Battle Frenzy
396 Perilous situation
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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396 Perilous situation

Chapter 396: Perilous situation
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Not giving a reply to Eddie, Wang Zhong continued to wear a smile on his face. Twirling his dagger around his fingertips, he finally replied, "Come."

As his reply rang out, their eyes locked onto each other!

The atmosphere in the stage immediately turned desolate and solemn, with the calmness one would find right before a storm.


Eddie's figure started to sway, before disappearing. Wang Zhong was unable to see the latter put any force into his legs, only noticing that the former had already rushed right before him like a bolt of lightning!

Such speed!

Regardless of how he had adapted to Eddie's earlier speed, that apparently wasn't his max speed yet, causing Wang Zhong to secretly gasp in astonishment.

The chilling glint sparkling off the surface of the dagger was faster and stronger than before!

Ding Ding Ding Ding!

There was completely no opportunity or angle he could evade the incoming attacks, leaving him with no choice but to meet them head-on. Regardless of the speed his attacks or his frequency of his moments, all of them were more than a notch higher than before!

Wang Zhong had assumed that Eddie had reached his limit in the earlier exchanges. Never did he imagined that the latter was still able to erupt within even greater speed and power!

Admiration for Eddie started to rise within Wang Zhong, as the former's speed was even faster than he had imagined. Truthfully speaking, despite him not being a specialized assassin, he had no problems in the aspects of skills, techniques, speed, and state of mind. However, Wang Zhong could feel that his control over his dagger was indeed slightly weaker than Eddie. The stalemate of this current exchange was just a facade. Although he did not get injured and was able to continue resisting Eddie's attacks, the latter was attacking more than he was defending, while Wang Zhong was forced to maintain a more defensive stance by sacrificing his offense!

Eddie had gained an advantage in the momentum of the fight! He was somewhat suppressing his opponent!

However, was this suppression enough?


As they passed each other, a weird Soul Power exploded out furiously from Eddie's Power. As his eyes widened in concentration, his mind and consciousness became perfectly harmonized!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh...

2 doppelgangers suddenly appeared by his sides, before splitting away from him. What followed suit was a scene that caused people's eyes to turned blurry in bedazzlement, as the 3 figures crisscrossed with each other, before sending 3 daggers sparkling with a chilling glow that honed on to Wang Zhong back!

"Fuck! What the hell?!"

"True doppelgangers?!"

"Are those illusions?"

The audience was once against dumbfounded by what they saw. Although all of them had seen and heard about the clone techniques of assassins, they were basically identifiable in a single glance. However, the doppelgangers created by Eddie appeared just like his real body. Even the aura and killing intent radiating out of them were utterly identical to the real body, causing them to be completely indiscernible.

"Assassin's creed, Shadow Doppelganger!" a fanatical light sparkled within Yingren's eyes as he shouted out. Even he could not tell the clones apart from the real Eddie. If not for being able to completely disguise one's doppelganger up to look identical to him, what was the use of it? Therefore, Yingren did not practice this technique. However, Eddie, on the other hand could achieve such a feat!

The Shadow Doppelganger skill was considered to be a high-level technique, as only a selectively few people would force themselves to master it in an attempt to look cool, causing people to have a wrong impression of this skill. Compared to them, Eddie's doppelgangers appeared to be built from the same mold as the original. Not only that, each doppelganger appeared to move in an independent manner that wasn't automated or robotic, unlike those silly looking decorations that other people would use them for. Only by doing so would it make identifying the original much more harder.

Once one was able to reach this level of mimicry, it would become an illusion-like ability that no one would be able to break. On the large broadcast screen, the 3 figures of Eddie had completely blocked all escape routes Wang Zhong had, while the chilling glint radiating from the daggers caused everyone to sink into despair!

Everyone's hearts had already risen to their throats.


The dead-on strike was blocked, obstructed by a single dagger.

Not the slightest hesitation was present in Wang Zhong's eyes when he did so. Like all of the other people, his eyes had indeed caught on to the presence of 3 Eddies. However, ever since their appearance, the 3 Eddies had only been a singular existence in his mind.

Regardless of how much shifting he does, or the utilization of dead spots of his vision, there was nothing that could be hidden from Wang Zhong's Heart Eye!

A cognitive assurance had brought about a hesitation-free explosive surge in power!

A rather obscure aura that felt rather calm and casual, started to radiate out from Wang Zhong, It appeared illusionary, with no biting cold killing intent or violent overbearingness. Drifting gently with the flow, it appeared just like the great oceans, calm, quiet, deep and serene. This made it hard for one to detect. However, when it moves, one would be able to feel how vast it was, with its surges bringing about astonishing waves and tsunamis!

Some people felt that assassins should strike swiftly like the wind or lightning, while displaying their abilities to their full extent. However, that would only apply to assassins duking it out on a competition stage!

Being a member of a top class family of assassins, Eddie knew and seen too much in the experiences he had accumulated. How to move like the wind, how to act as still as a mountain, and how to have a 100% hit rate when striking! That was the highest realm an assassin could reach!

The fellow before him, Wang Zhong, was deft with a dagger, and possessed rather good speed. In fact, he wasn't inferior to himself. However, what's frightening was his realm and comprehension! How could such an expert remain hidden for all this time?

The 2 daggers collided against each other with equal force, causing eye-splitting screeches to ring out. Boom...

Eddie gave a muffled snort as his clones dissipated away. If Wang Zhong were confused by Eddie's doppelgangers, he would be in a disadvantageous position in this duel. However, the same could be said for Eddie. If his Shadow Doppelganger technique was unable to change the situation of the fight, it would lead to mistakes in his instantaneous judgment. That was an extremely dangerous outcome in a fight between experts.

Wang Zhong's leg left the ground before descending in the next instant.


A figure shot out like a cannonball from their place of exchange!

Such terrifying leg strength!

Even after blocking the kick timely with his arms, Eddie felt them turn slightly numb.


The figure shooting out placed a hand on the ground to stop his movement, as he skidded a dozen metres from the last location of their clash!

That distance was all caused by the strength of a single kick!

That's Eddie!

Wang Zhong did not rush in to chase after the kill. Even after being sent flying by Wang Zhong's kick, Eddie did not lose his balance once even after skidding on the ground. What's more, his dagger had already been flipped into an offensive position. If Wang Zhong was to pursue and continue his offensive, he might just run into an unimaginable counter-attack from Eddie.

That's why it's so enjoyable to fight such an opponent!

It wasn't that Wang Zhong did not bump into any genuine experts in the OP. People like Divian, to Yingren, Kestan and the others who he had fought when he was still weak were existences that gave him pressure during combat. Although those powerful opponents had caused his fighting spirit to surge countless times over, he had never felt as thrilled and delighted that in this duel he was in! This was the charm of genuine combat!

Being able to exert his full strength in the most optimal manner to display his most perfect self. The person who met him in combat was also the strongest opponent he had faced, well matched to allow him to give his all!

When assassins clash head-on, it would be vicious and quick. Generally speaking, it would only take about 1 to 2 minutes before a victor could be decided. However, that did not apply for this duel. Regardless of the 2 people fighting in the stage or the stupefied audience watching, all of the felt a though an age long battle of attrition was taking place before their eyes!

The strength levels of the 2 were too close, such that ordinary moves and skills were simply unable to cause any upset!

The stage turned silent once again, as Eddie and Wang Zhong came to a halt, one of them with a hand on the ground, while the other stood solemnly in wait. The invisible clash of auras appeared once again, though it wasn't as obscure and faint as before. Now, Eddie could clearly feel the calm ocean before he had been agitated, with vast and powerful waves surging out from its surface that would not be one bit inferior to his own killing intent!

Gently touching the ice-cold dagger with the tip of his tongue, Eddie felt as though he could taste the flavor of blood, before proceeding to slowly stand up.

"I really never imagined that a mere C ranked Tianjing would actually have such a character like you in their ranks!"

A peculiar feeling of excitement appeared on Eddie's face, causing his killing intent to not resemble its previous form. At this moment, the excitement for blood and crazed fighting intent had already started to seep out from the core of his being!
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    《Battle Frenzy》