Battle Frenzy
358 The might of the Mo“s Lis
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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358 The might of the Mo“s Lis

Chapter 358: The might of the Mo's List
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"Fuck, what the hell did I just see? That strength and that background, what the hell is that girl staying at Tianjing Academy for?"

"With her level of strength, could she be from a branch family?"

"Shouldn't she be directly sent to be a regular for Saint Mongols Academy? Yingmei Assassin is the captain of the Saint Mongols squadron, right? He's one of the 5 great assassins!"

Majority of the people present weren't able to understand the situation that had unfolded before them, causing their eyes to remain wide open with their mouths agape. Only a handful of people who knew some bits of detailed information spoke out. "It appears that the Assassin Family had turned their attention towards expansion in Tianjing. I've heard that they had just started developing a piece of land in Tianjing. Letting this Emily study at Tianjing Academy is most likely for the purpose of setting up good relationships with the locals."

"No wonder. I can stomach that explanation. To those large aristocratic families, the benefits gained from their expansion are clearly more important than the CHF."

"That's why this Tianjing squadron is able to pass through the 1st elimination round. With such a scout, fucking hell, they'll be able to tour all around the icy plains without any stress at all!"

"This Tianjing squadron's really something. With such a strong scout, they were still able to obtain 1st place from the bottom. That's why they were evaluated to be of C rank."

"Tsk tsk tsk. What a pity for that assassin. How good would it be if she was in our squadron!"

The atmosphere within the training grounds started warm up. What's more, due to someone succeeding in completing the test, the atmosphere had also became much more relaxed. With a clear-cut example of people actually being able to complete the test, that meant that there was hope for the rest to be able to complete too.

As the scout arena reached its half way mark, more and more experts started to grace the runways, with quite a few people that could complete the test within the range of the rules appearing as well. In fact, the assassins hailing from the A ranked squadrons had all given their all for this test, thus resulting in the completion timing being the only difference between them. What's more, this difference was only between the milliseconds. Indeed, the difference between them and the 2nd rate squadrons were like heaven and earth. However, it was the Giant God Peak Academy that had still managed to give everyone the biggest shock yet again.

Them obtaining 7th place for the 1st elimination round had already attracted a considerable amount of focus on themselves. Nonetheless, quite a few people who had done so attributed luck and excelling in long distance running to the Giant God Peak Academy's success. However, they had shown genuine might during this Lightning Evasion Formation test. Being the 6th assassin to successfully complete the test in proper fashion, their performance was considerably astonishing, being only a tad bit longer than Emily and Quinn. Placing 5th amongst the people who had completed the test, they managed to obtain a timing of 17.7 seconds.

With 2 C ranked squadrons among the 6 squadrons that were able to pass through the Lightning Evasion Formation successfully, such results had indeed attracted the attention of many people.

"Number 2, Torres Academy, Caliban Crowe!"

As Cole Joseph's voice rang out, a rather cold and emotionless youth stood up. He appeared slightly skinny, though he possessed the perfect muscle symmetry and lines for an assassin, giving people an extremely strong feeling of cohesiveness and sophistication. That was the perfect figure for an assassin, attracting the gazes of countless people present in the training grounds.

"An S ranked squadron has finally been called out!"

Any squadron that could be evaluated to be of S rank meant that their members not only extremely balanced in their various occupations, but also possessed extremely high levels of proficiency in their foundations. Even if they weren't on the Mo's List, their strength cannot be underestimated.

"Number 1, Heaven's Fate Academy, Napier Mo!"

Compared to the lively atmosphere that was present just a moment ago, the entire training grounds turned silent, followed up by an even more intense scrutiny and attention.

"Looks like we have a good show coming up! 2 S ranks have actually been selected into the same group! I don't know if Caliban Crowe would be able to handle it."

"Fuck! That's one of the Mo's List's 5 great assassins! Even though Caliban Crowe is a starter for his academy, he's not on the level of the Mo's List after all. It's impossible for him to contend against Napier Mo!"

"Not all of the Mo's List's 5 great assassins excel in speed, you know. What's more, I feel that it's slightly suspicious as to how that Napier Mo is considered as one of the 5 great assassins."

The showily dressed Napier Mo grinned from ear to ear as he ran forwards. Being an assassin, he appeared to be too frolic around too much. At this moment, there were actually a few colourful little balls being tossed around in his hands, appearing to be pulling off some tricks as he continued to juggle them in the air.

"Ha! Today he's not playing with fruit knives, and changed to juggling balls?"

"Although I've very high confidence in the Mo's List, I'm really unable to respect it after looking at that face and character of his...I really don't understand why that fellow has to spend the whole day fooling around. He really doesn't have a single ounce of an expert's poise at all."

"What the hell do you know about him? That's a exercise to maintain the nimbleness and and strength of one's fingers. I've heard that those colourful balls of Napier Mo are his hidden weapons. Don't treat them as toys just because they look as small as ping pong balls. They're constructed using special alloys, with each one weighing over a few pounds!"

Discussions pertaining to Napier Mo resounded across the entire gathering hall, with some praises and some derogatory remarks being made about him. Nonetheless, he did not give the slightest bit of care, grinning as he went about his own way. With an absent-minded look present on his face, he continued to juggle his colourful balls higher and higher up in the air.

"Get ready!"

"3, 2, 1, go!

At the very instant when the starting bell rang out, everyone was immediately able to sense the disparity between the 2 participants.

Indeed, Caliban Crowe was very strong. The explosiveness and speed of his dash was clearly even quicker than the 7 great experts that have managed to complete the test, something that was easily caught on with a single look. However, what's more frightening was his reaction speed and observational skills. Regardless of where the white flashing tiles were, he seemed to not need to focus to be able to spot them out, and was able to locate the most perfect spot to land within the extremely small window of time given. The time interval of 0.5 seconds had also factored in the limit of one's capabilities. If one was able to step on the correct landing spot, the next landing spot would start flashing in advance.

The 7 great experts that had managed to finish the test had followed along with the given time intervals of the white flashing tiles. There wasn't too much of a variation even during the first 50 metres of their runs. After all, even those experts require the first 50 metres to get used to the flow of the test, just like a rhythm that the body has to enter. Without doing so, it was very hard to take the initiative to advance. However, Caliban Crowe had actually erupted with his full strength at very beginning!

During the span of the first 50 metres, he had unexpectedly taken a solid second less than those 7 great experts!

Such a feat made he truly worthy of being a starter for an S Ranked squadron. Nonetheless, it was a pity that he had bumped into Napier Mo.

Regardless of how quick Caliban Crowe was, the little clown like figure had always remained half a body ahead of him. What's more, he had done so in a manner that left everyone dumbfounded,as wasn't the same as Caliban's all out dash. Despite being in a high speed dash, Napier Mo had actually continued to toss and juggle the colourful balls in his hands!

Not a slightest bit of pressure or seriousness could be seen on his face, only that unique clown like smile. The feeling his footsteps gave was completely different from the explosiveness of Caliban's dash. Upon seeing his feet move, one would feel as though they were flowing the flow of the river of air, appearing as though he was taking a stroll through his courtyard!

In fact, a question had popped up in everyone's mind. Is he fooling around?

50 metres, 100 metres, 150 metres!

The increase in difficult seemed to have completely no effect on Napier Mo. If one was to only pay attention at his performance, it would even cause one to develop a false sense that this Lightning Evasion Formation was that easy. On the contrast, Caliban Crowe who had been moving forwards at the same time as Napier Mo had a tense expression on his face, clearly showing that he was already giving his all.

At 150 metres, the classical example of inversion appeared. At this moment, Caliban Crowe took a deep breath. The next white flashing tile before him was 27 to 28 metres away from him. He had planned to rely on his super powerful explosiveness to forcefully cross the distance. However, by coincidence, some of his attention was sapped by the exaggerated ghost face that was present at the corner of his eye, causing him to be unable to full concentrate. From then on, Caliban discovered that he had been trapped by the rhythm brought along by Napier Mo in his advance. "What a frightening fellow! He's clearly faster than me, yet he's only staying just a bit in front of me!" This felt just like someone deliberately ringing a gong while one was listening to beautiful music, affecting one's mental beats. Such a feeling was so unbearable it really made people want to vomit blood!

At this moment, he could not help but to shoot yet another cursory glance over.
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    《Battle Frenzy》