Battle Frenzy
386 To the battlefield, to become the strongest!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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386 To the battlefield, to become the strongest!

Chapter 386: To the battlefield, to become the strongest!
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The pair of squadrons for the first round was based on a randomized selection. However, it basically followed the original rule of rankings through the combined scores. The chances of the strong being pitted against each other were extremely low for the first round. Regardless of whether they had exploited a loophole or possessed good luck, the Tianjing squadron's results placed them in a favorable spot to achieve this goal.

In the Tianjing auditorium, all of the students were looking nervously at the large screen before them. The academy had naturally summoned all of their students to witness such a glorious moment.

Not a single noise could be heard within Stuart Academy's auditorium as the 128 squadrons were present in full force in. They were the only ones with the qualifications to step on the stage of the final competition. This was an honour and glorious matter for them. All of them were all too clear that the eyes from all across the world were now trained on them, causing them to sit ramrod straight with their heads raised. To the majority of the squadrons present here, this was clearly just the first step. From this point onwards, they would take their first step towards, honour, glory and towards becoming legends.

Gui Hao, Vladimir, Mo Wen, Carolyn, Divian and the other top-class experts of the younger generation were brimming with confidence. However, it could be said that they were extremely fortunate, as not every legend out there was able to dance on such a stage. Since they were able to stand on such a stage, what's left was for them to clinch the championship.

When a group of experts was together, the resulting clash of auras was extremely frightening. There wasn't any noise or chaffing present. At this level, the clashing style had already completely changed. If one was present within the auditorium, one would feel one's spirit and energy continuing to spike endlessly. This was an experience of entering the realm of the top class experts. If one wasn't able to enter, the disparity between one and the others would gradually lengthen as time passes.

Not all of the eliminated squadrons had left the CHF competition zones. In fact, the majority of them had stayed behind. That's because the Stuart Family had still provided them with meals, accommodation and seats to view the final competition. This was undoubtedly another attempt by the Stuart Family to buy over the hearts of people. What the Stuart Family wanted was to win the hearts of both the lower and higher class. Without a doubt, this was something they had succeeded. Naturally, they had attributed nominally as blessings from the host.

Following the arrival of the head referee and Long Mei'er and the four lead judge, the main event of the opening ceremony started on its course.

Long Mei'er, the current 5 star general of the federation, and legendary Soul Summoning Master. At the same time, she was the youngest person amongst the titled legendaries. For experts of her realm, age was undoubtedly the most crucial factor, as this was correlated to one's combat endurance as well as future influence.

The true strength of people on her level was something that Casted Soul Stages would never be able to understand. However, it was said that Long Mei'er Soul Beast was comparable to a 7th rank dimensional lifeform...

What does that mean?

Wang Zhong was extremely clear about the earth-shattering changes that would happen to dimensional life form or mutated beast once its breakthrough past the 6th rank. Exactly how powerful a person that could summon a 7th rank dimensional life form would be?

At this moment, Wang Zhong shot a look at Grai sitting beside him. From the looks of it, Grai appeared exceedingly excited upon seeing Long Mei'er.

As the 4 lead judges reached their seats, Long Mei'er walked forwards by herself. At this moment, a loud and clear voice rang out. It was Carolyn.

"Everyone, attention! Salute!"

All of the students stood in attention and gave a standardized military salute, appearing exceedingly handsome and elegant while doing so. This cause the students from the various academies tuning in to the ceremony to reveal looks of envy and jealousy. How much more honour and glory would they feel if their own academy's squadron was able to appear over there.

At this moment, Solomon was also present in Stuart City. Although he did not grace the opening ceremony, he was still earnestly watching the entire live broadcast. This was the strong point of the of the old era which the Federation had inherited. Although many internal conflicts had and are occurring within the Federation, while constantly losing its sharpness as many continued to seek for harmony, stability, this was replaced by unity and discipline. In some certain scenarios, they were able to erupt with massively powerful combat force.

If one wanted to target and fight the Federation, the first thing one needed to do was to break this harmony. As long as this equilibrium is broken, the Federation would truly be unable to withstand even a blow. The so-call powerful influences in the annals of history appeared to be indestructible to external forces. However, they were in fact constructed on unrealistic utopian ideals. As long as one was able to grasp and gain control over the lifeblood of said influence, one would be able to cause it to instantly crumble and collapse. It was the process of doing it that Solomon really enjoyed. It was hard to come by such a game of life. However, at this moment, he wanted to see if there was interests him in this competition.

As he swept his gaze across the crowd of people present on the screen, Solomon's eyes paused slightly on a particular location. However, it only happened from an instant, before he turned away as though nothing had happened. In his surroundings, the staff members arranged by the Federation to serve their VIPs were attentively trying to please this high and esteemed prince from the Kaiser Empire.

At her level, there naturally was no need for Long Mei'er to use her soul power in any way. Just by standing on stage, the legends about her was more than sufficient to ignite the fighting spirit of any youth present.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, congratulations for qualifying for the final competition. Perhaps there might be some people that feel that this is just the beginning, as there are 127 other squadrons just like yourself around. However, I have to tell you all that this is the most competitive CHF for the past 50 years! Therefore, every squadron in the final competition should do yourselves proud!" Long Mei'er paused her speech temporarily, though the breaths of the student below had already turned rapid. In such a situation and environment, it wasn't possible for them to not feel proud about themselves.

"Now, what you need to do is to obtain victory after victory and move forwards! Take steps forward, and continue on to march towards the championship!"

Yes, to become the strongest person!

You have to believe that you're the strongest! This is your stage!

Go! Go and fight for it! To become the strongest person in this generation!

All of you are the future of the Federation! The future of mankind!

Long Mei'er's voice rang out radiantly and vigorously across every single corner of the auditorium, igniting the thirst for strength in everyone's hearts, as well as the dream of becoming the strongest!

"All hail the Federation! All hail mankind!"

The atmosphere within the auditorium had exploded to an all-time high as every student was using all of their strength shout: All Hail the Federation….

Yes! "This will be an of experts!" thought Long Mei'er as she looked towards the emotion-filled students before her. "However, you all still aren't clear what kind of price one has to pay to become an expert, and how much resolution one would require."

"Its time for you all to enjoy the journey to heaven and hell."

Without wasting time on balloting, the committee quickly showed the matchups for the first round of the final competition.

At this moment, splendid expressions filled the faces of every student. There were ones of happiness and elation, with others being solemn or emotionless. There were those brimming with self-confidence, while some giving their all to control theirs. However, being at the apex, those S ranked squadron did not care much about who was their next opponents. That's because it was impossible for them to bump into one another in the first round. To them, this was just a prelude, and not something to get excited or explosive about.

The Tianjing squadron's first opponent had appeared, in the form of Bierlia Musical Soul Academy.

Although Wang Zhong and Grai clearly appeared to be none to fazed about it, this was absolutely not what Scarlet and the rest had signed up for. Birelia Academy was evaluated to be of rank A. Although their results for the elimination rounds weren't too outstanding, that was due to their squadron being considerably uneven, as they were an orthodox assassin academy. However, their capabilities in combat were astonishing. Therefore, their results in the elimination rounds could only be taken with a pinch of salt, as that wasn't representative of their real strength.
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    《Battle Frenzy》