Battle Frenzy
394 The 5 second subjugation as agreed on
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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394 The 5 second subjugation as agreed on

Chapter 394: The 5 second subjugation as agreed on
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"Captain VS Captain! The 3rd duel between Bierlia Academy and Tianjing Academy!" Wind God's spittle sprayed in all directions as he poured his emotions into his announcements. He wanted to prove to everyone that he too possessed an acute eye for analysis, despite the prediction difficulty for this duel being too low to be an effective showcase of that. "Everyone should know that captain Eddie is one of the 5 great assassins on the Mo's List. He can't also be said to be a person standing at the apex of assassins participating in this CHF. Although Tianjing Academy's captain Wang Zhong is also someone standing at the apex, he specializes in intelligence and knowledge. It's obvious that knowledge would not be able to lead to a victory in this duel. I bet that he would concede within 5 secs of this duel's commencement!"

Wind God felt that he needed to emphasise on this bet that he had made. If not, this bunch of audience would really overlook his speciality. That Wang Zhong guy would definitely admit defeat for this duel. If not, he would get beaten to an inch of his life by Eddie. Although the latter doesn't appear to have any emotions present on his face, his heart should have already been filled to the brim with anger.

The supporters of Tianjing Academy no longer tried resorting to reason. To them, this host was too much of an asshole. Was giving up in 5 seconds something an ordinary host should say?

Regardless …of how they felt, Wang Zhong was still a captain. What's more, this was broadcasted live throughout the Federation and the world. At the very least, he should give Wang Zhong some face!

Within the Skylink, a bunch of people from Tianjing who were unhappy and wished for the world to burn in chaos were directly flaming and ridiculing Wind God for not caring about himself. is this considered wrong?

Wind God already had the nickname of "Crazy Aunty"(a wordplay on wind god), due to his aunty like-layman analysis with an abnormal mental status!

Within just a few seconds, Wind God's eye sockets turned slightly moist. This was not due to him being wronged, but due to the excitement. At this moment, the number of people paying attention to him on the Skylink broadcast had risen from 800 to over 6000! .... What the hell was this?

It was at this moment that Wind God suddenly saw the light. "That's why brother Ruo Zhi is that popular! Being scold isn't necessarily a bad thing! Without a unique style, how can a host leave a deep impression on his viewers? Only by standing at a high point would one be able to change the landscape below." Therefore, Wind God made his decision to continue using the flair his senior Ruo Zhi was using to go deeper into the path of seeking death!

When a person filled with emotion sees the light, he or she would feel completely energized.

"Okay. We can see that captain Eddie's weapon of choice is a dagger, and not the blade sets created by the Brooks Family. Some of you might find it peculiar. Therefore, I will give an explanation about it. The videos shown for the introduction of the Mo's List are only there to serve the effect of propaganda. Captain Eddie naturally knows how to use the blade sets. However, daggers are the butter and bread of an assassin. This was a weapon that one would undergo hard training and tempering with. When an assassin chooses to use a dagger, it can only mean 2 things. Either one's opponent was worthy of respect and was of comparable strength, or ….garbage!"

As his words rang out, the liveliness in the Skylink to skyrocket even further, as everyone thought. "This bastard's too pretentious!" Nonetheless, his analysis appeared somewhat reasonable. What's more, it was clear and distinct. Wind God had started his assault of ridiculing the Tianjing squadron once again. Let's hope that he never has to pass through Tianjing in his life.

Upon spotting Wang Zhong's weapon of choice, Wind God's eyes lit up even brighter. At this moment, he was no longer afraid of blowing matters up. " Oh, my god! What am I looking at! Tianjing's captain has actually chosen to use the same runic dagger as captain Eddie! Oh my god! This is absolutely the greatest form of ridiculement I've seen this year! Earlier, their member, Grai had used this same technique to provoke Bierlia Academy. Looks like captain Wang Zhong is reusing it again! What's more, he's actually doing it to provoke a Mo's List assassin! This is already not a question of conceding! A ranged soldier had chosen to use a dagger against a Mo's List assassin! Even I can feel the disrespect present in this move of his! The honour and dignity of the Mo's List isn't something that anyone could just provoke like that. Without a doubt, regardless of him conceding or being beaten down, I will eat the table before me if he's able to stand there for more than 5 seconds. That's because Eddie's eyes are already emitting flames of fury!"

At this moment, Wind God, the supporters of the Bierlia squadron watching via Skylink and even some of the neutral standing audience felt they were unable to continue watching on. They had no qualms about Grai using daggers to deal with Yingren, as the former indeed was strong. What's more, Grai was indeed the trump card of the C ranked Tianjing squadron. Therefore, there wasn't much rejection of this matter.

However, it was a totally different case when the one pulling this move off was a strategy type ranged soldier that was definitely going to concede. What's the matter with him pulling out a dagger in front of a Mo's List assassin? Is he purposely trying to pervert Eddie's heart?

The CHF was a scared stage for the students of the various academies. Regardless of victory or strength, one should show respects towards the experts at the very least. Such actions were absolutely not tolerable!

"Do you think that he would proclaim that he had chosen the wrong weapon? If he uses it as an additional excuse to concede, I would truly be unable to stomach this!"

"I'm supporting Wind God for this duel! This captain of Tianjing's seeking his own death."

"Could it be a psychological strategy to infuriate his opponent?"

"Are you stupid? Infuriating a Mo's List assassin is equivalent to seeking death!"

It was extremely reasonable for people to feel unhappy about this matter, as everyone wanted to see the true skills and abilities of a Mo's List expert. Frankly speaking, other than people who were directly involved in this match, the other people tuning in to watch were just here to see how strong a Mo's List assassin was. However, it was clear that they wouldn't be able to see anything at all.

Wind God was paying attention to the rise in discussions popping up in the Skylink, though he had also noticed the slow decline in the number of people paying attention to him. He could feel that more than half of the current number would leave after the end of his duel, as they did not care about the winner or loser of this match. That was something that he was helpless to change, as this was a rather obscure match to decide who goes to the best of 64.

The waves of scoldings, curses and derogatory remarks from the Skylink chat and the live audience gallery did not affect the 2 people standing in the middle of the stage. Eddie did not care about what weapon his opponent was using. To assassins like him, they would only care about one result. As for provocation or ridiculement? That would first require his opponent to be qualified.

Like Eddie, there weren't many thoughts going through Wang Zhong's mind. To him, the only thing going through his mind was that he really had too good of a fortune to be able to bump into a Mo's List assassin in the first round of the final competition.

An invisible and incisive aura of killing intent starting radiating out from Eddie, appearing just like an invisible blade filled with a cruel and bloody flavour.

It's hard to accurately define something like an aura. It wasn't controlled by Soul Power, nor was it affected by one's physical body, but appeared to have more connection to one's spiritual soul. When one manages to make one's fighting style take form, one would naturally possess an aura that's unique to one.

It was at this moment that Eddie sensed something that felt slightly strange about. A genuine assassin isn't nurtured in the training grounds. Having followed his family into the hyperdimension, Eddie had fought with dimensional beasts, and had even fought life or death battles. Those terrifying battlefields were the crucibles that casted his killing intent and aura, things that absolutely no ordinary opponent could hope to resist. However, they seemed to possess no threat at all to his opponent, Wang Zhong, who was standing right before him. It appeared as though not the slightest bit of aura was reaching him. Standing there in a casual manner, Eddie's killing intent was still continuing to radiate out. Nonetheless, like a rock tossed into the ocean, no response was felt. From the looks of it, it seemed like his opponent was utterly unaffected at all.

Looks like that Wang Zhong has high mental and psychological endurance capabilities. Or, was there something that he has yet to discover?



"The duel has started!" Wind God's rang out simultaneously with the starting bell. "It extremely hard to break down what an aura is. He clearly knows about the outcome, yet he chooses to maintain such a lofty attitude. 1 second,... 2 seconds."

As the sound of the bell rang out, Eddie took action at an even faster speed than Wind God's words, disappearing from his initial position in a flash! So what if Tianjing was preparing to surrender! Eddie wasn't about to accept that! At this moment, not only did their Bierlia Academy need a win, they needed a boost in morale even more! Even if he wasn't allowed to kill people on this competition stage, he would at the very least teach this Tianjing captain an unforgettable lesson! One can't just shoot out ridiculement and not expect to pay any consequences!

The greater majority of the live audience was unable to react in time. Even the cameras for the live broadcast were having difficulty keeping track of Eddie's figure.


A clear sound of daggers clashing rang out, followed by a series of explosive bangs!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

2 daggers collided in the air at speeds invisible to the naked eye, as 2 figures continued to weave and shift around the stage like swifts skirting in the forest! Sparks sprayed out in all directions as Soul Power explosions erupted out. A battle between a dragon and tiger had taken place right at the start of this duel!

A group of people had grins on their face as they waited for their expected outcome to occur. However, their smiles froze abruptly in embarrassment. This….

Upon the first exchange, Wang Zhong felt incomparably happy and delighted! "This is what combat fucking is!" This feeling, speed, angle, degree of agility, as well as the immeasurable strength his opponent possessed caused Wang Zhong to feel so, so happy. Usually, Wang Zhong would habitually conceal his strength, resulting in him being unable to show off how strong he was. That was because he would feel even more uncomfortable if he were to turn serious and still be unable to go all out. To him, such an experience was totally like making love. He would either abstain, or go all the way out to enjoy. There's no choice to stand on the half-way line.

2 daggers, weapons the couldn't be more simple. Yet, they painted an astonishing spectacle akin to an exchange between armies.


Yet another exchange occurred, before the 2 figures simultaneously separated from each other. Tap tap tap...the 2 appeared to have returned back to their starting positions, their breaths extremely steady, as though the ferocious exchange earlier had not happened at all.

Excitement flashed and glimmered within Wang Zhong's eyes. This pressure and feeling of danger. Despite being just a cursory exchange, his opponent's dagger had wifted just right past the tip of his nose for a couple of times. In such a short exchange he was already able to feel the might of the Mo's List. Nonetheless, there wasn't such thing as the fastest, only faster!

To an assassin, the word "quick" was already about to deal with everything. Nonetheless, Wang Zhong was even more excited about his own body. The feeling of a body that was entirely able to keep up to his thoughts and reactions was truly too miraculous.

A sliver of shock had now appeared in Eddie's eyes. Regardless of the suspicion that had already arisen since his opponent was not affected by his killing intent, never in his wildest dreams did he expect that his opponent was able to use a dagger to parry all of his attacks, while completely keeping up with his own speed.

As if he was a ranged soldier! That's why his strength evaluation was that weak! The ranged soldier occupation was just a cover for his real occupation as an assassin! Interesting! That's why he's able to recruit a member of the Assassin Family! So it turns out that the Tianjing captain was an assassin expert. Now, everything could be explained logically.

Silence instantly filled the stage, as the 2 parties started to re-evaluate their opponent. As this was happening, deathly silence had long filled the audience gallery and Skylink.

Everyone had their jaws hanging down as they wonder, what the hell just happened? What the hell is with the Tianjing's captain?

A person universally recognized to be a strategy type chess player had actually used a dagger and exchanged a bout of attacks with a Mo's List assassin?

"Oh my god, is that Wang Zhong?" a large group of students watching the match from Tianjing Academy could not believe their eyes. Even with the academy, the understanding people had about their captain, Wang Zhong, was more towards his academical results and organizational capabilities. As for close range combat? Exchanging attacks with a Mo's List assassin? We they even talking about the same person?

Regardless of the outcome of this duel, being able to get out unscathed from an exchange with Eddie was already more than sufficient for the students of Tianjing Academy to brag about for an entire year!

"All hail our captain!"

"Hidden BOSS! Didn't I say it! How can a person with such good academical scores be poor in combat!" the supporters of Tianjing Academy had finally regained their clarity to cheer and shout.

Now, even Wind God was feeling slightly shaken. This bunch of fellows from Tianjing really appear to have some kind of deep-seated grudge his past life, as they appeared to have completely ignored the idea of conceding. "What a surprise. This Tianjing captain actually possesses such close combat capabilities! Looks like he had concealed his strength and not plan to concede this duel. That ranged soldier occupation was just a dud to cover our eyes! However, I have to say that he has gone way overboard with his pretentiousness. Being able to block a bout of probing attacks doesn't equate to anything. It'll be alright if he decides to concede now. However, only assassins at the top of the apex would dare to use daggers clash in a head-on fight! Who had given him such courage to clash head on with a Mo's List Assassin

Exchanging blows with the same kind of weapon, especially a dagger where an inch short would lead to an inch closer to death, there was basically no room for fanciful moves or luck. What you know was what your opponent knew, with the only deciding factor for victory being the various kinds of strength one possessed!

"Don't go and continue spewing your bullshit, Wind God! Aren't you going to eat the table? 5 seconds have passed!"

"Eat, eat, eat! Choke your smelly mouth to death!"

As if I'll eat! Even if he could, he would not do it in this situation.

At this moment, the only thing Wind God could do was to ignore the provocative remarks that were flooding the Skylink broadcast chat and try his best to change the topic. "Cough cough. Everyone please be at ease. A man will stay true to his words. How about this. I'll try to think of a way to eat it. However, we should focus on the duel that's happening before our eyes. Yes, this Tianjing captain has some ability. However, from a specialist point of view, he should not have revealed his strength so early into the match, and should more so not choose to duel with Eddie! That's simply bad decision making! Let's imagine if they had given up on this duel and let him deal with the member the Bierlia Academy would send up for the next duel. If that happens, they would very well have taken the 4th duel and obtain the selection advantage for the final duel! Looks like we've indulged in too much of a fantasy! Look! Captain Eddie's starting to get serious! We have to believe in the Mo's List. I dare to bet that in 5 seconds, no, ten...a dozen seconds from now, that Tianjing captain will be kneeling on the ground!"
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