upon seeing the information about the Tianjing squadron. The reason why she had taken another look at them was undoubtedly due to the youth that had left a deep impression in her. Thinking about it, she could not help but to send a message over Skylink to Carolyn. "Have you read the latest information about the elimination round?"


"Tianjing academy has been promoted. That's the squadron that Wang Zhong's is leading. However, it's very strange that he has gone missing along with his vice-captain." said Divian as interest brewed within her. Although she was a Sanctuary Division OP member, and one of the four princesses of the federation that stood high above everyone, a princess was still a woman. Being a woman, she possessed a gossipy heart, though people like her were very picky about the topics they were gossiping and chatting about. "I've heard that they had bumped into the Absolute ice hail storm in the northern regions. Due to him trying to save someone, Wang Zhong was swept away by the storm. This fellow's quite feisty."

After talking for so long, never did Divian expect that Carolyn would take so long to send a reply back. "Are you planning of talking to me about this?"

"This…." the indifferent tone from Carolyn instantly caused Divian to lose all interest in chatting. "Okay. I'm just too meddlesome..."

"There's no need to worry about me." replied Carolyn. "It appears that the competition in your Heaven's Fate City Competition, huh. The Divine Dragon Academy and Grozny Academy aren't easy to deal with. Don't forget about the high hopes your Seer Family have placed for this competition."
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