Battle Frenzy
402 Yet another black horse
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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402 Yet another black horse

Bobo was clearly stunned by the roars, which had ripped and clawed at the wounds of his heart right in front of the whole world. This was the exact definition of one's heart being pierced by thousand of arrows!


At the instant when Bobo was caught in an absent-minded state, Lanketon had not wasted any bit of this opportunity as he raised the heavy hammer in his hand. Like a ferocious tiger descending from the mountain, he took a step forwards, swinging his hammer with all his might towards Bobo's head. This was the most optimal situation that their squadron had planned for! And they've successfully grasped hold of it!



The casters were also caught with their pants down by the series of events happening before their eyes. There's really such a move like that! Cephas Academy is clearly playing a sinister game. However, everyone has to admit that this move was extremely brilliant. Grabbing hold onto Bobo's mental scars was an utterly brilliant strategy.

At this moment, the entire audience was shouting in shock and astonishment. "Cephas Academy's too sinister!", "Bobo won't be done in by that!", "Hurry up and evade!"


However, Bobo has yet to make a single move, before Lanketon's full powered smash of the heavy hammer came pounding down on his head.

Now, everyone was completely dumbfounded by what they have seen. "This can't be real, right? This Bobo's mental resilience is too poor! Just like that, Mo's List's Soul Summoning Master is smashed to death?!"

A second later, everyone who was shocked their jaws agape by what they saw. Lanketon's gigantic hammer had pounded onto Bobo's head, yet, Bobo Torres had just given his neck a crack...yes, a crack.

What the hell is that??? Indestructible head???

Isn't he a Soul Summoning Master?

In the Torres Academy preparation area, Alasi and the others did not know whether to laugh or to cry at the development of the duel. Is this the so-called resourcefulness of weaklings? They were basically rubber-stamping their own deaths! Although Alasi was the captain of the Torres squadron, their strongest member was precisely Bobo. The only reason why the latter was not selected to be captain was due to his character. What's more, infuriating him was absolutely the stupidest of things to do towards him.

The entire squadron was now using gazes of sympathy to look at Lanketon, who was currently stuck in a duel with Bobo.

Beads of sweat started to pour out of Lanketon's forehead. At the instant when he had smashed his hammer into Bobo's head, they had poured out like a river. "Why is this happening?" From the sensations coming from his hand, Lanketon felt as though it was a mountain, and not a person that he had smashed his hammer into.

Everything had happened so quickly. Although everyone had already seen the whole series of events happening in the duel, there were still shouting continuing to roar out from the audience. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5,. Bobo the little mouse…"

In the next moment, all of the shouts came to a halt.

Their psychological warfare had succeeded, allowing for Lanketon's full powered blow to strike squarely on Bobo's head. Lanketon had gone all out with the intention of smashing his opponent's head into bits. That was a full powered blow without any restraint of his strength. This was the decision made by Cephas Academy after the confirmation of Torres Academy being their opponent. As long as Bobo was sent up, they would use this psychological attack to deal with him. If it Cabel was being sent out, they would also use a similar psychological attack in the theme of premature ageing to create an opportunity to unleash the lethal blow!

All of these was within the boundaries of the rules. Since the CHF had allowed for a live audience at the competition grounds, with there being no rule on the filtering of what's not allowed to be said for one's cheering, what Cephas Academy had done were within the rules.

They had succeeded in pulling off their plan. However, as for the result...

Raising his head, the cold gaze shooting out of Bobo appeared just like the frost ray coming out of Mr Freeze's gun.(DC comics). As he started to rub his forehead, a gigantic beast proceeded to walk out from his body.

In more accurate terms, it can't be described with the term walking. It was more like Bobo's shade had expanded in a ripple-like manner, before the giant beast appeared within the competition stage.

Lanketon's breathing came to a halt. Raising his hand, he attempted to concede. However, it was already too late.


The gigantic beast waved its gigantic claw in a fashion as though it was swatting a fly.

It was just an ordinary wave, yet the resulting wind pressure was akin to a level 6 hurricane that wreaked havoc across the entire stage! Quite a few skirt wearing girls felt embarrassed and angry as they pressed their skirts down. Bobo, who did not have many female fans, had instantly gained quite a few hundred female anti-fans.

However, the female anti females were quickly perked by something else, which was also the matter which had astonished all of the audience. What happened to Lanketon?

Within the competition stage, other than the 1.5 meter tall Bobo, there was only a gigantic and heart palpitating summoned Soul beast of his.


All of a sudden, an astonishing cry rang out, causing the cameras to quickly turn to follow. Very quickly, Lanketon appeared on the big screen, not moving a single inch as he laid on the ground.

Bobo's face was still emotionless, while the gigantic dimensional beast had unknowingly disappeared. Everyone knew he was a Soul Summoning Master. However, that thing's basically… a demon twice the side of Laura's Flaming Explosive Bear.

After the end of the 1st duel, Cephas Academy's wisdom had been completely smashed, with all of their strategies becoming useless.

The Torres Academy had advanced in a crushing manner.

The first match was filled with splendour, with the 2nd day being not one bit inferior. The combat was still as fiery, though Tianjing was now no longer the only black horse. The other C rank squadron that has killed their way through the elimination rounds, the Giant God Peak Academy, had also shown an extremely eye-grabbing performance.

Everyone was still not very clear exactly how strong the Giant God Peak squadron was. To them, this squadron seemed to be filled with luck, as they were able to hide all the key facts of their strength as they swayed their way all the way into the final competition. However, their opponents for the 1st round was the Oleg Academy squadron!

Being the overlord of the northern region, although the Oleg Academy squadron doesn't have the strength of an S ranked squadron, they were an obvious powerhouse of the northern regions of the Federation. What's more, the Oleg squadron had shown an outstanding performance so far in this year, ranking in the top 20 among all of the academies in the Federation. Their entire line up was extremely stable, with all of their heavy soldiers and soldiers being extremely strong imposing, while also having no weaknesses in the other occupations. What's especially frightening was the combat prowess of their group battle, which was 1st class. Regardless of combat strategies or experience, they were a strong squadron, true and true. This year, under the leadership of Kestan, their ambitions were roaring sky high.

Kestan was still making a certain level of preparations before the start of the competition. Regardless of whether he felt that a C rank squadron was able to blow up any storms, his mind was placed on those top class squadrons, as it was extremely likely for him to bump into them in the 2nd round. To him, this was a challenge, as well as an opportunity.

However, very quickly, a brutal reality was carved for him by the Giant God Peak!
However, who would have guessed that the confidence filled Oleg Academy would suffer a serious blow in their 1st duel. The vanguard they had sent was Ma Dan, their strongest heavy soldier for the duel they were most confident about. Compared to them, their opponent had sent out a little brat whose height was only about 1.6 metres. This brat was definitely only of the most diminutive among new humans, yet he was hoisting a giant hammer towering over 2 metres in his hands. Squaring up in a fight that seemed like something that would happen in a circus, Ma Dan was sent flying with a single smash of the giant hammer, causing everyone to be flabbergasted.

Sensing that there was something not quite right about the Giant God Peak, Kestan had sent out Gael, their vice-captain for the 2nd duel. Gael was an offense orientated spear wielding soldier. Standing at the height of 1.8 metres, he possessed the agility and deftness that was a headache even for Kestan to deal with.

However, Giant God Peak had once against caused another brutal blow to Oleg. Their participant for the 2nd duel was their mainstay assassin Fernandes. On theory, Gael could disregard assassins due to the frightening level of speed he possessed. There were many occasions that he was likened to be an assassin styled soldier. In other words, his combat style was most suitable to counter assassins.

After 2 bouts of exchanges between him and Fernandes, Gael had already obtained the superiority. However, it was at the instant of him unleashing his killing blow when he exchanged glances with Fernandes's eyes. At god knows when, the pair of black pupils had transformed into a greyish like pale white colour, turning his frightening eyes into something akin to the terrifying ghouls from horror movies.

Petrification special ability!

Fernandes was an assassin who possessed a petrification special ability!
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    《Battle Frenzy》