Battle Frenzy
369 Possibility
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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369 Possibility

Chapter 369: Possibility
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"There's that possible. However, there are also many captains from famous squadrons that have participated in the earlier arenas, right? Take for example the Blazing squadron's Sharmie and Torres squadron's Alasi. Therefore, there's still are rather high chance for All Mouthy King to participate in the soldier arena!"

"Which competition zone and which squadron do you think All Mouthy King is from?"

"He's definitely not from the 10 great families. If that was the case, there's no reason for the Mo Family to not know about it, and even more unreasonable for them to be continuing to hide information about All Mouthy King all the way till now. I feel that he's very likely from an A rank squadron."

"There's also the chance that he's from a B rank one. Do you remember the Tariq from the branch region of the Martial Emperor City in the heavy soldier arena yesterday? Fuck, that combat battering ram had almost exploded the strength evaluation machine apart! He's not one bit inferior to that mainstay heavy soldier from Stuart! In fact, there are even people that are comparing him with the 5 great heavy soldiers on the Mo's List. That fellow is a black horse from a B rank squadron!"

"Speaking about this, other than All Mouthy King, there are still many other experts in this CHF! The ten great experts of the Mo's List are all soldiers!"

"Don't be stupid. Basically, all of the ten great experts on the Mo's List are the captains of the various academies backed by the 10 great families, like Carolyn, Divian and Gui Hao. They would definitely not jump out in the soldier arena. We have to wait for the captain arena for that to happen."

"I feel that it won't be for certain that they would participate in the captain arena. For those aristocratic family squadrons standing at the apex, sending any of their substitutes was more than enough to easily pass through the tests. Unless their's some sort of competition between them, there's basically no need for them to display their full strength in this elimination round."

"Ah, that's such a pity. However, what will be tested in tomorrow's soldier arena? The strength of the traditional soldier is comparatively all rounded and being okay at ranged and close combat. Would they test those 2 topics yet again?"

"The key essence of a soldier is comprehensive combat prowess. I personally feel that there will be real combat in the arena tomorrow!"

Under the attention and guesses of countless people, the soldier arena held on the 4th day had arrived as planned.

The tests for the soldier arena wasn't held in the training grounds, but Grozny Academy's open-air sports stadium. Just seeing the venue had made quite a few people feel that the person yesterday had his words coming true. The soldier arena might really be a test of true combat.

The entire Tianjing squadron had arrived at the venue. Sitting at the audience gallery of the sports stadium, they couldn't help but feel like observing today.

In fact, at this moment, there wasn't any presence of worry or pressure in the hearts of everyone within the Tianjing squadron. Their participants for the 2 remaining arenas, Grai and Wang Zhong, were basically the score safeguards of the squadron. This was especially true for Grai, who was able to guarantee an A and contend for S. Therefore, everyone was feeling rather relaxed. Truthfully speaking, the reason why Tianjing was feeling confident was all due to Grai. Ever since the training trip in the chaotic lake region to the first elimination round of the CHF, Grai had always shown his strength during critical moments, leading the squadron towards victory...Franking speaking, he was more of a captain than Wang Zhong, or in other words a shadow captain.

"It's up to you, Grai!"

"Time to fight for the first place, and given our Tianjing a boost in morale!"

"Haha, I'll make sure to strive for it."

The entire squadron was extremely confident towards Grai. There was nothing that Wang Zhong needed to say, as everyone had already done so.

Dressed in the squadron outfit, Grai appeared rather dashing, his attractive index was nothing to be scoffed at. Even as he stood amongst the handsome men and pretty girls that were participating in the soldier arena, he appeared just like a crane standing within a flock of chickens.

After all, being the first arena to be open to the public to view, other than the members of the various squadrons present in the surroundings, there were quite a few students from Grozny Academy. The sparkling Grai had immediately caused a way of discussions the moment he had graced the stadium.

"Who's that male student? He's so handsome, and his smile is so dazzling!"

"You're right you're right! I feel that he can even match up to his highness Vladimir! I feel that he's definitely strong!"

"Yes yes yes! Strength always have a direct correlation with appearance! Quickly, take a look at the documents! He's from Tianjing Academy! And he's called Grai!"

"Stop your jokes, please. What's the use of having a pretty face? If he is to match up against me, I'll be able to beat him up with a single fist!"

The humming noises of voices rang noisily across the stadium, with the shrieks of those smitten by Grai causing hatred to be incited in some people. However, those voices quickly disappeared, all due to the appearance of a group of people.

Heaven's Fate Academy!

During the previous 3 arenas, only the participants from Heaven's Fate Academy had arrived at the training ground. However, all of their members had unexpectedly shown up today. What's more, it wasn't only members of their squadron!

The appearance of a girl had caused the entire gathering hall for the competition to turn silent. She truly... possessed an otherworldly appearance that the word beauty wasn't able to describe, giving people an ethereal like feeling that pressed down on them. Looking at her was just like looking at an ink painting drawn with soft and beautiful lines, brimming with a fresh and artistic appeal. Such a scene made people unable to restrain their emotions, causing them to involuntarily forget all of the ordinary troubles they had in their minds. All of them could not help but wish to get closer to her, yet they felt ashamed of their inferiority.

Everyone stared blankly at Mo Xingchen, with not a single voice erupting out from them. Such actions would amount to disrespect in front of such a girl, would basically be equivalent to spewing profanity out.

Mo Xingchen followed alongside the entire Heaven's Fate squadron as they picked a location rather to the side before seating down. Clearly, they had inadvertently split themselves from the nosy audience. Due to her arrival, the entire stadium had turned silent for a whole 2 minutes before regaining normalcy.

"Miss Mo has actually come here to watch this arena?"

"She's using her Heaven's Fate technique to judge whether or not All Mouthy King would appear in the CHF. Could he be in our competition zone? What's more, would he appear in today's soldier arena? Did she specifically come here just to observe the test to confirm her judgement?"

"That's very likely! I've heard about the miss's Heaven Fate's judgement, and that she wasn't able to perfectly control it. During her initial judgement about All Mouthy King, other than a moment's worth of excitement, she most likely had used that as practice. I believe that she really wants confirmation of her judgement as soon as possible."

"I really want to polish my eyes! All Mouthy King might be in the group of people below!"

"I feel that there's a very high possibility for him to be that handsome student Grai!"

"Scram away, you smitten fool! How the hell is that skinny monkey anything like brother King? I'll take me just one slap to slap him to death!"

Mo Xingchen had really come here for All Mouthy King. The judgement she had made with her Heaven's Fate ability was just a test due to a spur of excitement. Regardless of it being a success or failure, independently of the praise or despise she would receive in doing so, it had a great help towards the tempering of her heart as well as the judgement capability of her Heaven's Fate ability. Therefore, even she did not know precisely what would be the result. Or in other words, it was already even if it was a failure. To her, the most important was that she too was also curious about this question.

She had come to watch the competition today purely on a whim of excitement. Initially, she had planned to head over by herself. However, Mo Wen had proceeded to bring along everyone at the first instant to accompany her. As for the guesses of others, she could only give a glance of a smile. Mankind's reading and imaginative capabilities had always been strong.

"Big brother Mo Wen, since you're not interested, there's really no reason for you to accompany me here. I'm just here to soak up the liveliness," said Mo Xingchen with a smile, despite the other party being completely unable to see it.

"You're safety is my number 1 priority." Mo Wen's reply was straightforward and direct, showing not to much of any emotions on his face.

"There won't be any danger in Grozny City. What's more, this place…"

"Big miss." Mo Wen interrupted her words as he replied, "This is my duty."

It was the same cold and icy way of speech, causing Mo Xingchen to stick her tongue out in helplessness. To her, other than Napier Mo, everyone from the Mo Family was just like a stiff, emotionless board. It was a pity that the latter's life wasn't too good either.

The participants didn't have to wait too long, as the chief invigilator Cole Joseph appeared in the stadium, followed by a hundred odd federation soldiers dressed in matching black uniforms.
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