Battle Frenzy
407 The heart of an exper
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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407 The heart of an exper

At this moment, a faint smile was present Adam Galen's face. The real battle had already begun even before the start of this match. Never, ever would Bella Dean give up any opportunities to their opponents. Ever since the start, he did not have any idea of looking down and underestimating Tianjing. Any squadron with 2 members with suspected Mo's List levels of strength was worthy of high regard by all of the participating squadrons. Therefore, Adam Galen had made more than sufficient preparations and understanding towards Tianjing before this match.

Their captain, Wang Zhong appeared to be bold and untethered in his thoughts, yet was considerably cautious with his selections and lineup. Once someone is cautious, there definitely will be a pattern in his thoughts. Alam had already predicted that his opponent would not send Grai or Wang Zhong up as their vanguard. Therefore, both he and Gaden won't participate in the 1st duel. Before the matchup of trump cards, Adam wants to end this match before the group battle phase was even needed!

Therefore, their mainstay assassin, Dooley was the best choice as their vanguard. Without Grai and Wang Zhong, no one in the Tianjing squadron would be able to match up to him. Fighting a duel with a substitute would just be a waste of time for the former.

Colby stood up.

He knew his purpose in this duel, and already knew of the expected outcome. Therefore, he had resigned himself to his fate. After entering the stage, everyone could clearly feel that Colby wasn't as nervous as he used to be. On the contrary, he had become calm and collected.

This was his dancing stage. Even if he were going to lose, he would do so in dignity. With a dagger already clutched in his hand, he looked towards the rather unique looking assassin, Dooley, before him. At this moment, Colby could already sense the incisiveness and killing intent radiating out from his opponent's gaze.

He was not on the same level as his opponent. Just a single gaze from his opponent was more than enough to show the disparity.

Some people have spent their entire lives just for a single chance to showcase their abilities. As long as he could shine as brightly coloured as he could, he would have no regrets.

Colby secretly condensed all of the Soul Power present in his body. At the very least, he would give a magnificent show on the dance stage provided by the CHF!


The competition bell rang out! 2 figures started moving immediately towards each other, both not having any plans of evading. To Dooley, this one-sided suppression of a duel. As for Colby, this was an opportunity for glory.

After countless practices to get familiar to the rhythm and feeling, he unleashed his Four Shadows Prison Killing Array!


Before the gorgeous shadows could appear, the chilling glint of a dagger had already caused everything to come to a halt!

Grabbing onto Colby's neck from behind, Dooley placed him on the ground. Waving his dagger at the latter's throat, he cursed out, "I really don't know how a waste like you was able to squeeze your way in here!"

In the audience gallery, the supporters of Bella Dean appeared to be watching a movie at the cinema, with the only thing missing being their popcorn filled mouths. Everyone continued their ridiculement towards Colby. With victory not being a question for Bella Dean, all of them just wanted to appreciate the suppression of a squadron. Having obtained victory, Dooley kept his dagger in amusement, while not even sparing a glance of the unconscious Colby on the ground.


That's only worthy for those with strength! Garbage like him can be found in a dime of a dozen at Bella Dean! What fucking black horse is this!

Clearly, the Bella Dean squadron was feeling somewhat disappointed, as they were hoping for a pretty good opponent to warm themselves up. Even if their opponent wanted to execute a strategy, they should have a minimum level of strength to do so. This disparity in the level of strength could basically be summed up in one phase, "unworthy of the CHF".

Clearly, combat strength isn't additive. That's why there are obscure branches of strength and black horses appearing in combat. However, due to the CHF competition schedule being tightly packed, with all of the matches being open for anyone to see, black horses with insufficient strength would be beaten to their original realms in which they existed before. Clearly, it sufficed to say that Tianjing has bumped into a genuine test.

A clean-cut victory via subjugation took only a mere 5 seconds.

Having lost consciousness, Colby was stretchered away. Clearly, this was a deliberate move by Dooley. With such a disparity in strength, he could absolutely win by subjugation. However, he had knocked Colby out. From the looks of it, he had even caused injuries the latter, which was 90% likely to require a period of time to recover. This would definitely infuriate the Tianjing side, as it showed how unscrupulous the S rank Bella Dean squadron was.

"Colby's on the stage just for the sake of the strategy! It's so clear that you'll win! Does bullying a substitute equate to anything? The Bella Dean people are too overboard with their actions!"

"Friendship first, followed by the competition! He lacks even the basic etiquette and professional courtesy!"

However, it was a pity that those shouts were turned on deaf ears. Not only were there an absolutely massive number of Bella Dean supporters, many of the words they said were in the form of slogans and catchphrases. The methods of Tianjing's opponents were completely outside the normal rules. Regardless of how strong or weak Colby was, what's wrong with Dooley maximising the effort of his victory?

"A competition is still a competition. What's wrong with bullying? Are all of the Tianjing squadron members 3-year-old kids?"

"A weak squadron will always be a weak squadron. Even a loss would require various kinds of excuses for them to accept the fact. How can you expect people to show respect like that?"

"Ha ha! This is how a squadron of country bumpkins is. All of them were finding excuses for their loss. Even if they cry out for injustice, they'll never get a piece of the pie. Don't treat your fall as something unexpected."

The flavour of conflict and gunpowder could already be smelled in the competition grounds and the Skylink broadcast. Frankly speaking, the Tianjing fans were feeling slightly peeved and sullen, as all of them were shoved to the point of speechlessness by the Bella Dean supporters.

When you come under the spotlight, you'll have to admit when making a mistake! You'll have to stand straight after getting a beating! Who the hell are you to curse after suffering a loss?"

The Bella Dean fans quickly obtained a suppressive advantage in the Skylink live chat, what more about the competition grounds. At this moment, waves have already started to appear in the golden coloured sea, causing the 200 over Tianjing academy students to appear just like a skiff in the middle of a vast ocean. Regardless of how hard they shouted and screamed, their voices would be submerged by the slogan chanted by their opponents. "Bella Dean, the invincible kings!"

"Ohhh, the atmosphere starting to get a little fiery!" such an atmosphere had made Wind God utterly delighted. Since this is a competition, not a party, it's only interesting if the atmosphere's fiery. "Bella Dean has used a subjugation to tell Tianjing what it means to be a king! Frankly speaking, the disparity present in the earlier duel is truly too huge. Both parties have used a simple strategy to play mind games with each other, and by no coincidence did Tianjing pick the short end of the straw! Everyone should know about the top class strength of Tianjing's captain Wang Zhong and their Grai. However, a squadron won't be able to walk far into the CHF competition by relying on the strength of 1 or 2 men. You have trump cards, and so does everyone! Generals will be matched against generals, foot soldiers against foot soldiers. However, Tianjing doesn't have troops they can use! That's the reason why Tianjing has been evaluated to be of rank C! They were able to suppress Bierlia Academy with their trump cards and cause people to feel shocked and astonishment towards their performance. However, in the face of a genuine expert, they would be popped and squashed with the slight prick of a needle!"

"Now, its time for use to wait for Tianjing's selection for the 2nd duel. As of now, all of their trump cards are exposed for all to see. Smoke bombs like Wang Zhong being a ranged soldier or Grai being a soldier will no longer have any effect! The combat styles of the 2 would have already been analyzed countless times by the Bella Dean squadron. It's now impossible to pull off a repeat of the miracle that happened during the 1st match would. Regardless of them sending out Wang Zhong or Grai, one can imagine that they would receive the most imposing counter attack from Bella Dean!"

As clamouring noises filled the competition zone, the members of the Tianjing squadron remained silent as the looked towards Wang Zhong.

The strategy of giving up the 1st duel didn't yield any success, while their opponent's counter prediction being exceedingly accurate. In fact, this showed that the Bella Dean squadron had a considerable level of understanding about them. A truly powerful squadron would still remain stand even after being countlessly analyzed by their opponents. In the end, the Tianjing squadron was still too inexperienced and unskilled. What's more, the depth of their strength was indeed to shallow.

WIth Grai and himself as assurances, this allowed Wang Zhong to take the risk of sending Colby up as their vanguard.
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    《Battle Frenzy》