Battle Frenzy
395 Overestimation
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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395 Overestimation

Chapter 395: Overestimation
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"The captain has turned serious." said Yingren. Although he was still in enveloped by his defeat, he was also attracted by the situation happening in the stage. Being an assassin of the same squadron and family, there was no one here that better understood how frightening Eddie was! When the latter becomes serious, it will spell the end of his opponent!


Eddie took action once again. It wasn't his style to wait and drag the fight out. Although he was slightly caught off guard by the strength of his opponent, he could feel that the latter has yet to reach his limits. Looks like the real fight is about to start!

Let's see exactly what you're made off!

In the next instant, Eddie made his move. This time, the cameras that were trained on him had lost their target. His instantaneous speed had exceeded their limits!

Wang Zhong also made his move. Such a fight was precisely what he had always anticipated for. At this moment, his mind already arrived at the peak of his vigilance. Seemingly at the same instant his opponent took action, he gave a ferocious stamp, simultaneously disappearing from the sight of the cameras!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

The 2 figures collided in the middle of the stage in the next instant, runic daggers flashing out at speeds that caused them to appear as blurs. Unlike the previous exchange, there were extremely few metallic sounds of the daggers clashing. They were replaced by the sounds of air being smashed apart by their attacks and sliced apart by the daggers that broke the sound barrier!

An inch shorter was an inch closer to danger. The dagger was by itself one of the hardest weapons to control and master. Using a dagger to clash in a head-on fight was even more dangerous. The daggers of both parties were infinitesimally close to each other's skin as they were waved about. Such quick movements, coupled with such close distances. In the instant they got close to each other, it would only require a split second mistake to cause one to be chopped by 17 to 18 slashes from the dagger of the other party!

There was nothing more adept to describe this then dancing on the tip of a blade!

What's more, speed was not the only thing these 2 people possessed!

The strongest trait of an assassin is speed, with the weakest being their strength. However, that was when taking other occupations into account. Unlike the other occupations, assassins could focus the limits of their strength in every single strike, what more so an assassin on the Mo's List!

Each attack coming from the daggers was filled with 200 grassos of soul power, the peak of the Casted Soul Stage, causing sparks to form in the air, while blade tips continued to vanish and dance around him. Only when one was able to achieve a complete balance between the 2 would one possess the most basic of qualifications to be a Mo's List assassin!

It was to no one's surprise that Eddie was able to achieve such feats. However, what made everyone speechless was that the captain of Tianjing Academy was unexpectedly able to do the same!

Their increasing speeds caused the their daggers to start colliding within one another once again. Brimming with the 200 grassos of power in every strike, the metallic clashes that resulted sounded just like the ringing of giant bells!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless sparks and explosions formed by the collision of Soul Power erupted across the stage.

Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta!

As the movements made by their feet became quicker, the figures of the 2 grew even more erratic as they darted around the stage akin to 2 bolts of lighting!

The jaws of the audience had already touched the ground in dumbfoundedness, be it the live audience gallery or those watching via the Skylink. This included the host, Wind God, who was already unable to utter a single world.

In the blink of an eye, the 2 people duking it out on the stage had already exchanged places. However, before the audience could catch their breath, the 2 of them turned around simultaneously. In the next instant, like 2 streaking comets, they collided together once again!

Now, everyone felt their brains starting to swell and become useless, with their eyesight being even more so. No one could process the issue of how the Tianjing captain was able to possess such combat prowess! Truthfully speaking, the actions of the 2 were too quick! Their combat rhythms were also too quick, causing others to be completely unable to ponder anything else but watch the intense fight taking place before their eyes. Even those that had stared without blinking or those who were watching from a top-down camera view would still miss out on quite a few of the spectacular instances currently occurring in the fight.

Unknowingly, the number of people watching this duel via Skylink had already exceeded 50 thousand, climbing up to an 80 thousand view count. Naturally, despite all that has happened, there was still no one that believed in Wang Zhong's victory. At the very most, it was on the matter of how long he could last. After all, the Mo's List was stamped by the long reputation the Mo Family had. Although it wasn't to say that those on the Mo's List were invincible, Eddie's strength was absolutely not just the level they were currently seeing in the fight.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Exchange of places! Before colliding yet again!

The 2 parties had chosen the most direct way of fighting!

Dancing on the tip of a blade! The clashing at the peak of their speed and power! Although the 2nd exchange had just begin, the pace of the fight had instantly exploded into a high note!

Faster, faster, faster! I've to be faster!

Everyone watching was completely dumbfounded and stupified by what they saw, with some even forgetting to breath. The entire live audience gallery had instantly turned deathly silence, with the only sounds coming from the footsteps of the 2 as well as the sonorous clashing noises coming from the colliding daggers! The Skylink live broadcast chat feed was incomparably clean. With them being unable to properly see the exchanges taking place in the fight, simply no one had the free time to sprout any nonsense out!

A duel that was supposed to be a one-sided massacre had actually turned out to be that intense!


A loud bang rang out, as the 2 separated from one again yet again!

Both of them shared the limelight yet again!

The members of the Bierlia squadron had all turned as dumb as wooden chickens.

To them, Eddie wasn't just a captain, but was also a pillar of support in their hearts. In fact, it had reached a level akin to spiritual belief! When their captain was selected as one of the figures in the Mo's List, all of them felt incomparable faith and belief in him. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect for a person not from the Mo's List to be able to fight on equal grounds as their captain. Such a person should absolutely not have existed in this CHF! However, at this very moment, in the mere first round of the final competition, an utterly obscure bookworm with no official combat appearances was actually using a dagger to stand on equal grounds as their captain?! What's more, he appeared to be parrying and sending out strikes of his own?!

Was this a dream?! If it was, this would absolutely be a nightmare!

Without talking about the people of Bierlia Academy, there were also quite a few on the Tianjing side that had their mouths agape. Hymin, Milami, Colby and the others felt their brains had slightly short-circuited. This, this can't fucking be real!

Everyone thought they had a rather good grasp of Wang Zhong's level of strength, as they had been training with him for quite sometime before the start of the CHF. In the aspect of ranged combat, he was absolutely a rather qualified ranged soldier. As for close range combat, despite him being the person that have always taught and guided Barran, no one felt that he would be stronger than the former. Teaching and offering guidance were more indicative of one's theoretical knowledge and acute vision that of close combat strength.

However, at the very moment, who the hell was using a dagger to actually fight on equal footing as a Mo's List assassin? Was that fellow really the Wang Zhong they knew?

Let's not talking about them first and focus on Emily, who was unable to control herself from covering her mouth, afraid that she would slip a shriek that might affect Wang Zhong in combat. Unlike Colby, she had always felt that he was very strong, and that wasn't merely on the aspect of ranged combat. This was the intuition of the assassin within her. However, how could Wang Zhong be an assassin?! From the exchanges between him and Eddie, he strength was absolutely not some ordinary level of strength in close combat! Being a first-rate assassin, Emily could clearly feel the strength, power, and detailed actions that came from their assassin base. That absolutely wouldn't appear on anyone that has not sunk 10 over years of hard work in training and walking on the path of an assassin!

The only people within the competition grounds that weren't feeling shock were Grai, Scarlet and Ma Dong, appearing to have expected such a turn of events since the very beginning of the duel. At the moment, while the former 2 were considerably focused and engrossed with the duel, Ma Dong had been jumping up and down, with the only other sound present here coming from him. "Brother Zhong! You're my true brother! Beat his ass!"

"Interesting. It's a pity that you've chosen the wrong person to fight against." all of a sudden, Eddie's expression turn solemn as he spoke out. It was already clear that his opponent Wang Zhong, had concealed his strength all the way just to give a shocking performance in the CHF. Without a doubt, there was nothing more easier than to gain fame and reputation by defeating a Mo's List expert. He had a strong ambition and good plan. However, it's a pity that he has overestimated his capabilities!
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    《Battle Frenzy》