Battle Frenzy
367 S Goddess and her arcing cannon
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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367 S Goddess and her arcing cannon

Chapter 367: S Goddess and her arcing cannon
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Ten shots, with all of them hitting the centre. It appeared as though he was shooting at them from a close distance away. Perhaps, he might even have the ability to close the distance between him and the targets.

A massed produced runic pistol that can't be any more ordinary, aiming at ten targets the size of rice grains at a distance of a 1000 metres. However, after a single shot, he was able to completely adapt to the bullet's flight path. Such an ability and understanding towards the firearm and bullet's flight path, caused him to basically "insta-kill" all of the range soldiers present in the grounds. Faced against such a god tier marksman like Alasi, even the female range soldier from Heaven's Fate Academy had no choice but to maintain her silence throughout the entire test, quietly completing her tests.

Clear "signs" of admiration immediately appeared on the faces of everyone. A test on shooting accuracy was different from the tests used in the assassin and heavy soldier arenas. It was extremely straightforward to identify whether one was capable or not. The scores allocated to the positions of the targets struck was the greatest limiting and most accurate way of determining the disparity between people.

Alasi had absolutely no intention to keep a low profile. After unloading a succession of shots, he blew at the muzzle of his pistol in a rather western like style, a grin appearing on his face as he looked towards the lens of the recording equipment.

Not only was he accurate, Alasi was also still incomparably strong in the second and third tests that judged one's skill in dealing with obstacles and firepower. This was especially evidient in his evaluation for the firepower in the 3rd test. The particular soul power bullet he had fired pierced right through ten layers of 5CM thick alloy plates. Not only did it cause blank looks to appear in the range soldiers present on the grounds, it had also caused all of the other squadrons, especially their heavy soldiers to look at each other in distress. What's more, that was just the power coming from him when using an ordinary pistol. Once he uses his trademark, Mogg's Gun with its well-known firepower, even the 5 great heavy soldiers on the Mo's List would not dare to stand right in front of his gun muzzle.

There was somewhat of a lack of a fiery, competitive atmosphere in the range soldier arena. Nonetheless, there was no lack of anxious feelings as well as professionalism. However, in all, the 3rd day of the 2nd elimination round was considered quieter than the first 2 days.

The Tianjing squadron waiting outside appeared extremely relaxed and carefree. With Scarlet's stable display, she would be able to obtain a B- rank evaluation at the very least, allowing them to maintain their rankings. This was also the goal that Scarlet had set her sights on for today. In fact, ever since their training trip to Copperfield, their squadron already had a considerably clear judgement of their own strength, which was slightly lesser than the C rank evaluation given to them by the internal documents. However, from what everyone could see, their squadron was at B+ rank in strength as a whole, with A- rank at best. This was due to Grai and Wang Zhong pull up their total average. Scarlet was already considered to be an expert within the squadron and was rather famous in Tianjing. However, when placed within the stage of the entire federation, it was extremely easy to see the disparity of strength between her and the others. There were truly too, too many "geniuses" of her calibre within the federation. Being able to obtain a B- evaluation in the range soldier arena was already quite a difficult feat to accomplish.

Wang Zhong had placed the greater half of his attention towards observing the other people. This not only included experts from the Grozny Competition Zones, but also the other 4 competition zones, especially those figures on the Mo's List. Those people were the opponents that Wang Zhong had subconsciousness designated to be his opponents. As long as they were able to enter the final competition, there was a possibility for Tianjing to bump into any of their squadrons. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the various squadrons in detail from multiple aspects was something that Wang Zhong felt he needed to do.

This result of this observation had extended to the momentum gained from the scout and heavy soldier arenas held earlier, with those figures on the Mo's List still having the most eye-grabbing performances within the competition zones. Although there were 1 or 2 obscure, yet heaven-defyingly strong figures that have popped out from the earlier 2 arenas, they were just extreme exceptions. What's more, truth to be told, even if the CHF committee wanted to hype up those commoner experts, no one could be a match for the experts on the Mo's List other than the mysterious All Mouthy King.

In today's range soldier arena, the performances of the 5 great range soldiers on the Mo's List were rather eye-grabbing. The test setup was considered to be within the boundaries of basic skills and capabilities, not requiring one to display any unique strengths to complete. People that obtained S rank evaluations for all 3 tests, especially Sharmie had instantly caused a frenzy to erupt on the official video discussion forums. The trend of the Ball Queen was still incomparably hot even when placed in the CHF.

In the second test that judged the participant's ability to deal with obstructions, there were 4 to 5 individual mini topics within, with one of them being to hit a target 100 metres away that was shielded by a thick wall. The requirement was for one to be able to execute an arc shot. Arc shots weren't considered an exceptionally difficult skill for range soldiers to learn. However, the difficulty of it laid in the accuracy and might one's bullets possessed at such a distance. Many participants have had their spirits squashed due to their failures.

As for Sharmie, she had actually pulled out a cannon for this test...

"Is she planning of destroying the obstacle with a cannon?" at that time, she had caused a large bunch of people to turn light headed in confusion.

"But this is a test on obstruction evasion! They would definitely deduct points for that!"

"Hush, hush! Look at the civilised ball queen, the ball queen in essence! How can us ordinary people even deduce the thoughts of the ball queen!"

"Be content, people. Being able to see the ball queen unload in person and yet complain about it?! This is the true holy land! If we add wine in, it'll become the land of ultimate bliss! Do you understand, people!"

"You actually dare to use such a filthy word as unload! I despise you! Boss, gimme another glass of wine!"

There will always be a noxious wind wherever the ball queen was! The unhealthy trend in the OP had already taken over the CHF official discussion forums in a grandiose manner. Sharmie's influence was absolutely not one bit inferior to the 4 princesses of the federation. In fact, Sharmie was actually even a notch higher in terms of ready and stability of her fan base.

Just as everyone was starting to sway from the noxious winds, Sharmie took action.

It was just a single cannon shot! An energy cannon condensed purely from Soul Power. Rushing out of the barrel, it actually started to weave and spin to form an S-shaped arc as it flew through the air. Appearing just as nimble as a monkey, the cannon shot started to move up and down as it travelled along. Finally, after wrapping around 2 strengthened glass panels, it smashed straight onto the target, instantly caused blank expressions to appear in a large bunch of people.

It wasn't special if it was just an arc shot. However, an arc cannon? What's more, it was an arc cannon that travelled in an S shape!

It had caused a large bunch of people to shit out their wine. She could originally just use her brute strength to earn a living, yet she had insisted on relying on a combat skill! Truly worthy of the title of ball queen!

The ability to fire an arc shot was due to the insertion of soul power into the pure energy bullet, which that acted like a jet propulsion to change its direction. The smaller the bullet, the slower it was, allowing for an easier time to arc it. Therefore, most people would use an extremely weak or small calibre runic pistol to fire off arc shots. Even by doing so, they were only able to do semi circle arcing shots. However, this ball queen had used a cannon and was still able to fire off S-shaped arc shots? What the hell was going on?! The only explanation for this was that Sharmie's definition of an arc had already exceeded the comprehension limits of ordinary ranged soldiers.

The letter S was quickly added in front of the ball queen's name, with her other nickname being the cannon goddess, basically sounding as spectacular and fitting as her physique. The only other point was that her opponents felt like crying. She was already frightening in the past. However, her heavy firepower that was able to disregard any obstruction had promoted her to become the nightmare for every squadron. From a certain perspective, the ball queen was also one of the strongest persons to participate in this CHF, with her offensive power being the strongest!
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