Battle Frenzy
353 Equality Sec
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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353 Equality Sec

Chapter 353: Equality Sect
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The A ranked squadron that was said to be the closest one to S rank! It's said that if not for the fame and reputation of the Potter Family, the Blazing Angel squadron would be able to be evaluated as S rank.

In an instant, the entire atmosphere turned quiet, as every watched quietly as the Blazing Angels Squadron walked towards the peak of the mountain.

The scene they created appeared as they were a squadron that was currently undergoing a pilgrimage.

All the way till the people from the Blazing Angel Squadron had walked far away did Karkel give a cold snort. "Madmen."

"What are they doing?" not having a good understanding what had just happened, Hu Bing replied with a question.

"They're going to the mountain peak for something they claimed to be divine guidance. It appears to have some kind of connection to the matter of All Mouthy King participating in this CHF. Not only did that Papada get affected by that, he had grown even crazier. It'll be nothing if he's the only one being crazy. Now, Oli and all of the Blazing Angel Academy had turned crazy alongside him."

In the eyes of others, the only thing that felt about All Mouthy King was the spectacular fight he had with Papada. However, in the eyes of the Blazing Angel Academy, that fight was the omen of the gods. In fact, even the people of the academy had believed so, causing the entire academy to be in an exceedingly excited and jubilated state.

"I've heard that they took only 15 days to arrive at the fortress."

"If not for them worshipping the gods at the mountain peak, they'll definitely not be any slower than us. We absolutely cannot look down on them despite them not being one of the 10 great squadrons." all of a sudden, Laura added a sentence in.

Hearing her words, everyone turned silent. Indeed, with Oli and Papada, the Blazing Angel squadron would theoretically possess the potential to become one of the 10 great squadrons.

On the other hand, those B ranked squadrons did not give a care about these matters. To them, passing through this elimination round had already allowed for them to achieve the required goals the academy had given to them. What's up next would be up to their own wishes to push on. However, there was still a slight pity in everyone's hearts for themselves, as the Bella Dean Competition Zone was too perverted!

It was cruel enough with the Gui and Potter Families. Adding in a crazed Blazing Angel Academy...everyone was now praying for them to not bump into those people in the competition rounds that followed suit.

At the same time, the Martial Emperor City Competition Zone was welcoming the final day of the first elimination round...

The Martial Emperor City was situated in between lofty mountains, with mountains present on 3 sides and a water body on the remaining one. There weren't any armoured railway tracks coming out and in from the city. If one wanted to enter or leave the city, one would have to do so through the waterways of the Martial Emperor Sea. Only upon arriving at the sister city of the Martial Emperor City, "Ghost Emperor City" would one be able to sit on the armoured railway.

Nonetheless, the waterways weren't the only way to arrive at Martial Emperor City.

The 3 giant mountains that surrounded the Martial Emperor City were filled with strange and peculiar underground tunnels. Through them, one could pass through the natural barrier created by the giant mountains and arrive at Martial Emperor City.

The mission for this CHF's Martial Emperor City Competition Zone was for the squadrons to pass through the strange and peculiar world of underground tunnels to reach Martial Emperor City. Only those squadrons that were able to do so successfully would be able to get promoted to the next elimination round.

"Please give way! Is the ambulance here yet!"

At the number 2 tunnel entrance, a rescue squadron was currently holding stretchers as they rushed out from it. Standing guard at the entrance, the member of the CHF competition committee records the last number on his notebook. The final squadron missing in the underground world had finally been successfully rescued.

"Alright. Send a Skylink message to headquarters. The elimination round has already come to an end. 48 squadrons have passed through the 1st round."

A few of the officials from the CHF committee started a conversation.

"I don't know hows the situation like for the other competition zones. Ours is a stretch of misery, so painful I can't resist closing my eyes upon seeing it. Truthfully speaking, isn't the difficulty for our side a tad bit too hard?"

"Haha. If we're talking about difficulty, the arrangement for the first elimination round that's held in the Martial Emperor City didn't make that tough for the participants. It's just that the underground world is the most unsuitable environment for humans. Just the jet black darkness of the underground world is enough for one to get lost. There's still the ambushes coming from steel earthworms and giant freaky mice. I can see many people having a phobia for the dark."

"That's for sure, as they were surrounded by confusing mazes in all directions. Therefore, there's only one choice for many of the squadrons."

Hunt for the tokens of other squadrons before summoning the CHF committee to lead them out was the best way to pass through this mission.

Therefore, the fights that broke out on the first day in the Martial Emperor City were exceedingly fierce and intense!

Every single squadron was out hunting. To avoid becoming someone else's prey, the only thing one could do was to become a hunter. If not, hunting in the jet black darkness of the underground world of mazes would definitely turn exceedingly hard very quickly. The longer one dragged on, the greater the difficulty to find any prey.

"Though, if you think from another angle, the best and most perfect squadron should come out from our competition zone."

All of a sudden, a committee member said those words, causing everyone to instantly quieten down. After a brief pause, everyone started nodding their heads.

The Stuart Academy squadron!

Possessing for people ranked on the Mo's List! Their strength and power were without a doubt.

Therefore, from the very beginning, the committee was already exceedingly interested to see exactly what kind of performance the powerful Stuart Academy would accomplish within the underground world. They had many different kinds of guesses among themselves as to how many days they would take to hunt and obtain 3 tokens. There were even people that made a guess of a day's time for that to happen.

However, all of them had made wrong guesses about the Stuart Academy. Not only did the latter not hunt any other squadron, they had headed straight for the world of the underground mazes.

What made the entire committee speechless was that the Stuart Academy squadron, who had given up on the easiest method to get promoted, had taken a mere 5 days to walk out of the dark underground maze and reach Martial Emperor City!

5 days!

That meant that they not only possessed the strength and sufficient combat techniques to survive in there, they had some kind of special ability that allowed for them to navigate their way through.

The primary goal of the elimination round was to observe the squadrons for the areas of excellence other than combat. Nonetheless, the decision made by the Stuart Academy squadron had left the CHF committee in despair.

A perfect squadron with no weaknesses. The Stuart Academy squadron was truly worthy of their reputation. The foundation of the Stuart Family was truly unshakable.

That's right! The name of Stuart represented everything.

"Being of the upper five great families like Stuart, the Bella Dean squadron needed 15 days to complete the mission. The Stuart squadron should be this round's champion, right?"

"The Fiery Arrow squadron had given a very powerful performance. Tiancong Musk's strength on the other hand, Haha. The only thing I can say is that he has yet to get serious. What's more, it wasn't only those S ranked squadrons that have good performances in this competition zone, right? There's a lot of chances for those A ranked squadrons." a committee member from the northern region's Oleg city suddenly chimed in. "Everyone should have seen the fight between assassins from the Bierlia Musical Soul Academy

And Saint Mongols Academy, right? Under their spectacular performances of counter assassination upon counter assassination, who would dare say that other squadrons would be able to deal with those moves of theirs."

For a moment, everyone turned silent once again. Indeed, whether it was a coincidence or not, the Musical Soul Academy and Saint Mongols Academy had been allocated into the same competition zone. The Brooks Family behind the Musical Soul Academy and the Assassin Family behind the Saint Mongols Academy have always been vying for the title of the best assassin family. Therefore, in just this elimination round, a terrifying war of assassins had erupted between the 2 sides, with both of them suffering injuries as a result. If not for them no being able to find clear ways of breaking one another, a victor and loser might even appear in this elimination round.

What's more terrifying was that these 2 great academies that had tried ways to assassinate and prevent counter assassinations had taken a mere 16 days to walk out of the underground maze, amply displaying the might and foundation of the 2 assassin families.

Terrifying assassins were always the endorsers of "miracles"!

Although it was easy for assassins, such an environment like the underground world was truthfully a dead place for the other occupations, as they had no place to showcase their advantages. The squadrons that were able to pass through at the end were truthfully considered to have defeated people stronger than them. This was a point that the committee had taken note of during their evaluation.

After all, the main path of thinking the federation had was still stability!
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    《Battle Frenzy》