Battle Frenzy
374 Suspected All Mouthy King
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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374 Suspected All Mouthy King

Chapter 374: Suspected All Mouthy King
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What the hell! Wasn't that the specialty move of brother All Mouthy King!

Grai, could he be All Mouthy King???

After a momentary few seconds of dead silence, earth-shattering and heaven shaking shrieks and roars rang out across the entire stadium

Speaking about the Oscillating Fist, it could be said to be difficult or easy, being situated in the middle of the pack with regards to the mastery difficulty. There were many people amongst those in the Sanctuary Division that were able to perform this move. However, the key point was he was indeed someone with any fame or reputation, and yet was able to master such a move. This made it extremely hard for people to not associate him with a specific figure.

It had to be pointed out that their physical build was slightly similar. The completely obscure Tianjing squadron, coupled by the heaven-defying handsomeness, gentle and refined character, were basically traits people had associated with the All Mouthy King of their dreams!

"Brother King?!"

"The reappearance of the Oscillating Fist!"

"Could Mo Xingchen have come here just for him?!"

"So handsome! Oh my god!"

"I'm done! I feel that I've instantly been thrown into the river of love!"

Instantly, quite a few fans of Grai were born through his glorious victory and appearance. It had to be said that Grai honestly did not like flaunting his suaveness. However, the more he refrained from doing so, the more handsome he appeared. Just a small move by him had already caused men to gasp in shock and astonishment, what more about females.

Even Ma Dong and Hymin were screaming out, though they were doing so towards the already dumbstruck Casio and his squadron. "Students from Rennes Academy please maintain your calm! Don't start crying for your mama or papa in fear! That'll be very shameful!"

Other than Wang Zhong, the rest of the Tianjing squadron all felt extremely emotional. Although all of them knew that Grai was extremely strong, they were truly not sure exactly how strong he was. After all, there was still the disparity in Soul Stage. However, not a single one of them had expected that Grai would show such dominance even in such a large competition stage.

A mysterious smile appeared on Dicaprio's face as he pushed his glasses up. Indeed, his Fortune Telling Ability didn't make a wrong prediction, as this Tianjing squadron was genuinely filled with mysterious. He wasn't an idiot. If not for there being some unique reasons, how would he show up repeatedly before them? From the looks of it, this Grai had not even used his full strength!

"It's actually not that extraordinary." said Mo Chen. Compared to the shrieking audience in the stadium, genuine experts like him were able to notice much more details. With the acuteness of their vision, they would have more say. "He managed to utilize the slight advantage he had. Although it is already pretty good, his final score evaluation would not be higher than Mo Ling."

"Mo Chen wants to cut him some slack. It's hard to become famous." said Napier Mo with a grin as he continued to juggle his balls. (ಠ_ಠ)

'He isn't All Mouthy King." said Mo Wen in an indifferent tone. "However, he's very strong. We have to pay attention to that squadron."

With his Heart's eye, Mo Wen was able to observe Grai in greater detail than the others. He had noticed that the latter was even suppressing his strength, something that truly sparked interest in Mo Wen. There's actually a person in a C rank squadron that was actually able to suppress his strength in such a scenario!

After obtaining his victory, Grai appeared rather calm and composed, with none of the crazy celebrations and bursts of happiness after achieving such a win. People who understood him would know that this was his usual style. However, those who don't would feel that he was too cold and emotionless. Not everyone present here possessed the acute vision the experts of the Mo Family had. From the eyes of the ordinary folk, this handsome-looking male student had obtained victory in an even quicker and straightforward fashion. This was already more than sufficient for them.

Who would have thought that there would actually be someone other than Mo Ling that was able to obtain a KO in the soldier arena held in the Grozny Competition Zone. What's more, he had done so in such a fast manner.

A look of interest and smile appeared on Cole Joseph's face as he said, "Give him an A+."

"Yes, sir." the committee member standing beside him immediately gave Grai the corresponding score. Upon it being published, mixed feelings appeared in the audience. This wasn't a bad score, but Scarlet and the others had anticipated for an S rank, which did not happen. However, it terms of the performance during the test, Grai was inferior to Mo Ling. Nonetheless, it was already a pretty good one, which resulted in the A+ grade.

Ever since the heaven-defying strike by Barran Gestalt, Joseph had felt that something strange was going on with the Tianjing squadron, as though a dark hand was controlling this squadron from the shadows. What's more, the performance of this Grai had reinforced this thinking of his. Such a fellow would be able to become the mainstay of any squadron he chooses to go. Although he had concealed his strength extremely deeply, to the point of being unable to be discovered by the invigilators, it wasn't able to cloud over Cole Joseph's eyes.

Assigned to be the overall in-charge of this competition zone by the federation, Cole Joseph was all to clear about the goals of the parliament. This youth, Grai seemed to not have any deep-rooted connections to any aristocratic family. In the eyes of the parliament, such a level of strength and clean background, this was the type of genius that the federation needed to invest heavily to train and nurture.

Recapping through the various competition zones, there were not many of the 10 great experts on the Mo's List that have participated in today's soldier arena. Only Gui Xinying and Yi Luo had done so, with the 2 of them not holding to the position of captain in their squadrons. This was the reason why they were able to participate, something that also caused slight frustration in the hearts of the other squadrons. Not all of the 10 great experts were captains...

2 great experts, with 2 completely different styles of combat.

Gui Xinying excelled in speed, a spectre-like speed that was extremely hard for the invigilator to keep up with. She did not even execute any of her famous Ghostly Shadow techniques, relying only on her absolutely astonishing speed to maintain superiority over the duel. Unlike Mo Ling's offense and Grai's sneak attack to insta-kill, she had basically suppressed the invigilator from the start all the way till the end! In the end, her sharp daggers had unleashed a dense barrage of attacks that sliced the soul power defense of the invigilator apart, while the timer had not even passed 1 minute!

Yi Luo's strong points were her terrifying strength and defense, though she maintained a low profile as compared to the former. From the commencement of the duel, she had only used parrys and defense to easily endure the 5 minutes, not choosing to use any forceful offensive nor to display her Wood attribute special ability. Even the Heroic Soul Stage invigilator was actually unable to find a loophole in her, as he was unable to find so much as a weakness in her defense. While possessing the base of an extraordinary heavy soldier, she also possessed the nimble skills and techniques that were unique to soldiers. God knows what kind of earth rending and sky shattering result would occur if she was to go all out!

There were quite a few people from the various competition zones that have managed to obtain victory against the invigilators. However, they could not be compared to the spectacular performance by these 2 great experts. Even Grai's astonishing quick victory paled in colour when placed beside the highlights of those that possessed true power. Perhaps he might attract the attention of those ordinary folk. However, he was marked down by a notch in the eyes of those specialists. Naturally, those specialists too weren't the best of their trade.

Nonetheless, the thing that truly grabbed the most attention was the Oscillating Fist he had executed to break the soul power defense of the invigilator. This made people form an extremely quick relation to the matter about brother King. Frankly speaking, there would be a few of those so-called geniuses and black horses that would pop out every day in the competition. However, there was only one matter in the hearts of everyone that was truly able to raise winds and storms, All Mouthy King.

In today's soldier arena, with Grai included, those 2 figures on the Mo's List, and even those few people that have managed to obtain victory over the invigilators, were being treated as potential suspects of "All Mouthy King". There were those that appeared similar in build with others being similar in style. Truthfully speaking, there were too many variations in brother King's combat within the OP. Therefore, matters like style were too vast and broad to be able to effectively find a comparison to. If one truly wanted to make a comparison, one would seemingly be able to see his shadow present in all of the potential suspects.

The question about brother King was always the hottest topic within the youth circles.
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