Battle Frenzy
97 Chapter 97 – The Luxury of Appealing With Emotions
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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97 Chapter 97 – The Luxury of Appealing With Emotions

Prince Solomon of the Kaiser Empire.

There were already close dealings between the Empire and the Federation, especially on trading and commerce aspects. Both sides needed various things, and they both tried to contain the other. The Federation needed resources while the Empire needed technology. There would always be constant competition in places where humans existed, and this wouldn't change unless it was something related to mankind's extinction.

In the past, the Federation had consistently refused to give in and created many difficulties. When faced with benefits, however, the various clans definitely began to push in the background, leading to preliminary approval. All of this wasn't very important. The most intense point was the internal competition between the clans themselves. A massive amount of profit came from this trade, and in the end the Stuart clan had won.

What followed was a negotiation between the Stuart clan and Kaiser Empire. On the Stuart clan's side, Carolyn had been left to handle the matter. This was a test for her, and it was a requirement of the clan to their successors to be extraordinarily tough and stringent.

As for why they handed over such a huge matter to Carolyn, it was due to the fact that the clan had acquired quite the amount of benefits already and the importance behind it had lowered. On the other hand, if Carolyn hadn't been able to handle this matter, her status inside the clan would have been greatly diminished.

For a clan to be able to pass down its inheritance, intelligence was mattered more than bloodline.

As for the Kaiser Empire, Solomon Rothschild was the one dealing with the Stuart clan. He was said to be the most well-regarded successor of the Rothschild family, so their statuses were the same.

During negotiations, one's face and mannerisms couldn't be left out. The Kaiser Empire was indeed strong, and when considering the clan's benefits, it was important for them to have such a strong partner solidifying their status.

There were no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits.

The Stuart clan had prepared a luxurious welcoming party for this matter. When solely considering the honour guards lining the large hall, they already numbered a hundred. All of them wore rich ceremonial outfits and carried matching gold-sparkling weapons.

Outside of the hall were expensive cars, cavalry squadrons… as well as sixty rune cannons. This arrangement represented sixty years of ties between the Empire and the Federation. There were also quite the number of citizens gathering to form the welcoming party.

There was also a hidden agenda present of letting these 'country bumpkins' feel the prestige, prosperity, and formidability of the Freedom Federation, creating a sense of yearning in them.

On the contrary, Solomon was obviously quite casual since he was an important figure of the Kaiser Empire. A total of six people including Solomon Rothschild arrived. With short black hair and a gentle, faint smile, Solomon gave off the appearance of being a very cordial and intellectual individual, not a single trace of a person from a barbaric world.

Within the hearts of quite a number of Federation citizens, the other continents were still living in the dark times where cannibalism still occurred and ethics were non-existent. It was also said that humans, mutated beasts, mutated humans, and mix-bloods co-existed there. While the Kaiser Empire was slightly better, such misconceptions still existed.

Carolyn showed a faint smile as she sent him her greetings. "Your highness Solomon. I am representing the Stuart clan in welcoming you to Stuart City. Your arrival is evidence of the friendship between the Empire and the Federation. I sincerely hope this friendship lasts forever."

"Haha. Miss Carolyn is too polite. This friendship between your Federation and our Empire represents the future of mankind. It is an honour for this Solomon to contribute to this future."

The two youngsters held influential statuses in the Federation and Empire and also appeared to be graceful and magnanimous.

After their friendly greetings, flashbulbs lit up all around as the honour guards started to play the Freedom Song of the Federation's hundred cities, as well as the national anthem of the Kaiser Empire.

Two of Earth's rising stars boarded a waiting luxurious car as they chatted, and the voices of the crowd outside had already long been heated up into a racket. There were the pursuing voices of an innumerable number of people and reporters, flashbulbs going off constantly, and the roars of prestigious rune cannons nearby as they fired into the air, creating a surge of rune energy that exploded in the sky. Those rune energies shattered into countless pieces of gorgeous fireworks, raising the entire procession to a high note.

Rune cannons were one of the main weapons used by the Federation to defend their territories. It was also one of the exclusive technologies owned by the Federation.

In all honesty, when comparing the strength of the military, while the Three Great Empires weren't much weaker than the Federation, they lacked a proper foundation for their people as well as heavy rune weaponry.

Construction of rune cannons were very costly, and coupled with the elaborate and complex rune energy that were quintessential of rune tech, every single rune cannon had its own unique characteristic. From the raw materials used, to its construction, these cannons were the pride of the Freedom Federation.

Sixty firing rune cannons not only gave a conspicuous advertisement of Prince Solomon's respected status, but it also showcased the powerful might of the Stuart clan. Only a member of the Five Great Clans possessed such weapons.

This was the difference between a rich and powerful person and a simple financial magnate.

This grand and majestic reception was extremely graceful in the eyes of the public. It was only now, however, that the true discussion of mutual benefits starts.

After enjoying their sumptuous lunch banquet, Solomon and Carolyn walked onto the Stuart manor's expansive lawn.

One didn't need to sit around a conference table in order to hold a meeting, especially if it was a meeting between young people. Their followers behind them maintained an appropriate distance.

The contents of the discussion were quite casual. Solomon gave Carolyn a feeling of being warm and friendly. While the smile beneath the sun hid a steadiness and calmness not befitting someone of his age, it wasn't a smile that would promote bad reactions to it. He himself didn't seem to have any relation with 'barbarians'. If one didn't know his true status, one would assume he were a Federation aristocrat.

"Such a sunny and cloudless sky, such passionate citizens, such a flourishing city. My trip to Stuart City has truly given me a huge shock. The Empire is lagging so far behind, plus the environment there is too vile," Solomon said with a deeply moved expression. "The people born here are definitely lucky. Just like the beautiful Miss Carolyn, you all seem to be one of god's favorite children."

Everyone had long thought that the number one successor of the Kaiser Empire would be extremely arrogant, but it was only after making contact with him that one would know his humility and low-key attitude.

Carolyn smiled and said, "Your highness Solomon is too modest. The Capital City of the Empire is said to be the strongest city on Earth, able to resist hundreds of thousands of mutated beasts. Since we are living in this era, safety is the number one priority. I personally do not approve of us living in such luxuries."

A sliver of surprise flashed past Solomon's eyes as he thought, it seems….that this discussion would not be that easy.

"Kaiser Empire's development is very uneven, and this is common on the other continents as well," Solomon said with a sigh. "Whether a country is strong or not doesn't depend on just one or two flourishing cities. If the resources are unevenly distributed, then there will be many who starve to death in the other cities. The occurrence of cannibalism is indeed present in such situations.

"I wish to make more people understand the dignity of other human beings, and therefore, a runic armored train is something we urgently need. The generosity of the Federation and the Stuart clan can be said to have saved numerous Empire lives. Due to your great contribution is advancing the progress of mankind, you have this Solomon's admiration.."

Carolyn felt slightly moved. This guy really is too good at speaking. He was able to stretch out and use the point of view of saving mankind.

But as a businessman, discussing topics with feelings and emotions was just too extravagant.
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