Battle Frenzy
361 Nervous
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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361 Nervous

Chapter 361: Nervous
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They have sent a single person yet again. The other members of the Heaven's Fate Academy seem to not treat this tests as anything much.

Compared to the ostentatious acting by Napier Mo, this giant fellow possessed the reserved mannerisms that were unique to the Mo Family. Standing under a tree by the side of the crowd, he folded his hands across his chest, while keeping faintly keeping his eyes closed. From time to time, a sliver of an incomparably fierce gaze would shoot out from the seams between his eyelids, causing people to feel as though an ancient mountain with a quiet valley was bearing down on them, brimming with majesty.

Mo Chen, the Heaven's Fate Academy's mainstay heavy soldier! Regardless of him not appearing on the Mo's List, there's absolutely no one that would doubt the strength of regular from an S Ranked squadron. Although the strongest within each of the occupations would appear on the Mo's List, this absolutely did not mean that only those 5 people listed were considered to be experts. There's definitely those that were on par with them, with those mainstays in the S ranked squadrons absolutely being the strongest ones in that group.

At this moment, many people were sizing the giant man up, with even Barran unable to resist a peek. He could feel that the former was doing his best to suppress the uncontrollable and gigantic power he possessed, appearing just like a towering mountain standing overbearingly in front of him. Was he even a human?

Feeling the gaze from Barran the titan like Mo Chen revealed a sliver of a smile. Nonetheless, this brought along an immense amount of pressure on Barran.

As this happened, everyone was dumbfounded by what they saw. This heavy soldier from Heaven's Fate Academy was truly too ridiculous. The physique and soul power he possessed! While other people were risking their lives to raise their soul power, he was, on the other hand, trying to suppress it down. Although he has yet to take any action, everyone all knew that he would definitely be on the level of freaks. However, even such a person was unable to be ranked in the Mo's List. How can other people survive in this world!

However, all of their thoughts weren't able to influence Barran. Ever since starting his studies, he had yet to pass any test. The only instance of him passing was Tianjing Academy's year-end test. However, truth to be told, Barran himself felt that he had done horribly in that. During them, he did not know what he was doing, with blood rushing to his head during the test. He was tricked and destroyed by simple questions, what more about those theory questions. Being able to pass was completely due to the teacher giving him face. He had heard from president Ma Dong, that this was called the exam season syndrome. Since it was a kind of sickness, it can be treated, though there wasn't any miracle drug available.

As he was thinking about this, all of a sudden, Barran felt a heavyweight bang against his should. The terrifying force behind the impact caused the absent-minded Barran to fall straight on his butt.

"I'm sorry." the person that had banged into Barran was a giant male with a figure similar to Mo Chen. The ridiculous amount of muscles on his frame made him appear just like a beast that had just come out of the wilderness. The sparkling bald head, as well as the long sideburns and facial hair on his cheeks caused him to absolutely not look like a 17 or 18-year-old student. Due to him focusing all of his attention on Mo Chen, he had indeed bumped into Barran on accident. Clearly, the 2 of them had been absent minded at that time.

"No problem, uncle." said Barran as he stood up from the ground, assuming that the other party was an official. With just a gentle nudge, Barran was shocked to feel some numbness and pain in his shoulder, appearing as though he had bumped into a large iron barricade. That person's body is too tough!

However, as Barran's words rang out, the fellow with the dense facial hair stopped in his tracks, before turning around. "Uncle? I'm just more mature looking!"

The eyes of the giant male with the dense sideburns turned incomparably sharp and incisive, causing a bone-chilling feeling to surge through Barran as though he was in the African plains, being stared down by a lion.

"Fuck!, That's Cabel Torres! He was one of my predictions to enter the Mo's List!"

"Is that person crazy to dare to call Cabel uncle?"

"That's the eternal taboo that must never be said in front of the 2 Torres brothers!" at this moment, quite a few people had focused their attention over. Upon hearing the words said by Cabel, they took in the joy in the impending misfortune of Barran. It was rare for such a good show to appear. With all his superior aspects, the only gripe that Cabel had was that he had gone through puberty too quickly. Being too "grown-up" amongst people of the same age wasn't too good of a thing.

Cabel Torres!

Being the mainstay heavy soldier for the one of the 2 S ranked squadrons allocated into the Grozny Competition Zone, Cabel's fame and reputation was greater than Mo Chen. He was very strong and had gained fame extremely earlier into his youth. He was one of the members of the golden generation that had entered the OP 3 years ago, and had obtained the rank of the quasi Sanctuary Division even earlier than Carolyn and the others.

What's more, one of the 3 great summoning masters on the Mo's List, Bobo Torres, is his biological brother. These 2 brothers simply existed at the extreme ends of the spectrum. One of them was aged 15, yet appeared just like a 17 to 18-year-old teenager. As for the other, he had just reached 19 this year, yet he appeared just like a 30-year-old uncle! The greatest taboo for the brother was the word "big". It was slightly better for Cabel that Bobo. If the latter had heard that word, god knows what broken state would be the outcome of Barran.

"Yo fellow student, I just feel that a dense facial hair appears sexier." Cabel's gaze shot out akin to two knives. "Also, I'm 19 this year!"

The absence of him within the 5 great heavy soldiers on the Mo's List was something that Cabel care a lot about. Although he didn't deny the strength of those 5 people, he felt that he was not one bit inferior to them. Nonetheless, there was no use in doubting the Mo Family, as everything will be justified with true strength!

Just like yesterday, everyone was ushered to the step-like seating in the gathering hall. At this moment, there were already a large group of stern-faced staff members with documents and clipboards in their hands being present in the gathering hall, waiting alongside the various equipment that was prepped for the upcoming tests.

The chief invigilator was the same little old man from yesterday's scout arena. Barran had seen him via the Skylink broadcast, and heard that he was called Cole Joseph.

"The first test will be the Thousand Hammer Formation." Cole Joseph pointed to the towards the transparent walled octagonal shaped rooms that were set up within the gathering hall. "I believe that everyone here should be rather familiar with this. The difficulty of the room is set to increase every 10 seconds. The longer you are able to endure in there, the higher the points you'll get."

After seeing the tests held yesterday, a test like this Thousand Hammer Formation was within the expectations of the majority of the squadrons. Although Barran has never used this formation for training before, Wang Zhong had purposefully found all the information about the Thousand Hammer Formation and familiarised Barran with them. Numerous secret holes were installed in the room that would send out extremely strong impact forces. Therefore, the only thing one would need to do was to utilize any method to prevent oneself from falling down.

For many of the heavy soldiers with rich experience, this formation was only used in training as a warm-up. Naturally, after yesterday's lesson, no one dared to underestimate this seemingly plain and simple Thousand Hammer Formation. God knows what kind of terrifying difficulty settings did the CHF committee install in those rooms.

Cole Joseph started his balloting once again.

Don't be the first one, don't be the first one...

Many people secretly prayed for them to not be the first person to be called out, as the first to take the test would definitely be at a disadvantage. After all, it was extremely hard to judge the difficulty of the test from prior knowledge. Only by seeing and observing with one's own eyes would they be able to prepare themselves mentally.


"Number 72, Tianjing Academy, Barran Gestalt!'


Hearing his name being called out for the first group caused Barran's heart to instantly sink. He was one of the members of the praying squad, truly wishing that he could achieve good results for his squadron. Being a person that has never experienced the Thousand Hammer Formation before, the most critical thing he hoped for was to be able to observe how the rest of the participants attempted this test. Nonetheless, there was no other option for him now accept to head out blind.

Hastily walking to the front, he entered the Thousand Hammer Formation under the arrangement of the staff members.
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