Battle Frenzy
380 S+ what the hell!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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380 S+ what the hell!

Chapter 380: S+ what the hell!
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"I've already told you to be careful, right? With all aspects being tied to this CHF, its unavoidable for some sinister moves to be used by others. Little bits like this can often influence the entire situation. However, you should relax. I'll help you think of ways to settle this. However, I'm unable to confirm the time needed to do so. You better not let it affect your emotions, alright? It's even more important for you to keep your calm at this moment." said Carolyn.

A smile appeared on Divian's face as she replied, "Such a small matter isn't enough to cause me to lose control. However, I do have to vent out some air. I hope that I bump into them. Speaking about this, how did you do for the test?"

"I should be able to get first place." said Carolyn with a faint smile, causing Divian to shrug her shoulders in helplessness. This lass has always been that confident about herself. Won't it hurt to have even a bit of modesty? However, what she said was true, as Carolyn had always obtained first place in everything. What's more, she had a rather deep understanding of scientific theories and research.


Spring on the Absolute Ice Hailstorm strewn icy plains was nicknamed as the season of winds. The vast majority of the nomads roaming about in the northern regions and the residents of many cities would purposefully reduce their travels so as to avoid bumping into natural calamities of immeasurable scale. After all, even the armoured railways had the possibility of being destroyed by hurricanes and storms.

The cities of the northern region would tend to become slightly quieter during this time of the year. However, during the past 3 days of leisure, the atmosphere within Grozny City had been exceedingly lively. Every squadron waited anxiously for the announcement of their final scores to determine if the course of their journey in the CHF. Would they advance to a higher stage that allowed them to fulfil their dreams and hopes, or would they have to pack their bags and go home? All the way till the final moment, basically everyone felt that they would get promote

The time for the score announcement quickly came. Not a single one of the 78 participating squadrons present in the Grozny Competition Zone was absent within the large auditorium in Grozny Academy. Compared to before, the atmosphere within here was extremely different. Those who would definitely be promoted appeared exceedingly relaxed as they chatted and joked around with happiness. There were also those that had already lost their opportunity of promotion and had treated this event as a tempering training for themselves. At the very least, they were able to participate in this extremely awesome CHF. Naturally, there were also those that felt slightly lucky and were hoping on the slim chance of striking the jackpot. There were also those that remained quietly, which were basically exhibited by those that sat a the middle ground between promotion and elimination. They were also the people with the greatest amount of worry.

The emotions within the Tianjing squadron were still rather okay, as everyone was extremely confident about Wang Zhong's performance, After all, he was Tianjing's famous "King of Tests". Even if they weren't able to break into the top 10 rankings, it would be no problem for him to obtain an A. Tianjing Academy was ranked amongst the top within the Federation with regards to their scientific achievements, though they had no intention of competing with the Heaven's Fate City.

During the past few days, Wang Zhong and the rest had gotten to know a few new friends, with one of them being the New Holy City Academy, Quinn, who had participated in the same arena as Emily, was rather spontaneous in coming forward to make friends. He also hailed from an aristocratic family of assassins, though they weren't as famous as the Assassin Family. He seemed to have an extremely good impression towards Emily, who was younger, yet managed to triumph over him in the Lightning Evasion Formation. Nevertheless, all of his advances were obstructed by Ma Dong, who had pulled him away to chats and gossips. Emily's cold shoulder to him had left Quinn feeling a little hurt. It had to be said that the performance Tianjing had shown in the 2nd competition round had attracted the attention of some people. At the very least, they felt that this unassuming squadron wasn't just some fodder but possessed the qualifications to get promoted

An all rounded soldier that was able to "insta-kill" a Heroic Soul Invigilator, an assassin that was able to keep in pace with a mainstay of an A rank squadron, and a super heavy soldier that was able to unleash an S rank strike. It's hard for such a squadron to not be treated seriously.

"It's just 2 A's. Don't flatter them. Their ranged soldier arena results aren't good at all, with their score in the heavy soldier arena being knocked down from a terrible performance in the 1st test. They won't be able to get high points for that. Whether they are able to get promoted will all be resting on their scores for the captain arena."

"Haha. The evaluations from the internal documents truly are accurate. Even if there are some errors in their evaluation, it won't stray too far from the given rank. They're just a squadron that excels at tests." said Casio with an indifferent tone. Their current situation was worse than Tianjing. Nevertheless, the promotion chances for both squadrons were dependent on the points obtained in the final captain arena. Therefore, the only thing Casio could say was to bet on his luck. However, the more he had to do so, the more unhappy he was. After seeing how sought after Tianjing was, he could not help but to insert some rebuking sentences in. Since he had already offended the former, it won't matter if he does it again. One should play with high stakes when playing. That way, one would be able to get a sizable return if one wins, though the losses too would be higher if one fails. Don't wait too long to do so, or people would call one as the fencesitter of the bandwagon.

"The idiot has jumped out and hee-hahed yet again." replied Ma Dong with a chuckle. He was already more than used to the former's foul mouth.

"Just ignore him." said Dicaprio in a rather calm manner. "Our Divine God Peak squadron will definitely get promoted. Naturally, I also believe that Wang Zhong and you guys will definitely have no problems getting promoted!"

If he had said those words before the 2nd elimination round, there would definitely be people showing disdain towards him. However, at this moment, no rebuttals were coming out from people. On the contrary, there were even quite a few congratulatory voices ringing out.

Nothing speaks louder than strength. As of now, the Giant God Peak had obtained 4 A's in the first 4 arenas. Although the scores for the captain arena has yet to be announced, with Dicaprio's heaven-penetrating eyesight, one could already make an 80 to 90% accurate estimation. Such a squadron would definitely rank high and qualify for the final competition.

Amidst the lively dim, Cole Joseph finally arrived late at the venue.

"Before I announce the combined scores, I'll like to say something." appearing on the stage, Cole Joseph held a piece of paper as his voice suppressed the crowd before him, causing the dim in the surroundings to instantly turn much quieter.

"The scores obtained in 2nd elimination round are the final results for the entire elimination phase of the CHF. There are a total of 23 squadrons from our competition zone that have been promoted to the final competition, the lowest amongst all of the competition zones. For the past few days, I've heard people saying that the cold and freezing temperatures in Grozny City had affected your performance. However, I've to tell all of you not to find excuses for your defeat. A loss is a loss, a win is a win. This is the first major event the Federation is broadcasting to the entire world. Therefore, we don't need these degrading discussions to destroy our faces."

Instantly, the subtle buzz of voices within the auditorium turned silent as the atmosphere changed to one of slight embarrassment. Indeed, over the past few days, there were quite a few people who were finding excuses for their own losses. Despite sprouting those out in the spur of the moment, all of them felt slightly shameful upon thinking back about it.

However, there was still nervousness fermenting in the embarrassment present. There were a total of 128 squadrons that would be promoted to the final competition. With there being 4 competition zones, there should be 32 squadrons coming out from each of them. However, who would have imagined that there were unexpectedly 23 squadrons from the Grozny Competition Zone that were promoted. Of course, squadrons like Heaven's Fate would definitely get promoted. However, the faces of squadrons like the Lighting Dragon Academy instantly changed colour. Having estimated their combined scores to allow for them to barely reach the top 30 rankings. To them, it was already uncertain if they could get promoted. Now, with only 23 squadrons making the cut in this competition zone, their chances of elimination had just increased.

After a moment of silence, Cole Joseph shot an indifferent glance towards the crowd, before saying. "Let's talk about the matter of the captain arena. There's nothing to write home about for the Grozny Competition Zone. However, there's this one person. Due to this existence, 3 additional squadrons from our competition zone have been promoted. He has obtained the 1st place in the captain arena throughout all of the 4 competition zones. He's also the only person who had obtained the highest score in our competition zone, S+, a point to full marks."

A flurry of voices instantly rose across the entire auditorium as all of them thought, who was that person! The test paper for the captain arena had caused a large pile of headaches. However, any outstanding would definitely have a certain level of mental preparation. Such a result can't be said to be unexpected, as the Federation always demanded their captains to be all rounded, especially on the commanding aspect. This was also the point where the Federation differed from the empires. To them, intelligence was very, very important.
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    《Battle Frenzy》