Battle Frenzy
371 Spirit Psychic
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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371 Spirit Psychic

Chapter 371: Spirit Psychic
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Their captain had unexpectedly taken action in this arena. From the looks of it, they had placed rather high importance in today's soldier arena. Their captain, a female went by the name of Christina. First impressions were that she appeared to be quite an elegant and graceful female, and appeared rather quick-witted and resourceful in combat. Choosing not to take an offensive stance against the military soldier, she had relied on her nimble and agile movements to play a game of cat and mouse, dragging the duel all the way till 5 minutes to obtain the first A rank evaluation.

Upon hitting the 5-minute mark, she immediately gave up. Regardless of how extreme it appeared to be, she had indeed managed to complete the test. From the looks of it, her squadron appeared to be filled with intelligence, as they had not planned to go all out in the captain arena. One could imagine what kind of freak they would have to face in the final arena. Their decision to suffer a loss to gain 2 victories was indeed extremely astonishing and was already able to guarantee the promotion of their squadron to the next competition round.

However, the members of the various squadrons were still grasping on the small straw of anticipation within their hearts. Could the gap between soul stages be bridged?

One has to know that they were stronger than those investigators in terms of their talents. As for soul power, there were already quite a few of the participants that have reached the peak of the Casted Soul Stage of 200 grassos. The only thing they lacked was the ability to dominate their opponents. In fact, the 5-minute timer has given them quite a bit of advantage for this duel, as not every student had the opportunity to have a Heroic Soul Stage to be their training partner after all.

That way, if anything pops up, one would not feel that it was something new.

"Number 1, Heaven's Fate Academy, Mo Ling!"

The people from the Mo Family has finally be called out, and it was unexpectedly Mo Ling that was participating in this arena. There were a lot of people that were guessing whether Mo Ling would participate or not. After all, with the Heaven's Fate Academy's current scores and strength, it would be effortless for them to qualify for the next competition round even if they had sent a substitute to participate in this arena, just like who the Torres Academy had done so today. During the past few competition rounds and arenas, they were still trying to cause sparks to fly and create a bit of a problem between them and the Mo Family. However, the latter did not even take one bit of the bait, giving of an appearance of nonchalance. This caused Torres to be unable to retaliate at all. Since the Mo Family had played to "anything" game, they would have to appear even more relaxed and carefree, if not they would appear to have been bitten by their own trap and judged to be too "low".

In the end, when they had just played the "anything" game, the Mo Family had sent Mo Ling up for battle. Alasi carried the responsibility of his family on his shoulders in this CHF. Although this family was one of the 10 great families, every single lower 5 families thirsted to be one of the upper 5 families. After being allocated to this competition zone, Alasi had smelled the arrival of this opportunity, resulting in him continuously finding ways to compete with the Mo Family. However, this was not due to him wanting to obtain a victory over the Mo Family, but to use them to showcase his strength, as one's fame and reputation was a rather important portion of an aristocratic family. Even those at the top, the 10 great families, needed the recognition and acceptance from the masses of the federation's population.

The most crucial point was that the Mo Family was the least offensive one within the 10 great families, so Alasi's challenge would not result in "revenge" being taken on him. From a strategy standpoint, this was basically profit without any loss. What's more, the Torres Family possessed such strength. The reason why he had obtained the role of captain was due to him possessing a range soldier-like vast field of view and acute vision.

However, ever since they had entered the 2nd elimination round, the various challenges and minor attempts of infuriation did not have their intended effect. On the contrary, Mo Wen and the others of his squadron appeared just like...monks in meditation. Unlike the discipline of the Gui Family, the Mo's Family style of discipline appeared to be to close one's hearts from everything that one sees or hears. With Mo Xingchen present in the stadium, Alasi did not dare to be overboard with his actions. One must always have a bottom line in anything. If he was to offend Mo Xingchen, what awaited him would be a storm-like offense from the Mo Family.

Although the Mo Family had always maintained a neutral stance, they were the most frightening family within the ten great families when truly provoked. That's because there would be no restraint in their counter actions when that happened. The coexistence of the ten great families was extremely serious and important, and won't easily reach a stage of no return. After all, none of them wanted others to gain an advantage over their mutual losses. However, Bobo Torres was very nonchalant about this. He simply did not have any interest in such a competition method. What he thirsted for was to fight with the genuine experts, people like Mo Wen.

The small little body of his contained terrifying fighting intent. Although he was classified as a Soul Beast Summoning master, Bobo had, in fact, the heart of a soldier.

"Hoho, one of the 3 great Summoning masters, huh. What's more, it's said that he possesses 4-dimensional beasts! This is simply unimaginable!"

"The Mo Family had made a big move! It'll be a quick 5 minutes!"

"Fuck! What 5 minutes? That's a figure on the Mo's List you're talking about. Don't you think it's possible for him to destroy the invigilator instead?"

"Even the figures on the Mo's List aren't gods. That's a difference of Soul Stage. Take a look at the strength of those invigilators. Being able to last 5 minutes under their attacks is already a pretty good result. Unless you're brother King, Carolyn or those people at the apex, who might have a chance of defeating them. In the case of the Mo Family, I feel that would only be possible if Mo Wen participates."

Clamoring voices rang out instantly in the stadium right after the announcement was made. The figures of the Mo's List were all famous stars. Other than those participating squadrons, there were many people present in the stadium just for the sole reason to chase after their stars. In the end, all of them wanted to see if the figure's on the Mo's List possessed the strength of a 3 headed- 6 armed asura!

Compared to the enormous fame and reputation he had, Mo Ling had a rather ordinary looking appearance. It wasn't to say that he was handsome or ugly, but standing at 175cm and weighing in at 70kg, his physique would be among the most common of common standards within ordinary people, extremely unassuming stats.

However, once this fellow steps onto a competition stage, he would immediately cause people to sense a difference.

That was aura completely different from that of an ordinary soldier. The invigilators in the stadium who were quietly sizing up the former, those that were directing the participants as well the participants present in the stadium appeared to have completely "vanished", instantly leaving the auras of 2 people present in this gigantic sports stadium. They appeared to be balancing each other as they waited, with their surroundings not having even the slightest effect on them.

An aura was something extremely mysterious. To the understanding of weaklings, an aura was a psychological effect, something that fits the scientifically logical. However, in reality, it was a projection originating from one's life source that reflects one's strength. There were many aspects involved in it, like the strength of one's spiritual soul, the rank of the life form, one's confidence as well as many others. In all, it can be summed up with 1 word, which was " strength".

"Look! The expressions of the invigilators have changed!"

"This match's gonna be interesting! We've to give them a smacking. If not, they would treat us as nothing."

Discussions sprang up across the participants. Truthfully speaking, the morale of many soldiers were sky high yesterday while preparing for the soldier arena today. If the invigilators only had 200 grassos of soul power, the participants still had a chance of obtaining victory. However, the current situation was a huge misstep in their predictions, with their "elitist" hearts clearly suffering some slight abrasions.

As they were chatting with one another, the fights had already started. Despite there being 5 other participants in the same batch, with some of them hailing from A rank squadrons, everyone had still focused their attention and eyes on the true kingpin present, Mo Ling.

In terms of aspects, Summoning masters can be classified into 2 different types. The first type was the more commonly known soul beast summoning. Basically, it was the summoning of a soul beast in its original form, which allowed for a summoning master to have another fighting force that possessed a physical form. The other type would be like Mo Ling. The soul beasts he summoned do not possess any direct combat capabilities. Instead, they were able to fuse with the summoning master, allowing one to possess frightening combat specialties, and was aptly nicknamed as "half beast state".

A mysterious runic symbol appeared in the middle of his palm, while everyone appeared to be able to see a gigantic ghost of what seemed like a leopard being summoned from the void. Just like melted ice, it enveloped over Mo Ling.

Leopard Spirit Fusion!

10 faint blue, energy condensed claws appeared on his fingertips, while his 4 limbs were shrouded by a blue energy coat. What seemed like muscular lines formed on them. With a slight hop, everyone could only see a stream of light flashing past. With speed so quick it appeared like teleportation, his sharp energy claws had already torn through the barrier of air, causing dark bluish sparks to appear.
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    《Battle Frenzy》