Battle Frenzy
379 Powerplay
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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379 Powerplay

Chapter 379: Powerplay
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The face of the nearby research member turned red in embarrassment as he thought, "Have I turned stupid? Just give this a D grade and be over with it! Have I gone crazy to actually be charmed by a student?" He had actually felt something after reading his thesis. Most importantly, how bad would it be if this paper had left a bad impression of them on Mr Diesel!

Diesel shot a look at the other party. Although he didn't want to embarrass the latter, he wanted to see how "creative" this student was!

However, the more he read, the more Diesel could not laugh out. What's more, he proceeded to read at decreasingly speed, taking involuntary breaks from time to time to ponder about the contents, and even opened his Skylink to browse through some information. Being the vice dean of operations for the Institute of Sciences, his scientific knowledge was undoubtedly one of the highest there. There were some points written by this student that have been thought off and rejected by himself before. However, after going with the flow of this thesis, he suddenly felt that everything appeared to be extremely plausible.

The judgment of a world determines the foundation of all theories. If the exact nature of the hyperdimension could be confirmed, allowing for the establishment of structured rules and laws, some unresolved and unconfirmed directions of research could be formulated. This had always been a part of the great debates happening in the Institute of Sciences. For the past few years, there has been no one that dared to touch on this subject.

Only after spending a full hour did Diesel finally complete his reading of the answer script. After finishing, he stood there, remaining silent for a very long time as he thought, "This is a genius!"

That's right! This was a thesis that looked at the question from an extremely high and wide point of view. Tossing aside those complicated happenings and appearances, it had aimed right for the essence of the dimensional worlds. At the same time, it had also gotten rid of the biased and superiority complex of mankind. This caused the writer to appear as though he had made contact before with the higher dimensions. The so-called scientific knowledge is established of being daring in one's guesses and estimations, while its foundation is built on careful and detailed experimentation.

"Oh my god! It'll really be a pity if such a genius doesn't enter the Institute of Sciences!" Diesel could not help but sigh in admiration. "That's right, where's he from?"

"He's Tianjing Academy's Wang Zhong."

"Oh, Tianjing…" Diesel gawked. "Tianjing's Wang Zhong???"

All of a sudden, Diesel remember about something. "Wasn't the old Potter's living runes research being inspired by a student named Wang Zhong,...could it be the same person???"

The final evaluation before the final competition had started. There would only be 128 squadrons that would get promoted to the final competition. That meant that those who had to give their all for the first 2 competition rounds were still in danger of being eliminated.

The final competition will be held in Stuart City. That was the number 1 city of the federation had followed the CHF to being the holy ground of mankind. Carolyn had returned back to Stuart City the day after the end of the 2nd elimination round, completely not caring about remaining in the competition zone to hear the announcement of the scores. For the Stuart Academy, being promoted was something that absolutely needed no worry from them. On the contrary, there were still quite a few matters waiting for her to settle back at her family.

Kaiser, Tutankhamun as well as the Amazon Empires were known to the world as the 3 great empires. However, only Kaiser Empire could be said to be a true empire, and was the only enemy the Freedom Federation had. As for the other 2, they had glaring weaknesses. The Tutankhamun Empire is wholly bound to the Federation's side. Frankly speaking, the since the previous era of civilization, the continent of the pyramids have already been considered to be a fringe zone. Since then, its lands were barren and infertile. However, it was a different case with the Amazon and Kaiser Empires. The Amazon Empire heads along with the mindset of benefiting from both sides, increasing their cooperation with the federation while exchanging glances with the Kaiser Empire.

At such times, the addition of a powerful influence would appear exceeding important, which was in the form of the 2nd powerhouse in the Hero's Continent, the Pampas Empire. According to the latest news, the Kaiser Empire seemed to be interested in strengthening their ties with the Pampas Empire.

The potential and rate of progress of the Hero's Continent in the new era far exceeded itself during the old era. What's more, after the introduction of the federation's scientific techniques in the past few years, its strength had rapidly progressed by leaps and bounds. This had also led to the Pampas Empire faintly reaching a strength and influence that could contend with the Amazon Empire, something that the Federation could not overlook. With the Federation having closer ties with the Amazon Empire, this was something that didn't conform to their plans.

This was especially significant from the recent spite of events where Panpasi appeared even more ferocious than the Amazon Empire. More importantly, on the aspect of representative figures, a super powerhouse had appeared within the younger generation of the Pampas Empire. With the moniker of the "Golden Lion", he possessed a considerable amount of fame and reputation within the Hero's Continent. It's said that he was extremely fierce, and have yet to taste defeat. Such traits would make easily make one appear as a hero in the Hero's Continent. This had forced the Federation to start considering its future plans. The only problem was the rumors about the Pampas Empire having not that of a good impression of the Federation.

To the various great families of the Federation, they did not care about how people viewed them. To them, the only thing they bothered was interests and benefits. In this aspect, the Stuart Family had always taken the lead. If Carolyn wanted to become a queen, she had to succeed in all of the businesses she engaged in. Therefore, her eyes definitely can't be limited only within the federation.

This was the observation of patterns.

Thinking about this, the shadow of Wang Zhong flashed across her's mind, causing her to suddenly burst out in laughter. She used to really hate such power plays and mind games. In fact, she had also rebelled against them before. At that time, Wang Zhong had coincidentally appeared before her. However, she had still managed to decide the path that most suited her. Her other half definitely had to be an expert that is sufficiently outstanding and possessed sufficient structure to his life. If not, what awaited her in the second part of her life would be a pile of calamities.

Her Skylink started ringing. It's Divian. 2 days ago, a small situation popped up for the Seer Academy, with the matter being that their squadron's mainstay heavy soldier, Karl Seer, had been reported by someone. The crime in the picture was rape, as well as assault.

Being one of the 10 great families of the federation, the Seer Family was at the very top level of all aristocratic families. Truthfully speaking, such matters weren't considered fresh news for those at the top, and could not even be considered to be anything significant. There would always be a few disgraceful fellows in any random large aristocratic family out that. Therefore, such matters would usually be dealt with in a low profile manner.

However, the current situation wasn't like others, as the period of the CHF was undoubtedly the most sensitive of times for everyone.

Such a small case about a junior of an aristocratic family had unexpectedly caused the mobilization of the federation's Investigation Bureau members just a mere 2 to 3 hours after being brought to light, resulting in Karl Seer immediately being locked up. From the looks of it, this mainstay heavy soldier would be unable to attend the final competition of the CHF. The See Academy was caught with their pants down due to this, causing Divian to feel slightly worried. Being all to clear about Karl's matter, she knew it was clear that girl who had twisted the truth to report him having raped her. Clearly, Karl was being framed by someone.

However, settling this matter would need investigations to be done, and that takes time. In such a situation, the Seer Family was not willing to use any hidden influence that might affect the reputation of their family. Therefore, it had become an extremely tough test for the Seer squadron.

"I've already sent people today get an understanding about that matter." said Carolyn in an extremely calm manner as she shook her head. "The other party have irrefutable evidence in their hands. This matter's hard to settle. Although I believe that Karl is being framed, the person behind this isn't some average guy. Karl's just the dancing on the tips of the resulting waves. Even if the Federation knows about the secret schemes behind this matter, it has already been brought under the spotlight. There are only 2 options left to handle this matter. The first will be to blow it up. Although everything will be brought into the light, the damage dealt would be greater. The second option will be to keep a low profile. That would result in Karl being unable to participate in the final competition. Being able to accurately measure how much to pinch shows how sinister this person is."

"Are you saying that this method…"Divian frowned.
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