Battle Frenzy
393 Is this act really good?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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393 Is this act really good?

Chapter 393: Is this act really good?
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As long as an expert on the Mo's List graces the stage, the Bierlia squadron was invincible!

"Eddie has personally chosen to fight! Observing his opponents perform and seeing them trash his own squadron members while standing at the side of the stage isn't the style of a person on the Mo's List! Although it's considered early for him to personally take action, the Bierlia Academy requires a victory to stabilize and turn the tide of this match. With the shift in momentum and gaining the advantage of choice for the duelling phase, they would be able to drag the match to the group battle phase. With that, I can say with reasonable confidence that the A+ rank Bierlia Academy with one of the Mo's List assassins in their ranks would be able to completely trash a C rank squadron!" Wind God felt that he had regained the emotions and self-confidence a host should possess.

"Now, let us see what selection Tianjing Academy makes! Truthfully speaking, with Eddie being forced to select first, it's a good thing for the Tianjing squadron, though it would appear as a move weaklings would make. Haha. However, the most rational decision they could make is to send their weakest member up, thereby reserving their greatest strength for the last 2 duels or the group battle."

"Weaklings your ass! We have the advantage! There's absolutely no reason to clash head-on against him! We can accept one loss to gain 2 wins! Do you dare to say that Tianji is a weakling?"

(It is said that Tian Ji, a general from the state of Qi, loved racing horses.

One day, Tian Ji and the king of Qi agreed to hold a horse race.

They divided their horses into high, middle, and low levels.

During the match, the high-level horse would compete against the other high-level horse, the middle-level against the middle-level, and the low-level against the low-level.

Since each level of the king's horses was better than Tian Ji's, Tian Ji lost all three matches.

After watching the races, Sun Bin, a good friend of Tian Ji, said, "from what I saw, the king's horses are not much better than yours. Perhaps I can help you win."

So Tian Ji asked the king for another race and the king agreed.

In the first match, Tian Ji's low-level horse was used to compete against the Qi king's high-level horse. So, of course, Tian Ji lost.

Then in the second match, Tian Ji used his high-level horse defeated the king's middle-level horse.

In the third match, Tian Ji used his middle-level horse to compete against the king's low-level horse, and Tian Ji won again.

Since his horses won two of the three matches, Tian Ji won the competition)

"That's right! How the hell did such a good strategy get perverted by that host! That host seems as wise as a chuunibyou."

The counterattacks in the Skylink discussion forums were considerably sharp and incisive. At this moment, the backs of the Tianjing supporters had already straightened up, with confidence brimming in their hearts.

As people continued to voice their opinions and counter-attacks, Tianjing had already made their selection. Wang Zhong had gone up the stage!

Truthfully speaking, this was a selection that was within, yet not within the expectations of everyone.

The captain of the Tianjing squadron had left a profound impression in everyone, as he had obtained the sole 1st place in the captain arena of the elimination round. However, it was a pity that it was a theory test used for evaluation in that arena. Everyone had even heard that his thesis was going to be published in the next month's issue of the Federation's Monthly Science Journal. Being an absolutely genius in theoretical knowledge, he had attracted the attention of quite a few people during the elimination rounds.

With such a deep impression, if a pair of glasses was added on, Wang Zhong would absolutely be a textbook example of a scholar that would ferment day after day in the library! However, he had actually participated in the CHF, and had become the captain of his squadron. Therefore, it was unavoidable that he would leave a deep impression in everyone's minds.

It would already be pretty good for such a bookworm to awaken his soul power. As for crossing hands with a Mo's List assassin? His little brother will immediately be chopped off!

It was within everyone's expectations that Tianjing would send a cannon fodder to participate in this duel. However, it was unexpected that they would actually send up their captain to be a sacrificial lamb. Can't they just send a substitute member up? Looks like this captain is truly hardworking and compassionate to teammates.

"From the information, this fellow is a ranged soldier? And he's taking on the fight to an assassin?"

"Haha! What an excellent move! Captain VS Captain!"

"I predict that Eddie's feeling extremely depressed at this moment. While he's a combat proven captain, Tianjing's captain is a verbal warrior that specializes in tests and commandeering!"


"Don't you know? That captain Wang Zhong had obtained the overall 1st place amongst all of the competition zones for the final theory test for the elimination round!"

"I guess that he will immediately concede once the duel starts, right? It's a pity that he's facing Eddie. With his absolutely scary speed, it won't be easy for that Wang Zhong to concede before Eddie teaches him a lesson and take revenge for his squadron members!"

Seeing Tianjing's choice, Wind God was thrilled. From the looks of it, this Tianjing captain seemed to be not willing to let go of an opportunity to show his face. "Tianjing has also sent their captain up.However...they should be giving up on this 3rd duel. If he's able to win, I'll gobble up the table in front of me!"

Wind God felt that he needed to be confident and highlight his understanding and vision as a specialist in analysis and hosting. If not, he would genuinely be scolded silly.

However, what greeted him was a surging wave of spits. Even a pig could tell that Tianjing was playing for the overall victory. What the hell are you acting pretentiously for...

Wind God's face turned red in embarrassment. Nevertheless, it quickly dissipated away. He was an analyst, therefore his skin had to be thick!

However, from the looks of it, Tianjing's captain seemed to not have any plan of immediately conceding upon the commencement of the duel. As he walked onto the stage, he was actually earnestly holding on to his dagger.

"He's actually planning to play with a dagger in front of Eddie…"

"Is this fellow retarded? A range soldier choosing to use a dagger to face against a Mo's List assassin?! Isn't he afraid of pissing of Eddie to teach him a lesson that he'll never forget?"

"That guy's nuts! Chopped and stamped!"

The supporters of Bierlia Academy were instantly unperturbed by Wang Zhong's decision as the excavated and poured the feelings they had in their hearts. The first 2 duels were truly horrendous for their squadron. After much difficulty to find a ground where they can catch a breath, Tianjing had actually sent out yet another "bug".

Looking at the weapon carried by his opponent, Eddie could only give a laugh in response. Although he did not mind such tricks, he never imagined that the former would actually send a smile over to him.

Since the very beginning, Wang Zhong had no intention of concealing his true strength. Having already entered the final competition, he too wanted started to warm his body up. During the special training period during the holidays, the cross wheels might just be the only weapons he could use that might giving him a fighting chance against a person on the Mo's List. However, after reaching 200 grassos in Soul Power, he already possessed no weaknesses. Therefore, this experience of this fight was something he had anticipated for a very long time!

Contrary to Wang Zhong's unperturbed and anticipative heart, Hymin and the others waiting at the side of the stage were feeling slightly worried. Earlier, Wang Zhong had literally walked out within informing or discussing with any of them. Being the captain, he naturally possessed the right to choose and call the shots. However, in their eyes, such a decision was too negligent and sloppy.

Although purposefully killing people in a duel wasn't allowed, an occasional slip that resulted in the amputation of an arm or leg was something that no one would bat more than an eyelid about. What's more, Wang Zhong was up against a member of a cold-blooded and well-renowned family of assassins. It'll still be okay if Wang Zhong had chosen to completely give up on this duel. Even though everyone was relatively confident in his ranged combat and commandeering capabilities, he was an absolutely essential figure in Tianjing's group battle formations. If any mishap happens to him in this duel, what would they do for the group battle?

With a bitter expression on her face, Hymin said, "He should have let me go up! Regardless of how this outcome would affect the strength of our group battle, won't Eddie be embarrassed to be merciless against a girl like me?"

Such sentiments were also present in Colby and the others, as they felt worried about Wang Zhong. At this moment, Milami could not help but to shoot a look at Scarlet. Within their squadron, Scarlet held quite a huge sway in Wang Zhong's decision making. However, she had yet to voice out any opposition to the latter's choice.

Who knew that it would be better if she did not sneak a peek. Upon taking a look, she discovered Scarlet staring blankly at Wang Zhong once again, her eyes filled glittering stars.

This smitten fool...

Before cursing out, Milami turned her head to look at Ma Dong. Looking at him, she discovered that he was exceedingly excited, and was on the verge of jumping up and down, appearing as though he couldn't wait for Wang Zhong to "meet his death".


For a moment, Milami felt that her mind wasn't capable of processing what she had just seen.

The 2 people with best relations to Wang Zhong were unexpectedly not afraid of him being beaten up by someone?

This, this! Something doesn't seem right! How's this possible!

Milami felt slightly in a loss.

At this moment, the 2 captains had already taken their places.

As he always does, Eddie started to size up his opponent.

Bierlia Music Soul Academy didn't send a squadron just to become fodder for the predators. Not only were they strong, they were also rather competent with their information gathering. Truthfully speaking, the results that had occurred in this match were completely different from the information they had obtained. Were their opponents disguising themselves as pigs to devour the tigers? Perhaps Grai might be one. However, the other members of the Tianjing squadron truly did not possess sufficient qualifications to do so. Even the person who had defeated Dan Dong, Barran, was already on the extreme limits of that train of thought. As for the captain standing before him?

Eddie didn't feel an ounce of killing intent or threat from his opponent. For an assassin, the sensations one would obtain from a direct observation one's opponent would almost always be the most accurate judge of strength. Frankly speaking, even Eddie did not believe that his opponent could restrain his killing intent or threat to a level that he would not be able to detect.
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    《Battle Frenzy》