Battle Frenzy
365 Explode
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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365 Explode

Chapter 365: Explode
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Although it was impossible for all of the elimination rounds to be broadcasted, some critical snippets were made and posted by the officials. These included the TOP 5 people from each arena, as well as the key moments. Naturally, there were also the TOP 5 fails, with some of the more obvious mistakes being made into teaching materials. This of course made a few squadrons even more nervous, as they would rather suffer defeat than suffer the embarrassment from being the butt of jokes and laughter, one that would last for a very long time.

However, there were also some that didn't get ridiculed after appearing on the spotlight of shame. On the contrary, their fame skyrocketed into the air, instantly exploding across the federation. After all, all of the various great academies have been paying attention to this CHF from the very beginning, with every city even wishing for heaven-defying heroes to appear from their own academies.

Within this aristocratic family monopolized federation, the first heaven-defying hero had appeared.

Barran Gestalt!

A performance of a mere 7 seconds in the Thousand Hammer Formation, he had taken the 4th place on the TOP5 fails, being given the nicknames like the 7-second man and the Eastern region's brother Nervous. Frankly speaking, if it was only this, Barran would become the butt of jokes for the next few years to come, and might even be the embarrassment of the academy. Nonetheless, the mountain road twists around each new peak, with a significant rise coming with every great fall. Within a span of a few hours, this same person had risen in astonishing fashion into the TOP 5 awesome plays in the heavy soldier arena!

In the expert neighborhood of the heavy soldier world, this nameless him had actually risen all the way to the 5th position!

That's right! Other than the people on the Mo's List, this was likely due to the lack of outstanding performances by any other people. However, a heavy soldier from a C ranked squadron had actually managed to pull out an S ranked strike! What's more, he had actually achieved so with an instantaneous explosion without the aid of any running distance!

Everyone who had watched the highlight reel could only sigh in admiration. The ups and downs of life were truly too exhilarating!

What level was that heavy soldier that had managed to unleash an S ranked strike? From the current results from all of the competition zones, other than the 5 great heavy soldiers on the Mo's List, the number of people that could achieve such a feat could be count'ed in with one's fingers! Even those famous heavy soldiers like the Heaven's Fate Academy's Mo Chen and the Oleg Academy's Kestan could only obtain an A ranked evaluation. However, this "7- second man" from the test on defence had actually managed to accomplish that feat. That was precisely why Barran was on the TOP5 lists.

This extreme disparity was even more eye-grabbing, which would usually create the hottest topic for discussion.

Naturally, there wasn't only one reason behind this. Although this CHF was held in Stuart City, that was just the venue in which it was held. The main power behind the CHF was the parliament of the Freedom Federation. With regards to them, the CHF was the place where every soldier could make their dreams turn into reality. What's more, they were more inclined to the younger generation stemming from the commoners. This was also the reason why the various aristocratic families were extremely uninvolved in the past CHFs. Although they had drawn in the elite squadrons from the various aristocratic families for the sake of showcasing the standard of the Freedom Federation to the world, it was the new faces from the commoners that the Federation truly cared and wanted to see.

Not only was the current federation run in an international like style, even the politics present within the internal of the federation had also become considerably complicated.

The relationship between the various aristocratic families and the parliament was extremely delicate. On the surface, all of the aristocratic families would follow the jurisdiction of the parliament and abide by the various rules and regulations. However, in reality, the various aristocratic families that possessed large amounts of private military personnel would never be completely subservient to the federation's parliament. In their eyes, the relationship they had with the parliament was one of mutual competition and cooperation. This was just like the great feudal or warlords of the past, with the federation's parliament being representative of the rulers or emperors.

Therefore, even though this CHF was meant to showcase the might of the federation to the enter world, the parliament would absolutely not wish only younger generation of the various aristocratic families to show up big in here. Regardless of their lack of background, the parliament wanted those freshmen that possessed the strength to create legends and break the legends coming from the various aristocratic families! This was the goal of the federation's academical curriculum! There was All Mouthy King then, and Barran Gestalt now. Both of them were considered to be of the same type. Only with such people would the federation's system of "one being one's own ruler" be able to progress and expand. If not, they would have long gone down the same path as the empires.

The endless propaganda being broadcasted caused Barran's fame to skyrocket in the CHF, resulting in massive amounts of attention and debate to be shone on him. There were times where one had to admit that heroes can be created with the right timing and location.

"In fact, if you look closely, you should be able to sense the nervousness he had during the first test on defense. The 7-second results clearly aren't his true standard in defense!"

"It's a pity that a competition's a competition, as there's no rerun. With the addition of this 7-second result, the total evaluation of this Barran should be at B rank at the very most."

"I feel that it's extremely possible for it to be C. I've heard that the test on defense has more weight than the test on offence in this heavy soldier arena. With him being unable to even endure past the first level of 10 seconds, I feel that it would be considerably good if they didn't deduct points from his evaluation. I can guarantee that he will not get any points from that."

"Regardless of anything, he indeed is a talented and strong heavy soldier. Tianjing Academy can be said to be a veteran academy of the eastern regions. After sinking into silence for so many years, they have finally sent out 2 decent people. That scout of theirs also appears to be quite good, as she's able to obtain a strength evaluation of A. From the looks of it, she appears to be someone from the Assassin Family."

"Those 2 are unexpectedly not the captain of the Tianjing squadron? Could it be that their captain is stronger than them? If they're not held with respect, they might truly become a dark horse of this CHF."

"Let's wait for the captain arena before making our guesses. I'm actually feeling a tad of anticipation for it."

It had to be said that even Tianjing had received special treatment due to Barran's performance, and have entered the sights of many people. Ever since the broadcast of the TOP5 highlights, Wang Zhong's Skylink has been ringing non stop. All of the people calling in were those that had gotten to know each other during the special training in Copperfield, like Austin's Captain Leo, Lennon Academy's bespectacled captain Galen, Anlor, Mario and naturally Laura included.


The current situations for his friends were rather good, with the only exception being Lennon Academy that had been eliminated in the first competition round. Other than that, Copperfield's heavy soldier had performed slightly poorer than people had expected. Anlor was the person sent to participate, even though his original position in the squadron was of a berserker, not a orthodox heavy soldier. Within the Copperfield squadron's lineup, the one holding the position as their genuine heavy soldier was Laura's explosive bear. With such a lineup, there was no weak points in their group battle formations! However, with Laura requiring to participate in the captain arena, she would definitely not be able to participate in the heavy soldier arena. From what Wang Zhong had heard, Anlor had really given his all in the tests, resulting in him receiving a B rank evaluation. Copperfield has been regarded as the weakest S ranked squadron in this CHF. This had truly put a lot of pressure on Laura, especially after the inhuman performances achieved by the other squadrons.


As for Tianjing Academy, the current atmosphere there had become just a festive season. All of them had not held much hope for their squadron. However, who would have thought that they would be able to shove their way through the first elimination round and even have someone appearing in the TOP5 highlights for the second elimination round! Regardless of Barran's appearance in the TOP5 fails which scared the hell out of everyone, with such bedding, there was indeed much more laughter and smiles in the air.


Although the Mo's List experts and the younger generation of the various aristocratic families had better and more splendid performances, they had occupied only half of the TOP official broadcasts. The opportunities to appear in the other half was left to freshmen. Take for example today's TOP5 broadcast of the heavy arena. Other than Barran, there was a burly youth hailing from the western regions of the federation under rule of the Martial Emperor City, Tariq Dolen. During the test on offense, the terrifying dash he had exhibited had even caused sparks to erupt in the air, with the final result almost causing the strength evaluation machine to be smash into bits. Fortunately, due to there being another machine present, the competition was able to proceed on.
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