Battle Frenzy
392 Mo“s List takes action!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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392 Mo“s List takes action!

Chapter 392: Mo's List takes action!
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The violent 2nd impact smashed ferociously against the runic shield. The violent force instantly caused Dan Dong to spurt out a mouthful of blood. That 2nd wave of force had almost penetrated his runic shield in an instant, smashing right into his body and bones.

The terrifying force had rushed forwards in an utterly inconceivable manner! Instead of a heavy soldier, he felt that he was facing an armoured vehicle that was rushing towards his shield at high speed !


A terrifying force, and a dull boom!

Resist! I have to resist!

A deathly pale shade filled Dan Dong's face as he clenched his teeth with all his might. Although it was extremely difficult, he had responded to the 2nd impact at lightning speed. Being a genuine first-class heavy soldier, he would need to be able to unleash all of his defensive capabilities at any given time, place and situation!

A greyish brown brilliance blossomed ferociously from his runic heavy soldier, before a brownish yellow colour immediately covered his entire being.

"Is an earth attribute special ability!"

"The great earth wall shield!"

"Dan Dong has such a move up his sleeves? Looks like he didn't use all of his strength during the elimination round!"

"ROARRRRRRR!" at this moment, Dan Dong was giving his all, erupting with all of his soul power and stimulating his special ability to the best that he could achieve. This move of him was originally meant for a more important match in the later rounds of the final competition. However, now wasn't the time for him to conceal his strength. For a heavy soldier, possessing an Earth attribute special ability was undoubtedly a god gifted blessing. Although it wasn't an especially outstanding special ability, it brought along an even greater defensive might for Dan Dong.

As his special ability dissipated the force within his body, Dan Dong breath a deep breath of relief as he thought, "He actually is able to do a successive attack after the 1st charge! This is simply...However, this should be his full…"

It was at this moment that Dan Dong noticed Barran smashing towards him in a rhinoceros-like manner for a 3rd smash.

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face as he thought, "There's nothing that your 1st charge can't deal with. If there is, do it for a 2nd time, 3rd time…"


A dull boom exploded across the stage. Rings of shockwaves rippled out from the location of the 2, while the surrounding ground shattered and exploded apart.

Both parties did not retreat even a half step back.

Slowly, Barran proceeded to stand straight up, though he had stopped his attack. It was only at this moment, did people realise that blood was streaming down the nose of Dan Dong, who had earlier being blocked from view by his heavy soldier. Clenching his teeth firmly, he wanted to unleash a counterattack! Yet, he had already lost total control of his body.


Dan Dong fell to the ground.

Barran Gestalt! 3 blows to halt the heavens and earth!

Expressions of incredulity filled the faces of the Bierlia squadron members as they rushed forwards while shouting, "Stand up, Dan Dong! Stand up! How can you be beaten by a brat!"

"Hurry up and stand, you bastard! Hurry up and stand!"

However, regardless of how hard they shouted, it was to no avail. Dan Dong looked towards the sky, his entire body spasming and convulsing due to the 3 successive blows from Barran. He had lost all control of his muscles...

2nd duel, Tianjing squadron victory!

Once again, Wind God was unable to chain any comments out. Today's analysis was turning out to be an absolute nightmare for him. This wasn't only felt by him, as the Skylink live broadcast chat feed had turned completely mute following Dan Dong's collapse to the ground.

The host was dumbfounded, the fans were dumbfounded, the incomparably confident Bierlia squadron members were dumbfounded, while the hundreds of thousands of people watching the Skylink live broadcast were completely stupefied!

Another loss?!

What the hell? The top 40 ranking heavy soldier in this year's CHF, Dan Dong had actually lost after utilizing the full defensive might of his Earth attribute special ability? He was destroyed by the dumb brute from Tianjing that only knew how to rush forwards like a stupid idiot?!

"The 2nd, 2nd duel, is won by Tianjing yet again…" Wind God didn't what points from the 2nd duel to focus on. If it was about the 1st duel, Grai still possessed some fame and spotlight. Therefore it was still within reasonable bounds that he might cause an upset. However, what about that Barran? He's clearly an extremely unorthodox and unstable freshman as seen from the elimination rounds! His rhythm had clearly been disrupted by Dan Dong! He clearly was just a passerby from a C rank fodder squadron! How the hell did he win?!

"Barran! Barran! Everything's possible!" at this moment, the morale of Tianjing Academy had already soared to the skies. If Grai's victory had allowed them to find back their pride and dignity, Barran's victory in the 2nd duel had already shown them the hope of obtaining victory against this powerful opponent! Over at the academy, all of the students were already roaring with all their might, so excited that they weren't even able to identify their orientations.

In the competition grounds, Hymin, Ma Dong and the others were already shrieking and shouting. Grai's win was a reasonable guarantee, but Barran's win was a bonus! Although everyone had believed in his strength, his instability during the elimination rounds had indeed caused worry in them before the start of the final competition. Only Wang Zhong was the only one that held full confidence in him from the very start to the end.

A successive victory!

Despite obtaining the win, Barran had an endearingly silly expression plastered on his face. "I've won?"

"Oh my god! I've actually won!" Truthfully speaking, not a single bit of such thoughts were present in his mind. Nonetheless, he had truly won his duel! Compared to senior Wang Zhong, his opponent was too, too weak! While executing his successive attacks, he had even felt that the force of his impacts was very weak. Every single time he had training with his senior, he would feel that his impacts lack substance, as they would possess no might at all, causing not one bit of reaction from his senior.

Receiving the intense cheers and applause from his fellow Tianjing squadron members made Barran feeling exceedingly embarrassed. The cheers and applause over the Tianjing side were exceedingly distinct when compared to the icy cold atmosphere on the other side. At this moment, regardless of how confident they were, Bierlia Academy could no longer laugh and smile about it.

A 2 point deficit was simply a blatant slap to their faces. Even if they were to win this match, they would absolutely be not happy with the results.

However, there was a more pressing issue now. What do they need to do for the other duels?

Clearly, such a situation was something that everyone had totally not expected. Never in his wildest dreams did Eddie imagine that he would end up in such a stage against a mere C rank squadron. This had thrown their plans for the final competition into complete disarray. They, who were originally planning of sweeping their opponents up in 4:0 fashion, we're now in a 0:2 point deficiency?

The pressure was now on the shoulders of the Bierlia Academy!

Regardless of the audience gallery or the Skylink, the enormous group of Bierlia Academy supporters had turned quiet. Although there still wasn't anyone that felt Bierlia Academy was going to lose, with the main focus now being turned to the group battle, such a score of 0:2 down against a C rank squadron was truly too shameful for them.

Now, the attention given to this match by the Skylink live broadcast had skyrocketed. The "appearance of an unexpected black horse" and "a C rank squadron obtaining a 2:0 lead against an A+ squadron" possessed more than sufficient lure for ordinary people.

However, it was still too early to talk about the victor for the match. That's because there was still an Eddie left!

At this moment, everyone's gaze was trained on the Bierlia squadron's captain, Eddie, a top-class assassin ranked on the Mo's List! It was due to him that the Bierlia Academy squadron was evaluated to be of A+ rank! The might of a single figure from Mo's List was more than sufficient to save an entire squadron!

Eddie stood up, as a pair of small handleless knives appeared in his hands.

Just these 2 actions made by him causing all of the silent Bierlia Academy fans to exploded out.

"Eddie's finally unable to stand it! He's taking action!"

"He definitely needs to take action! With the 2nd and 3rd strongest of their squadron being defeated in succession, there's a possibility that other members would be countered. If they aren't able to stop this momentum of those successive defeats, it would be an extremely huge blow to their morale and fighting spirit."

"If Eddie takes action, there's no one that can counter him!"

Seeing this, the host, Wind God, finally took a breath of relief. Truthfully speaking, it didn't matter which squadron would become the victor, as he wasn't a fan of them. However, the results of the 2 previous duels was a big slap in the face for his analysis and hosting skills. Now, with Eddie taking action, Wind God didn't believe that any mishap would happen to him!
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    《Battle Frenzy》