Battle Frenzy
385 Carolyn“s embarassmen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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385 Carolyn“s embarassmen

Chapter 385: Carolyn's embarassment
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Tianjing, Wang Zhong.

When that name had appeared beside the 1st place rankings for all of the competition zones, Carolyn was indeed slightly surprised.

Having personally attempted the questions, there were only a few people other than her that have a better understanding as to exactly how difficult it was. Although all of the tested subjects were related to combat, they touched upon a vast spectrum of topics, with the knowledge required absolutely being far more than what an ordinary student possesses. Many of the simple-looking knowledge tested were definitely absent in the curriculum though in the various academies. Even though it wasn't difficult for a straight A student to score high marks in this test, the possibility to obtain full marks was close to 0. That would be much smaller when a discussion question, which had a great deal of randomness, was added into the mix.

However, it was Wang Zhong that had obtained full marks in the test. Even Gui Hao, who has always been regarded as a child prodigy had scored lower than him. The discussion question present in this test did not only require one to possess a depth in literature and scientific knowledge, but also a depth of view and acuteness of one's sight. In those aspects, the juniors of the aristocratic families had the absolute advantage over others!

Being able to triumph over her and Gui Hao in those aspects was something that Carolyn was somewhat unable to comprehend.

What's more interesting was that such a matter that caused feelings of unwillingness to rise in people, with some of them even trying to purposely create controversy. However, faced with the suspicion of a crowd, a strange occurrence in the form of Mo Xingchen taking action to help him had unexpectedly happened...

Was she happy? Disappoint? No….it was more of embarrassment, and even more so, frustration.

Divian had also noticed the matter of Wang Zhong obtaining full marks in the captain arena. Although she was under pressure from the matter of Karl Seer, she could not afford to overlook the importance of the captain arena. The first place was unexpectedly taken by Wang Zhong, who had thoroughly suppressed Carolyn and Gui Hao. She truly didn't know what to say about this matter. Nonetheless, she would not treat this as anything of her concern, though Carolyn might feel a little confused over this issue. Although she was Carolyn's best friend, she always felt the slightly evil thought of seeing the look of embarrassment on the latter's face, as Carolyn always wore a look as though everything was under control and as expected.

As for Karl Seer, that bastard was well known for creating trouble. The whole sequence of events in his matter had already been completely revealed, showing that his Romeo problem had surfaced once again. To him, it appears as though all of the girls under the heavens would die if they lacked his protection. He was indeed a bastard. What's more, he had been utilized by the Zhao Family as a result of this. This was already not being the first time it had happened, though the previous instances weren't as severe as this.

Nonetheless, the Seer Family weren't easy targets for the picking. They were too naive to think that matter would interfere with her judgement!

After a short day of rest, the first round of the CHF's final competition had arrived. At the break of dawn, various information about the final competition had already been sent out via Skylink by the competition committee.

The 4 great committee members comprising of the Federation's legendary assassin Cole Joseph, legendary soldier Rodriguez, legendary ranged soldier Somme as well as another legendary soldier Zhou Mu were the highest ruling people within the judging committee. Every dispute or offence committed during the competition will be voted and ruled by these 4 people.

Upon receiving the information on their Skylinks, quite a few of the squadrons from Grozny City were left dumbfounded. That wretched little old man, Joseph, who appeared to be sent by the committee to "torture people", was actually the legendary assassin of the Federation, the darkness butcher???

People in the federation who were able to hang the title of legendary by their names were all-powerful existences of Heavenly Soul Stage. This all stemmed from the helplessness faced by mankind at the beginning of the dark era. The process of casting one's soul to igniting one's Heroic Soul was extremely easy for humans. For the sake of obtaining power greater than an ordinary Heroic Soul Stage soldier, there were many geniuses and experts who would suppress and extend the time required for their breakthrough. Not only would they gain a perfect promotion of combat strength after igniting their soul, it would also aid them in their future breakthrough to Heavenly Soul Stage. The second factor was extremely critical, as that breakthrough would be the most difficult thing people would face in the cultivation of their spiritual souls. For Heavenly Soul Stage experts, they had no problem in the output of power, skills, techniques and soul power.

However, their one limiting factor was their fleshly bodies. Upon reaching the peak of Heavenly Soul Stage, these experts would hit a barrier. Only by passing through this barrier would their fleshly bodies be able to endure the astonishing power their spiritual souls possessed. However, on the off chance that they failed to cross this barrier, their fleshly bodies would be unable to endure the astonishing power coming from their spiritual souls. This meant that these people would not be suitable to stay in the hyperdimension or any dangerous places that would require a prolonged period of fighting.

Despite that limit, their strength and experience would always be present, while still possessing the ability to fight for short periods of time. Therefore, they had chosen to return to the Federation. They would naturally be giving extremely high positions within the various aristocratic families and the Federation. Those who possessed the title of legendary would more or less become part of the higher echelon of the Federation, and would be in charge of making decisions for many of the important matters in the Federation.

The four chief judges and the entire of the ruling committee were not direct members of the 10 great families. At the very most, they only had a certain level of association and connection. Regardless of how close or distant they were, this was the unspoken rule of the Federation. In fact, it could be said that this was a ruling made by the parliament. There were some matters that the aristocratic families were not able to directly participate and control.

These legendary existences were always shrouded in mystery. This was the very first time that they had faced the public in such an open manner. It could be said that these 4 people were genuine existences of that realm. God knows how many people of the mass could breakthrough to Heavenly Soul Stage?! From those, how many do you think could go all the way to the peak?! Regardless of them not being able to cross that barrier, yet how many were there that did not suffer the backlash from their own power?

Nevertheless, those who were able to endure the backlash of their own powers all possessed extremely long lifespans. For them, only they themselves would know more definitive details of their own conditions, something that ordinary people could only guess. People who have yet to reach that realm would forever be unable to imagine what it feels like to be there.

Such a lineup showed how high the regard the Federation had for the CHF, and was sufficient to put an end to all questions and suspicions. After all, the various large aristocratic families had to take such precautions, as their future, benefits and fate were tied to the results of this CHF.

It appears that the CHF committee had the same thoughts by setting the competition rules to be the standard squadron against squadron elimination battles. 64 squadrons would proceed on from the 128 in the first round, before heading to the Top 32, top 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, before the finale, culminating to a total of 6 rounds. The competition method was for 2 squadrons to undergo 5 solo duels and a group battle. 1 point would be awarded to the winner of each solo duel, with no repeats allowed. 2 points would be awarded for the winner of the group battle. The first squadron to obtain 4 points wins the round and be promoted to the next round.

Other than that, there was various detailed information regarding the competition venues, dates and other required arrangements that were sent over the Skylink. Not a single one of the promoted squadrons would overlook any detail provided in this information. From this moment, all of them started to feel excited and nervous about what awaited them.

There were 10 large competition grounds in the vicinity of Stuart City. Not only were there man-made battlefields, they had also utilized broken materials from the construction of the city to complicate the group battlefields, thereby raising the standard of the group battles that would occur in them. Naturally, the aspect that the audience was most focused on was still the bets.

Of course, every single squadron really wanted to know the opponent they would most likely face in the upcoming round. There was no need to consider anything future than that. With it being the final competition, anything could happen under the sun. Therefore, securing the victory for the first round was still the most important matter for all of the squadrons.

Under the eyes of hundreds and thousands of people watching, the balloting for the final competition had started. Due to some unique reasons, only the citizens of the Federation were able to the probabilities and estimates. However, the final competition would be broadcasted across the entire Federation. This was especially important for the various Heroic Soul Academies, as such a competition was without any doubt extremely beneficial in raising their strength, honor and glory.

Only the higher-ups of the Tianjing Academy knew exactly how important it was for their squadron to get promoted into the final competition. At this moment, a festival like atmosphere hung within the entire academy, as every single student was high spirits. A struggling academy that possessing a long and deep history, while having its honor and glory continuously decreasing, had finally seen a glimmer of hope.

If entering the final competition equated to the completion of their goals, all of the students now thirsted for a victory in the first round. Or, in other words, not lose too terribly. To them, they would be sufficiently proud of such results.
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    《Battle Frenzy》