Battle Frenzy
368 Who is All Mouthy King
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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368 Who is All Mouthy King

Chapter 368: Who is All Mouthy King
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While the other squadrons would have to pay some attention to their formation lineup and fight from multiple angles, the Blazing squadron would just require Sharmie by herself to be able to construct the most terrifying blanket of firepower. Now, she was actually able to ignore any obstruction of sight. The freak like black magician Mario had already completely transitioned to playing a nanny like the character for Sharmie. As long as they keep their defences up, they would win. As for offence, that wouldn't require him.

"Wang Zhong, don't blame me for minding your business, okay. I estimate that Scarlet would only be able to get a B. Coupled with Barran's slip early, you need to obtain A for the next 2 arenas at the very least to allow for your average score to stabilize at B-. That way, it will be easier to qualify for the next phase of the competition." after the end of the range soldier arena, Dicaprio bounded over in a rather enthusiastic manner, appearing to be more concerned than Wang Zhong about the promotion chances of Tianjing.

"Dicaprio, it'll be a real pity if you don't become an auntie in the local neighborhood committee." Wang Zhong didn't know how to reply to Dicaprio's words.

Despite that reply, Dicaprio appeared to be extremely happy as he said, "How do you know about that? We have a committee over at our place, and my mum works there. Ever since young, I've been known as the caring elder brother."

Everyone turned speechless, with the squad members of Dicaprio look at the sky or the ground, feeling considerably embarrassed for having such an "exotic" captain. In the aspect of being a "nosy parker", he was definitely at the first place, with no competition at all.

After tossing away that super extreme addition of points, the scoring system could be graded from S rank all the way down to D rank. The evaluation of the various squadrons listed in the internal documentation was quite accurate to their corresponding scores obtained in the first few rounds of the competition. The B rank squadrons would obtain B rank points. Other than a few mistakes, it was rare for them to obtain scores of C and below. B+ or A- squadrons were classified to be the average, obtaining scores from B and above. There might be 1, 2 or even 3 people from the same squadron that might obtain an A rank evaluation. If someone from a squadron made and extremely severe mistake, that would basically be the death sentence for those B to A- ranked squadrons.

Of the 72 squadrons remaining in the CHF, there were only 3 C ranks present, which meant that seemingly all of the squadrons were able to obtain an average score of B. A score of B+ was the minimum required to be above average. In fact, one had to obtain an average score of A- and above to ensure that one was safe from elimination. With Tianjing's current situation, Dicaprio did not, in fact, sprout any baseless scares to try and frighten people, and had good intentions in his advice.

Naturally, the Tianjing squadron did not mind it. Although other people might find it extremely difficult for a C rank squadron to obtain to A's in the second elimination round, their 2 remaining participants were Wang Zhong and Grai, the universally acknowledged BOSSes of their squadron, so much so that Ma Dong had already started making preparations for the celebrations.

Wang Zhong and the rest knew that Dicaprzwas naturally helpful,... and in fact could be said to be a chatterbox, always trying to seize the opportunity to take. Therefore, the Tianjing squadron didn't take any offense to him. However, it was no wonder why his squadron members would always keep their distance. If they were to hear him take and chatter on every single day, they might really go crazy.

This fellow seemed to have nothing that he didn't "excel" at.

At this moment, Ma Dong squeezed his way over. With a look of worship on his face, he looked towards Dicaprio while saying, "Captain Dicaprio, sorry of interrupting, but I really can't help to say that I've suddenly felt that you really, really resemble a person!"

"Oh?" hearing Ma Dong's words spiked a considerable amount of interest in Dicaprio, who pushed up his glasses. Although Ma Dong didn't appear as wise and farsighted as Wang Zhong, the former was extremely quick in responses, while having bold and imaginative thoughts. With every sentence he spoke, he would astonish people. To Dicaprio, the former was definitely a perfect "chatting companion".

"All Mouthy King!"

The moment those 3 words rang out, it instantly shook the hearts of quite a few people in the surroundings like a crack of thunder. Many people proceeded to turn their heads over, as anything that concerned the topic of All Mouthy King had become significantly hyped due to the CHF. Now, many people had started opening their eyes wide, scanning the entire competition grounds, in search of the mysterious All Mouthy King. Exactly where is he, and exactly who he is?

There was not a single fault that could be found in Ma Dong's "sincere" expression, making him appear rather earnest and serious. "Both of you are omnipotent, mysterious and keep a low profile!"

Hearing those words, a few of Dicaprio's squadron members who were drinking water could not help but spit them all out...

On the contrary, a delighted smile appeared on Dicaprio's face as he replied, "There's actually a lot of people that have said the exact, same words as you, including my squadron member! However, truth to be told, I'm not All Mouthy King. However, once this CHF comes to an end, I'll definitely be as famous as him!"

Dicaprio really was Dicaprio, even causing Ma Dongdong to fall back in retreat. Bitches are invincible, there was nothing for the latter to say or curse.

"He really is incomparably thick skinned. We have a noob that blows his own trumpets, and a C rank squadron that relies on a girl to carry them. Ha ha ha! You all truly are a match made in heaven." like a fly, a demonic laughter rang out from Casio as he walked by. The ranged soldier arena today was the strong suit of his squadron, with the tall sunglass wearing male member of his estimately having obtained an A rank evaluation. Coupled with the 2 earlier arenas, they possessed a rather high chance of being promoted to the next phase of the competition.

At the start, Casio might have found happiness by looking and gloating at them. Though, as of recently, Casio was clearly intentional in his actions, as the 2 squadrons he made fun of had clearly become one of his strongest opponents. He will not compete with the 10 great families, and would not even do so against those few powerful A rank squadrons. All he wanted was to become the absolute king below A rank!

However, the problem was that the two most despised and unwilling-to-care squadrons have unexpectedly started to emerge from the masses. The piercing tone of his words made it extremely easy for them to lose control, something that had been Casio's unceasing goal all along.

Hearing those words, Wang Zhong only gave a smile. By his side, Ma Dong spread out his hands, while even the usually fiery tempered Hymin had automatically shown complete disregard.

At this moment, the entire Tianjing squadron couldn't care less to waste any energy to deal with that person. There were flies everywhere, with this one being just a larger sized one.

Dicaprio was also too lazy to deal with the former. He would be considerable enthusiastic when dealing with people that could chat with him, like Wang Zhong. However, towards those that would throw ridicule and disdain from the side, he was even more firm and resolute than Wang Zhong by completely denying their existence.

Clearly, everyone knew that there was no use in tossing out verbal attacks like these, as it would only cause the speaker to degrade in status. The stronger one was, the more calm and composed one should be at such times. The more one's opponent tosses out verbal attacks, the greater the indication that one's opponent was worried and flustered.

After sending Scarlet back and returning to his living quarters, the CHF's official discussion forums had already started to explode up. Although Sharmie had caused a huge wave of commotions to appear during the day, the topics that people really cared about have finally revealed themselves.

Compared to the 3 arenas that have already passed, tomorrow's soldier arena was the key show that everyone was waiting for. Firstly, soldiers were the current mainstay of any squadron, and was the basic mainstream occupation for more than 50% of the entire new human population in the federation. There were twice as many more soldiers ranked on the Mo's List than the other occupations, with there being ten great expects!

This was the topic with the greatest audience and following, as well the presence of a gigantic question mark.

Will All Mouthy King show up in tomorrow's soldier arena?

There was a very high possibility of that happening. Although All Mouthy King had used the skills and techniques of different kinds of occupations while fighting in the OP, everyone had still generally regarded him to be a soldier, a super strong all rounded soldier. He was even listed on the Mo's List that the soldier category. With the judgment capabilities of the Mo Family, it was impossible for there to be any deviation. What's more, people curious about this issue had already combed through the hundreds of thousands of competition clips of the scout, heavy soldier and range soldier arenas held in the various competition zones. After filtering through, they were utterly unable to discover any trace of All Mouthy King."

"Could it be that All Mouthy King is the captain for some squadron? What if he is to participate in the captain arena held on the following day?"
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    《Battle Frenzy》