Battle Frenzy
398 The unbreakable gift of demonic music
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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398 The unbreakable gift of demonic music

"Captain!" Milami, Hymin, Emily and the others could not help but to shout out in shock in response to the unrestrained rampaged caused by the invisible sound waves. Akin to sharp daggers, they sliced apart anything in their part. What's more, the only thing Wang Zhong could do in the face of those was to continue to run helter-skelter away, being completely unable to put up counterattacks at all.

All of them were worried sick. Despite knowing that Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King, Ma Dong and Scarlet's faces were both pale white in worry. This was the strength a person on the Mo's List possessed. They could clearly make sense of Eddie's strength, yet, it was too far to reach. How do they defend against him?

On the contrary, a smile had appeared on the face of the gentle looking Grai, one that appeared extremely strange. It appeared as though listening to the whooshing coming from the people around him made him extremely joyful.

"Tianjing's finished. I have to say that I'm astonished by the level of strength their captain possessed. I believe that not only me, everyone watching this match should be astonished by this. However, it's a pity that he had chosen the wrong target to propel himself into stardom. Just like I've said earlier, regardless of how much strength he's concealing, facing against a Mo's List expert would be tantamount of serving embarrassment to oneself! Not only did he lose the duel, Eddie would definitely not let him leave without a scratch! This would definitely affect their group fight! Tianjing's loss today can be largely attributed to their captain's impulsive and reckless decision! He did not treasure the God-given opportunity for the squadron to obtain victory and got too ahead of himself!" Wind God finally regained his clarity, as he proceeded to wave his fists enthusiastically around while showcasing his viewpoints!

The Mo's List will never lose!

"Musical Soul Blade! Prince of Demonic Music, his highness Eddie!"

"All hail the all mighty, prince Eddie!"

Amidst the crazed roars, Wang Zhong appeared to have felt the immeasurable pressure and despair bearing down on him, as he had started to close his eyes.

No, he's not only closing his eyes!

Eddie could clearly see and feel what Wang Zhong was doing. This caused him to start frowning. He's...sealing his 5 senses?

Temporarily sealing one's 5 senses was a cruel training method that some experts would do to increase their awareness of themselves and the world. Mo Wen was an example of one. However, only those at the apex of geniuses would choose such an extreme choice to challenge themselves and their physical bodies. Why the hell did this Wang Zhong do this? What was he to make such a choice in combat?

After losing his 5 senses, won't he be a wooden stake!

Eddie wasn't the only one that had spotted this. Having a god's eye view of the duel, Wind God had also spotted it. Despite not possessing much fame, being a host that's able to be casted to give a live analysis of the CHF was indicative of the acuteness and focus of one's eyesight. "Oh my god! Tianjing's captain is actually not giving up! He had just sealed up his 5 senses! What the fuck am I seeing! What kind of pretentiousness and conceited behavior is this! What kind of fantasy did he imagine? Indeed, sealing one's 5 sense is the only way to prevent one from being affected by the Musical Soul Blade. However, without being able to see, hear, smell, touch and speak, how is he going to defend against captain Eddie's next attack? Could he be hoping for his opponent to show mercy?"

At this moment, Wing God had already become high. That's because he had bumped into the most spectacular fight he had ever seen since taking up this occupation! A mere C rank fellow who had a skin more thick than himself that still wanted to act pretentiously. Did he really think than concealing a few moves would turn him into Mo Wen???

The only person that dared to do such within the younger generation was Mo Wen, and that stemmed from his heaven gifted talent, as well as the legacy of the Mo Family. That had given him the qualifications to push his body and mind to the absolute limit!

He has yet to be surpassed...and has even yet been mimicked. Even existences like Carolyn, Gui Hao and Vladimir would not try to do so.

At this moment, Wind God was unable to find any other explanation to head towards, "One can imagine that after sealing his 5 senses, Tianjing's captain is now even incapable of conceding defeat. Bierlia Academy has already started to celebrate in advance!"

Among the din coming from the audience galleries all around him, Wang Zhong still stood quietly at his original position. However, at this moment, it seemed as though the sonic attacks have lost their effect.

Clearly, Eddie did not have any pains to show mercy. However, the current state and posture of his opponent ticked him off the wrong way.

The quiet standing posture gave an appearance of one who had given up everything. However, that didn't seem to be case!

That's because the aura around his had yet to dissipate. Although he could feel that the vast ocean before him had calmed down once again, Eddie could not sense any despair or renouncement radiating from Wang Zhong. Instead, it was an even more profound silence and profoundness that he had felt. This feeling had almost made Eddie lunge straight into it!

It seemed, extremely dangerous!

However, despite sealing off his 5 senses to defend against the demonic sounds, how could a man like that fight with him?

However, this had even more so caused Eddie to feel a deep and heavy feeling of threat. This was all due to his intuition, that was forged from his long and exhaustive combat experience, something that has yet to fail him once.

Eddie did not blindly probe it out. Having reached this stage of the fight, with the Tianjing captain having showcased a level of strength that have surpassed his expectations, Eddie did not want to meet with an unexpected failure!

The Musical Soul Blade in his hand was no longer drawing simple semi-circles in the air. Even the movements Eddie made with his entire body was now doing a casual dance, syncing up to the shrieking demonic music howling across the entire stage. At this moment, Eddie was just like a conductor that has control over the entire orchestra, with the music being played precisely being something that was inherited from the previous civilization--Black Friday!

"Assassin's Creed!"

The motions of the Musical Soul Blade was just like a slow grinding gear, being stiff and reluctant at the beginning, before growing increasingly faster as it continues!

The sound waves produced by it were no longer the circularly shaped ripples being shot out towards Wang Zhong earlier, but ones that appear corporeal and substantial! Although the ear-piercing din had been reduced by quite a bit, they have been entirely turned into attacks! Perhaps those watching via the Skylink might not be able to see, but those watching it live and experience the atmosphere 1st hand were able to sense that those sound waves have been turned into death reapers with scythes in their hands. Forming a hurricane, they completely engulfed the entire stage, with Wang Zhong being caught right in their trap!

This was the killing move of the Mo's List assassin, Eddie Brooks!

"Demonic Music--The Shinigami's Concerto!"

"Dense attacks that blotted out the skies, tens of thousands of shades! All of them vowing to turn their target into a pulp!

Not only that, upon the completion of casting that Death song, Eddie already knew that his target would be sliced into pieces, Even if he had closed his 5 senses, Wang Zhong was still too naive to continue contending with him!

At this moment, the Musical Soul Blade in his hand had finished its accumulation of Soul Power. This was the combat attainment required by a Mo's List assassin. Although he knew that Wang Zhong was absolutely unable to evade out of his cage, but by the off chance?

Having fought all the way till here, you better not make me disappointed, Wang Zhong!

A thirst started to form in the depths of Eddie's heart. Although his Black Friday cannot be blocked, being an extremely talent assassin, he knew that there wasn't anything like a perfect move present in this entire world. However, who could break out of his move?

Akin to demonic ghosts, the countless demonic sound waves hurtled towards Wang Zhong At this moment, he appeared vulnerable as a burning candle all by himself in endless darkness without any help, being able to be sliced into pieces by the incoming sound blades at any moment.

However, this weakly burning candle started to jump about deftly and nimbly. After sealing his 5 sense, Wang Zhong had managed to get a clearer understanding of everything happening around him. There was without a doubt that Eddie was a genius whose might would become even more terrifying once he ignites his heroic soul. Such talents would definitely incite envy and jealousy in people, as he was able to fuse the strange and peculiar special ability of music with air pressure to form such an attack!
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    《Battle Frenzy》