Battle Frenzy
409 The strangest ranged soldier
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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409 The strangest ranged soldier

Wind God felt considerably more relaxed when giving his analysis. Compared to Bierlia Academy, who had suffered successive upsets in their match, an S ranked seedling squadron like Bella Dean was indeed someone that could be relied on. He will have his revenge for the eating of the table-shaped cake!

"A substantial percentage of victories by black horses is due to the underestimation of strength by their opponent, which resulted in the insufficient preparation made. However, once black horses reveal their full strength, they would quickly lose the halo of mystery around them. This is also a reason why black horses aren't usually able to walk far in any competition. The score's now 2:0 for the Bella Dean squadron! Which such speed for the 1st 2 duels, it might quickly spell the end of Tianjing in this CHF. Naturally, they still have their 2 trump cards that have yet to grace the stage. They might assume that they still have a chance to duke it out. However, with all due respect, this is most likely wishful thinking by the Tianjing squadron. The powerful kings Bella Dean would never, ever give any opportunity to Tianjing. The only outcome would be the handsome face of Grai being beaten up, something that would make a lot of fans feel sad and angry about."

Under Wind God's continued slamming, Tianjing received yet another bout of ridiculement from the audience.

In the participant viewing gallery, a few of the members already eliminated squadrons hailing from the eastern regions, like Adolf, were present. Not heading back to their respective cities, they have taken advantage of the ongoing CHF to get an opportunity to observe the match at a close distance. They were here not to see Copperfield Academy's progress, but their hopes towards Tianjing's advancement in the final competition. However, it was a pity that all of these hopes were just wishful thinking on their part. Cecil noticed the exceedingly stable looking Wang Zhong while feeling somewhat regretful in his heart. A while ago, he was still hoping to be standing in Wang Zhong's position.

The atmosphere of the noise full competition grounds was rather intense. At this moment, Barran had already been stretchered from the stage and given first aid. He didn't suffer any serious injuries, just a momentary loss of consciousness. After a while of rest, he might still be able to be part of the lineup for the group battle. They did not summon any of the medical squadrons standing by the competition stage, leaving the treatment and recovery to Hymin.

Fortunately, they still had Hymin around.

However, the faces of the other Tianjing squadron members have already turned slightly pale. Barran had been defeated in heavy soldier matchup that he excelled in with such ease by the Bella Dean heavy soldier. To Lily and the others, the pressure the Bella Dean squadron was giving them was indeed too great. The Bella Dean squadron had used facts to tell them that they had given them only one choice, which was to immediately admit defeat. If they resisted or acted pretentiously, they would suffer the consequences.

The disparities of strength between the members of the 2 squadrons were too great. The mean strength of the Bella Dean squadron was definitely not something that Tianjing could hope to contend against. One could imagine that if Emily or Scarlet were to walk up the stage for the next duel, they would absolutely be unable to contend with their opponent's mainstay counter picks. What more, their opponents might even wanting to deal severe injuries to them.

A feeling of being utterly suppressed started to fill the air around the Tianjing squadron. Filled with dismay and gloom, everyone looked towards Wang Zhong and Grai.

However, unlike everyone else, Wang Zhong and Grai still had calm and collected expressions on their face.

On the contrary, the members of Bella Dean appeared rather cautious and serious looking. From the selection and counter pick they had made for the duels, they did not have any intention to underestimate their opponents. This was the most troublesome opponent they were facing. While possessing strength, they also maintained sufficient attitude and strategy in play.

Therefore, Barran's defeat was of no surprise. After ending the 2nd round, his strength was no longer concealed. After being analyzed, Barran was dissected, with his poor foundations, cumbersome agility and weaknesses all being revealed without a doubt. His opponent's plan to make Barran look like a fool was done with careful deliberation. Although Barran's attack was still to be failed, it was all too easy for a genuine expert to aim at Barran's weaknesses.

For those who were trespassing, it's best to fake defeat before faking victory. The outcomes for the first 2 duels were within Wang Zhong's expectations, as strategies were built on the foundations of one's strength. Tianjing cannot make bricks out of straw. Therefore, they could only bet on their luck that could be summed up as "Man proposes, God disposes." 

What's more, every single member of their squadron would need to face up to challenge, be it Colby or Barran. Schemes and strategies weren't enough to help every member to obtain victory. It was completely understandable to Wang Zhong's hard-handed arrangements, as only in such a manner would the rest be able to grow and progress.

This was the true start of the competition.

Without the need for Wang Zhong to make arrangements, Grai had already stood up. "I'll go, seniors?"

Hearing that, Wang Zhong shot a look to the former, before solemnly nodding his head. If Wang Zhong wanted to obtain victory, Grai was the most critical factor to that, as it would be impossible for him to do it alone in this CHF!

Grai replied Wang Zhong's nod with a faint smile. Regardless of the situation, Grai was always that carefree and relaxed.

"It's Grai! He's finally stepping up! I've waited till the flowers have wilted!"

"The trump card's been played! A real fight is about to begin!" the silent Tianjing fans, especially the females, finally saw a glimmer of light within the darkness.

As of now, the viewing gallery has already been filled with the golden coloured sea of Bella Dean fans. Thrown within the mix, the mere 200 over people from Tianjing wasn't even enough to cause any sparks from surfacing. However, the vast majority of neutral standing female fans have already gone crazy as they shouted and cheered for him. These group of people weren't entirely not supporting Tianjing, having come over here purely just for a male who possessed the perfect 

"Our Grai, we'll always support you!" all of a sudden, yellow posters appeared within the neutral standing crowd. Clearly, this was the action of Grai's fan club.

Of the participants for this CHF, people like the 10 great experts of the Mo's List have they own gigantic fan clubs. As for people like Carolyn, Vladimir and Gui Hao, the numbers were even more staggering. In every single match, their supporters would be able to control the atmosphere and rhythm of the entire competition grounds. However, who would have thought that a member of a C rank squadron would actually receive such level of fan service.

Even Adam couldn't help but sigh out in exasperation. Looks like having a pretty face have their advantages.

"Oh my god! How can someone be that handsome?! What would happen if I can't see this handsome brother in the future?!"

The shrieks and shouts of the female fans resounded across the entire competition grounds, sounding akin to the roars induced by epilepsy.

A smile appeared on Gaden's face, abet a sinister and terrifyingly looking one. Faintly straightening his hunched body up, the 2 whisker-like moustaches wriggled slightly, revealing a set of only and smelly yellowed teeth. "That fellow's mine! No one's to snatch him from me!"

Hearing Gaden's words, the other members of the Bella Dean squadron could not help but to feeling slight regret for Grai. There were even those that could not help but shudder. Within their squadron, the most frightening person wasn't their captain, but Gaden. Even the members of the Bella Dean squadron wasn't too willing to get close to him. Nevertheless, they had not the slightest in his strength, as after all, he was ranked on the Mo's List.

"They've actually sent out Gaden!" Wind God was excited by the decision of the Bella Dean squadron. "He's most peculiar of all the Mo's List range soldiers! Yet another Mo's List expert has graced the stage! Indeed, Bella Dean isn't planning of giving any chance to Tianjing! With this trump card match up, they are prepared to stop the match dead at the tracks of its duelling phase! Perhaps, we won't be able to see a group battle for this match after all! Nonetheless, we'll be able to see a spectacular duel happening! Let us see if Grai's strength is as formidable as his face!"

"This fellow's quite handsome. Ha! Matched against a wretched looking male like Gaden, the differences between their aesthetic appeal is too intense." Karl was delighted by what he saw. Watching the 3 fellows that were flagged as All Mouthy King suspects after the 1st round had spiked Karl's interest. Although this Grai did not demonstrate a level of strength as high as the other 2 during this fight in the 1st round, Karl felt that this fellow had the closest image to brother King. Firstly, his control over his strength was too perfect. Secondly, when he had dealt with Yingren, Karl estimated that the latter did not even use half of his full strength. "He he! I really like this fellow. Although he's a male, it would be even more perfect if he can squash that Gaden."

"It's not that easy to deal with Gaden." said Divian with a faint smile. "That fellow's probability the one among the 5 great ranged soldiers that excels the most in survival skills. A range soldier that excels in survival skills, while also possessing a disgusting special ability. If he goes crazy, Grai might lose his life he doesn't handle it well…"
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    《Battle Frenzy》