Battle Frenzy
350 Return!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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350 Return!

Chapter 350: Return!
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The person was scared afright by the chilling intent and intimidation that penetrated straight into his soul. Nevertheless, he paid no mind to it, as no one dared to take any action at this place.

"Haha, this little lass's quite overbearing," said Casio with a laugh. "Are you from the Assassin Family? This is Grozny City, not Saint Mongols. What's more, your Assassin Family isn't much anyways. If you have the guts, please do take action. That way, you'll be worth a second glance."

Hearing those words, a sliver of an upward curl appeared at the corner of Emily's mouth. Truthfully speaking she had been in an extremely, extremely frustrated state, and was extremely, extremely irritated. The speed of time elapsing while waiting on the city walls appeared as though years had passed by.

A gleaming dagger flipped into her hand without a sound, before someone quickly restrained her wrist.

"There're many other ways to vent it out," said Grai with a faint smile. "There's still half an hour left. Just wait here patiently. Senior will definitely be able to reach here on time. I can feel that he should be more or less around the corner."

Hearing Grai's words, Casio could not help but to shake his head while thinking, this entire squadron's full of madmen. Even this fucker has such thoughts! Who did he think he was!

However, just as he was about to give a reply, a series of urgent ringing sounds suddenly resounded across the city entrance.

"This is the final half hour! Squadrons who do not submit their name lists on time will be automatically eliminated."

"Like I've said…." Casio started chuckling heartily as he spoke out. However, before he could finish his statement, a series of astonished gasps rang out suddenly from his surroundings.

"Quickly, take a look! What's that?!"

Many people had their eyes focused towards the area outside of the city gates. At this moment, a figure was scattering snow apart within the vast stretch of snow white land as it headed right towards the city gates!

"That's… a person? What a fast speed!"

The speed the figure was travelling was indeed slightly astonishing. In a mere span of a dozen or so seconds, it had morphed from a small black dot in the distance into a figure of a human with a long snow like smoke trail rising up from behind it. Appearing just like a train ploughing through the snowy plains, the might of the rumbling sounds resounding out from it instantly causing everyone's eyes to spring wide open.

At this moment, the ears of Mo Wen, who kept up an appearance just like a meditating old monk, twitched slightly before he spoke out. "Quite good speed and driving force."

"Huh?" Alasi, who was standing beside him, had not given the slightest care about the situation present at the city entrance. All along, his eyes were only trained on Mo Wen. Simply speaking, he was indeed only interested in Mo Wen. "You're actually interested in this level of speed?"

"Every expert is worthy of my respect,"replied Mo Wen indifferently. "This is my way of life."

"Expert...cough…" it was Mo Wen's way of speech that caused the more ire with Alasi. That fellow's pretentiousness knows no bounds! He's even mentioning stuff like "way of life" out the blue! Even Heavenly Soul Stage experts would generally not speak of such matter, alright? There's simply no way to continue conversing with this fellow!

Unlike the unchanged stance of the Heaven's Fate and Torres squadrons, the city gates had already erupted into a boiling hot pot of chaotic voices.

"I've never seen anyone that can travel at such speeds! Look, it appears that he even carrying someone on his back!"

"Is he from the rescue squadrons? Isn't it reported that the absolute ice hail storms had already sealed the roads up to the point of there being no one able to pass through?"

"I'm able to understand if he's an expert from the rescue squadrons."

"Wait a minute, he doesn't seem to be from the rescue squadrons!"

The rescue squadrons from Grozny City wore outfits that were exceedingly obvious and unique. Regardless of the time, they would always wear uniformly coloured luminous outfits. This was their symbol and honour. However, the figure currently rushing straight towards the city entrance wore a greyish black outfit, a uniform of one of the participating squadrons!

"Is that brother Wang Zhong?" Emily's eyes lit up as she spoke out. Although she wasn't able to recognize the figure, she was already able to make a guess due to the colour of the figure's outfit.

"Fuck, I already know that Wang Zhong will definitely be able to do it!" Ma Dong instantly leaped 8 feet into the air with a roar.

With his astute vision, Grai was already able to recognize the figure, as well as Scarlet who was being carried by the latter.

"Truly worthy of senior Wang Zhong!" Grai's eyes brimmed with happiness. Participating this CHF and being able to cross hands with the various experts was something that caused excitement to brew within his heart. However, it would not be perfect without Wang Zhong beside him.

While the Tianjing squadron had sprouted some words of elation, the figure had already rushed forward to the point of everyone being able to clearly see its face.

It was indeed Wang Zhong!

Ever since climbing up the wall of ice, Wang Zhong had not taken a single break at all, appearing just like running machine with powered by inexhaustible energies. Resting on his back, Scarlet, on the other hand, had managed to get quite a few shut eye. The duo had bumped into the absolute ice hail storms 3 times along the way, while being surrounded by quite a few wolf packs. However, all of them were dealt with by Wang Zhong. When storms had came blowing over, they had immediately hid in caves located beneath the layer of ice. When mutated beasts came hunting for them, he had instantly killed a few, setting up an aura of intimidation that caused the beasts to retreat. At the end, it was understandable for him to be tired. Nevertheless, he had gave his all as he ran, running all the way till now.

Like a set of perpetual motion devices, his legs continued to make great strides, with the word "tired" not existing in their dictionary.

Lying on his back, Scarlet was so exhausted she was barely able to keep her eyes open. Nevertheless, she continued to cheer and motivate Wang Zhong on. "Wang Zhong! We're able to reach!"

"Didn't I say that we'll definitely make it!" truthfully speaking, Wang Zhong was already at the limits of exhaustion. Nonetheless, his a calm and collected gaze was still present in his eyes.

"Brother Wang Zhong!"



The large bunch of people from the Tianjing squadron rushed forwards in excitement to receive the duo.

Wang Zhong planted his feet into the ground, with the terrifying momentum he possessed causing the duo to slide quite a few dozen metres forwards. Only after creating a deep ditch did he come to a stop, before looking towards the large bunch of dazed people standing at the city entrance.

Rushing forwards, Ma Dong greeted him with a bear hug. Emily also came hugging over, with everyone one shouting and laughing out in excitement. Extending his hands out, Barran hugged Ma Dong, Emily and even Wang Zhong and Scarlet into his embrace, lifting all of them up from the ground.

"Ha ha! We knew that you'll definitely make it! I'm so happy!"

"Brother Wang Zhong, you were traveling at such a quick speed just now? Where did you two get blown off to by the storm?"

"Fuck! You almost scared me to death, brother!" With his keen eyesight, Ma Dong had paid attention to the intimate contact between Scarlet and Wang Zhong at the very first instant, before proceeding to chuckle out heartily as he said, "However, it's all worth it! Fucking worth it!"

"Whoa! What's with this!" although Hymin had also ran over, she did not participate in the hugging session. Nonetheless, her excitement wasn't any less than the others. Pointing towards Wang Zhong and Scarlet, she started to laugh so hard to the point of tears sprouting out from her eyes. "Oh great captain, is she heavy?"

"Wang Zhong, please put let me down." said Scarlet with a blush upon hearing Hymin's teasing words. Although it was fine in the presence of Hymin and the others from the Tianjing squadron, there were still the rest of the crowd present at the city entrance.

Removing the dead knots on the cloth strips that bounded Scarlet to Wang Zhong, Grai smiled as he walked over with the name list and a pen. " Senior Wang Zhong and Scarlet, the name list has to be submitted by hand for it to count. As of now, there're only half an hour left."

"Right right right! I've almost forgotten about that matter! Hurry up! Ah, there's still time! You 2 have managed to get here on time!"

While the Tianjing squadron were on their way to submit their name list, discussions and chatter had erupted amongst quite a few squadrons.

"There's actually 2 that are able to make here on time? Isn't Tianjing that C ranked squadron?"

"That squadron where both their captain and vice-captain had gone missing?"

"That person's has an extremely fast speed. Is their captain an assassin that excels in speed?"

"All of you have turned into idiots. It's just running! There's nothing to be astonished about. God knows if they're just hiding at some nook or cranny before popping out."

Despite everyone discussing about the Tianjing squadron, none of them had given much care about the latter. The only feeling they had was that the Tianjing squadron was unbelievably lucky to be able to reach Grozny City at the very last moment. Only Casio was the odd one out, with a slightly ugly expression now present on his face.

There were approximately ten squadrons that had not stood by his side in the hotel in Stuart City, there weren't even specks of sand in his eyes. Other than those that had been allocated into other competition zones, Casio had planned to make sure that all of these people who had not given him face would fail at the first elimination round of the competition. Indeed, he had managed to partially succeed in his goal. After all, even the Extreme Light squadron, whose strength was even slightly higher than his squadron, was unable to put up any resistance at all when faced against his encircling techniques. After dealing with those squadrons that were of similar strength as his squadron, won't that equate to him having succeeded in his goal?
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    《Battle Frenzy》