Battle Frenzy
381 Final Struggle
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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381 Final Struggle

Chapter 381: Final Struggle
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Seemingly every single person's gaze was focused on Mo Wen. This captain from the Heaven's Fate squadron was actually that formidable? To the point of defeating Carolyn, Vladimir and Gui Hao?

Although everyone knew that Mo Wen was very strong and was definitely a match for those 3, he keeps an extremely low profile. What's more, it seemed that his results weren't that good too.

Joseph didn't continue talking about this matter as he started to announce the combined scores. The calculations for the combined scores were simple. For the past few arenas, an S rank equates to 50 points, A equates to 40, B equates to 30, C equates to 20 and D equates to 10. Other than that, some ranks have a slight degree of variability, like A- which equates to 40 to 44 points. This was the verdict made by evaluations of the committee through the various aspects of the participant's performance. Other than that, there was another additional way to obtain points. The first 10 places in the 1st elimination round get 10 extra points added to their combined scores. In addition, if one was able to obtain the highest evaluation for the entirety of the arena, one would be able to gain an additional 20 points added to the combined scores. However, this was something that no ordinary person would ever imagine to obtain. There would be 5 people that would obtain for each of the arenas, though most people had expected them to hail from those squadrons with people on the Mo's List.

"23th place. Caliban Academy. Combine score, 188 points."

"22th place…"

Without any pause, he started to read out the names of the promoted squadrons, instantly causing the faces of a large stretch of people to turn ashen.

To obtain a combined score of 188 points meant that they would have obtained 3 A's and 2 B's. This result was equivalent of giving the death sentence to many squadrons.

Casio was one of those people. However, he was still anxiously waiting for the names of more squadrons to be announced. As of now, his squadron had obtained 1 A and 3 B's. With the addition of 10 extra points from the 1st elimination round, what if they were able to obtain an S rank for the captain arena? Although Casio knew that he was just indulging in wishful thinking, he was still holding on to a strand of hope. However, as Cole Joseph continued to read down his list, it had already reached squadrons with combined scores of over 200, completely squashing his thoughts.

Casio didn't voice out too many curses due to that. Although he wasn't able to get promoted to the final competition of the CHF, his performances had still been spectacular. During the 1st elimination round, he had managed to rope in 100 over people from various squadrons and finally obtained 10th place in the rankings. This had very likely placed him under the attention of some aristocratic families. This was something that already very fabulous for him. What's more, the names of quite a few squadrons have been announced, with Tianjing not being one of them. This was already a good piece of news that made Casio much less depressed that he would be.

A trash squadron will always be a trash squadron. So what if they have someone from the Assassin Family? So what if they have a heavy soldier that could unleash an S ranked strike? So what if they have a soldier that could insta-kill an invigilator? Acting like a big wolf all day long, and yet, didn't they get eliminated in the end like him? With their range soldier and heavy soldier obtaining B's for their respective arenas and no presence of their names around the 20+ rankings, there was no possibility for them to be heard as the announcements went on.

"11th place. New Holy City Academy. Combined score, 211 points."


"7th place. Giant God Peak Academy! 213 points."


"All hail the captain!"

Their backs drenched with sweat, the members of the Giant God Peak Academy exchanged high-fives in excitement. All of them could finally breathe in relief. Although they were rather confident of their captain Dicaprio's skill in theoretical tests, everyone other than him already had wavering hearts when hearing Cole Joseph announce the top 10 squadrons. If their captain had obtained a D in the captain arena, that would completely waste their 4 A's obtained from the earlier arenas.


Wang Zhong, Scarlet and the others spoke congratulatory words the the Giant God Peak squadron. The only exception was Ma Dong, who currently didn't have such a mood to do so as his eyes were trained tightly on the stage. Like the Giant God Peak Academy, the Tianjing squadron was also considered to likely be able to get promoted. However, Cole Joseph was already announcing the 6th place, who had a combined score of over 213 points. At this moment, Ma Dong found it slightly hard to believe their remaining chances. After all, having to 2 B's in the combined score meant that even an S rank result for the captain arena would be useless!

There's definitely no doubt towards Wang Zhong's theoretical knowledge. Could it be that their results for the other 4 arenas were even lower than everyone had expected? Or, could something unexpected have occurred?

"Wang Zhong…"excitement and happiness surged within Dicaprio's heart. Nonetheless, it won't be too good for him to reveal those feelings out now. With not the single presence of Tianjing's name since the 23th place to 6th, there was extremely likely that they had already been eliminated.

However, before such thoughts could fully emerge in his head, Cole Joseph's voice had already rung out. "5th place. Tianjing Academy! Combine score, 221 points!"

Many squadrons within this competition zone were paying considerable attention towards the C rank black horses in the form of Tianjing and Giant God Peak. They were also privy about Tianjing's situation for the earlier arenas. However, with them only obtaining average results in the ranged soldier and heavy soldier arenas, how were they able to achieve a combined score that could place them at 5th on the rankings in this competition zone?!

"That's impossible!" Casio shrieked out unconsciously.

A stretch of silence filled the auditorium. Such a result was too much of a stimulation for many people, who had their mouths agape. How's that possible?!

"How did they get so many points from? They have only managed to get B's at the most for their range and heavy soldier arenas! They had only gotten an A for the scout arena. As for the soldier arena, didn't those specialists say that the officials won't give an S rank for sneak attacks?"

"Even an S would be of no use! With 2 B's dragging them down, they would absolutely be unable to get 221 points even if they had obtained S's for both their soldier and captain arenas!"

"Is this some hidden scheme?"

The atmosphere of the auditorium appeared to have exploded up. At this very moment, everyone didn't care whether Tianjing was promoted or not. However, everyone seemed to care about any foul play involved at the back of this, appearing as though having it would allow them to use it as a pretty good excuse for being sent back to their respective cities.

"The Tianjing squadron had obtained the first place across all of the competition zones, S+ in the captain arena. They are the only ones to obtain full marks of 60 points. Therefore, they are the sole squadron to gain the extra 20 points for being the 1st place in an arena." Cole Joseph shot a glance towards the crowd, before turning to look at the Tianjing squadron. "Tianjing squadron's captain, Wang Zhong, had obtained full marks, which is the highest score for the captain arena. At the same time, his thesis has been judged by the Federation's Institute of Sciences to become a topic for research. Student Wang Zhong, the group of over the head foggies from the Institute of Science are singing high praises about you. If not for you participating in the CHF, they would come over to find you."

The entire auditorium turned deathly silent. ...Tianjing??? The Federation's Institute of Sciences?

Which Tianjing? What Tianjing? What's more, who the hell was Wang Zhong?

Casio appeared as though he was struck by lightning. "What the fuck is this? How can a mere Tianjing, how's that possible!"

Ignoring the others, even the members of the Tianjing squadron were completely dumbstruck. Although they knew that Wang Zhong had been the top student for successive years, however...that's just within Tianjing! Would he be able to dominate when placed on the scope of the entire Federation?

At this moment, only Ma Dong and Scarlet had natural expressions present on their face. What to do? That's All Mouthy King for you! To him, how could a mere test be anything to him!

Wang Zhong didn't feel much satisfaction from his performance. To him, this was just a test to gain entry to the final competition. However, it still felt extremely strange to obtain 1st place. To him, obtaining an S rank was already an extremely good result.

Although the juniors of the aristocratic families were outstanding, there was no one that possessed Wang Zhong's way and flow of thinking. Ever since young, Wang Zhong excelled in critical thinking. What's more, his adoptive father and mother were extremely knowledgeable, with each of them excelling in different aspects. This had made Wang Zhong having a bit of knowledge in seemingly every field. Through his conversations with them, he had obtained a level of understanding that was completely different from his peers, allowing him to be successful in almost every of his endeavours after entering Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. To Wang Zhong, it was extremely normal for his parents to be knowledgeable. Any kid out there would always think that their parents were the greatest in the world, and Wang Zhong was of no exception. Under such circumstances, with the experience gained from Simba and the hyperdimension, it had allowed his thoughts to completely exceed the realm of ordinary people, merely that he has yet to discover.
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    《Battle Frenzy》