Battle Frenzy
390 Direct proportion of face and strength
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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390 Direct proportion of face and strength

Chapter 390: Direct proportion of face and strength
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Blade shades clouded the skies as they surrounded Grai from all directions. At this moment, even Wang Zhong was unable to spot all of the blade shades that were densely packed together. Yingren's blades were so quick they almost appeared like a domain of their own. When faced against it, one could only rely on all of one's senses to defend against, as it was utterly impossible to do so with sight alone. It was tough for even Heroic Soul Stage experts to do so!

They were truly too, too quick! Added with the constant overlapping of the blade shade edges, they formed layers of black like waves. Covering the skies, they hid every single blade shade from sight!

Not even a sliver of noise could be heard, with everyone's breathing coming to a halt as they were shocked to the core by the move Brooks had displayed.

However, who would have imagined that the highlight of the Bierlia Academy would be snatched away by this vice-captain and his Hurricane 10 Blade Stream! This super assassin that has been severely underestimated was entirely sufficient to cause questions to be raised of him being excluded from the Mo's List!

However, in the next moment, 2 radiant rays of white light started to simultaneously shine brightly amidst the black blade shades that blotted the skies.

Just like the "sun and moon", "heaven and earth", "Ying and Yang", the white light appeared exceedingly contrasting in the backdrop of the black blade shades, appearing incomparably eye-catching.

The white lights shrunk in size, turning into a round shape before change into halos. Very quickly, the 2 white spots had already formed into 2 brilliant lotuses. 1 inside the other, they...blossomed within the layers of endless darkness!

Yingren's expression instantly changed. Not only him, even Eddie who was waiting for Yingren's expected victory suddenly stood up from his seat.


The sounds of countless blade shades colliding instantly formed into an ear-deafening vibration! Mutually destroying and strangling each other!

The live broadcast footage was already wholly engulfed by the glow of the black and white blade shades.

All of a sudden, the endless darkness was torn apart by blossoming rays of white light, while a gigantic lotus formed by 3 inner and 3 outer layers started to bloom!

Front Lotus-Reverse Lotus! (Gate of Life, open! (ง'̀-'́)ง)

Surging Blossom!

When the white glow finally dissipated away, all of the edges of Yingren's blades had already shattered into pieces. At this moment, Grai stood casually at his original position, while the dagger in his left hand pressed gently on the neck of Yingren Brooks.

At this moment, the entire audience gallery had turned utterly silent. What's more, everyone watching the Skylink live broadcast of the match had turned completely mute!

The previous instant had shocked the heart of everyone. A few seconds ago, Yingren's Hurricane 10 Blade Stream had filled the entirety of the stage. However, a second later, he had become the defeated.

That, Tian, Tianjing's Grai has won?

Everyone could guess initial effect of the Hurricane 10 Blade Stream. However, all of them were absolutely unable to imagine such an outcome for the duel.

A brief moment of silence passed in the Skylink before being filled by earth-shattering cheers and shouts. All of the students from Tianjing Academy were completely unable to believe their eyes!

What the hell happened?

Fuck it! Who cares! We've won! We've won! We've won!

In stark contrast to the celebrations of Tianjing Academy, the students of Bierlia Academy were petrified. They were utterly unable to believe what they had just seen. Yingren had actually suffered defeat despite executing such a lethal move?

A while ago after Grai had participated in the soldier arena, there were already people that have suspected him to be All Mouthy King. Then, many didn't agree to that, coming out with various kinds of arguments to refute that claim. However, even those people who had found excuses could not help but start believing in that claim.

How familiar of a scene this was! The Hurricane Blade Stream VS The Fiery Lotus Dance!

A stronger blade formation, up against an even stronger Fiery Lotus Dance!

It was a different style, but with the same flavor!

Compared to the liveliness now present in the Skylink live broadcast chat feed, the atmosphere in the audience gallery had turned solemn. This blow to the head had caused Eddie to feel that something was amiss. Looking over to the side of Tianjing, he noticed that they seemed to be filled with happiness. Nonetheless, he still felt that something wasn't quite right.

On the stage, Yingren's face had turned pale. He had lost yet again, and to the same exact move as before. He was brimming with confidence and anticipation for this CHF. Yet, he had suffered defeat in the first round...

Slightly unable to bear Yingren's expression, Grai spoke out, "You've focused too much on the number and complexity of your blade shades."

However, Yingren seemed to be unable to hear any single word Grai had said, as the shock of losing was too great for this genius.

Walking down the stage, Grai received the cheers and shrieks deserving for a hero from Hymin and the others. Indeed, he was Tianjing's magic pillar of strength!

Over at Tianjing Academy, the students watching the live broadcast have become completely "high". At this moment, they weren't even afraid if they were to lose now. Just like like Wang Zhong's score in the captain's arena had reached the level of wiping out all opposition in the Federation, Grai was also of the same level!

The confidence of weaklings always hangs in their mouths. Before the start of the competition, shouts of their squadron entering the top 16 or crossing the first round of the final competition rang out across Tianjing Academy grounds. However, everyone knew that those were just to cheer and boost the morale of their squadron. Faced against an A+ rank Bierlia squadron, even those who had shouted out those cheers did not possess the confidence that their squadron would be able to accomplish such a feat. Even when faced against those brainless derogatory remarks made by those from Bierlia Academy on the Skylink live broadcast chat, the Tianjing supporters weren't able to find the energy required to refute.

"We're very strong! We've defeated Adolf!

You guys are weaklings!

Our Grai's very strong! He 1v2'ed in a group battle with Saxon!

We're the weaklings of the eastern regions!

We have 2 TOP5 highlights in the elimination round! We're 5th place in the Grozny Competition Zone for the 2nd elimination round!

We're the weaklings of the Grozny Competition Zone and the eastern regions!

….do you have anything better to say?

While receiving the abuse from Bierlia earlier, the students had felt the vastness of the world, and how minuscule they really were. Everyone else was just not bothered to compare to Tianjing, and was too lazy to care about their shitty combat record. Only Grai had that sliver of splendor in the earlier elimination round. As for the rest, they were all wastes. It was tough to dispel such a self-loathing attitude present in the hearts of every Tianjing student. To them, shouting all of those slogans before the start of the match was all just for the sake of hoping for an illusionary miracle to happen. However, the miracle had indeed appeared before their eyes!

"Grai! Grai! Our prince has returned!

"Ah! My Grai! I want to give birth to your children! Our Tianjing's harem will always be yours!

While the other people watching the live broadcast on the Skylink were still reeling in shock, the entire chat feed had already been rapidly taken over by the fans of Tianjing Academy, working hard to reclaim the territories they had once occupied. Earlier, when faced with the reasonable and justified counterattacks from their opponents, they were unable to let their fervor loose. However, with the entire world turning quietly, they were finally able to broadcast their various kinds of devout and crazy NSFW roars.

Only after the urgent calls from the backstage production crew did the stupefied host "Wind God" finally start regaining his clarity. Being new to the analyst world, he naturally wasn't able to perform and make the choices that brother Ruo Zhi was capable of. Being sent to cast this match was already considered to be a rather good opportunity given to him. After all, the Bierlia squadron had a Mo's List expert in their ranks. Therefore, Wind God had already decided before the start of the match that he would grab hold tightly to this powerhouse and climb up towards the later rounds of the CHF. To him, doing on-the-fly analysis was not easy, as one slip up would cause the audience to jeer and call for his resignation. Thus, going with the flow was already a good option for him.

After seeing Yingren execute his Hurricane 10 Blade Stream, Wind God had already thought out some cruel and merciless explanations for the former. Thus, he was truly caught unprepared by the outcome. This was too unexpected! "Ah...cough cough...Yingren has lost...This outcome is truly something that we're not expected. The victor is Tianjing Academy's Grai! Most likely, Yingren had lost due to a miscalculation. However, this is just the first duel. Let us anticipate the choices of the 2 captains for the next bout!"

Eddie did not say a single word, only giving a gentle pat on the sullen-faced Yingren. Although he was depressed, being the captain, he could not disregard the situation their squadron was in. What's more, more fights later would require Yingren's strength.
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    《Battle Frenzy》