Battle Frenzy
404 Face to face against an S rank 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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404 Face to face against an S rank 2 in 1

Some of their members might not possess a level of strength that could suppress all opponents they bump into. However, during the group battle, Papada wielded his flaming whip, while selecting 3 other ranged soldiers wielding cannons as part of his formation! With the combined might of 4 people, their firepower was even more terrifying than Sharmie. As for defense, he had left everything on Oli to shoulder it alone. During the duelling phase of the match, they took a 3:2 lead over the A+ ranked New Holy City squadron, which strength was also top class. However, all direction were beaten out of them during the group battle, with their 5 man group not being able to tear a single hole out of Oli's defenses, before being decimated by the terrifying counter firepower from their opponents.

As long as the match heads into the group battle phase, even the Stuart squadron would have a headache dealing with the Blazing Angel squadron. All of one, and one for all, and never, ever, give up!

Although the best of 128 seemed like a lot of matches to be played out, with 10 matches going on at the same time and the rotation of competition grounds, the last match of the 1st round was scheduled to start on the afternoon of the 3rd day. It was also the match between the Blazing Angel squadron and the New Holy City squadron.

There were few happy tears, as not all of those strong and powerful squadrons had the chance to enter the 2nd round. The strength of a squadron wasn't an absolute guarantee to their promotion in the competition, as luck was indeed needed at times. However, the weak squadron would absolutely not have the possibility of getting promoted. Although the balloting for the 1st round matchups seemed like a randomized deal, it was truthfully still following certain guidelines.

The TOP10 most spectacular highlights posted by the CHF committee immediately stole all the leaderboards on the Skylink. What surprised everyone was that the TOP10 highlights didn't have much about the S ranked squadrons and the members of the Mo's List that were under everyone's radar. Naturally, that was also due to them not having to use too much of their true strength when faced against much weaker opponents.

The 2 C rank squadrons that have exceedingly astonishing performances in their 1st match caused them to obtained 5 slots in the TOP10 highlights, with Tianjing taking 2 and Giant God Peak taking the other 3.

In summary, the Giant God Peak was indeed the most impressive squadron in the 1st round, something that had a great deal to do with Dicaprio.

Ever since the emergence of brother King, there were quite a few people who had attempted to use Cross Wheels, be it in real life or the OP. However, there had truly yet to be even one that could be even called as an expert! That's at least before Dicaprio's performance in the 1st round of the CHF's final competition.

It had to be said that Dicaprio's control of the Cross Wheels as shown by the highlight was indeed extremely astonishing. Regardless of whether he was All Mouthy King or not, he had attracted sufficient attention from the masses through his display of absolute strength. The difficulty in the control of the Cross Wheels are in its returning arcs and flow to attacks, things that Dicaprio had indeed managed to do.

The other entry the Giant God Peak made into the TOP10 was also extremely astonishing, a performance made by their offence oriented heavy soldier, Pyrrhus Rabi. His selection was no due to his great strength, but due to weapons used. Giant hammers were the favourite weapons of strength type heavy soldiers. However, there weren't many people that were able to use them in the way he did. Not only did his attacks reached the peak values a Casted Soul Stage could perform, it possessed elements that people were unable to identify even with the various camera positions of his fight. It was one to watch via the Skylink, and one to watch it in person. The last highlight was about their assassin, Fernandes's Petrification special ability, which was something that was impossible to be defended effectively. It's said that he had lived at the seaside, and was bitten by a sea snake during his childhood. After the close shave with death, it had resulted in the formation of this special ability of this. What's more, it had grown stronger and stronger as he aged.

Anybody would have a headache when up against such an opponent, as this was a most practical and straightforward special ability one would have to face.

Therefore, the obscure Giant God Peak had immediately been promoted to a 1st rate squadron.

Tianjing's performance was also extremely astonishment. If not for the performance of Giant God Peak, they would have become the unprecedented story of the CHF. The explosiveness of the dual layer lotuses and the overbearing subduing a Mo's List assassin were now rated to be famed feats of strength.

This was especially true for their captain, Wang Zhong. All along, Wang Zhong's impression by everyone was that of the brains behind the squadron, while also being a ranged soldier. But now, everyone knew that he was an intelligent person that had detonated a smoke grenade in everyone's face about his true occupation as an assassin!

Now, there were already 7 to 8 people participating in this CHF that have the probability of being the real identity of All Mouthy King, some of which are aristocrats, while the rest were commoners. After the 1st round, everyone was focused more towards the commoners, though this wasn't based much on common sense but that the ordinary folks needed a representative.

"We must support Dicaprio! This is the first time I've seen a male that can use the Cross Wheels just like how All Mouthy King does!"

"They don't look alike. Will brother King wear such thick glasses?"

"A school geek? The OP only scans for one's combat strength and bodily physique, so short-sightedness can basically be ignored. What's more, don't you guys feel that it'll be more interesting if brother King's a bespectacled male?"

"That feels somewhat vulgar…"

"I feel that Wang Zhong's more like it. Although the moves he makes are different, they have a stance somewhat like that of brother King."

"The critical factor's the temperament and the subduing method! His opponent is one of the great assassins on the Mo's List, Eddie!"

What did it mean by subduing? Truthfully speaking, there were many ordinary folks that had blank expressions on their faces when they had heard Wind God speak that work in the competition stage. The critical point was that it was an extremely rare word to be used.

The complete countering and restriction of every movement and action one's opponent makes during a close combat situation, and thereby obtaining victory. That's called subduing!

Regardless of high or low-end fights, such scenes were truthfully rare occurrences, unless both parties are actors, or have a huge disparity in their levels of strength. If not, it was simply impossible for one to completely suppress every single action one's opponent makes during genuine combat. Even so, such a fight would most likely only appear between heavy soldiers, where a giant the size of a small mountain had his head smashed into the ground, hands and legs flaying out, resulting in a deep hole and a scene of unconsciousness! Subduing through strength seemed to be a term specialized for heavy soldier duels.

As for assassins? Being subdued?

A speed type assassin that was basically a lethal killing weapon by themselves had a close to zero possibility of being subdued! Unless one had absolute self-confidence as well as absolute control over the entire combat scenario, no one would ever dare to do such actions against an assassin! Compared to those risky moved, people were more likely and willing to use their hands to rack the skulls of their opponents!

However, that captain Wang Zhong had done such a thing, and what's more, he had managed to pull it off! Furthermore, his opponent was the Mo's List assassin, Eddie! Ignoring the sealing of his 5 senses, the bare naked blade catch, when the final subduing was added, there was nothing left but to give in to the strength of Wang Zhong.

"So domineering! That's within the scope of brother King! What's more, they share the same "王" in their name. Compared to captain Dicaprio, I'm more towards that Wang Zhong!"

"Don't waste your breath! Our Grai's the king!" Grai's supporters weren't willing to swallow this down, as the double-layered lotuses were also the move that brother King had exhibited to get promoted in the OP. Being an all rounded soldier yet using an assassin's dagger. That was so like the style of brother King towards randomized weapons. However, the most critical factor was still with him being handsome.

Regardless of the otaku-like Dicaprio of the domineering Wang Zhong, both of them were definitely not as handsome as Grai. Truthfully speaking, this proved that fresh meat was still the beloved of all girls. This was something that exceeded the identity of brother King.

"Shut Up, love-struck fool! Are there experts here that have crossed hands with brother King that are able to speak about their feelings?"

"Is brother Yingren here?"

"I'm praying for brother Lan to analysis!"

Although Divian did not stand up to do an analysis, this did not mean she wasn't paying attention to this. Talking about impressions, she was unable to make a proper analysis as All Mouthy King's progress in the OP was too quick and rapid. She was already unable to get a read of him since his fight with Papada. Speaking about unique traits, brother King's greatest unique trait was that he did not have any unique trait at all. He was truly too all rounded. What's more, it's basically impossible to determine which among these 3 people is All Mouthy King just from a single fight. However, she felt that she would definitely able to make the identification should she bump into any of them in combat.

For people standing at the same high point as her, even popular gods didn't have too much of a mystical element in Divian's eyes. Although there were curiosity and interest, it wasn't too much of an importance to her. What truly made her surprised was how Wang Zhong had won against Eddie. What's more, it was via a subduing method.

Divian could not help but remember the time at the cafe, the male youth who turned around with a smile on his face. Although he gave an impression of being straightforward to her, she still felt a slight bit of contempt towards him. Normally, it's always said that only weaklings would make excuses and give up, as they would feel the disparity that would never ever be bridged. However, at this very moment, Divian was starting to feel that she was a little lost.

A person that could write a thesis worthy of entering the Federation's Institute of Science's monthly journal, was also the same person that could subdue Eddie in a duel. How could a person with such intelligence and strength be a weakling? How could he have any issue in self-confidence?

"Thank you, and, goodbye."

During that meeting, Divian associated his actions as being the petty and low self-ego of a weakling. However, it had changed flavour into something akin to a rather free and natural one, one with a relax and extricating feeling.

Divian felt that the choice of Carolyn and Wang Zhong on their matter was very much correct, due the disparity between their statuses, as both of them were absolutely not on the same realm at all. Regardless of how outstanding Wang Zhong, a ruler was a ruler, while a commoner was a commoner. Regardless of outstanding a commoner was, be it one's thought process of his goals, one would never, ever be able to walk on the same level as a ruler.

Frankly speaking, however, Wang Zhong might have created some complications for Carolyn.

What a considerably miraculous feeling.

Regardless of whether he was All Mouthy King or not, and tossing the issue of him with Carolyn aside, how far would he be able to walk in this journey of his in this CHF? What kind of person would he become at the very end? Was this the journey of a dragon rising to the heavens, or a once in a lifetime blooming?

All of a sudden, Divian was extremely interested to find out.

While contemplating about this, the door of her room was pushed open. A grizzled looking Karl had returned, looking like he had yet to wash his face for quite a few days.

Carolyn had given quite a bit of help for Karl to be able to return for the scandal he was involved in. However, the man in question had returned, yet was penalized by the judging committee for a ban of 3 matches. Therefore, they had wait for this issue of the scandal to blow past first.

"I'm starving! I'm starving! Do you have anything to eat, captain? I really can't wait any longer! After seeing the light of day, I immediately feel my appetite exploding!" Karl rubbed his hands together, a wide grin was present on his face as though none of the bad feelings from being schemed against had taken effect on him. "That's right, how's my girlfriend? Did you trouble her, captain?"

"No, I don't want to trouble her. However, I want to kill her!" Divian responded in a rather impolite manner. She was originally in a rather good mood, which was turned into raging flames of anger upon seeing the grin on this fellow's face.

"Please don't, captain. A goddess like you should not be doing such a cruel thing."

Although he was schemed against by someone, flies won't hover around an unbroken egg. This fellow had a large pile of personal problems. They have gotten through quite some trouble to bring him back, yet he was temporarily banned from participating in the matches. Although it was alright for the first 2 matches, being one of the mainstay powerhouses of their squadron, without his presence in the later rounds of the final competition...just thinking about it caused Divian to feel as though her head was swelling up. Not only did this fellow had no intention of reflecting on his mistakes, he had actually the cheek to as about that problem causing girlfriend of his. "I really want to ask you something. After causing so much trouble, how are you able to smile like that? And, are you really still treating that lady, who had sold you out in a heartbeat, as your girlfriend? Have you tossed your brains out of the window? Have you not learnt your lesson yet, you idiot?"

"How can you say that she sold me out?" Karl replied with a serious expression. "I believe that Cama has her troubles. People had definitely coerced her into doing that. Just thinking about it makes me feel unbearable…"

"Are you purposely trying to disgust me? Are you a love saint?" if not for the fact that this fellow had already suffered for quite a few days, Divian would have already taken physical action against him "Is there nothing that interests you other than matters involving women?"

"You've hurt my heart, captain! You've said that we show more protection and love towards female friends!" Karl pounded his chest to signify the pain he felt in his heart. "I'm just following your commands and arrangement with all my heart, rescuing them from the sea of bitterness. I've absolutely no regrets towards all of the troubles that have occurred to me. In the end however, it looks like you've gone back on your words!"

Hearing his reply, Divian could not help but to snap back as she roared, "Scram away!"

With a grin on his face, Karl shot off like a breeze. Nonetheless, he could not help but to shoot back reply while doing so, "Truthfully speaking, captain. You really have a uniquely sexy appeal when you're fuming!"


He bolted out of the door, before roars of Karl's laughter came ringing in.

Investigation into the matter had quickly discovered that Karl wasn't the root of the problem that had surrounded him. His enemy had only blown it up just to cause disgust in them. Clearly, the Federation did not see favourably to such matters. Just like what Carolyn had said, the mutual checks and balances between the great aristocratic families were extremely crucial to the peace and stability of the Federation, something that was the same at the top as it was at the bottom.

Even though this peace and stability exists, one cannot take it for granted, as there are things that one should still do. The reason why Divian and Carolyn's families had gone out to deal with this matter about Karl was due to the importance they assigned to this CHF, appearing as though something might happen due to it.

As the smoke clears from the best of 64, the fight for the best of 32 would be even more intense. However, those that have made it past the 1st round were the strong amongst the strong. Therefore, it was already unlikely that one could continue relying on luck to advance into the next round.

Once the CHF progresses past the 1st round of the final competition, the rankings of the squadrons would no longer have much importance as before. At this stage of the competition, strength was the representative for everything, while past glory would become somewhat of a burden. If one slips here, one might become the stepping stone for others to advance.

However, even with such brutal reality, hope was still present, and so was despair. In the 2nd round, the Tianjing squadron was matched up against the S ranked squadron, Bella Dean.

That's right, S rank! As of now, there were only 64 squadrons left in the final competition. Therefore, it was inevitable for the 10 squadrons that would be matched up against S ranked squadrons. After passing through the 1st round, despite still being considerably imbalanced in strength as a whole, the Tianjing squadron has some members with unique abilities. Therefore, they definitely possess the strength to rival an A rank evaluation. If their opponent for the 2nd round was of A or even A+ rank, there were many people who would have high hopes for Tianjing to enter their historically first entry into the 3rd round. Nevertheless, they appeared to have used up all of their luck, as they had bumped into the reaper of the S rank, Bella Dean!

Power breeds hope. This is the basic nature of man. After sweeping their opponent with a final score of 4:0 in the 1st round, the students of Tianjing Academy were already burning with hope and anticipation. With the level of strength their squadron possesses, not passing through the 2nd round would be equivalent of squandering a heaven-sent opportunity. However, it was with such hope and anticipation that a few hundred people have already grouped up and were on their way to Stuart City when they received this piece of "grievous news".
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    《Battle Frenzy》