Battle Frenzy
78 Chapter 78 – A Sumptuous Dinner
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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78 Chapter 78 – A Sumptuous Dinner

"I know this! In fact, the standard of Tianjing isn't as weak as I thought. The main thing is that the improvement speed of the other cities is too strong," Grace said as she rolled her eyes at him. "I didn't bring them here for them to live comfortably. I'll need you to go out and teach your junior brothers and sisters how to prepare something nice to eat!"

Aldrich laughed heartily. "Don't worry about this, I've already prepared their dinner. It's all standardized, and I guarantee they'll never forget this their entire life!"

This degree of physical training couldn't be considered too overboard. Although the group of students complained a lot, after the training began, everyone tried to overtake the other. If they didn't have the desire to display all of their abilities, then there truly wouldn't be any hope for them…

The first group of people to complete the training was Reeves, Emily, Scarlet, Hymin, Grai, and a few of the more representative figures of Tianjing Academy. What was unexpected was that Wang Zhong had actually been at the very front of this group.

Since no one wanted to lose nay face in front of Grace, they tried to avoid being last. As such, they truly staked everything they had until the end.

Teacher Grace looked at the time. It had just hit eight o'clock in the evening. Barran had been the slowest and he'd just finished running his laps.

While he was last, Barran wasn't really worn out. His body was very strong, but his movements weren't as fast as the others who tried to perform to the very best of their standards. There were quite a few who hadn't even made the proper forms during the push-ups as they wanted a better speed record. Yet, one must note that there was a very big difference between a proper and improper push-up.

A faint smile tugged at the corner of Grace's mouth. She didn't want to give a sermon again, so she simply said, "Let's end it today. Also, hand over all of the food you guys brought. During this group training period, all of the food and lodgings have been arranged for you guys, so you won't lack in nutrition."

Five soldiers appeared and immediately collected the food as Grace continued, "No one is allowed to hide any food! If not, disciplinary actions will be used accordingly for you violating orders!"

They handed over any food they had brought without a thought. Even if there wasn't anything delicious here, they would still be fed properly.

"Follow me to the dining hall!"

"Wang Zhong, I didn't notice that your physical stamina wasn't bad!" Scarlet said, smiling. Although he was a ranged soldier, Scarlet's training in this area was very systematic.

"That's for certain! Brother Wang Zhong isn't one of those embroidered pillows!" Emily said. Ma Dong had already explained to her about the help Scarlet and Milami had previously given them. She felt quite embarrassed for going against Scarlet and was looking at the ground, her heart heavy.

Scarlet and Milami naturally wouldn't make a fuss over everything with her and instead treated her like a little girl with a bit of personality.

"Teacher Grace, what are we eating?" Terrence shouted his question at the front. While it hadn't been hard for them to complete the training, there was still a sense of accomplishment from doing it.

Grace had a smile on her face during their walk. "You guys should thank our 2nd Lieutenant Aldrich well. He prepared everything especially for you guys. It's a delicacy you guys definitely haven't tasted before."

Everyone eyes began to shine.

The was no heroic soul soldier that wasn't a glutton. Something we haven't tasted before? What kind of thing is it? Why is Teacher Grace making it sound so mysterious? We're looking forward to it!

"My mouth is quite expectant…" Hymin said, her beautiful deep-blue eyes sparkling.

Don't tell me it's wild game?

Within a few minutes, the large dining hall turned quiet as everyone sat in their allocated seats. Everyone's foreheads were filled with dark-blue veins and black lines.

Two large basins were placed before everyone's dining table. They were filled to the brim with 'food'… if it could really be considered food.

This shocking thing wasn't food, but something terrifying!

Within the first basic was fresh meat in blood. This was really, really fresh if it's still bleeding! What was more frightening was its shape. Those little heads, that long and slender tail, this pointed nose… what special thing was this? It was clearly skinned mutated rats!

Yet, if one dared to look in the second basin, then the rat meat probably wasn't considered much. It was a large basin filled with live worms! Their bodies were thick and rough, and there were even little maggots wriggling and squirming inside it…

This is our dinner!?

After their long-awaited anticipation, their so-called special special reception and never-before-tasted special delicacy was this!?

Was there some mistake?

Everyone's scalps turned numb after seeing it all, especially for the girls. The hairs on their entire bodies started to rise. Even the usually carefree Emily felt she was somewhat unable to endure it.

"Both Rot Devouring Rats and Alienized Worms are rich in protein. Furthermore, they are the most common animals in the wilderness. Teaching you all to eat these is a necessity. One day, in the future, it might even save your lives under special circumstances," Teacher Grace said, smiling. "Considering that it's your first day here, I'll give you guys some special benefits and have you guys choose either one."

Choose… how do they choose? Do they have to choose between the bugs or the rat?

Please don't speak about how disgusting it would be to have it slide down their throats; just imagining it was enough.

"Cough cough…" Hymin was the first one to give up. This is more terrifying than the dizziness after that ride. She was close to losing control over her throat. "Teacher, I, I suddenly feel full. Can I return to the living quarters first?"

"Teacher, I actually cheating during that run earlier. I still have five laps to go. I, I'll go back and make up for it!" Terrence shouted, wanting to slip away.

"Sure," Grace said as she smiled deeply while looking at everyone. "I won't force anyone who doesn't want to eat. It's up to you if you want to leave."

"YES!" Terrence was the first to jump and shout. He didn't want to stay here for another second.

"And don't blame me for not reminding you guys," she leisurely said. "For those who don't eat, I won't change their menu the entire month. Also, there isn't any other food to be found here. Some matters just have to be tackled sooner or later."

When everyone saw Grace's relaxed smile, none of them could feel the same. This group training was completely different from what they'd imagined.

One month…

Terrence stopped moving. The surroundings became so quiet that a pin could be heard. None of them couldn't understand Grace's character anymore, not unless they were extremely stupid. They took a look at the soldiers inside the dining hall, then at those carrying guns, and saw that their faces were filled with ridicule. This was truly the first time they'd all felt so awful.

Everyone forced their gazes back at the basins…

Urgh! Fuck, how do we eat this!


While everyone remained silent, Barran started to move.

Eyes wide, he proceeded to pinch a Rot Devouring Rat.

Barran was very clear as to how he'd managed to get here. Since his strength was the weakest, if he couldn't even do something like this then he felt he shouldn't bother to stay here.

While this group training may have been a type of glory for others, it had a higher value to Barran.

He opened his mouth and took a vicious bite. The rat's nervous system caused its tail to directly straighten, and a faint squeak sounded from his mouth, causing goosebumps to appear on everyone's skin.

Munch, munch, munch.

Quite fresh, Barran thought as he smacked his lips. Seems it isn't completely dead. It just scratched my tongue…

The thing inside the basin was much better than the mutated rat he'd caught inside the refugee area in the past. It was big and plump, and the dirtiest part of it, the skin, had already been removed. Nothing bad grew from its body, so why couldn't it be eaten?

He hadn't eaten such food in quite a while. This stuff was like his teacher had said; new humans really did need a lot of special nutrition in order to nourish their soul power.


Out of the group of thirty, at least twenty of them directly vomited.

"Fuck Barran, you do yours, but can you shut your mouth?!"

"Boss, please kill me!"

"Help me! Kill me, just don't make me eat this! Wuhuhuhu!1"
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    《Battle Frenzy》