Battle Frenzy
360 Concealing
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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360 Concealing

Chapter 360: Concealing
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While she was still walking with the crowd of participants, Emily had already been swarmed by the Tianjing squadron. Being clear of her strength, she was able to match up to those elite assassins from A Ranked squadrons. Basically, it could be said that she had perfectly displayed her abilities in this test, with her final score being possibly in the top 10 rankings.

Ma Dong leapt into the air, while the rest had already surrounded Emily. Colby also knew that if he was the one that had participated in the scout arenas, he might be the first person to be kicked out from there. Indeed, there was truly no way to patch up the disparity in strength. Frankly speaking, after experiencing the whole holiday's worth of special training, he felt that he had already made ample preparations. Nonetheless, only when he had arrived here did he discover that he was so, so far from the truth.

Wang Zhong rubbed Emily's head as he thought, "This lass has indeed grown so much."

Joy and laughter filled the Tianjing squadron. On the contrary, no far from them, a slightly gloomy look was present on Casio's face as he brought his squadron members and quickly left the venue.

Carmel's results for the 2 tests could only be considered to be average amongst the participants. This was something that the Lighting Dragon Academy had already expected. However, upon seeing the despised Tianjing obtaining such outstanding results, extreme unhappiness filled the heart of Casio. There were such people present in the world that have habituated themselves to find joy and happiness from the misery and pain of others, so long as the pain and misery of others were worse than theirs.

Naturally, Tianjing didn't waste any effort to care about them. Such a fantastic start was more than sufficient to secure for Tianjing a good foundation of points and had even caused a few A Ranked Squadrons to start paying attention to them. Naturally, they had more of their focus on Emily, as everyone knew about her identity. Nonetheless, the only thing they felt was pity for her, and had even started questioning about the decisions of the Assassin Family to send her there.

After accompanying Scarlet for dinner in her room, Wang Zhong proceeded to watch through all of the results of the first arena held in the other competition zones. Indeed, the 5 great assassins of the Mo's List were at the top of their respective competition zones. In the Lightning Evasion Formation, the person who had completed it in the fastest time was Yingmei Assasin, finishing it in 13.4 seconds, the best result in all of the competition zones.

The movement style of this fellow was completely different from the lithe movements of Napier Mo, appearing slightly cold and gloomy. Even during his leaps, he gave people a feeling as though he was floating weightlessly in the air like a spectre. Although he appeared slightly stiff and rigid, his speed was miraculously quick.

Next up were Gui Wulie and Wuli, who had both completed with a timing of 13.8 seconds. They were classified to be the explosive acceleration types. It was rounded up by Eddie Brooks as well as Napier Mo with timings of 14.1 seconds. Their relaxed and carefree attitudes gave people a feeling as though they were just taking a walk, not giving a care about the test they were undertaking.

It was clear that these 5 people have not utilized their real strength at all. Regardless of any one of them or whatever movement style they used, Wang Zhong could clearly see the skill and ease they had exhibited when doing so. The only thing that could be said was that indeed, the people on the Mo's List possessed supernatural might. Speed was the most basic standard for an assassin. This was a hard and fast rule in the assassin world, regardless of one's movement or attacking speed. Other than those 5 people on the Mo's List, there were appearances of a few rather eye-grabbing assassins that were able to complete the Lightning Evasion Formation under 15 seconds. All of them could be considered to be of first-rate. Added together, there were approximately 15 of them in all of the competition zones. Other than Potter Academy, the rest of 9 supreme S Ranked squadrons were able to reach this level of standard. Despite not making it, the Copperfield Academy completed under 16 seconds. The person they had sent out was Valens, who was originally their all rounded soldier, who had obtained a rather high standard considering his occupation.

"If our brother King has graced the arena, we might be even faster than them." watching by the side, Scarlet could not help but to tease Wang Zhong.

"I not too good at this." replied Wang Zhong with a smile. "There are specializations in differing occupations. It's not possible for me to be faster and more nimble than those top class assassins."

"You're just being modest. When will you reveal it to the rest?"

At this moment, Scarlet was feeling extremely happy. If a person possessed the same level of strength Wang Zhong had, god knows how crazy and wild one would act. However, Wang Zhong wasn't like that. He was able to spot the points that make other people outstanding, learn from them before exceeding them.

"Ma Dong knows about it. However, there's no need to purposefully reveal it. Our goals are those top class squadrons. Revealing too early would be extremely disadvantageous for Barran and the others." said Wang Zhong with a faint smile. "This is a rare chance for them to progress."

"Barran's heavy soldier style is learnt from you. Are you that faithless in him?" asked Scarlet as she nodded her head. The one who bears the crown must bear its weight. The others might genuinely have not made sufficient preparations.

Shrugging his shoulders and extending his hands out, Wang Zhong replied, "If we're talking purely about heavy soldiers, Barran is in fact very qualified. Although he isn't able to match up to those few top class heavy soldiers, there's no need to doubt his strength and talent. AS of now, I feel that we can be ranked within the upper half present in the Grozny Competition Zone. However...this fellow truly isn't the type that can handle tests."

"What do you mean?"

Shaking his head, Wang Zhong thought about a certain matter which caused him to burst out in laughter as he replied, "During the day, while we were waiting outside of the training grounds for Emily, that fellow had actually visited the toilet 7 times in the span of 3 hours! And this is just waiting for other people! When it comes for him to be alone for the tests...I feel that if I say these stuff out, I'm afraid that he'll get even more nervous."

"I feel that I'll be much better after a good rest today," said Scarlet with a smile. "Tomorrow, I'll cheer for Barran!"

Indeed, Barran was slightly nervous. To be precise, it wasn't "slightly nervous", but very nervous, resulting in him not able to catch even a wink of sleep for the entire night!

This nervousness was especially obvious upon him seeing the hundred over squadrons waiting outside of the training grounds. With the various participants present here, there would definitely give Barran a suffocating feeling.

Everyone would appear to be bigger and stronger than him. Everyone had smiles brimming with confidence on their faces. All of them appeared calm and composed. He was now representing Tianjing Academy. Therefore, he cannot be a burden to everyone, and he cannot throw the face of his Academy...

The chaotic thoughts in Barran's head swirled together like a paste, causing his legs to shiver subconsciously as he rubbed his hands together.

"Hey hey hey, you gotta relax!" while waiting for the training grounds to open, Ma Dong continued to help Barran loosen his shoulders up. Even Emily didn't get such treatment yesterday. Clearly, everyone could see the nervousness plastered on Barran's face. "It's just 2 tests, okay! Just treat them as the usual training you have with Wang Zhong!"

"Okay, president!" Barran squeezed out a deep breath with much difficulty. Nonetheless, his face really didn't look well at all. However, as of now, there was no other choice for Tianjing. With their limited number of people, who would dare to say that they're not nervous?

Substituting Barran at this moment?

That would mean that Barran would become crippled, while this matter would absolutely become the mental barrier that would forever exist in his heart. This was something that Wang Zhong would definitely not do.

Emotions were the most difficult matters to control, while having the greatest effect on development.

Deep down within his heart, Barran was extremely clear about this, and had even exerted all his might to rub at the web between his thumbs and index fingers, wanting to use the intense pain to stabilize his emotions.

"It seems that there aren't any especially strong heavy soldiers present in our competition zone. All of the 5 great heavy soldiers on the Mo's Lists aren't here."

"I don't know about the rest, regardless of anything, the regular heavy soldiers for Heaven's Fate Academy and Torres Academy should possess a considerable level of strength.

"Who knows if the Heaven's Fate Academy might send Mo Ling up to participate."

"Mo Ling? Isn't he a Summoning Master?"

"A Summoning Master can be treated as a heavy soldier. Take Laura's Explosive Bear as an example. If she really summons it out to be a meat shield, who's able to take it down…"

"Sigh. Experts are really inhuman. Just a casually flick from them is enough to send us flying back tens of thousands of miles away!"

"It won't be Mo Ling. The Heaven's Fate Academy had their own mainstay heavy soldier. I heard that he's extremely strong… look, it's that burly one."

A giant of a man towering 2.45 metres tall appeared in the sights of everyone. Most of the heavy soldiers present here could be considered to be large, with each of them towering over 2 metres tall. However, when compared to that giant man, they appeared just like dwarfs.
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