Battle Frenzy
363 Silent or explosive
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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363 Silent or explosive

Chapter 363: Silent or explosive
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The test continued on. Standing on the stage, Cole Joseph proceeded to read the next group of names. "Number 1, Heaven's Fate Academy, Mo Chen!"

"Number 2, Torres Academy, Cabel Torres!"

The two iron tower like giant figures stood up from the seating area, instantly attracting the attention of everyone.

"So quickly? I thought they would be left for the final round."

"Since yesterday, Heaven's Fate and Torres Academies have always been sent up in the same group. If this isn't some kind of special arrangement, I'll shove my dick into a 5 bladed fan!"

"There's no need to say something so disgusting. I guess that the CHF committees must be waiting for them to compete amongst themselves so as to make them more serious about this elimination round. If not, it would be absolutely nothing difficult for them to fly through all of the tests in this elimination round."

2 giants appeared to have walked onto the stage. Although Berlean and the other heavy soldier standing by the side could be considered to be big and burly men, towering at heights of 2.1 metres tall, they appeared to have grown 2 heads shorter in the presence of those 2 giants. What's more, they didn't appear to possess the clumsiness or disproportionate figures like ordinary tall people. One could see that the well-developed muscles on their bodies were exceedingly proportionate, and were filled with aesthetic muscular lines. When they walked about, one wasn't able to feel any heavy or dense feeling as though an earthquake was coming through. On the contrary, they appeared rather deft and nimble, giving of a sensation as though they were naturally born wild beasts.

This caused Berlean, who was originally planning to give a good show for those people that ridiculing Barran and Adolf, to feel a pressure akin to a mountain bearing down on him. This was just due to him standing by their side. If he was to genuinely meet them in a duel, he even doubted about himself even possessing any confidence to charge forwards.

Sweeping a cursory look at the scoreboard present at the side of the stage, he saw that the current best record was obtained by the heavy soldier from the New Holy City, enduring 51 seconds in the Thousand Hammer Formation. As for the other participants, most of them had obtained results around the 40 to 50-second mark. Clearly, the 40-second mark was the greatest barrier for most of the participants and was the defining point for the A ranked squadrons. That was also the goal that Berlean was prepared to work hard for.


Following the start of the test, everyone present immediately focused all of their attention on Mo Chen and Cabel.

Unlike most other who desperately relied on the shields held in their hands, Mo Chen and Cabel didn't even bring theirs into the rooms. With their overly large frames, it was already hard for them to move about within the small room. Bringing along a large shield would make them even less agile and nimble. Both of them relied purely on their bodies to take the test, with the only thing different being the methods they had employed to defend themselves.

Upon entering the room, a thin layer of bronze coloured radiance surfaced on the body of Cabel. This appeared to be a secret transfiguration art that relied on one's soul power to cast. It possessed astonishing defence, as the gigantic and powerful energy bullets that were a threat to the rest appeared to be only able to help him scratch some itches on his bronze coloured skin. The only thing left behind by them were faint imprints that showed their "existence", before completely dissipating away.

On the other hand, Mo Chen had raised his hand into a fighting stance. With the burden of a shield, his movements were much defter and nimbler than the other heavy soldiers. With methodical precision, his fists struck squarely against every energy bullet, utilizing such an offence as a way of defence. Golden light radiated from his fists, causing him to appear as though he was wearing a set of gold boxing gloves, with even clear metallic pings ringing out from them every single time they made contact with the energy bullets.

Experts truly were experts, as stretches of astonished cries resounded throughout the entire grounds. With the passing of every 10 seconds, the difficulty level will increase, with the energy bullets becoming stronger and faster, while also increasing in number. After 50 seconds, the energy bullets would stream out unendingly from all corners of the room. However, to Cabel and Mo Chen, such a difficulty was seemingly unable to faze them even the slightest bit.

As the 2 of them passed through the final part of the 60-second test, the entire room turned silent as the energy bullets dissipated away.

Though it was the result everyone had expected, it was still able to leave a rich memory lingering in their minds.

The first round of tests took the greater half of the day. It had to be said that it was still those powerful families that have ruled the rankings. Flashy moves were of no use to heavy soldiers, as they need to most sturdy and practical of basic techniques. What's more, with the saying that heavy soldiers were to most stable, it was difficult for an aberration to occur. Of course, the one from Tianjing was an exception, has his performance was too poor. In such a stage, stepping on it while not possessing sufficient strength would result in a nightmare for the participant.

The 2nd test had commenced, with the topic being the explosive strength the heavy soldiers could generate. There was nothing else in the kit of heavy soldiers other than offence and defence. The participants that have completed the first round of tests started to proceed towards machines that could measure the explosiveness of their attacks. For this test, the participants were allowed their own free time to decide when to attempt it. As long as one felt fully recovered, one could take the 2nd test.

Naturally, people like Mo Chen and Cabel didn't need any rest, as the difficulty of the first test was at most just a warm-up for them. The impact force generated by the participants was also ranked in accordance to S, A, B, C, D in decreasing number of points allocated. Of those that had attempted it all the way till now, most of them were basically ranked B and below, with only a few obtaining A rank.

Clearly, both Mo Chen and Cabel had the intention of continuing their competition. Looking at them, one would be able to identify that both of them excelled in strength. Shooting a look at Mo Chen, Cabel said, "Who's going first?"

Mo Chen gave a faint smile and replied, "Up to you. I've heard that there are people who have gotten S ranks in the other competition zones."

"Haha. That's something you find interesting. However, I don't feel that those fellows on the Mo's List are that outstanding. I'll go first!" Cabel said as he cracked his neck.

According to the rules of this test, one could strike the machine with any part of their body. However, one would only get a single try at it.

Cole Joseph had a grin on his face as he watched from the side. The "weakest" occupation in this Grozny City Competition Zone was most probably the heavy soldiers. The 2 of them before his eyes represented the highest standard that was present in this competition zone. Frankly speaking, there weren't many surprises from them. Their gigantic physiques… were truthfully obstructions for top class heavy soldiers, merely that an average person wouldn't assume to be true.

With his peak soul power of 200 grassos surging through his fist, he sent a punch rumbling out, causing an earthshattering explosion to ring out. At this moment, Cabel was brimming with confidence, as most strength measurement machines would get destroyed by a single punch from him.

However, an A- rank appeared right beside his name on the screen.

This caused Cabel's face to immediately sink down. "That's impossible! There's some problem with your numbers!"

Hearing that, a faint smile appeared on Cole Joseph's face as he replied, "The accuracy of the machines used in the CHF is of the highest quality. Therefore, there's no need for you to worry about it. The rules of this test allow you to use all of your strength. Of all that attacks the human body can pull off, the fists are clearly classified to be on the lower scale."

Mo Chen gave a laugh before saying, "Time for me!"

All the other heavy soldiers halted their actions in anticipation for Mo Chen's performance. After the lesson that was taught to Cabel, Mo Chen proceeded to gather his strength before slamming into the machine from 3 metres away, appearing as though the heavens were falling while the earth was rending as he did so.

An A rank evaluation was given by the strength evaluation machine.

Applause instantly arose from the surroundings. Nonetheless, Mo Chen was unable to feel happiness as he thought, "An attack like that still isn't able to obtain an S???"

Cole Joseph, on the other hand, shook his head slightly. The Mo Family's evaluation was rather accurate and spot on. Although Cabel's bloodline was extremely outstanding, it's a pity that he had made too little improvement over the last 2 years, making it feel like he was just lacking that little bit of push. That was the similar situation for Mo Chen, as he was considered to be an outstanding heavy soldier amongst his peers. However, he was far from being top class. Naturally, Cole Joseph knew that his evaluation was slightly harsh and demanding. Nonetheless, evaluating a person would require one to look at one's target from all angle. What's more, a heavy soldier had an even more important role in a squadron than by themselves, as they weren't made to be a 1 man show.

When compared to the results obtained by these 2 people, the others felt that they didn't do too bad themselves. Being able to obtain a B rank evaluation was already considered to be a pretty good result. It's said the higher the rank, the greater requirements demanded for the participant.

Although he was selected to take the 1st test in the very first group, he had yet to attempt the 2nd test. However, as participant after participant completed their evaluations, there was no more time left for him to drag on.
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    《Battle Frenzy》