Battle Frenzy
383 Endless Tangle
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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383 Endless Tangle

Chapter 383: Endless Tangle
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This Wang fellow's ancestors must absolutely have turned into gods!

Everyone's gaze towards the Tianjing squadron had instantly turned into one of shock and aghast. Was that Wang Zhong's assay truly that good?

However, with a roll of his eyes, another scheme appeared in Casio's minds as he spoke out. "Teacher Joseph. It really sounds amazing just from Miss Mo's description. It's absolutely a universally shocking thesis. is a student able to write such a thesis, what more, a student from Tianjing? He's suspicious of plagiarism!"

Instantly, there were quite a few people yet again there were nodding their heads in succession. Indeed! If that thesis was really that good, it's not possible for a student to be able to write it out! There's even more suspicious!

Joseph shot an indifferent look at Casio. One should always know one's limit in any matter. "Student Casio. You can request for an appeal through the CHF organizing committee. However, that would require evidence. Any claims without evidence will be treated as slander, resulting in you and your squadron to be punished via the Federation's laws!"

This move from Casio was extremely poisonous and universally to its target. Regardless of how much truth or lies its target has made, it would cause the target to get completely filthy before anything comes into consideration. However, it was just a petty trick in the eyes of Joseph. With him being the chief invigilator for the Grozny Competition Zone, did Casio really treat him as non-existent?

This was an accusation that involved a person, and even the honour and dignity of an academy, something that cannot be casually spoken off! Just like that matter with Karl Seer, definitive evidence was necessary for an appeal to be filed. If not, it would be treated as slander and defamation, something that would lead to one having to pay a severe price.

Casio tossed the second half of Joseph's words at the back of his head, while hastily nodding his head and replying, "Sorry for my sprouting words out without thought. I really am sorry. Captain Wang Zhong, you're a genius!"

Those words from him clearly had the opposite intent from their meaning. Casio was merely burying the nail, something that everyone was able to catch on to. The more this matter was covered up by Joseph, the greater the suspicion and doubt born in the hearts of others. Casio had already achieved his first goal. Now, he wanted those Tianjing mutes to be unable to even speak about their suffering! When that happens, even Joseph would be unable to render any help.

"I can clear up the doubt you have, student Casio. Student Wang Zhong is one of the investigated candidates for the Mo's List, merely that there isn't any list for one's proficiency in knowledge. As a freshman, the theses he had written were extremely detailed and informative, while always being in 1st place in results. Recently, the hottest topic of the Federation's Insititute of Sciences, the hypothesis of runes of life, was proposed by him and Dean Potter. I believe that this should be able to clarify your doubts and suspicions. Geniuses do exist." Mo Xingchen spoke out once again, instantly causing the entire auditorium to turn deathly silent once again. So it turns out that this Wang Zhong was really that outstanding!

Obviously, all of these can't be fabricated. A matter like the runes of life was something that everyone had more or less heard about. However, not a single person had guessed that it was actually Wang Zhong and old Potter who had proposed it...

Casio was a really vile person...

Everyone quickly changed the looks they sent towards Casio. Such sinister and vile people should definitely be kept at a far distance away.

At this moment, Wang Zhong was feeling extremely curious as he set a thankful gaze at Mo Xingchen. Frankly speaking, he didn't care very much towards Casio's provocation. However, he could not ignore the latter's attempts to sully Tianjing's honour and dignity. Nonetheless, it wasn't convenient for him to open his mouth to speak out against Casio. That would require a person that possessed a considerable reputation to do so, though he had never expected it to be Mo Xingchen that did so. Seeing the thankful gaze, Mo Xingchen sent a faint smile back in return.

The debate of over the authenticity of Wang Zhong's thesis had come to an end, with everyone getting ample information and familiarity with the Tianjing squadron's captain that excelled in theoretical tests. Regardless of how strong that person's combat strength was, his theoretical knowledge was indeed undeniable. What's more, he might even be able to enter the Federation's Institute of Sciences. Since that wasn't something that would conflict with everyone's goals in this CHF, was there any need to be antagonistic towards him?

As for Casio, he had truly offended everyone. At this moment, only people with issues in their brains would willing to continue being friends with such a person.

The announcement of the top 4 places went on without a hitch, with the Heaven's Fate Academy being the universally unquestioned first place. Their overall strength as a squadron was too ridiculous and stable, completely denying any opportunity for other squadrons to usurp them. Trailing behind at 2nd place was Torres Academy, with a 30 over point gap between them. Naturally, this was due to the latter not trying at all for the second half of the 2nd elimination round. Under a completely pressure-free situation, they had also relaxed in their performances. The 3rd and 4th places were obtained by 2 A ranked squadrons that belonged to the extremely stable squadron type with an even distribution of combat prowess. Such types were simply able to excel perfectly in the competition format of the 2nd elimination round.

"All of the promoted squadrons are to pack up immediately. You all will follow me and sit the armoured train to Stuart City to participate in the final competition!"

Cole Joseph didn't speak much longer after completing the announcement of the combined scores. At this moment, the officials that had followed him were already handing out invitations to the official competition to the 23 promoted squadrons, alongside a red coloured badge. This represented their entry to the final competition. God knows how much envy and jealousy was tied to this small red badge. As his announcement came to an end, a wave of applause rang out from the auditorium. After all, to those squadrons that have gained entry to the final competition, this was a matter that was worth celebrating., alongside a red badge to every member. This signified their eligibility to participate in the final competition, something was the cause of envy and jealousy for god knows how many people. As his announcement came to an end, a wave of applause rang out across the auditorium. After all, to those squadrons that were promoted to the final competition, this was a matter that was worthy of celebration.

Looking at the people around him who brimmed with happiness and elation, Casio's eyes were filled with venomous hatred. He had been full of hope for this CHF great competition, not only for the final competition but to also make a name for himself and enter the eyes of the higher ups. At this moment, he had truly achieved the last goal, though it was for the situation he had caused after his elimination. What's more, all of this was caused by that damnable Tianjing squadron! Why were they able to get promoted while he had to be eliminated?!

At this moment, not a single rational thought was present in Casio's mind. He would not stop to consider if all of the problems he was facing now was due to his own actions. What's more, he did not show any care about his squadron members beside him, who were currently shooting looks filled with all kinds of unhappiness at him. To them, if not for Casio, they would not be dragged into the mess that he had created.

As for the Tianjing squadron, they have every right to cheer and celebrate their promotion. After all, being able to qualify for the final competition was already something inconceivable to most of them. Hymin, Colby and the others were utterly unable to rein in their emotions surging out from their hearts. Frankly speaking, after entering the CHF, they could truly feel how weak they were in the past. Even their current level of strength was completely unable to allow them to get promoted to the final competition. Nevertheless, a miracle had just occurred like that, all due to a tyrannical Grai, miraculous Barran, stable Emily and naturally, their wonder captain.

That's right, their entirely unorthodox, wonder captain. This god-like fellow had actually brought them into the final competition.

Looking at the cheers and jubilation shown by the crowd before him, a faint smile appeared on Joseph's face. He started to reminisce of his youth, while thinking, "You all should go all out to enjoy, as what awaits you will be even more tough and cruel. The higher the stage, the greater the dangers involved. That's just how growing up works."

When the news of their promotion reached Tianjing City, the entire Tianjing Academy erupted into celebrations. One could even the student's ear-shattering roars of celebrations from within Dean Greene's Office. In fact, even Greene himself did not believe that their academy squadron would be able to carve a way out from such a high-level elimination round. However, Wang Zhong and that bunch of little fellows had actually managed to do so! What's more, they had obtained such good results! Frankly speaking, his decision to send such a group to participate in the CHF appeared slightly self-deprecating in the eyes of the public. However, Greene himself knew that they indeed were scrubs. Since they lacked in strength, why not let it go and make a gamble, a bet on luck...however, such luck was truly, too, too good.

At this moment, Wang Zhong and Grai were feeling slightly excited. Sitting in the same train as they were the most elite of the elites the Federation could offer. What's more, there would be even more of these elites around in Stuart City. This was something he really wanted. Ever since young, he thirsted for the day he could personally see the strongest power the Federation possessed. While studying in Tianjing Academy, he felt that the various theses he wrote and the various teasing and ridiculement he received were all the correct choices. However, all of them were now useless. Regardless of how strong one's theoretical knowledge was, one would need to strength to back it up, and there's no better stage to do so than this CHF.
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    《Battle Frenzy》