Battle Frenzy
354 Battle of assassins
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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354 Battle of assassins

Chapter 354: Battle of assassins
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The 2nd elimination round was already in the midst of setting up under the veil of secrecy. This was an even more all rounded test to evaluate the various aspects of the promoted squadrons so as to select the most outstanding of the lot to participate in the final competition. That's because this was the first time the federation, which had become the beaming beacon of hope for mankind after the passing of the darkness era, had to "face the entire world."

Wang Zhong took an extremely short amount of time to make a full recovery. Regardless of the injuries present on his hands and back or the fatigue and exhaustion of his mind, a good night of sleep was sufficiently replenishing. Compared to him, it was harder for Scarlet. After completely relaxing her mind, she started having a high fever in the middle of the night. The few days of cold winds and snow were exceedingly damaging to her body. If not for her being a new human with a strong and resilient physical body, and her ice attribute special ability to resist a portion of the cold, she might not end up with just fatigue and fever.

Fortunately, she was only fatigued and caught a slight cold. Generally speaking, new humans would not fall sick, especially from stuff like cold. It would be nigh impossible for it to happen in most circumstances. However, once one was ill, it would definitely be a serious one.

Scarlet suddenly falling sick during the middle of the night had given the entire Tianjing squadron a severe fright. Fortunately, due to the rather good medical facilities and treatment present in Grozny City, her high fever has wholly controlled with a few types of specialized medicine. It wasn't a big issue, though she would likely feel weaker for the next few days due to the side effects of the medication.

That was unavoidable, as the side effects of these special medicines were nigh impossible to eliminate. Although it was just a few days in a weakened state, wanting to participate in the ranged soldier arena held 2 days later would be impossible for her. There was naturally no problem for Wang Zhong to participate in it. However, being the captain, he would definitely need to participate in the captain arena that was held at the end. What's more, according to the rules, no one is able to participate in more than one arena.

The only other ranged soldier in the Tianjing squadron was Milami. Naturally, although the firepower of her cannon was amply sufficient, and truthfully possessed a rather impressive strength, anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence would know that the demands the test would require for the participants would definitely be exceedingly high. What's more, it would definitely be an all rounded requirement. Milami's specialty was her firepower, and her ability for attack collaboration. However, in the aspects of detailed techniques with regards to ranged soldiers like the minute control of bullets, flight paths and target tracking, Scarlet was first class in them, with Milami being second class at the very best. Thus if they were to really send Milami up, she would definitely not have any confidence in herself.

"Don't think so much about it. Let's talk after settling today's scout arena." Contrary to the rest, Wang Zhong wasn't worried about it. Changes happen every single day. Regardless of that, he was considerably confident in the strength of the Tianjing squadron.

"Relax!" Emily only said a single word, though everyone was immediately able to detect the change in her state of mind. Unlike the deathly aura she radiated during the previously, she appeared to have regained her life back. Although it has not reached the same level as when she was in Tianjing Academy, it was more like the Emily of the past. What's more, the tone she had used showed that she truly was confident.

Feeling happy and excited in her change, everyone proceeded to rouse themselves up. Lying on the bed, Scarlet gave a smile and a thumbs up sign while cheering, "We can do it!"

"Okay okay! You better rest well and wait for my good news!"

At the break of dawn, there was already a large crowd of participants present at the doors of the Vasilyevich Academy's number 3 training grounds. The absolute majority of the squadrons had appeared in full force to cheer and support their members, causing a myriad of voices to resound noisy in the air, turning the atmosphere into a rather lively one.

Other than Hymin and Milami, who had stayed in the hotel to take care of Scarlet, the rest of the Tianjing squadron were already present here. In the vast space present outside of the training grounds, they were able to see many familiar faces, like the Giant God Peak Academy, which had recently been having much closer ties with Tianjing Academy. Also present there was their ever so familiar captain, so one that everyone was all too familiar with. To the members of the Giant God Peak Academy squadron, Tianjing Academy was most likely the only people that could stand their captain, who would die if he doesn't enact in any self-praise.

Many people were currently discussing the contents of the test. Basically, all of them were making taking a guess, with the majority of the people paying attention the experts that have gathered from various places of the federation. After having gone through the first elimination round, the confidence of the participants has made a slightly explosive gain. To people with strength, such a test couldn't be said to be difficult. On the contrary, it was a platform for them to display their abilities and strength. Spending 3 mins on stage would be worth 10 years of hard work off stage. Clearly,

On the surface, there was only 1 person that could be classified as an expert in the Grozny City Competition Zone, which was Napier Mo. The other squadrons had come in large groups, attaching great importance in supporting and cheering for their members participating in the scout arena. However, the Mo Family's Heaven's Fate Academy had not a single person present in sight. All the way till the last few minutes before the start of the scout arena did a showily dressed Napier Mo, slowly walking in even though he was already late.

The character of this fellow truly doesn't appear like one of the Mo Family, as they always kept a low and steady profile, whilst brimming with elegance and heroism. Regardless of it being a male or a female, every single member has people a feeling as though they were looking at a quiet forest of bamboo. Only Napier was the exception, with the most likely reason being that he wasn't a pure Mo family blooded person. If not for the "Mo" in his surname, it's truly unimaginable to associate him to the Mo Family.

Upon his appearance, many people took notice of him. After all with such a unique outfit, he was already rather eye-catching even without his reputation of being on the Mo's List.

"Does he usually dress up in such outfits? I had assumed that he had dressed up as a clown during the Mo's List video just to garner more attention."

"It's said that this fellow doesn't have much of a status on birth, and had spent some time in the circus, before being unearthed and nurtured by the Mo Family…"

"That can't be right, can it? How did I get the info about his family being the subordinates of the Mo Family?"

Although it was easy and convenient to obtain information via the Skylink, it was unavoidable for there to be some rumours spreading around, easily about those people that had appeared on the Mo's List for the first time. There were basically quite a few versions of the gossipy details about Napier Mo, with all of them having disseminated quite deeply into the audience. Nonetheless, due to his surname, everyone could only do it in secrecy.

There were a few people who remained silent within the whisper filled crowd, their eyes flickering with fighting spirit. Not everyone present here were convinced by the Mo's List. However, despite being convinced by it, a true expert would always have the heart to challenge other experts. Without a doubt, Napier Mo was the number one target for all of the assassins within the Grozny City Competition Zone.

Just at this moment, the tightly shut doors of the number 3 training grounds swung open.

Dressed in uniform, a few staff members that appeared to be rather capable and experienced walked out of the training building. "The scout arena test is about to commence. All of the participants are to enter the gathering hall. All the rest are to remain here. You can view the live broadcast of the other competition zones via the Skylink. However, you're forbidden to make a racket outside of the training grounds!"

The CHF officials had set up a specialized official site on the Skylink, allowing for one to be able to watch the footage of the arenas held at the various competition zones straight from it.

"Emily, we'll be out here cheering for you!"

"Make a good show!:

"Yes, yes!"

"It's all on you! You're the best, cousin! If you bring back the number 1 title, your elder brother will make sure to love you for tens of thousands of years!" completely treating everyone around him as invisible, Ma Dong waved his hands and shouted out, causing as stretch ridiculing looks to shoot over from their surroundings.

"Ma Dong Dong, go and die, you idiot!"

As she followed a group of participants into the gathering hall, a smile surfaced on the face of Emily. Be it Ma Dong's glib talking or the cheers and motivation, it had made her feel the beauty of being reborn.

For some strange reason, she felt exceedingly relaxed. What's more, she felt her fighting spirit continuing to rise, and had even brought along some excitement with it. At this very day, she had finally made a genuine transformation, from her body all the way to her soul. She really wanted to continue walking on. As for the family bloodline and inheritance?

Those were really, really heavy. That's true. However, what they contained were things that indeed can't be explained in a few words. There were too, too much contained within those 2 words.
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    《Battle Frenzy》