Battle Frenzy
406 gambling between captains
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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406 gambling between captains

Clearly, the Bella Dean Academy was not only powerful, but extremely rich and extravagant, as 90% of the audience present in the competition grounds comprised of their supporters. The 2nd largest crowd were those standing on neutral grounds, with the 200 or so Tianjing supporters being basically ignored by everyone. In the Skylink live broadcast, the number of Bella Dean supporters online have reached over 4 million, causing the chat feed to be bustling with noise and activity. Although black horses like Tianjing do command some fame and popularity, the spread extremely narrow, with the disparity with Bella Dean being as clear as night and day.

The organizing committee had allocated an area for the CHF participants to watch the matches at their respective competition grounds. At this place, there was already a group of 10 people present, with all of them dressed matching silvery squadron outfits.

The Blazing Angels squadron had actually arrived in person to observe the match.

Although it is common for squadrons to come in person to observe and study on other squadrons, they would generally complete their own matches before doing so. As for the Blazing Angels squadron, their match was scheduled for this coming afternoon! Shouldn't they be worried about their impending match? They actually have the heart come and observe a match?

This caused feelings of incredulity to appear in the hearts of the people who noticed them, as they exchanged glances with each other. Compared to them, the Blazing Angels squadron appeared to be more attentive as they focused their unblinking eyes on the competition stage.

At this moment, the atmosphere within the stage had already made a complete change from before. It appeared as though the earlier match held here was only for the purpose to warm the audience up. As the members of the Bella Dean squadron streamed in, the golden wave present in the viewing gallery started to surge.

"Our King's invincible! Take back our glory!"

In the past, the Bella Dean family was the ruling family of the Federation. At the prime, they wielded more influence and power than the current Stuart Family. What's more, they had even attempted to crown themselves as the royal family at one point in time. Although they were subsequently suppressed by the collaboration of a few great aristocratic families and the parliament to the point of them being unable to regain their former glory, the current Bella Dean was still one of the five upper families of the Federation. This was sufficient proof of the incomparably deep and vast accumulation of this family.

At this moment, close to all of the audience present have stood up to give a standing ovation for the Bella Dean squadron.

"Tianijng against the S ranked Bella Dean!" having almost been destroyed by the table shaped cake he was forced to eat due to his bet, Wind God immediately felt like throwing up at the mention of Tianjing. Nonetheless, he continues to persist in upholding the integrity of himself and the job. "I believe that everyone is all too familiar with these 2 squadrons, Tianjing and Bella Dean. The former is hailed as one of the 2 great black horses of this CHF, while the latter is a universally recognized S ranked seedling squadron even before the start of the CHF. Frankly speaking, I feel sorry for Tianjing! This is squadron that can create miracles in this CHF. If only they were a tab bit luckier, I believe that they could have continued to create a glorious and miraculous legend for themselves! However, with them bumping into Bella Dean in the 2nd round, the only thing I can say to this is that the gods are forming a beautiful joke out of Tianjing! Giving you hope, before replacing it with despair. That's the most painful thing that can happen to anyone in this world! I believe that the Tianjing squadron's definitely feeling rather emotional about this!"

Wind God's show had already begun, as he proceeded to speak in frank assurance on the casting platform. "The interesting thing is that everyone's paying attention to the fact that Bella Dean only has 1 Mo's List expert in their ranks. With Tianjing smashing Bierlia Academy up, who also have 1 Mo's List expert, in a clear-cut and straightforward manner, people have judged that Tianjing Academy has sufficient strength to put up a fight. There are even those that feel Tianjing still possesses the chance to become a victor! However, such thoughts will clearly show your lack of experience! Although Adam Bella Dean isn't on the Mo's List, he's rather famous in the high-end matches at the apex of the OP, holding the ID and nickname of "gentleman". At the same time, he's also a member of the Quasi-Sancturary Division. What's more, the other mainstays of the Bella Dean squadron were all existences ranked in the top 10 of all the Federation's academies."

Wind God had carved his existence into the Skylink. At this moment, the audience was positively assured that Bella Dean held the absolute advantage over Tianjing. Nonetheless, the polls on the Skylink gave Tianjing a 70% chance to pull of a single win in the duelling phase. Upon seeing that they still had supporters even when placed in such a match up, Wind God could not help but to stamp his feet while secretly cursing out "brainless" in his head. How could Bella Dean be compared to Bierlia Academy?! If that's possible, pigs can fly! That's basically a load of crap! Without even using one's brains, one could use one's butt to think about the vast disparity between the 2! Although the Bella Dean squadron wasn't particularly strong among the S ranked squadrons, they're not a squadron that a black horse can match up to. Black horses are….just a short-lived blooming, nothing more than that.

Amidst the cheers and shouts from the audience, the Bella Dean and Tianjing squadron walked up onto the stage. Captain Adam Galen Bella Dean appeared rather genial-looking, with his auburn and handsome face possessing a considerable level of intimacy to anyone looking at him. He gave a rather humble, modest and respectful appearance as he shook hands with Wang Zhong, nothing like the insufferably arrogant characters frequently present in aristocratic families, giving people a considerably good impression about him.

He appeared precisely as what his nickname entailed, a gentleman. Other than being the chairman of the Bella Dean academy's student council, he had undertaken the responsibility of handling quite a few of societal activities conducted by the Bella Dean Family. Compared to Gui Hao's wanton and unrestrained character or Vladimir's chilliness, Adam had a rather affable and friendly character, giving him a considerable high rating amongst the political and banking communities. Everyone had high hopes of him taking up roles with greater responsibilities to guide the Bella Dean Family up the path of recovery.

As for the famed and renowned Gaden, despite having appeared in Mo's List introductory video, his appearance was truly more exaggerated in real life.

Small and round eyes like a mouse, 2 rather large incisors, and high cheekbones caused being to be unable to properly located his nose. What's more, the skin on his face and body appeared akin to the old bark of a withered tree, while his spine had a rather servere forward hunch, giving him an overall walking appearance as though he was hoisting a giant backpack on his back. The trait that was most unbearable to Hymin was his 2 thin and sickly whisker-like mustache in the shape of a "八". Just a smile from him would cause his whiskers to sway and flutter about, giving him an extraordinary wretch and vulgar looked when combined to his other features.

"Are we in a zoo?" Ma Dong could not help to mutter out. Hearing those words, Hymin felt like bursting into laughter. However, she subsequently realized that a cold gaze had already shot over in her way.

Looking over, she noticed Gaden licking his lips as he gave a sinister chuckle with a cold and gloomy shade present in his eyes.

Both squadrons quickly handed over their participating namelists. Frankly speaking, the arrangements made by both parties were considerably surprising.

According to the competition rules, the victory for the 1st duel was rather crucial towards the match victory chances of a squadron. Even if a squadron's vanguard wasn't the strongest member among their ranks, they would normally be the 2nd strongest. Obtaining an advantage during the duelling phase of the match was incomparably important, and yet Tianjing had sent out Colby for the 1st duel.

"Is Tianjing mad? They actually sent up a substitute for the most important 1st duel?"

Waves of clamoring voices immediately filled the competition grounds upon the announcement of the 1st duel selections. The live audience didn't comprise of only the fans of Bella Dean, as there were many supporters of Tianjing due to the performance of their twin trump cards in the 1st round. Nonetheless, Tianjing's selection had truly blown everyone's minds.

"Although the 1st duel has yet to officially start, the mind games between the 2 captains have already begun. It's very clear that Tianjing's planning on accepting a loss to gain 2 wins. This a strategy often relied on by the weak." Wind God's voice rang out. "Faced against the 2 great trump cards of Bella Dean, Tianjing wants to use their substitute to remove 1 of them from contention. However, captain Adam has made a brilliant move. He did not select either himself or Gaden, but their mainstay assassin to be their vanguard! Haha! Looks like our 1st ranked theoretician, captain Wang Zhong has clearly made the wrong move! If he had sent Grai up, Tianjing might have a chance to obtain an advantage in the duelling phase! This is a considerably big mistake, with captain Adam Galen coming out on top of the chess game. Looks like Bella Dean's not planning on dragging on this match into the group battle phase."
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    《Battle Frenzy》