Battle Frenzy
399 Is this subjugation!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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399 Is this subjugation!

Wang Zhong's heart was lit aflame. This was the CHF that he had always dreamt about! All of the exquisite moves made by every single soldier were formed by intelligence and experience! There was also the thirst for combat, enduring the opponent's attacks, as well as to feel the same thirst present within one's opponent!

Such feelings were undoubtedly the most stimulating and fortunate for any soldier.

He started to move!

With the stage, Wang Zhong had started to move, following the rhythm of the demonic music akin to a spectre. As he continued to move and sway, attack after attack whooshed past his body. There were those that scrapped his neck, and those that near sliced his eyes. Even the slightest ounce of a mistake made would result in a bloodbath.

Eddie clenched his teeth firmly, trying his best to stop their chattering. It wasn't due to fear, but excitement from what he's seeing. "There's actually such a person in this world that's able to do completely rely on his movements to evade those nigh-invisible and rangeless attacks.

That nimble and agile footsteps were the stuff every assassin dreamt of every night and day! That was the most potent response assassins could do in the face of such attacks!

The Assassin's Creed--Shadow Dance!

Absolute Evasion!

The entire competition ground turned deathly silent, with the live situation in the Skylink live chat feed already turning completely frozen up by Wang Zhong's movements. Those weren't the Ghostly Steps, as they would absolutely be unable to allow for one to evade such attacks. The movements Wang Zhong were making made him appear basically like a spectre, and coming and going like the wind.

However, as this was happening, Eddie took action. Under the provocation of his opponent, Eddie had reached a level of complete ignorance by everyone. Transforming into a black ray of light, he returned to the true origin of an assassin, where an extreme killing move was a life reaping strike!

When all of one's power was converged at one point, it would form the penultimate of an assassin, the Assassin's Creed--Sacrifice!

Eddie had forgotten about everything except the target before him. The blade of his hand perfectly grabbed hold onto Wan Zhong's rhythm, piercing straight towards an empty area/

With a single stab, only death awaits!

At this moment, Wang Zhong had just made a movement when Eddie had already struck out at lightning speed.

Everyone watched the scene unfold before their eyes with bated breaths. Who would have thought that such splendid fireworks would actually appear from what initially seemed like a one-sided suppression!

However, Eddie was the one fighting after all.

Just at this instant, Wang Zhong's hands "slowly" closed together, though this slowness was due to the illusion of time.


His hands clapped together, completely blocking Eddie's life reaping strike!

Naked Blade Catch!

Wang Zhong gave his hands a left twist, causing Eddie's attack force to shift. As his body headed forwards uncontrollably due to momentum, Wang Zhong's lethal attack had already come barreling over.

At the point of life and death, Eddie exploded with an astonishing reaction. With a furious raise of his head, he let the lethal blow twist past him. Following with the flow, he made a twist of his right hand. Holding onto Eddie's wrist, Wang Zhong had also twisted his body. By the time Eddie managed to stand up, Wang Zhong had already arrived behind his back.

As for the Musical Soul Blade, it was already placed against his neck!

The entire attack process only spanned for a fraction of a second. Before everyone was able to follow the unfolding of the scene.

An assassin was actually defeated using such a "subduing" method. This is...

Everyone's jaws were hanging wide open. How's this possible? Is this for real???

Eddie looked towards the sky. This was the first time he felt the sunlight streaming down appeared slightly dazzling. With his mouth feeling extremely dry, he spoke out. "I concede."

Wang Zhong placed his opponent's arm down. Retreating 2 steps back, a faint smile appeared on his face as thought, this was a good start.

Looking towards the Skylink broadcast, Mo Xingchen was most likely the first person to show any response towards Wang Zhong's victory, the smile on her face revealing not much of any surprise. Ever since the start of Wang Zhong sealing his 5 senses, she had already known that Eddie would lose.

Being the successor of a family of ancient martial arts practitioners, the Mo Family, while being one that has inherited the position of Heaven's Fate Master from the previous generations before her, there was no one better than her that understood exactly what it meant to be able to seal one's 5 senses. This was something that Mo Wen was unable to accomplish.

A person that was capable of sealing one's 5 senses would be able to react to a lot of problems. Although they were just impromptu reactions, they were already very astonishing. However, the main point was that there was actually someone like that within the younger generation.

"Is that the Heart's Eye?" Mo Xingchen now felt extremely interested. Biting into the apple in her hand, a delightful smile appeared on her face, "Brother Mo Wen would be extremely interested in this!"

At this moment, Scarlet had already covered her mouth, with tearing swimming around in her eyes.

She had already known about Wang Zhong's other persona. However, even though he was All Mouthy King,

At the instant when Wang Zhong's runic dagger had shattered, her heart had already jumped to her throat. She was afraid to see Wang Zhong lose. It wasn't about losing the CHF but the blow of losing. The higher one stood, the harder one would fall. There were many, many times that the persona of All Mouthy King was a sort of encouragement and motivation to Wang Zhong, creating a necessity for him to constantly improve. However, once he's met with defeat, Scarlet was not sure that Wang Zhong would be able to endure the gazes coming from the various All Mouthy King supporters within the Federation. At that moment, she would rather Wang Zhong to not be All Mouthy King, but a simple and ordinary youth chasing his dreams.

However, at this moment, those worries had disappeared. In the end, All Mouthy King was All Mouthy King. That's right! Just like what Wang Zhong had said, the CHF has just begun!

"All hail brother Wang Zhong!" Emily was already jumping up and down in excitement.

Ma Dong was acting even more crazily, jumping up and down without any restraint at all. Dancing about and waving his hands towards Bierlia Academy while shouting, "Look! This is our Tianjing's captain! See how poor you are to us! Roar~~~!"

Colby, Hymin, Milami and the rest had their eyes wide open and the mouths agape. For real? We've won? This world must be motherfucking crazy for their captain to have finished Eddie of?! That's Eddie on the Mo's List?! Am I fucking not dreaming?!

Hymin could not help but rub her juicy cheeks, while Colby had reacted even crazily. "Lily! Hit me! I want to see...ah!"

Whoosh! Bang!

Colby was smacked squarely in the jaw.

"What are you guys doing?" Barran was also excited, though he was slightly unable to comprehend. Looking at them with a shred of doubt on his face, he asked, "That's an extremely spectacular competition. However, isn't it natural for senior Wang Zhong to win?"

"That's Eddie! The Mo's List's Demonic Prince Eddie!" Hymin pulled his ears as she roared in reply. "What's more, he surrendered! Do you understand what surrendering means? What's more, he's a Mo List's assassin! Oh my god! I feel that I'm definitely in a dream right now!"

The little fellows of Tianjing were completely high, with only Grai maintaining a faint smile. This was an extremely splendid competition, though Wang Zhong's performance was something that he had expected. There were times that simple people were more straightforward when facing problems. In fact, what Barran said was right, though Grai felt that his senior was too gentle in his actions.

Compared to the "high" and crazed reactions of Tianjing, The side of the Bierlia Academy was on a completely different note. After the first 2 successive duel losses, it was still not enough to squash their prideful hearts. However, the result of the 3rd duel had caused the entire Bierlia Academy to turn silent. What's more, a few of the squadron members could not help but to shed tears.

Eddie was the god of Bierlia Academy, and the symbol of faith for everyone. However, this faith had fallen, while everyone could feel that there was no path left, only endless darkness and terror. Therefore, everyone stood there, dumbfounded, unknowing to make out from all of it.

Only after watching for a long while did the audience watching live and via Skylink finally started to slowly regain their senses.
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    《Battle Frenzy》