Battle Frenzy
372 Keep watching and you“ll be too engrossed to stop
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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372 Keep watching and you“ll be too engrossed to stop

Chapter 372: Keep watching and you'll be too engrossed to stop
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The expression of the invigilator turned serious. Although he was just facing against a soldier in the Casted Soul Stage, his opponent was already able to make him feel sufficiently threatened. Although one's soul power would experience a qualitative change upon the casting of one's Heroic Soul, one's body would not experience too huge of a progression. Looking at it from another angle, the majority of the reasons why mankind was still unable to dominate the hyperdimension were that the bodies of humans were too weak. Intelligence was mankind's invincible talent. However, this was in direct opposition to their fleshly bodies. This was the rule of the universe. If not, the life form known as humans would be able to destroy the world in an extremely short amount of time.

Within a flash, the 2 had already exchanged 17 moves. The speed of their attacks was truly too quickly, with their figures appearing just like lightning bolts striking around the place. As they exchanged moves within the stadium, of the squadrons present in here, only people like Wang Zhong, Mo Xingchen, Grai and Mo Wen were able to clearly see the movements and actions of the 2.

It's obvious that Mo Ling's speed was a notch higher than the invigilator, with his actions being much larger while launching more attacks. Although the invigilator didn't move much from his starting position, his defense from all angles was impenetrable. Countering movements with calmness, countering the myriad of changes with repetition. Although his peak 200 soul power output did not increase, there was not a single drop in its value, with him having an unlimited duration to it. This was an extremely frightening prospect, as a few of Mo Ling's lethal attacks have been calmly nullified by him via brute force.

This wasn't a pretentious act by the invigilator, as he wasn't able to match Mo Ling in speed. What's more, he wasn't able to ignore the former's attacks. Any soul beast summoning master possessed an immeasurable talent that exceeded that of ordinary people. What's more, this was the first time that he had fought with this type of Summoning Master. Furthermore, Mo Ling's absolutely not unfamiliar with sparring against Heroic Soul Soldiers. Therefore, from the view of the spectators, this duel didn't appear like a test given the Mo Ling by the invigilator, but more of the opposite.

Everyone watching the duel had such impressions surfacing in their minds as they thought, this was the Freedom Federation's Mo Family.

Being the upper 5 of the 10 great families, they kept the lowest profile. While the other families were using various kinds of ways and methods to increase their influence, the Mo Family had always held on to their low profiled inheritance that has spanned for centuries. However, the lower of the profile they kept, the more everyone one else was afraid. This all stemmed from the minute opportunities the Mo Family had to reveal the tip of their strength, which was more than sufficient to make other people estimate the might they possessed. Naturally, only the Mo Family was able to exhibit such a style and character, as all of the other powers that have attempted to mimic or follow them had disappeared into the long annals of history. In other words, that was true, genuine strength. Within the entire federation, only the Mo Family was acknowledged to be of that "godly" level.

After a minute, the invigilator discovered that his combat experience was already unable to allow him to deal with Mo Ling's attacks. This left him with no choice but to increase his soul power, utilizing the advantage of his soul power to strengthen all aspects of his defence. After all, he too didn't want to lose. Regardless of the person he faced being from the Mo Family, Mo Ling was a younger generation to him, with an age gap of about 10 years.

"Just now, the invigilator had used over 200 grassos!"

"Didn't the invigilators have a restriction of 200 grassos to their strength? Is this considered a breach of rules? Or does it equate to an immediate victory?"

After a short moment of silence, the stadium rapidly exploded into a hot pot of voices. If that was considered a breach of rules, Mo Ling would become the first person to obtain a victory in this test!

However, that was clearly just the wishful thinking of everyone, as the 200 grassos restriction was just for ordinary circumstances. When met with the genuine experts among the participants, the invigilators were allowed to go all out in their combat.

Not only the participants and the other invigilators but also Cole Joseph had all cast their gazes over, though not much of a surprise could be spotted in his eyes. After all, that was the Mo Family. It would be a surprise if they did not possess such strength. However, it was still an extremely amazing sight when seen in person. A Casted Soul Stage had actually amounted to such pressure for a Heroic Soul Stage. What's more, Mo Ling had only used 1 of his forms.

This was even more so for Wang Zhong, whose eyes had lighted up, his gaze appearing to have pierced through the Skylink. While other people were looking at the continuously changing moves that Mo Ling was making, towards Wang Zhong, who had gone into the hyperdimension and made contact with the pyramid and various dimensional beasts, what he saw was a different style. This was just like him wearing on the clown mask that Simba had transformed into, a style where the spiritual souls of a human and dimensional life form were in a fused state. Physical matter was naturally repulsive to one another, and so was fleshly bodies. However, in the realm of the spiritual soul and consciousness, or in a scientific way, when energy reaches a certain wavelength, they are able to fuse together. This was to a degree that was greater than addition.

In other words, regardless of it being born with or nurture after birth, this Mo Ling might be extremely proficient in such an ability. Or, to put it like that, he was considered sensitive to the frequencies of soul power.

While everyone was clearly shocked an astonished by the beauty and ferocity shown by Mo Ling in his half-beast state, what Wang Zhong say was a completely different world. Standing beside him, Scarlet stared silently at him, noticing the absent-minded pondering and the occasional smiles that would appear on his face. These brought about an extremely deep shock to Scarlet, as every action he made was brimming with seriousness, earnestness, and self-confidence.

Yes, he was Wang Zhong, and the one and only All Mouthy King!

Thinking about that, Scarlet's heart was filled with fiery enthusiasm and hope. There seemed to be no difficulty that could faze and obstruct them!

By the side, Milami was truly speechless by what she had seemed. It appears that her best friend was truly beyond any saving. What was she thinking in such a situation! All along, Milami had always felt Scarlet to be an extremely wise and intelligent girl. However, she had recently discovered that the latter wasn't as smart as she had assumed. Frankly speaking, Milami felt that Wang Zhong was pretty good and very outstanding. However, he was unable to match up to Grai in appearance, unable to match up to Ma Dong in terms of management. As for strength, true, he was outstanding. Yes, in any other situations, it was good if Wang Zhong was replicating the actions Scarlet was currently doing.

"Stop looking. If you continue on like this, you'll not be able to extricate yourself." said Milami, being unable to resist pinching Scarlet's waist.

Scarlet was immediately shocked out her stare as her face turned red. "What nonsense are you saying. Continue looking the fights."

"Yeah, look at the fights. You truly are so hardworking." teased Milami. In the past, Milami was extremely old-fashioned and inflexible. However, once a girl completes her metamorphosis, there would be a massive change to their character. As of now, the current Milami didn't dress like a spinster, and no longer wore any glasses, with Ma Dong helping to bring out her beauty that was hidden from view.

In the stadium, Mo Ling had already obtained his victory. Although the invigilator had increased his soul power to a level that was 2 times that of Mo Ling, he was still unable to break the latter. The invigilator was completely unable to match up to Mo Ling's speed. With it being a duel and not a life or death fight, it was logical for Mo Ling to obtain the victory. Naturally, Mo Ling was more frightening that he appeared, as anyone would know that he possessed four half-beast states. With just a single state already being that terrifying, 4 of them...

The strength of the Mo Family was truly unfathomable!

Mo Ling obtained an evaluation of S, something that was only to be expected. Mo Ling himself appeared extremely calm and composed, respectfully bowing to the invigilator after the duel, appearing to not have one bit of satisfaction or whatsoever. It had to be said that the teachings of the Mo Family were something that no one could pick on. Countless sounds of applause filled the stadium. Regardless of the participants or those watching, even the invigilators themselves felt extremely comfortable. Although obtaining victory was a thing, one must have the basic respect and integrity. There was definitely some benefits the invigilator had obtained from this fight.

This was the Mo Family. Just some minor acts from them were able to cause people to discuss enthusiastically for a very long time, something that the other aristocratic families weren't able to learn and pick up.
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    《Battle Frenzy》