Battle Frenzy
389 the strongest Yingren
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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389 the strongest Yingren

Chapter 389: the strongest Yingren
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A cold and indifferent expression was still present within Yingren's gaze. At this moment, he could indeed feel that his opponent seemed to excel in dealing with assassins, as he was actually able to deal with Yingren's attacking and movement speed with such relative ease...There was even a slight flavor of All Mouthy King, even though he definitely wasn't the latter!

However, the choice to complete on the aspect of speed with him will end right now!

Yingren had the greatest hate for All Mouthy King. Ever since his fight with the latter, he was no longer Yingren(影刃 = Shadow blade when translated), but a past opponent of All Mouthy King, standing among the countless people in the backdrop of the latter. Therefore, Yingren wanted to prove himself in this CHF to everyone that he, was, Yingren Brooks!

6 Blade Stream!

The blade shades increased by 2 to a total of 6, with the changes that resulted not just a mere 33% increase in speed.

At this instant, the black flowing lights, range of the blade net and density were abruptly raised by a degree, as 6 black glowing streams of light came enveloping over!

"6 Blade Stream!" the host's voice rang out at an apt timing "That's one of the Brooks Family's Blade Arts, the 6 Blade Stream! I apologize for not being able to catch the formation of the blade web, as the black blade shades have a confusion effect when they intersect with one another. It simply impossible to identify a single blade shade from their criss-cross overlaps! I admit that this participant from Tianjing is really astonishing to be able to hold out that long! For a C rank squadron, it would already be considered glorious defeat if he was to lose now…"

However, before he could finish his statement, the spectacle before him make him unable to continue speaking on.

Grai, whose imminent loss had been assumed by the host, was still standing in the stage. With not a single injury present on his body, the 2 daggers continued to dance and twirl in his hands. At this moment, his speed had even gone up, while the rain like attacks wasn't able to penetrate the wall of defense created by those 2 daggers.

Regardless of being on site or in the Skylink, there were quite a few people that were starting to feel that something was amiss. That C rank squadron member that had relied on a lapse on concentration by the invigilator to seize the opportunity to pass through the soldier arena was actually able to achieve something like that? That's Yingren Brooks he was up against! A man that had almost severed All Mouthy King's winning streak, and one of the trump cards of the A+ rank Bierlia Academy!

At this moment, even Eddie could not help but frown, as the level of Brook's opponent had slightly exceeded his expectations. Not underestimating Grai at all, he had sent out Yingren to deal with him. Compared the strength Grai possessed, Eddie felt that the latter was more of a strategist and schemer. However, such schemes would be useless in front of a member from an assassin family.

A frown had also appeared on Yingren's forehead, as he had assumed that his opponent was already near his limited when faced against his 4 Blade Stream. However, who would have thought that the latter had actually been concealing his strength all the while.

Interesting...this Grai's stronger than he had imagined. From the earlier exchange, Yingren wasn't able to feel any suppression coming from the former's strength. From the looks of it, his opponent might indeed be a speed type assassin.

However, time continued to tick by, and Yingren did not forget the words that he had said!



It was rare to be matched up against an expert that was able to rely on speed to block his 6 Blade Stream. Therefore, he deserved a sufficiently decent way to lose this duel!

Yingren started to pull apart from Grai as a sharp glint flashed within his eyes! At this instant, his hands began slowly shake!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh….

A series of whooshes as the blades sliced through the air! Akin to the claws of a ferocious beast, black blade shades shot out from Yingren!

Warm up's complete! Now's the time to show my true skill! The Brooks Family will stand pridefully under the heavens!

10, 10 Blade Stream!

Cries of astonishment rang out across the audience gallery and in the Skylink as everyone noticed the spectacle unfolding before their eyes!

It's said that the 8 Blade Stream was the highest number of Blade Streams people from the Brooks Family could master before igniting their Heroic Soul. The first time Yingren Brooks had displayed the 8 Blade Stream in the OP, it had already caused sighs of admiration towards his strength. How long has it been since then? What was the skill everyone was looking at right now?

10 Blade Stream!

One had to know that the art to control the streams of blade shades was utterly dependent on one's soul power, and not the strength of one's wrists. The consumption of soul power, mental energy and physical strength required to execute the 10 Blade Stream was already heaven-defying to Casted Soul Stage was a demand in all aspects of one's strength.

Everyone could not believe what they saw. That was simply impossible! Without talking about Casted Soul Stage, even the Heroic Soul soldiers of the Brooks Family would have to be absolute geniuses to be able to properly execute a 10 Blade Stream! While being in the Casted Soul Stage, how was he able to accomplish such a feat?!


A black hurricane composed of 4 blade shades started to spin up behind Yingren's back. A Casted Soul Stage would already reach one's limits in one's soul power just to control a 6 Blade Stream. However, Yingren had integrated his special ability into his blade streams! This had allowed the blade shadows to merge together with greater perfection!

"Hurricane 10 Blade Stream!"

When the black hurricane appeared, the desire to obtain victory flashed across Yingren's eyes!

Many people felt Yingren should feel gratitude to All Mouthy King for the match in the OP that had allowed for him to gain such fame and reputation.

However, the only thing Yingren had felt from all of these was shame!

He had lost to others, and yet he still had to feel gratitude?! What the fuck was that?

This pierced deeply into his prideful self. It had to be said that under such stimulation, some geniuses would collapse, while others would erupt out with even stronger power. As for Yingren, he had broken through! He had completed his mastery over his blade shades! Every blade and edge had become part of him, a blessing in disguise from all of that humiliation!

His goal was different from the best of 8 of best of 4 that his captain Eddie was gunning for.

Ever since knowing from the Mo Family's videos that All Mouthy King would be participating in the CHF, Yingren had only one goal in his mind! That was to defeat All Mouthy King with his Hurricane 10 Blade Stream that he had elaborately prepared half a year for! He had remembered the lessons and his weakness that resulted in his loss during that fight. Compared to the Hurricane 8 Blade Stream, the Hurricane 10 Blade Stream doesn't just have 2 additional blade streams. It was formed by the combination of his Hurricane forming special ability, soul power, as well as the perfect connection he had with his blades and body!

A 10 Blade Stream wasn't just addition of 4 Blade Streams to 6. Only after the completion of the final step would it become "10", and form a genuine 10 Blade Stream!

With the complete formation of the black hurricane, tens of thousands of blade shades instantly formed across the entire stage!

Other than Wang Zhong, the hearts of everyone else from Tianjing were close to jumping out of their eyes. There were even quite a few people over at Tianjing Academy that could not help but cover their eyes, not daring to see what was going to happen next! The fame and reputation of the Hurricane 10 Blade Stream were truly too great!

Who would have guessed that such a beautiful combat technique would appear in such a neglected and overlooked match! Just this move was sufficient to aim for the TOP5 highlights for today!

The Skylink live broadcast chat feed instantly exploded up.

"Fuck! He should have done this at the start! How can he let a C rank squadron be rampant for such a long time."

"Hurricane 10 Blade Stream! Yet another Mo's List is being born, huh?!"

"Even Eddie wasn't able to control the 10 Blade Stream when he was as old as Yingren, right? What a terrifying talent."

"That Grai's finished! Won't he be insta-killed?"

"Being able to experience Yingren Brooks's Hurricane 10 Blade Stream should be worthwhile for that Grai."

The students of Bierlia Academy appeared as lively as though they were in a festival. At this moment, they were utterly relaxed while watching an impending one-sided slaughter. Compared to them, the Tianjing side was deathly silent, with everyone dripping cold sweat for Grai's fate. When the Hurricane 10 Blade Stream had appeared, all of them were filled with despair. Thoughts like "What the fuck!", "He's actually able to break through those limits!", "He's a freak!", "We shouldn't have sent Grai up!" swam through their heads. If Tianjing had given up on the first duel, they might not lose this entire match without even a single point.

However, at this very moment, the corner of Grai's mouth started to curl up slightly. He, who should be wallowing in despair, had actually started to smile...

The 2 daggers in his hands paused slightly before quickly starting to revolve. In an instant, they had already turned into 2 small chakrams.

...This move seems somewhat familiar...

Yingren could not help but to gawk slightly upon seeing it.

However, none of it was important. Faced against his Hurricane 10 Blade Stream, any kind of defense was useless!

Go, wind!

Explosive Dash!

Brooks's new skill, Hurricane 10 Blade Stream!
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    《Battle Frenzy》