Battle Frenzy
375 The audience“s anticipation!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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375 The audience“s anticipation!

Chapter 375: The audience's anticipation!
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Divian was also paying attention to this matter. There would always be the appearance of a few people that had exceeded estimates in every arena. Nonetheless, they would not be able to affect the dominance the S ranked squadrons had in this CHF. After all, despite the occasional appearance of genuine experts, inclusive of All Mouthy King, they were all by themselves, and were simply unable to truly shake the status and foundation of those S ranked squadrons. However, she was the only person from the sanctuary division that has lost to the latter. Frankly speaking, she did not care too much about the latter's strength at the very beginning. However, during the later part of their fight, she had discovered the astonishing growth rate of the latter. At this very moment, she had no more confidence in obtaining victory over him. It made her all the more unable to ignore his existence. Although she was might be able to cast it aside if she was to win, it would become a knot in her heart if she had no confidence.

However, in the training of the younger generation of all the great aristocratic families, the tempering of one's mind was much more important than combat skills and techniques.

"All Mouthy King's fame has exploded over the past 2 days, with discussions about him sprouting out from everywhere. Without even showing a shadow of himself, he had already been hyped to the level of a main character, with all of us becoming his supporting cast." said Divian with a smile towards Carolyn. Although they were extremely cold and emotionless when dealing with other people, being girls, they truly loved to chat and gossip, though that would require the right person to do so with. "However, after watching today's soldier arena, I feel that there are a few of them that do appear similar."

"That Grai is slightly interesting." clearly, Carolyn had also paid attention to it. What's more, she was even more attentive than Divian while doing so, as her Stuart Family was strong not only due to them having strong younger generations. At the very beginning of their existence, they had already started to attract other people to join their family, resulting in the strength and might they now possessed. "After flipping through the information about him, I found out that he's just some nameless person with a rather simple family background. It's some small aristocratic family that's in decline. However, they're unexpectedly able to nurture such a younger generation out."

"Ha. Indeed, this fellow appears slightly similar to him. As for the rest, they have more or less some background. Those fellows appear to have the cleanest and most ordinary of backgrounds. That's right, this fellow's actually part of the Tianjing squadron…" Divian blurted out, before realizing what she was talking about.

She instantly paused her speech, only to see a calm and serene expression present on Carolyn's face through the Skylink. However, this calmness appeared slightly unnatural. She immediately changed the topic, not wanting to continue down that road. "However, there's still a difference in their styles. Although that fellow has an abundance of grace and elegance, he lacks an oppressive air. What's more, if he really is All Mouthy King, he would absolutely not use such petty tricks. That would be too conceited and irresponsible of a move."

Carolyn nodded her head in agreement, seemingly not feeling any unhappiness due to the mention of "Tianjing". In a faint tone, she replied, "If it was me, I feel that these few fellows aren't too similar to him. The genuine All Mouthy King might not have appeared yet. Or, he might not have even participated in the CHF. Mo Xingchen was only using this to train her ability. We can't treat her words as facts just because she had made a judgment."

While the Mo Family's Mo Xingchen might be a unique existence in the eyes of other people, those on level would not follow her words blindly. All of them were existences standing at the apex of the federation, with the only thing differing being the paths they were traveling on.

"Perhaps that might be true too. That lass frequently speaks a butt load of lies. It'll be stupid to blindly believe her." said Divian with a smile as she nodded her head in agreement. "Speaking about this, there's unexpectedly not a single piece of information being leaked about tomorrow's captain arena. Although the scores from it would not cause much shift in the rankings for this competition round, from what I know, there are already a few people that have secretly started to be at odds with one another.

Shaking her head, Carolyn replied, "The CHF committee have truly managed to accomplish their goal of keeping it a secret. Even my side was unable to uncover any information about it. Although the topic for tomorrow's arena is just a small matter, from what I can see

"I'm too lazy to care about this kind of governmental matters." said Divian. "We can also compete in tomorrow's arena on who gets the higher score."

"Alright, but I will not lose!" replied Carolyn with a smile. The blossoming of her smile indeed possessed a rather irresistible charm to them, though the only one that could give praise to it was another beautiful girl.

The self-confidence and the unwilling to take losses deep down at the core of Carolyn caused her the need to win everything. There were even times when the elders of her family would sigh in regret. If Carolyn was born a male, the Stuart Family might be able to rise to the next level. However, the more they thought in such a manner, the more Carolyn was not willing to swallow it down. Even if she were a girl, she would similarly be a girl of the Federation!

Although the fights in the arenas were considerably intense, it had revealed the foundations and strengths of the various squadrons. Basically, theystrength

Without a doubt, the experts on the Mo's List and the captains of the various powerful squadron would battle for the most crucial arena of this elimination round. This not only affected the promotion rankings, it would also reveal the style and strength of a squadron. An incapable soldier was just a soldier, but an inept captain would result in a squadron of incapable soldiers. If the captain was a waste, who could be relied on to guide the entire squadron?

The only factor was that the tests for the captain arena were truly hard to set. Being the leader of the team, their strengths would almost always be the strongest among their respective squadrons. However, that did not equal to them being all rounded. Some captains were heavy soldiers, with others being ranged soldiers or assassins. If single topic style tests were used, it would unavoidably result in unfairness in the results. However, yesterday's soldier arena had caused everyone to have a more clear picture of this issue. Would an even stronger bunch of heroic soul soldiers be present for the captain arena?

The squadrons from the various competition zones had already been searching everywhere for information about the captain arena for a few days. However, not a single person has yet to obtain definitive information from within the organizing committee. It could only be said that the committee had done a good job in maintaining the secrecy of their work. However, this had created an even greater thirst in people. Added with the officials being willing to use the information from the Mo Family to hype up All Mouthy King. This caused the attention given to the competition to significantly exceed the viewership from the various festivities and large-scale propaganda activities held in Stuart City. It had to be said that All Mouthy King's appearance in the CHF had drawn away some of the spotlights from the 10 great families.

Finally, the day of the captain arena had arrived. Other than the participating squadrons, there were many groups of students from Grozny Academy that have taken the initiative to head over here to observe. After all, they have the advantage of being students from the host academy. Nonetheless, the venue chosen by the committee appeared slightly peculiar. It wasn't the official competition stadium or the vast and spacious training ground. To everyone's surprise, the gathering location was unexpected in front of a teaching building located in Grozny Academy.

By the time the Tianjing squadron had headed over, the area was already jam-packed with people.

"Could it be a combat test? With elite invigilators from the mechanized battalion like yesterday's arena?"

"No 2 arena will have to same tests. If that happens, how would they differentiate between the soldier arena from the captain arena?"

"Perhaps there are some changes in the rules of the test? Like adding some restrictions or an increase in standard?"

"Isn't that just a change in form and not substance? I feel that it's very likely to be actual combat, for example fighting against high ranking mutated beast! They won't go further than that for such a combat arena."

"Speaking about mutated beasts, there won't be any value in using low ranking ones, while the dangers from high ranking ones are too great. Squadrons with a slightly lacking standard of strength might not even dare to enter the arena. What's more, the competition committee won't let a huge pile of deaths appear just from a single arena. From all of the previous arenas, you can tell that the committee has been trying their best to preserve the strength of every squadron. Therefore, I believe that they wouldn't want a bloodbath to occur in the elimination rounds."

"However, the most crucial question is, don't you feel that this gathering point is slightly too peculiar? It's not at the competition stadium or the training ground but over here. Could they want the participants to group up to head into the wilderness for survival style tests? Even that would be too overboard for the elimination round!"

"Who cares about the tests! I've come all the way here just to see Mo Wen. Truthfully speaking, among the 10 great experts, big brother Mo Wen's the only one that is truly invincible. He's too powerful! I feel that he can aim for the number 1 spot! A combined number 1 rank would appear in our Grozny Competition Zone, how about that?"

"It's extremely rare for Mo Wen to take action, okay. As if he will act like you've imagined. Do you dare to claim that Carolyn or Gui Hao is weaker than Mo Wen? Do you think that Vladimir is dead, huh!"

"Tsk, are you guys forgetting about our brother King! He's the existence that beats up everything! If brother King appears today, ha! We'll be in for a good show. With brother King's all-roundedness, there's nothing he'll be terrified off!"
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    《Battle Frenzy》