Battle Frenzy
376 Such a savage judgmen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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376 Such a savage judgmen

Chapter 376: Such a savage judgment
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"Didn't everyone say that Grai from yesterday is All Mouthy King?"

"Tsk, the specialists are divided on that. Grai's style isn't too similar to brother King. A mere Oscillating Fist isn't enough to clarify anything."

"Sigh. You guys should make too much of a legend out of All Mouthy King. Although I've no doubt that he's strong, even so, he might very be within those other guys. The only thing is that we don't which one among them is the real one."

The hum of people discussing was present in all directions, with everyone whispering to make sure their words sounded inaudible. Everyone was debating about the tested topics for the impending captain arena, while coming here to soak up the liveliness and chase their idols. Mo Wen was undoubtedly the greatest star of the Grozny Competition Zone. This wasn't only the case in the Grozny Competition Zone, as this male with the nickname of "invincible" was a godlike existence in the eyes of many youths with ancient martial arts backgrounds. While being in the Casted Soul Stage, he was already able to become an instructor for a large group of Heroic Soul Soldiers.

What's more, he absolutely did not accomplish all of these as though he was taking a walk in the park. Just this point alone was more than enough to propel Mo Wen to become the altar of aspiration for countless fans he had.

At the same time, the never-ending whispers of discussions were similarly present in the other competition zones. After all, there were too, too many idols and stars participating in the captain arena. Everyone was waiting in anticipation to see those masters at work.

Upon seeing Mo Wen appear as he led the Heaven's Fate squadron over, especially with Mo Xingchen among their ranks, shrieks and screams rang out endlessly across the stadium. Although this wasn't their home turf, the volume of the audience had exceeded that of the latter, appearing as though they were announcing to the world the arrival of the number 1 to this captain arena.

"Not long from now, such cheers and screams will be aimed towards us." Dicaprio had started once again, extending his hand to wave to Wang Zhong. "You too, Wang Zhong. Regardless of what the test will be about, all the best, and don't lose to me!"

"Alright, captain Popo!" Wang Zhong was getting more and more adept at handling the former, making no attempts to counter Dicaprio's words. That's because he knew that there will be a massive pile of reasons waiting for him if he did so. Facing him was an existence with a mouth that could even match up to Ma Dong.

"They're out! They're out!" Ma Dong tapped his feet in excitement as he looked towards Cole Joseph, who had appeared on the platform before them.

Compared to before, Cole Joseph was the only invigilator that had appeared. With a grin on his face, the little old man looked towards the surrounding crowd. "I know all of you can't wait for the captain arena to start. In fact, the CHF committee had racked their brains on how to test this captain arena. Nonetheless, mankind's intelligence is boundless, and we've finally found the fairest topic for the test. Regardless of where you're from, male or female, aristocratic nobility or commoner, you'll be able to display your abilities to the fullest!"

The more Cole Joseph talked like that, the greater the applause that came from the crowd below. Was there such a test in this world that could fit all of those descriptions? Could it be some sinister and disgusting killing move from them???

"I believe that there are people that have already guessed it. That's right. It's a theory test. The captain of a squadron has to be able to lead and be responsible for all aspect of the squadron. Therefore, this will be a comprehensive test that involves questions from astronomy, geography, history, to combat formations, runes, as well as international affairs and general education. The range of topics touched on is rather wide, so I hope that the various captains would be able to showcase their standard, and showcase…"

Being Cole Joseph had finished his announcement, the lively surroundings had already turned completely silent.

Theory Test? Are you joking?

What's more, disregarding the combat formations and runes, what the hell's with astronomy, geography, international affairs, and general knowledge?!

Didn't they promise a fight? Didn't they promise for Heroic Soul Invigilators, mutated beast fights, and the crowning of the best student in the federation?

With all of the ten great experts being in attendance, you hyped this captain arena up so much just to let us see this?

Being the leaders of their respective squadrons, there was no doubt in the strength they possessed. However, how formidable one was in fighting does not correlate to how formidable one was in theory tests and exams. Basically, the curriculum for all of the academies was focused on combat, including traditional ones like Tianjing. Even academies that focused on theory were of no exception. Such a sudden appearance of a theory test would really be the death of many. What's more, there were still a large number of captains that were stored up their enthusiasm all for the sake of displaying their abilities and talent during the captain arena. Even if they were unable to enter the final competition, they wanted to give a good performance of their strength, in hopes of giving themselves a better resume after graduation. However, what awaited them was this fucking theory test...were they going to work as office workers after graduation?

"This is unreasonable!" there were some people present that started to voice their complaints. So what if he's part of the organizing committee, so what if he's the chief invigilator! His sincerity to make everyone take the theory test was equivalent to putting him at odds with everyone. "All of the arenas beforehand tested the strength of the participants. What's with this theory test?"

"That's right! What the hell is with stuff like astronomy and geography! Are they even useful? How the hell do those have to do with the great CHF competition? We protest!"

Seeing the ruly crowd before him, Cole Joseph's smile grew even wider. He just loved to see the looks of misery and grief present on these youths. "We welcome your protests. However, they're useless. I'll give you 10 minutes to enter the arena. This will be a gentle fight."


That's right! Since all of you are elites? How can you all be unsuitable for tests? Most importantly, scram off if you don't want to take the test.

A stretch of worry and dismay filled the crowd. From the looks of it, there was no changing the format of the captain arena. Many squadrons were utterly speechless by the outcome of the CHF committee. If they had known of it earlier, they would have brought their analyst groups over, as they were much better in theory than a large number of the captains present here.

At the side of the Heaven's Fate squadron, Napier Mo's eyes had almost popped out of their sockets, as he looked in exaggerated fashion towards Mo Wen.

Although it's slightly off the point, was it really suitable for a blind person to take a written test?

"There are braille test papers." said Mo Wen in an indifferent tone. "Also, I'm not blind, so don't use that look towards me."

Why spectacular expressions and reactions were present on the other people in the crowd, the entire Tianjing squadron had blank expressions on their face for a very long time. After a long while, Ma Dong's mouth was about to turn numb from holding a wide smile.

Theory test...isn't this basically right up Wang Zhong's alley! Regardless of his OP persona of All Mouthy King, he's invincible in anything related to theory, which was his strongest aspect! Tsk tsk, what a pitiful bunch of people that's going up against him.

"Although it's a slight pity for there to be no fights, as a captain, one needs to be capable at everything!" said Dicaprio. Pushing his glasses up, a glint flashed across his eyes, "It's finally the time for me to shine!"

It's extremely obvious that a theory test was nothing to mention in the face of the all capable brother Dicaprio.

The reactions of the crowd did not only happen in the Grozny Competition Zone, with similar outcomes occurring in the other competition zones. Stretches of misery and dismal were present when the announcement of the theory test was made.

Laura's eyes were about to turn green with envy. After preparing for the past few days for the great battle to take place in the captain arena, the outcome had actually turned out to be a theory test. Previously she had even mocked Sharmie over their Skylink chat for not daring to participate in the captain arena. However, Laura was already about to picture the crazy laughter of Sharmie with a gloat of satisfaction present on her face.

In fact, Sharmie was indeed feeling extremely happy at this current moment as she sent Mario into the test venue. That fellow was the de facto analyst for their squadron, as well as being a straight A's student. Upon thinking about the blank expressions of the other captains, Sharmie could not help but to gurgle and laugh out.

"Didn't I say that your big sis's wise! I've long predicted that the something fishy will happen for the captain arena! Look at my arrangement! Look at my foresight! Got any problem with that!"

"Our captain's the best!'

"Our captain's the wisest!"

"Vice-captain Mario is best in his theory tests. He will be able to get an A at the very least."

"A?" Sharmie narrowed her eyes, " Even with my foresight, he can't be irresponsible! If he doesn't get an S+, I'll let him see how I beat him to death!"
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    《Battle Frenzy》