Battle Frenzy
400 Sweep away all obstacles in the way 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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400 Sweep away all obstacles in the way 2 in 1

Therefore, everyone was still waiting, as almost no one had truly believed for Eddie to get defeated like that. Those were the same sentiments felt by the supporters of the Tianjing squadron. All of them were completely unable to imagine, unable to believe, and more so, unable to accept!

The Mo's List has always been the goal that all youths have chased after. Regardless of universal belief and rallying power, anyone can see that it speaks for itself! Long before the start of the CHF, everyone had already tacitly treated it as a truth. Those experts on the Mo's List could only be defeated by those on the same list! The performances of the various squadrons during the current progress of the competition have indeed reinforced those thoughts. Indeed, many black horses and experts have surfaced out of many people's expectations, people that would attract a certain level of attention if placed in S ranked squadrons. However, regardless of any aspect, they would pale by a large margin when placed side by side to the experts of the Mo's List.
However, in the 1st round of the final competition, a Mo's List expert has fallen. What's more, it was in such form of defeat, while the person defeated being an assassin, an occupation the hardest to counter against.

Eddie was defeated. In a straight-up duel, with no holds barred, he had lost to a freshman who had was also using a dagger?

What kind of academy is Tianjing?

It's crazy! It has already turned completely crazy! Everyone was either jumping about, or crazily hugging the people besides them. Be it male or female, fat or skinny, everyone was hugging and jumping around like little kids with their friends. The explosion of roars that have erupted in that instant caused all the surrounding clouds to scatter apart.
They have actually defeated a Mo's List assassin!!

Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong….

The entire academy was chanting this name. Their straight-A student, physically weak and overboard captain! This extremely well mannered, hopeless captain had turned into a god after his victory!

"I suddenly feel fucking awesome to a member of Tianjing Academy!"

"All hail our overlord, captain Wang Zhong! The super hidden big boss!"

"Didn't I tell you that people with that good theoretical knowledge would definitely not be poor in genuine combat! So! I've struck the bullseye!"

"He's not only the opposite, he had also blinded my god damn eyes! That's an invincible existence we're talking about! Even an expert on the Mo's List has been dealt with!"

"I suddenly that captain Wang Zhong really appears rather domineering and full of a sense of security! I want to make out with captain Wang Zhong!"

"Don't waste your breath! Captain Wang Zhong already has Ma Dong!"

"I want to apply for leave! I want to go to Stuart City to see the matches live! Fuck it, no one's going to stop me!"

"All hail captain Wang Zhong! All hail Tianjing Academy!"

The students from Tianjing Academy that have turned in to watch the match via Skylink had finally regained their senses. In an instant from doing so, their emotions were lit aflame, turning all of them high!

The entire Skylink chat feed was filled with a barrage of comments from the Tianjing supporters. As for Bierlia Academy, they had turned completely mute, with not even a whimper coming from them. Everyone suddenly realized that Tianjing, which was originally supposed to be eliminated 4:0 by Bierlia Academy in the quickest time for the first round of the final competition, had already walked all to the way to the edge of victory.


This might very well become the first round to compete in the final competition. However, in the match, Bierlia Academy might very well become the one that would such a tragedy?

"Even until now, I still cannot believe that captain Eddie was the one that was defeated." Wind God finally opened his mouth, having utterly lost his mind for a moment just now. Being one of the experts on the Mo's List, he was actually defeated by an obscure and nameless fellow in the first round of the final competition. If not for the broadcasting command prodding him 3 times, he might still be trapped in a state of absent-mindedness. Naturally, it was already too late for him to change his target and start bootlicking Tianjing, as he would be cursed by people for being absolutely shameless. Regardless of anything, Wind God already comprehended something. Not only did he need to seek death why doing his analysis, he had to toss himself into death! One can only be vicious when one treat's oneself with viciousness!

"Cough Cough. Let me smooth things out. As of now, the current situation doesn't bode well for Bierlia Academy, who are 0:3 down. Nonetheless, being an A+ rank squadron, I believe that they still have the chance to turn this match around!" Wind God's words were merely an embarrassment even for the most loyal of the Bierlia Academy supporters, to the point of them feeling slightly shamed by them.

Truthfully speaking, there was already no one that cared about the victor of this match. Irregardless of whether Bierlia Academy was about to hold on all the way to the group battle, it was already their loss. Without speaking about anything else, just the presence of Wang Zhong, who was able to defeat Eddie, and the deeply concealing Grai, was already able to sweep clean everyone one from the Bierlia squadron.

At this moment, people were now caring about another problem.

"You guys, do you think that it's possible for this Wang Zhong to be All Mouthy King?"

In the current state of the CHF, any question in relation to All Mouthy King would be absolutely hot and popular.

During the elimination round phase of the CHF, there were quite a few people who went around guess who might be the real identity of All Mouthy King. However, there was no unanimous decision in the end. Although those suspects might have some traits that were similar to the various unique aspects of brother King, 2 conclusions were made in the end, with them either being not as strong, or not as overbearing as brother King.

However, this duel was entirely different, as Eddie was the one that was defeated! According to the rules of the Mo's List, anyone that could defeat an expert on the Mo's List would definitely be someone on the same list! What's more, brother King was the only expert within the Mo's List that doesn't have a real identity attached to him. Naturally, while there were those that choose to believe, there were also those that choose not to.

Under the moulding of the Federation, All Mouthy King was already no longer an ambassador of a pure expert. He had already become a type of faith and symbol for it! There would be 100 All Mouthy Kings in the hearts of 100 fans. Everyone had a different image of All Mouthy King in their heart, so the identification of his real identity could no longer be judged through strength and unique traits.

"Did you guys notice that captain Wang Zhong and brother King's the same! As in both of them have the word "王" in their names!" (王 means king in chinese, with the pinyin of Wang)

"I'm called Johnny, and I've a "强" in my name. According to what you proclaim, does that mean I'm also All Mouthy King?" (嘴强王者 = All Mouthy King in english, while 强= powerful. The translation of the english name Johnny into chinese is 强尼. =)

The clamouring of the audience quickly changed the rhythm of the Skylink broadcast chat. Although Wind God really wanted to go with the flow, anything that involved even the slightest connection with All Mouthy King would inevitably be lit aflame. However, it was a pity that the match has yet to come to an end.

"Okay! Everyone, let's focus our attention back to the competition stage! Ite 4th duel for this match is about to start! As of now, Tianjing leads with a score of 3:0, and have the advantage of selection for this upcoming duel. Let us see what kind of member or general the Bierlia Academy will send up! Being an A+ rank squadron, I believe in their capabilities!"

The discussions and debates happen in the Skylink came to a temporary halt. Although the discussions and debates about All Mouthy King would undoubtedly result in a storm after the competition, this match has yet to come to an end.

Although Tianjing had already absolutely gotten the momentum and advantage. However, until the very last second, who could be 100% sure about anything in matters like competitions? One fine example would be the supporters of Bierlia Academy. If people had told them Tianjing would obtain victory and Eddie would lose, there might not be anyone who would believe what seemed like a blatant lie. However, it had now become a reality.

The supporters of Bierlia Academy were holding on to their last straw of hope as they waited quietly in anticipation.

However, when the cameras were focused onto the faces of the members of the Bierlia squadron, all of the supporters felt the flames of anticipation within them had turned icy cold.

Compared to the high spirited atmosphere present before the start of the match, there were only faces filled with despair present in them.

Precisely as what Wind God had said, being an A+ ranked squadron, they had possessed a high overall standard in combat strength and ability. Of the 10 squadron members, other than Eddie, who towered over the rest, the other 9 people, including the substitutes, had about the same level of combat prowess and ability. Other than Yingren being slightly stronger than the rest, there might still be a fight left squadron with such an equal level of strength all around might. Even if they were unable to defeat Tianjing, it was absolutely possible for them to create lots of headaches for them.

However, following the defeat of Eddie, the confidence of this bunch of people had totally collapsed. Their dull looking face with not the slightest bit of anger present was the greatest proof of this.

It was a fortune, as well as sorrow, for a squadron to possess a trump card. When a squadron is over-reliant on a single person, losing he or she would cause them to lose all of their radiance and splendour.

At this moment, having suffered such a loss, Eddie sat on his seat. Not moving an inch, he appeared as though he had lost his soul. With much difficulty, Yingren gathered his already shattered and collapsed squadron, before deciding the person to send up for the next duel. "Beshear".

"Roar!" a soldier with a moderately large physique walked out and gave a loud roar, smashing the sword wield on his left hand violently against the shield held by his right.

Although he seems to be very imposing, Yingren could tell that the former was forcefully holding in his sorry and despair. In such a state, it would be extremely hard for him to perform to the best of his ability in combat for the upcoming duel.

There was no other way. Being a soldier, he was off the type that was hard to counter against. What's more, the most important factor was that he currently had to best mental state within all of their squadron members, as the rest had already collapsed. Without talking about them, even Yingren no longer held any hope for this match. What he needed to do now was to lead Bierlia Academy to the end of the match when Eddie was not able to function.

Giving a gentle pat on Beshear's shoulder, he said, "Good luck."

Compared the solemness and atmosphere of despair clouding over the Bierlia squadron, the Tianjing squadron appeared considerably relaxed. With a 3:0 lead and the fall of Eddie, this was already able to confirm their spot in the next round of the competition. Naturally, this incoming duel must not be lost. Compared to being dragged into a group battle, Tianjing had an even greater hope of achieving a clean 4:0 sweep!

"Leave it to me!" said Emily, sounding extremely excited. Although she wasn't the one to personally defeat Eddie, this match had given the Assassin Family a slight win over the Brooks Family.

"Now, we can see that Bierlia Academy has sent out Beshear! An orthodox soldier that has obtained an A rank evaluation in the elimination rounds! The usage of a sword and shield doesn't give him any obvious advantage against any occupation, but allows him to be a jack of all trades! Oh my god! Tianjing Academy is still going on the same rampant streak as before! Instead of taking the initiative to take control of their victory streak, they did not stick to the usual counter occupation pick, and have chosen an assassin! There isn't any advantage for an assassin when faced against a soldier! Why not choose a heavy soldier? Everything that has happened today makes me feel despair."

Wind God started blankly at the table before him. Ever since his bet, he had been considering whether to eat it or not...

"Oh! Tianjing has sent their little miss assassin from the Assasin Family. She someone worth noticing. This little miss assassin had made an astonishing performance during the elimination rounds, having obtained a similar A rank evaluation. These 2 people have shown rather close levels of strength in their performance during the elimination rounds. Therefore, I feel that this would be a fierce battle between giants! Look, Beshear had sent out a furious roar of anger! What a sufficient show of vigour! Harbouring a heart of revenge, while being in a do or die situation, I personally believe that his chances of victory will be higher...Look, the fight's about to start! Beshear's making a rather fierce advance!"

The play by play analysis was continuing. Although the duel has just started, Mo Xingchen had already finished her apple before conveniently closing her Skylink screen.

Beshear gave an awe-inspiring roar of fury. Faced against a nimble and agile assassin, a solid defence to counter attack is the way to victory for a soldier. However, that Beshear has started with a fierce assault. This meant that his energy has been wasted into too many useless aspects. In the end, the people of the Bierlia squadron have already become flustered and confused. Indeed, Eddie was an outstanding assassin, with his strength not belittling the might of the Mo's List. However, it's a pity that he had bumped into Wang Zhong, into Tianjing. Wang Zhong, Grai and Barran had obtained close to inconceivable victories in a suppressive fashion, which had completely destroyed the confidence of their opponents. In Beshear's heart, he only wanted to end this duel to come to a quick end, before fleeing this place...

This was the cruel and merciless nature of the competition, where the dancing stage will similarly turn into one's nightmare.

Mo Xingchen knew that the score would definitely end with 4:0. This was a result that everyone watching this match would most likely have not expected. Previously, it was only due to Wang Zhong's thesis that had made her tune in subconsciously. However, never did she imagine that this match would be so surprisingly spectacular. The strength this squadron possessed would most likely cause everyone to feel unease.

However, could Wang Zhong be All Mouthy King?

Truthfully speaking, Mo Xingchen wasn't able to confirm that, as the judgement of the Heaven's Fate Master wasn't omnipotent. It would only allow her to point to a certain direction. More so, it would allow her to make a few vague and imaginary judgements and predictions. It was extremely rare for her to be able to make an accurate prediction for a single person.

However, it was due to this unknown factor that caused her to feel even more interested.

A person with such intelligence and strength, coupled with a Grai that even she could not see through. How bright would such a team like this shine in the CHF?

The conflicts between the aristocratic families have become increasingly uninteresting, as it was just the banter between a few figures. As for this Tianjing squadron, Mo Xingchen had great anticipation for them.

Just as she had expected, the duel happening on stage did not last too long. Beshear wasn't weak, and of a relatively high standard, on the approximate level as Adolf's Cecil. If he was fighting steadily and surely, he would definitely put up a fight, making it hard to predict the victor of this duel.

Emily did not display much stuff in her fight, relying merely on her movement speed. Without even using her explosive special ability or the unique skills and abilities she had gained during her special training, just the use of basic assassin movement techniques and speed was more than enough to force Beshear to the point of despair. This was something that caught Wang Zhong by surprise. This little brat was no longer the brainless assassin that would rush head-on into combat. Her stable mentality, conservation of strength, and control over the fight showed that Emily did not merely learn how to fight during the special training she had done during the holidays!

The opponent was flustered and hasty to seek victory in this duel. The more he did so, the more Emily would drag it out.

This young girl from the Assassin Family had appeared to be incomparably strong and power in Beshear's sense. Her light and deft movements, increasing speed, as well as the appearance of her being just like a cat chasing after a mouse!

With his mind reaching the point of collapse, the result had been determined. Therefore, despair was the only thing left within the eyes of the Bierlia Academy students.
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    《Battle Frenzy》