Battle Frenzy
401 Psychological warfare
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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401 Psychological warfare

A gust like shade fleeted across the stage. As for Beshear, who had completely lost his fighting spirit and was completely worn out, he could only raise his shield as a symbolic gesture. However, the attack he had imagined did not appear. Instead, it came in a form of a chilling intent being placed gently on his neck.


"I have to say that I've guessed the correct outcome, but not the right side." not much disappointment could be heard from Wind God's voice. Truthfully speaking, there wasn't even an ounce of relationship whether Bierlia Academy wins or loses. To good news was that the attention he's getting from the Skylink has been raised by 10 thousand. There were quite a few people that have left crazy messages on the Skylink message boards to remain him to eat the table! "Thank you Tianjing Academy and Bierlia Academy for bringing us such a spectacular match. According to the records of the various matches held today, this is the fastest match among the 10 matches that were held at the same time, as well as the first victory in the CHF's final competition! It has been my greatest honor to be able to cast this match! As for the matter of me eating the table, I will definitely hold true to my promise. At a later time, I'll make a live broadcast on my personal Skylink channel, and I welcome everyone to come watch and inspect!"

Upon finishing his statement, Wind God discovered that he had gained another 500 subscribers to his personal Skylink channel, instantly causing tears to flow from his eyes. This is the genius of brother Ruo Zhi! I've finally comprehended it!

Wind God wasn't the only person who had tears streaming down his face. At this moment, many of the Tianjing squadron members, as well as the students, teachers, and even headmaster Green over at Tianjing Academy thousands and thousands of miles away had tears spilling out from their eyes.

Ever since the announcement of their opponent yesterday, a dreary cloud of misery had covered over the entire Tianjing Academy.

The academy had very high hopes for the performance of their squadron. Although they recruited in an ad hoc fashion, with seemingly all of them being comprised of new people, they had managed to defeat Adolf and Saxon. What's more, a series of amazing combat performances had caused everyone to start holding hopes for them. This was especially so after the squadron had made it out of the elimination rounds. The hope and anticipation for their squadron had instantly reached the peak!

However, their opponent was Bierlia Academy! The frequent visitor of the CHF's final competition, and the veteran powerhouse of the western region! During the previous CHF's where those aristocratic family squadrons did not participate, there were countless instances of them reaching the best of 8 and even the best of 4 in the final competition. This time around, they even have a Mo's List assassin, Eddie, in their ranks! A BUG class existence that could solo 5 people by himself!

The sheer strength of Bierlia Academy caused despair to anyone who had to face against them. Everyone from Tianjing Academy, with headmaster Greene included, had hoped for their squadron to not lose too miserably. However, never in their wildest dreams did they imagine that Wang Zhong and the others would be that awesome! No no no! How could they only be awesome? They've basically pulled of a miracle only gods could create!

Be it Wang Zhong, or Grai, Barran and Emily, the images of every single one of them with the hearts of the Tianjing students were now blossoming with halos and glorious rays of brilliance. At his moment, the squadron had already become the symbol of faith for all of the students!

Although the official broadcast on Skylink had already ended, Tianjing Academy had long sunk into a crazed and frenzy atmosphere. At this moment, it would appear superfluous to continue with the showering of praises. Nevertheless, it was all the action that was needed.

"There are still 3 to 4 more days left till the end of the first round of the final competition. I really want to head over there to watch the 2nd round!"

"Let's group up and head to Stuart City! I want to cheer for our squadron!"

"The train fare's rather expensive. How about getting headmaster Greene to help us book a carriage? We can get everyone to pool in money!"

"I've 20 thousand credits here! These are the savings I've accumulated from 2 years of part-time work!"

"I've 3 thousand over here. I've just paid my school fees. Nonetheless, it's worth it even if I've to drink water for the whole of this money!"

"I've 30 thousand here!"

"Fuck! Even with headmaster helps with the booking, how could this little bit of money be enough….do you know how much likely it'll cost to book a carriage?"

"There's no need for you guys to pool your money! Those who want to go can come and register your name at the Prodigy Society tomorrow! As for the armored train and food, I'll cover all of it!" there naturally wasn't such a nouveau riche among the students. The one who had shouted out was precisely Qian Duoduo. Being the sponsor of the Prodigy Society, he had naturally paid full attention to the performance of the squadron in this CHF. Truthfully speaking, their results were fucking awesome in his eyes.

"All hail the Prodigy Society! All hail manager Qian Duoduo!" the students roared out in elation.

Initially, he had helped sponsor the Prodigy Society just for the sake of giving him more plus points in the eyes of the local administration, which would give him the same luck as winning from a lottery ticket. However, never in his wildest dreams did him expect such a performance by them! This Prodigy Society's too fucking awesome! The 4 people that have handed the Bierlia Academy a 0:4 loss were all members of the Prodigy Society, people that were aided by him! He had only sponsored a mere 200 thousand credits for the past this moment, even Qian Duoduo started to feel a little embarrassed. Taking into consideration of what the Prodigy Society have achieved over the course of this year, 20 thousand, or even 2 million credits for a year's sponsorship was an amount that would not cause him to bat an eyelid.

Qian Duoduo was a businessman, while Ma Dong was also an influential figure who was advocating for Tianjing to be developed into an interchange, which would cause the city to become the core of this entire region. Such a person would definitely be hugely influential in the future. Therefore, Qian Duoduo wanted to grab onto this future giant as early as possible!

His sponsoring for the students to watch the Tianjing squadron live at Stuart City could be considered as gifting a favor to the academy. Although it would definitely not come cheap, Qian Duoduo believed that many businessmen would rush to grab hold of such an opportunity if it happened anywhere else.

There were a considerable amount of spectacular performances that have emerged from the first day of the final competition. There was without any doubt that the matches involving the S ranked squadrons received the greatest attention from the audience, one of which was between Stuart Academy and Saint Mongols Academy. Being the 1st seeded squadron of the CHF, and having 4 experts on the Mo's List in their ranks, the might of the Stuart Academy was visible for all to see. Despite the Saint Mongol Academy having a Mo's List expert in the form of Yingmei Assassin, a match full of misery had already been predicted for them even before the start of the match.

The final result was a clean and easy score of 4:1. Other than sending out Wuli as the vanguard, the Stuart squadron had sent up their substitutes for all of the other duels, displaying their formidable standard for everyone to see. Even their substitutes had undoubtedly possessed the strength of an A rank squadron.

The only duel they lost was snatched away by Yingmei Assassin. There were people who said that this was a form of insult to him, with Stuart Academy not showing sufficient respect to him by not sending a Mo's List expert to match up against him. However, there are also people who said that this was Stuart trying to protect the reputation and face of Yingmei. However, anyone could see that if Yingmei was to be matched up against Carolyn or 1 of the 3 other Mo's List experts within the Stuart squadron, there was a possibility of him losing, resulting in a complete 4:0 for Stuart.

Regardless of the guesses the world was making, all of these were arranged by Carolyn. The Stuart Family have always been well known as being realistic and practical. To her, leaving some face for the Assassin Family while concealing the strength of her squadron members was a win-win situation.

To her, there was no point in obtaining a 4:0 sweeping victory. Those on the same realm as Stuart Academy no longer needed to prove anything to anyone. To them, all they needed to do was to obtain the championship, as mankind would only remember the 1st place.

The most sorrowful Mo's List assassin!

The Assassin Family's journey in this CHF had ended in disastrous defeat.

Not every squadron had obtained victory in such an outright manner as Tianjing and Stuart. The death matches between squadrons of similar strength were battles that pitted their courage, intelligence, bravery, squadron formation, line up selection, predictions, information gathering, the flow of skills and techniques used, counter picks, combat strategies and many others. These were still the basics, as there was also counter-attack timings, when to pull back, the creation of feints, the continuous dance of counterplays that caused the blood of the audience to surge and boil.

The atmosphere of the competition grounds had flared up to the point of there only being emotion-filled intense roars present in the air. Waves of cheers continued to ring out one after another. Under a neutral standing situation, all of them were cheering for a spectacular match. As for the audience tuning in to watch via the Skylink, they were using various kinds of methods to express their emotions and excitement for the upcoming match. Every match happening in the final competition were different from one another. It's said that the most popular ones have reached viewership numbers of 5 million and up, something that could be said as god-like.

The appearance of the Torres Academy squadron walking towards the side of the competition stage attracted the gazes of countless people. That was close to 1 million people looking at them. Being an S rank squadron, there was absolutely no doubt towards the strength the Torres squadron. What's more, they have 2 Mo's List experts, the Torres brothers, as their core. Nonetheless, the brothers have truly unique appearances, with the younger brother Cabel appearing like a middle-aged uncle, while the older brother Bobo appearing like a little kid. This caused them to attract a sizeable amount of attention, though they were naturally not happy about it.

However, their opponents would absolutely not overlook their existences. Cephas Academy squadron was a power A+ranked squadron, and are highly ranked amongst the A ranks squadrons. Although they might not have any chances of obtaining the championship, specialized analysis on their strength has predicted that they have the ability to break into the round of 32. In fact, they were capable of putting up a fight against a best of 16 squadron. However, it was a pity that their opponent for the first round was against an S ranked squadron.

"For the duel between vanguards, Bobo Torres has graced the stage! Cephas Academy has interestingly sent out their heavy solder Lanketon, the biggest sized member of their squadron."

Even though they were up against Torres Academy, Cephas Academy did not give up on this match. Being an A+ ranked squadron, they weren't afraid of the so-called S rank. Although their chances of victory were extremely slim, they would not give up just like that. In a head-on fight of strength, strategies played a similarly important role.

"Oh my god! A play to create the greatest difference in height? I hope it casts a shadow in Bobo's heart."

"I've heard that Bobo hates those "tall and big" people the most. I bet they are purposefully infuriating him. Cephas is also a veteran powerhouse that isn't easy to deal with!"

On the broadcast platform, the casters wore smiles on their faces as they provided a play by play analysis of the match.

On the competition stage, the difference in high and size was indeed extremely obvious.

Lanketon's 2.3 metre tall frame gave of an extreme amount of pressure. As the first duel was exceedingly crucial for their Cephas squadron, they have analyzed Torres's predicted choice before making their selection. Although he looked just like a little brat, Bobo Torres is extremely powerful and overbearing, and commanded a huge amount of respect from Alasi. As everyone wanted to give off their best appearances in the first match, while also making sure their representative possessed a certain level of strength, there were 9 out of 10 chances for Bobo to sent out for the first duel.

According to Cephas's strategy, Bobo, who was ranked on the Mo's List, was, in fact, the breakthrough point they were aiming for. Bobo was a Soul Summoning Master, and 66% of a Soul Summoning Master's strength lies in the Soul Beasts they has summoned.

If Bobo have summoned out his Soul Beast before the start of the duel, Lanketon would immediately concede. There was nothing to be ashamed off to lose against a Mo's List expert.

However, Bobo did not summon his Soul Beast at all. Therefore, Cephase was precisely aiming for the weakness of this S rank squadron, their pride and arrogance!

The referee for this duel had just started to wave his hand, before an astonishing wave of roars coming from the preparation room of the Cephas squadron shook the entire competition ground. Those roars were clearly amplified using a sonic wave special ability, causing the roars of a dozen members to have the result equivalent of a hundred over people shouting at the top of their lungs.

"The heavenly king will suppress the tiger roaming the earth, while Bobo will always be one and a half metres tall!"


Before the any of the lingering echoes could ring out again, a replying roar rang out within the audience gallery. "The treasured pagoda would suppress the river full of demons, while Bobo will never ever grow any bit taller!"

Such brilliance! This was specifically planned out attack!

A psychological warfare started from outside of the stage!

Influencing the mental state of the opponent fighting on stage to obtain an advantage for the duel.

It has to be said that such naked ridiculement and shaming caused the entire audience to turn completely mute while thinking, That's too vicious!

Anyone would be infuriated if they were the target of such ridiculement, what more Bobo Torres, who was already known to have a short temper.
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    《Battle Frenzy》