Battle Frenzy
387 A fight between weaklings
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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387 A fight between weaklings

Chapter 387: A fight between weaklings
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Upon seeing the next opponent their squadron faces, all of the Tianjing Academy students instantly sucked in a breath of cold air. The Bierlia Academy squadron was considered to be an orthodox type squadron. However, they were also a true and true S rank existence. Those students were still holding on to the slight glimmer of hope felt as though a bucket of ice water had been thrown on their hearts.

Most importantly, the Bierlia Academy was famous for its "vicious and merciless" style. After all, assassins were the core of their squadron. If they had focused on being tactful, they would have long been eliminated.

To the students of Bierlia Academy, being matched up against Tianjing Academy was indeed something unexpected, as….their opponents were too weak.

For an expert, they would not mind their first opponent possessing a bit of strength, as this would allow them to warm themselves up. However, Tianjing didn't even possess the qualifications to act as their warm-up partners. It had to be said that the change in the style of the final competition was slightly large. Although it was comprehensive and all rounded, it was somewhat too one-sided, which allowed for some squadrons to slip in.

Of the squadrons Wang Zhong was familiar with, the Giant God Peak squadron was quite lucky to have been matched against Oleg Academy led by Kestan. Oleg Academy was undoubtedly an overlord of the northern region, though this does not mean they possessed the strength that could suppress anyone. Without talking about the hope to bump into pushovers, matching up against a somewhat okay opponent in the best of 64 was already quite a lucky feat.

Compared to Giant God Peak, Saint Mongol Academy wasn't that lucky, as they were matched against the number 1 seed for the championship, Stuart Academy. Just seeing that name would send one into despair, with the only thing they could do was to prevent themselves from losing too badly.

The Blazing City's opponent was the Austin squadron, while Copperfield was matched up against the PGF squadron. With their power and strength, it won't be too much of a problem to obtain victory for their first match. That was a difference in foundation. For those first-class squadrons, only in the second round would they be able to meet an opponent that would be a challenge for them.

For those from the eastern regions, a few of Tianjing Academy's friends like Adolf and Lennon have already been eliminated. This was especially painful for Adolf,as they were extremely resolved in their hope to be able to show a good performance. In the end, however, they didn't even have the opportunity to climb onto the stage. Nonetheless, there was nothing that they could regret about. During the elimination rounds, all of the members of the Adolf squadron could already feel the difference this CHF was from before, with the only thing they could do was to sigh in admiration towards the might of Tianjing.

Yes, it's might, not luck. There were times where one's enemies were the people that understood one the most.

This was especially true for the Adolf captain, Cecil, who had crossed hands with Wang Zhong before. Although he wasn't able to reach the level of acuteness that Wang Zhong possessed, his sharp observational skills had already made him aware that the latter was concealing some terrifying power in him. This was the real reason why Adolf had closed their doors to train, and not due to some simple reason like a loss. They could feel the endless pressure coming from Tianjing.

Wang Zhong coupled with Grai had raised Tianjing to the level of top-class squadrons. As for Barran, their heavy soldier, he was extremely unstable. Or in other words, he was an emotional type fighter. However, Wang Zhong's most frightening trait was his ability to motivate his squadron members, something that was impeccable and uncounterable.

Emily had made clear progress in her strength to a level that could be said as leaps and bounds. The only thing that could be said was that the Assassin Family was indeed extraordinary to be able to strengthen the status of assassins. As for the dual gun Scarlet and Milami, they were possibly the weakest links of Tianjing. Nonetheless, the dual battle style of theirs was incredibly unique. A powerful vanguard to obstruct their opponents would allow them to sufficiently showcase their abilities. It could be said that Tianjing was absolutely an underestimated squadron that possessed the strength to enter the best of 32.

Nonetheless, not everyone believed that to be true. The atmosphere within the 10 training grounds located in the vicinity of Stuart City was already vivacious. At this moment, 64 squadrons have already started their matches, with the live broadcasts rolling on in the Skylink.

The soldiers had their own requests while the Federation had their demands. The citizens too had their own interests in mind. Therefore, such a competition style was undoubtedly unable to satisfy every single person out there.

Different kinds of combat were taking place at different battlefields, with the audience clearly have the freedom to choose whichever match they want. Naturally, the matches involving the seedling squadrons were incomparably in-demand. Take for example the match between Stuart and Assassin. It's said that one would be able to purchase the live tickets even if one triples the asking price. There were also some matches like the one between Tianjing squadron and Birelia squadron that were clearly considered to be neglected by the audience.

Regardless of them being a black horse and have some fame and reputation attached to their name, they were almost utterly overlooked and ignored within the participating lineup of the final competition.

There weren't many people present in the audience for this match. After being promoted into the final competition, groups of Tianjing students had already headed over here to cheer and show their support, though they won't be arriving that quickly. What's more, no one was sure whether Tianjing would be able to advance before they had arrived. For ordinary supporters, the distance required to travel to Stuart City was too, too far and expensive. Even those from wealthier cities of the eastern regions weren't able to afford it.

Nonetheless, the Skylink was definitely incomparably lively. This was especially true about the students from Tianjing City and Musical Soul City, who had already made the fur fly. Basically, the Musical Soul Academy wanted to beat Tianjing to the point of them being unable to say even a word back to refute. Although they were lacking in strength, the Tianjing squadron won't just stand there and take the blow without putting up a fight, resulting in the exciting arguments sprouting out in the Skylink.

In the training grounds, the reporters arranged by the organization committee had ignored the Tianjing squadron, heading straight to interview the members of the Birelia squadron. Although it appeared entirely "unfair" for Tianjing, quite a few of the surrounding audience didn't seem to mind at all.

Other than the people from the 2 participating cities, the was also a bunch of people here to see the "weaklings groveling in the dirt". There were those that love watching experts in play, and there were those that just love to see weaklings "tossing" around. The remainder of the people were those with a bit of connection to Tianjing, like Adolf, who would more or less pay attention to this match.

The members from both sides stood in preparation for the start of the match. Ma Dong opened up his Skylink to check on the live broadcasts. As expected, the scenes of the previous match were still being broadcasted. The entire world was able to see how the organizing committee had disregarded them, while the live broadcast chat feed had already erupted into all kinds of jokes that were aimed at smashing Tianjing Academy's face. What's more incorrigible was that the staff members in charge of the live broadcast had unscrupulous started a vote on "Are C rank squadrons qualified to be interviewed?"

The resulting poll was seemingly unanimous in their selection of "unqualified".

There was basically no need to gain too much understanding of a mere C rank squadron. They should be satisfied with being able to enter the best of 128. What's more, there were quite a few people that have expressed their predictions that Tianjing would not be able to achieve much in their matchup against Bierlia Academy. At the same time, they had proclaimed that Tianjing was fortunate to be able to gain that much attention all since they were opponents of Bierlia Academy.

Compared to Tianjing, the Birelia Academy squadron was a power squadron that undoubtedly represented the strength and muscle of the Federation. Possessing a long and glorious history, they were the highlight of the current live broadcast.

As for what Tianjing was thinking? Without talking about the empires, even the Federation did not care about them!

Ma Dong's face was close to exploding in anger. Nonetheless, turning his head around to look at Wang Zhong and the others standing in preparation for the match, he forced this anger of his back down.

However, what awaited him was an insult even more offensive than the earlier ones, as the host of the live broadcast was currently interviewing a member of the Bierlia Academy, Yingren Brooks.

"...Student Ying Ren, are there any words you would like to say to your opponents for this match?"

"Nope. They aren't our targets. We've already started our preparations for the next round." replied Yingren in an indifferent tone.

Hearing his reply, the host could not help but chuckle as she thought, "He truly is young. There was no need to be that direct even when you're roasting people."

"The match is about to start, so let us wait and enjoy the show!"

Finally, Ma Dong no longer waited for the host to walk over for an interview. Nonetheless, he believed that all of those people that have looked down on Tianjing would trip on their glasses! What's more, that would just be the beginning!
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    《Battle Frenzy》