Battle Frenzy
382 Help in the form of Mo Xingchen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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382 Help in the form of Mo Xingchen

Chapter 382: Help in the form of Mo Xingchen
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Joseph had really gone to do an investigation on the Tianjing Squadron. This was an extremely uneven group with many, many problems. Despite that, there was an extremely strange vigor present within them. Having taken a read at Wang Zhong's thesis, he was extremely shocked and astonished by the accomplishments of the former. It showed a realm of thought that absolutely didn't appear to be one that would come out from a student. However, he stopped being shocked after knowing about the revolutionary introduction of living runes by the old Potter stemmed from that brat's collaboration with the latter. Wang Zhong was indeed a genius, though it's a pity that his talents were more towards research. Although he was extremely outstanding in his theoretical knowledge, he wasn't suited for this CHF... Joseph could vaguely feel that he was onto something, though he wasn't able to get his head around this.

"That student over that. Yes, I'm talking about you. What's more name?"

He pointed towards Casio, as the latter had the greatest reaction to the announcement.

"Ca, Casio…" faced against the aura radiating from Cole, causing Casio to involuntarily turn weak.

Cole Joseph nodded his head and said, "Remember, Casio. There's no need for the weak to feel sorry. However, those that can only use doubtful and envious gazes to stare at the victories are just showing how extremely inferior they really are."

Joseph struck the nail at the coffin. This was the true reason why Casio was always finding every opportunity to poke at Tianjing. He wanted to use this method to mask and conceal his inferiority, wanting others to pay attention and respect him.

The only full 60 points in all of the competition zones? S+? The sole 1st place in all of the competition zones?!

This person by the name of Wang Zhong had suppressed Carolyn and a bunch of Heaven-gifted sons and daughters. Despite it being just a theory test, everyone was able to obtain a pass. There were many things within the test that can't be answered from pure memorization, with some explanatory questions that required one to possess a certain level of understanding and field of view in order to answer. Nonetheless, this person had obtained full marks, and more critically, the recognition by the Federation's Institute of Sciences. Any thesis would be known as an outstanding piece of work if it was able to reach the standard of the Institute of Sciences, as it was one of the most powerful institutions of the Federation.

There were quite a few people who shot looks of pity at Casio. What a vicious manner to treat a teaching material. This fellow would not be able to raise his head upon returning back home and had even implicated his academy due to his actions. In fact, this Casio had caused considerable dissatisfaction in the hearts of quite a few squadrons during this period of time. Groveling when facing against powerful squadrons, while using various methods to squash those there were around his rank. Nevertheless, everyone still had underestimated his shamelessness and tenacity.

"Teacher Joseph. Having suspicion is the right of every citizen. I feel that I've done nothing wrong." replied Casio, immediately changing his visible point of view. There would always be no wrong in becoming the weakling in the face of a powerhouse. "I've extremely curious as to how captain Wang Zhong was able to write a thesis that is able to give the full 60 marks. That's because the grading of any thesis is extremely subjective…with the test already over, would it be possible for everyone to be able to admire his work? If it's really that outstanding, I'm willing to apologize to Tianjing."

It had to be said that Casio was indeed sharp and clever in such matter. With him speaking in a tone that caused him to appear as though he was from the viewpoint of a weakling, he had coated suspicion in every single word he said. However, he had spoken the words present at the bottom of the hearts of all the eliminated squadrons. Indeed, the grading of the thesis question was too subjective. Although people might not have much to say if Gui Hao was the one that had obtained full marks, everyone could not help but to attempt to find fault on the unassuming and obscure figure that had obtained full marks. Even if they fail to pick out any bones at the end of it, only after cracking the egg open and beating the yolk up would they be able to satiate the sadness of them being eliminated.

For what reason have I been eliminated?

"That's right! Such a spectacular essay should be shown to everyone to see!"

"Indeed. There's complete transparency for the past few arenas, but nothing for the captain arena."

After Casio's words rang out, there were quite a few people in the auditorium that started to roar out in succession. These not only came from those people with unwillingness in their hearts, but also from those prideful people who could not accept that Tianjing had ranked higher than themselves.

Hearing the response from these people, Cole Joseph gave a chuckle. Naturally, he would not stoop so low from his position to compete with a student. Although that brat had ulterior motives, he was still smart and clever. There was no benefit for Joseph to rebuke his words, as he did not stay those words for the sake of Tianjing.

"Hypothesis on the origins of the Hyperdimension." a clear and melodious voice rang out across the auditorium. Although it wasn't loud, it was particularly radiant, allowing for the hundreds of people to clearly hear her voice, "Was it the Hyperdimension affecting the Earth, or mankind's thoughts that was partially responsible for the existence of the Hyperdimension? From part of the Hyperdimension that is able to affect the consciousness of lower dimensional life forms, to mankind's comprehension, dream realm, precognition, and other aspects…"

The voice sounded frank and measured while causing many people to become attracted by its extremely rich and sexy tones. Brimming with curiosity, all of them immediately looked around in search of its origin.

A few people managed to find its source, which was from the side of Heaven's Fate Academy. Unexpectedly, the person behind that voice was Mo Xingchen.

Mo Xingchen proceeded to stand up, with the smile on her face causing everyone who saw her feel as though they were bathed in the glow of spring. The four great princesses of the Federation weren't given their titles just due to their beauty. Although there were women that possessed more exquisite features than them, there was no one else that possessed the unique aura and temperament each of them had. With a smile, Mo Xingchen had caused everyone to turn drunk with infatuation for her. Although the tone she used wasn't enticing or fiery, it made everyone not want to interrupt her at all, be it male or female. The entire auditorium turned so silent one could hear the drop of a needle, as everyone listened attentively to Mo Xingchen.

"This is a question asked by someone who stood at an extremely high viewpoint. Tossing away all the complicated appearances and happenings, it focused directly on the essence of the dimensional world, while getting rid of mankind's self-biases and superiority complex at the same time. His writing appears to show indications that he had made contact with higher dimensions. Such a level of thought has already exceeded the boundaries of the question. The call to give him full marks came personally from Mr Cecil, who has endless praise for this thesis. What's more, it will be published in the monthly magazine of the Federation's Institute of Sciences. If there are people interested in the thesis written by captain Wang Zhong, they could wait for next month's issue of the magazine to take a look. You'll definitely be able to experience for yourself how excellent a thesis it is."

Due to her being a member of the Federation's Institute of Sciences, Mo Xingchen was able to speak as though she was able to see from Wang Zhong's point of view. What's more, she was their youngest member, though she had entered naturally due to some unique circumstances. Every generation of the Heaven bearer would automatically enter the Federation's Institute of Sciences. What's more, Wang Zhong's thesis has already been added to the restricted documents of the Institute of Sciences, something that was incomparably astonishing. She was completely unable to imagine that a student from such a rural place like Tianjing would actually be able to write such a strategic and advantageous point of view.

The entire auditorium turned deathly silent.

What the hell was the origin of the Hyperdimension? Who the fuck cares about where the Hyperdimension was? What more, do research about its origin? Just the sound of it would make one feel bored. It's just one of the sentimental nonsense that a bunch of intellectuals would debate over. If one were to truly measure the level of interest in the people present, over 9 out of 10 captains present would not have any interest in it.

However, despite everyone not knowing what the hell was on Wang Zhong's thesis, everyone knew that it much truly be extremely outstanding to be able to be published on the Federation's science and technology monthly journal! Those who were able to publish their theses in there were all heavyweight figures of the Federation's Scientific Community! Even those so-called "novices" that have gotten their first thesis published in it were in fact on the level of the deans from those hundred-year-old academies. Were they even viable goals for students to strive towards? What's more, instead of him submitting his work for the chance to get published, it was the Science and Technology Monthly that had taken the initiative to do so?

The critical point was...that Mo Xingchen's persuasiveness was much stronger than Joseph's!
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    《Battle Frenzy》