Battle Frenzy
403 Crosswheels
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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403 Crosswheels

This had caused astonishment to appear in the entire competition grounds. The petrification special ability has always been known as the strangest of special abilities. Not only was it extremely rare to manifest in new humans, it was also the hardest special ability to defend against. Be it fire or ice, every special ability had their counters. However, there was nothing to write home about petrification, be it its counters or activation speed!

Having become complacent while unleashing his killing move, Gael was caught unprepared, leading to him not putting any defenses up against Fernandes's Petrification.

The lost of the 1st and 2nd duel forced Kestan to personally grace the stage for the 3rd duel, who he successfully took down. However, there was no possibility for Oleg to mount a resurgence after paying the severe price of underestimating their opponents.

The 4th duel was a matchup between shooters, where Giant God Peak's usage of a sniper rifle caused Oleg's ranged soldier to be unable to even make a peek out to shoot.

However, the most fanatical moment for this match was the 5th duel, when Dicaprio pulled out the Cross Wheels, causing the entire competition grounds to be filled with the roars of the audience.

Although the duel happening on the stage would determine the victor, the audience had already focused all of their attention of guessing who All Mouthy King was.

Every single person in the Federation knew that the Cross Wheels were the specialty weapons of All Mouthy King. It wasn't to say that there weren't people practicing how to use them, but only a handful of people were able to use it well in practice. As for those that dared to use it in a competition, Dicaprio was the only one since the former!

This duel had turned into a one-man performance by Dicaprio about the terrifying cutting ability of the Cross Wheels. Not only was his opponent not able to put up a sliver of resistance, it had caused wave after wave of surging emotions to fill the entire competition grounds. He had completely displayed the method All Mouthy King had done, down to the letter!

One could even feel that his opponent was utterly shocked by Dicaprio's display. Upon causing total collapse of his opponent to obtain the victory, the host had rushed up to the stage without a care of the world. Holding onto Dicaprio, he asked the burning question the entire audience had in their hearts and minds, "Are you All Mouthy King?"

Clearly, the host was also a fan of All Mouthy King.

A faint smile appeared on Dicaprio's face as he enjoyed the cheers the audience had roared out for him, before replying. "What do you think?" before turning about and smiling, "I'm kidding. I just feel that the Cross Wheels are very formidable weapons, that's all."

Dicaprio left an image of him being an ruthless figure to everyone, as well as causing the surging voices of discussion and debate to ring out from the entire competition grounds.

Dicaprio proceeded to walk down the stage with an indifferent attitude, leaving being even more doubts in the hearts of the audience, while also causing even more people to surge with excitement. Ever since the fight that made All Mouthy King a legend, there were quite a few people that have attempted to learn how to use the Cross Wheels. Of those who had entered the OP, a considerable amount of them had given this unique weapon a try. However, seemingly everyone had failed to accomplish anything with it. Even for those that have succeeded, they would encounter problems when launching it or using it in combat. This caused everyone to gradually start to classify the Cross Wheels as a set of weapons uniquely catered for All Mouthy King.

People with acute vision were able to feel the powerful might behind the Cross Wheels wielded by Dicaprio. Nonetheless, there was still a slight difference compared to All Mouthy King. However, there was no one that could prove whether the former was purposefully doing so or now.

Regardless of anything, the 2nd super black horse has emerged. The Giant God Peak squadron!

As guesses and suspects for All Mouthy King's real identity increased in number, the Giant God Peak squadron achieved universal fame from a single victory.

Other than this black horse, the most viewed matches on the 2nd day were still the ones involving the 2 S+ ranked squadrons, the Heaven's Fate squadron and the Ghost Emperor squadron.

Every single squadron aiming to climb higher in the CHF final competition were researching about them. As for those S- ranked squadrons, they would do even deeper analysis and studies into them. There's no one out there that doesn't want to be the champions. As for the 2 S+ squadrons, they were undoubtedly the greatest obstruction to that goal.

However, the outcome of the matches had caused everyone who had tuned in watch and analyze to be met with disappointment.

The Heaven's Fate squadron had obtained victory in the most normal of fashion. Although Mo Ling, Mo Wen, Napier Mo, Francois had obtained victory in the duels they had participated in, it was too relaxed and easy for them. Although their opponent was an A- ranked squadron who had given their all in combat, they were unable to force the Heaven's Fate squadron to display any of their specialities at all. The resulting process of this match was almost no different from the victory of powerful squadrons when matched against weak ones.

What's more, it was extremely laughable that this A- ranked squadron was actually made up entirely of Heaven's Fate squadron fans. Bumping into the Heaven's Fate squadron and getting eliminated did not cause one bit of disappointment in them. On the contrary, all of them felt extremely elated and excited, as being able to meet their idols, the Heaven's Fate squadron in combat was the driving force behind them reaching the best of 128! In the end, they had taken the opportunity of defeat to take a group photo with their idols.

This caused the analysts for the various squadrons to filled with frustration! Can't they possess a least the dignity and behaviours befitting of an A rank squadron? They even wanted a group photo the be taken after their loss. What more, do they really not want to have any face by hanging those wide smiles on their faces?

However, even though the other A rank squadrons might not worship the Heaven's Fate squadron in such a shameless manner, this was indicative of the latter's power, fame and reputation.

As for the Ghost Emperor squadron, they had similarly won their match with a score of 4:0, with their opponents being a B ranked squadron. The Ghost Emperor squadron had sent out substitutes for all of the duels, and yet we're already able to enter the next round in a clean and spotless manner.

The 3rd day was the final day of the first round of the final competition. The S ranked seedling squadrons had more or less had their shining moments during the past 2 days. The match the Vasilyevich squadron was in should most likely the highlight for today, though it was a pity that their opponents were too weak.

It was an obscure B+ ranked squadron. Truthfully speaking, becoming the opponent of the Vasilyevich squadron could be considered to be a pretty luck pick. With no hopes of entering the 2nd round due to their overall strength, being able to cross hands with their idol squadron was a good excuse for their loss.

Despite the 3 Mo's List experts not participating in the duels, the match was played out in an exhibition style. The might of the powerful squadron was represented by the suppressive strength possessed by their substitutes. After the match, both parties came together for a group photo, with the losing side brimming with excitement and high spirits. Their glorious expressions had become the most eye-catching pictures displayed on the CHF official channel in the Skylink.

The matches with explosive atmospheres that have truly gained the attention of everyone involved the 2 great ball queens of the OP, as well as the one closest in strength to an S rank seedling squadron, the Blazing Angel squadron.

Being the last S rank seedling squadron that has yet to undergo their first match, the Copperfield squadron was ranked as the lowest of all S ranked squadrons. Other than their powerhouse on the Mo's List, Karkel, the strength of their other members were ranked at the bottom among all of the S rank squadrons. This was inclusive of Laura. Although a Soul Beast Summoning Master possessed an extremely high level of potential, and she similarly was on the Mo's List, she was still too underdeveloped when placed on the competition stage of the CHF. The greater reason for her fame and reputation was due to her nickname as one of the ball queens. Nonetheless, when the 1st match arrived, Copperfield still displayed a performance worthy of their S rank evaluation to secure the victory.

The situation was slightly worse for Sharmie's side, as their opponent, Austin Academy was the 1st place of the eastern area after defeating Copperfield last year. Although Copperfield had concealed their strength in the regional competition, with Karkel not making an appearance in the finals, Austin's strength cannot be underestimated. The duelling phase of the match ended with 3:2 lead for Austin, while the group battle was an extremely one-sided for Sharmie. Due to her terrifying firepower as well as the thrilling counter of heavy soldiers, they were able to sweep the group battle away. Many people were discussing and debating about this match on the Skylink, though the majority were frankly interested more in the ball queen than the match itself. Although the Blazing squadron was considered a strong squadron amongst the A ranked squadrons, there was still a sizable disparity between them and those top class squadrons.

The Blazing Angel squadron showcased a terrifying display of strength in their match. This squadron could be said as a bunch of nutjobs, as the entire squadron possessed the strongest and most resolute of faith and willpower among all of the squadrons within the Federation. Currently, they were ranked as the TOP5 squadrons in terms of combat prowess for group battles.
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    《Battle Frenzy》