Battle Frenzy
362 A whole pile of mess
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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362 A whole pile of mess

Chapter 362: A whole pile of mess
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The Thousand Hammer Formation had a considerably wide range of uses in the training of heavy soldiers. Extremely powerful energy bullets were shot out of the numerous secret holes present along the walls of the octagonal shaped room. Being able to defend against the attacks coming from those energy bullets was the most basic requirement for a heavy soldier.

"This group appears to be somewhat weak, huh. 3 B- and 1 C ranked squadrons. Although they claim to have signed up willingly for this arena, I've always have my suspicions about some trickery involved behind this. Just like yesterday, it's the newbies that are testing the waters.

"Ah, then I'll remain unknown then. Even if there truly was any trickery involved behind this, it won't affect us, right? Look at the first group. Even if they were to be sent up later, what difference does it make? It's best to get it done as early as possible so we can go back earlier to rest, right? Why waste time on such blind tension. Ha, take a look! That fellow looks like he's about to get a nervous breakdown."

"He's wearing the uniform of the Tianjing squadron, huh. Is he the squadron member of that Assassin lass from yesterday?"

"I predict that he doesn't have much strength at all. Look at how nervous he is! His face has even turned slightly pale."

"Didn't everyone say that Tianjing was a one man squadron, right? Truly a pity for that female assassin."

As the 5 participants stepped into their individual rooms, the transparent doors immediately closed shut. They were made of considerably toughened and strengthen glass, specifically to create a totally transparent room. This room even allowed external noises to enter in, with this aspect being a kind of test for the mental state of the participant.

Barren tried his best to breathe,circulating his soul power as he tensed all of the muscles in his body. Anchoring the gigantic shield right in front of himself, he waited for the formation to start.

Breathe...calm down, calm down...senior Wang Zhong had said that I'm able to be placed within the upper half of all the heavy soldiers in the CHF when it comes to defense and strength. As long as I believe in myself, I'll definitely be able to obtain a good result today...


As chaotic thoughts filled his mind, he suddenly felt a force rapidly approaching the back of his head.

Why did it appear behind me?

Barran hastily lowered his stance in an attempt to use the shield in his hand to block the incoming attack. Nonetheless, due to his body being too tense, he was unable to react at the first moment.


The gigantic impact smashed against the back of his head, one of the weakest and most lethal spots of the human body. Despite not being especially strong, the impact was already able to cause Barran to see stars and sending his legs into a staggering motion.

Before he could stabilize himself, yet another attack quickly followed, this time coming from the front.

With the room being too small, it gave a rather small window of time for the heavy soldiers to reach, what more about evading. With him making the wrong first move, his body was already in an unstable position. At this moment, what welcomed Barran could only be an unbarred and endless all rounded baptism.

This time, the attack came from the left.


The organ of banging noises never stopped since its start. The floating feeling in his legs as well as the blurry and spinning. The never ending sounds of impact sounded like the explosions of firecrackers, causing him to immediately feel countless heavy attacks striking his head, neck and all around his body.

At this moment, all of the participants observing from the outside had their mouths wide open. Although they had felt that the first group was rather weak, never in their wildest dreams did they expect that Barran wasn't even able to block the first strike...

" this fellow trying to tease us?"

"Fuck me. That fellow's too nervous. I feel that he wasn't even able to react before the first attack had struck him. This is really too funny! How is such a waste able to enter here?"

"Ha ha ha ha! He really is top quality stuff! This quality being is actually the mainstay of Tianjing?"

"This fellow's already flustered. Ha, he's already flustered! He has even forgotten about his shield!! Oh my god, I really pity that little assassin of Tianjing! Being along a pig-like squadron member like him must be an extremely disastrous experience."

Explosive laughter coming from the entire grounds resounded in Barran's ears, causing his already dizzy and spinning head to instantly grow worse.

It's over, I've screwed it up.


He tried his best to stand, using the shield to protect his slightly batter head. However, in just a span of a few seconds, the intense pain coming from those strikes had caused obstructions in the flow of his soul power. Now, the gigantic forces coming from his shield threatened to send him flying away alongside it. Seemingly in the blink of an eye, his consciousness started to sink in dizziness. This lasted till a strike landed viciously yet again on the back of his head. Being flung forwards, Barran's head smashed against his own shield, ultimately knocking him out in the process.

The final result was 7 seconds. He wasn't able to endure past the simplest 10 seconds of the test.

Of the 1st group the had taken the test, the first person to fall was him.

"Ha ha ha ha." Casio's heart was filled to the brim with happiness. He had always found the Tainjing squadron irksome and unsightly. Emily's performance in yesterday's arena had caused even more unhappiness to brew in him. However, at this very moment, he was happy! Looking at that dumbass from Tianjing lasting only a mere 7 seconds in the Thousand Hammer Formation, Casio felt that the weather today appeared exceedingly clear and refreshing.

"What a genius." although Casio's voice wasn't exceptionally load, it was already sufficient for everyone from the Tianjing squadron to clearly hear. "Such a person is actually able to participate in the CHF as a starter? Ha ha, I really feel unjust for those D and C ranked squadrons that were eliminated during the first competition round."

"Any random person from there would definitely be stronger than this brat. Can he even be called as a heavy soldier?"

"Such a quality squadron would definitely have quality geniuses in them. Why did he even choose to participate in this arena?"

Ridiculing laughter rang out across the waiting area outside of the training grounds. This was something that Casio didn't even need to incite. Due to being pressed down by a C ranked squadron from above, there were lots of squadrons that felt Tianjing squadron to be "unsightly". Although they were able to accept and even worship the perfect results obtained by experts, they'll never, ever allow for a weakling to "jump the queue".

Weaklings should remain where weaklings reside. If you come up here, wouldn't that mean that I would have to go down?"

The various other squadrons waiting on the outside were also chuckling heartily, causing Colby and the others to feel slightly embarrassed. Indeed, Barran's performance was too horrible. If it was anyone else, they would also be laughing at this moment. Disputing against those laughter voices would only cause them to appear weak. In fact, the Tianjing squadron still had a choice for who to send to the heavy soldier arena. As a whole Lily was still better than Barran, as he was too unstable. However, both Wang Zhong and Scarlet had pushed for Barran without giving any explanation to their actions. From the aspect of talent and strength, there was a fundamental difference in level between Barran compared to Grai.

The members of the surrounding squadrons shot looks of sympathy towards Tianjing, causing them to all feel a slight feeling of wanting to bury their heads into the ground. At this moment, Scarlet was also feeling slightly incidental. Although she knew that Barran wasn't strong in by himself, he shouldn't be that weak! This caused her to shoot a look at Wang Zhong, only to see not the slightest bit of change in him.

Noticing her gaze, Wang Zhong shrugged in helplessness. This was the worst outcome that he had predicted, with Barran actually making it a reality. He had chosen Barran entirely due to his strength, talent and untapped might present within the latter. Due to the baptism he had received after the experience in the Chaotic Region, Barran had already undergone a qualitative change, merely that he was not yet conscious about this matter. Barran was an emotionally driven soldier. However, without anything to trigger him, he was indeed a disaster to look at. That was also something that he needed to progress in. The further the Tianjing squadron wants to go, the greater the necessity there was for Barran to become sufficiently strong.

It wasn't long before Barran, who had been carried out of the room, regained his consciousness. After some simple treatment, he was already able to stand on his feet, though he did not due to not wanting to attraction the attention of too many people. If other people were to spot him, the laughter would be never-ending.

Upon spotting his result, Barran could not help but to hug his head while screaming inside. "Why must this happened! This is the worst of the worst!"
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    《Battle Frenzy》